Hey Jupiter

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Hey Jupiter

For John, the reason I think about these two so much.

How she had come to this...she no longer knew. For so long there
had been a giant hole in her heart where he used to be. She filled it,
in a way. For so long she had filled it, until that fateful night.

It was the wine. She was certain of that. Both of them were brave
in battle, but utter cowards in matters of love and lust. That fateful
night the wine had come between them and feelings had been shared...and
more. That night of tangled tongues and limbs and breast against
breast, thigh against thigh...lips to lips, cheek to cheek...you know
how it goes. That night they had made love...and that night she had
found that Ami did not fill the need, that she still ached for him. No
matter what she felt for her friend, it was not what she felt for him,
and that hole in her heart would never go.

And it hurt...oh, how it hurt! Like some great beast shredding
and eating her insides. But it would all be over soon...

It would all be over...soon....

no one's picking up the phone

guess it's me and me

and this little masochist

she's ready to confess

all the things that i never thought

that she could feel and

sometimes i breathe you in

and i know you know

and sometimes you take a swim

found your writing on my wall

left my heart soaking wet

boy, your boots can leave a mess

hey Jupiter

nothing's been the same

so are you gay

are you blue

thought we both could use a freind to run to

and i thought i wouldn't have to keep

with you


no one's picking up the phone

guess it's clear he's gone

and this little masochist

she's lifting up her dress

guess i thought i could never feel

the things i feel

-Tori Amos, my muse

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