Something I Can Never Have

BY : cheebs
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Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

title: Something I Can Never Have
author: cheebs!
rating: NC-17
chara: Mamoru/Rei
disclaimer: not mine.
note(s): he-said/she-said. This was the first Sailormoon fic I wrote, waaay back in 1996. I've come a long way. :)
final edit 8/25/09 SPG, otaku-ese fixed.

As I lie next to my wife I play with the blonde curls escaping around her face. She's so beautiful, especially when she's asleep and her face is unmarred by the worries of a queen. She's like a perfect china doll. Even after all this time it never ceases to amaze me that all women pale so greatly in comparison. Except one.

My heart still skips a beat when I see her. It's been 200 years since our "friendship" ended. I can't call it love. I don't think that either of us thought it was (although if she did, I know it's not enough, but I'm sorry). Still, she did intrigue me. Those sparkling amethyst eyes saw through to my soul, or so it seemed. I wouldn't be surprised,though. I mean, she is a miko, and a senshi to boot. And I had the honor of being her first.

I don't want anyone to think I was a slut; she was only my third. I don't know which of us was more nervous. She trembled that night as we sat on my bed, but it was just as much from excitement. She sat on my lap, arms around my neck as my tongue ran over hers. As we parted for air I ran my hand down her face, gently cupping her chin. She suggestively licked my thumb and sucked it, looking up at me, pleading with those endless dark pools she had for eyes. She continued sucking my fingers one by one. I felt myself drowning, lost in her gaze. I brought my face down to hers and kissed her, again parting her ruby lips with my tongue. She closed her eyes and leaned into the embrace.


As we kissed I ran my hand up his thigh and across his pelvis, stopping to rub his hardening member through his pants. His entire body tensed immediately. He groaned softly in response and grabbed a fistful of my hair. He used it to pull my head back so he could look me fully in the face.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked in a hoarse whisper. I nodded and put a finger to his lips to silence anything further. I leaned in to kiss him again, twining my arms around his neck. As he leaned back against the pillows I braced myself against the wall with my arms, so I was basically on top of him. He ran his hand up my back, under my blouse.


I was a little surprised that she wasn't wearing a bra. I slipped my hand around to her chest to cup her breast. She broke off the kiss to pull off her shirt, revealing firm breasts with rosy nipples that hardened in the air. I heard the sharp intake of her breath as I lightly pinched one, then the other. Still holding her breast in my right hand, I flicked my tongue over her other nipple and gently sucked it. She moaned softly. I used my free hand to push up her Catholic-school skirt and tugged at the purple lace panties underneath. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down so I could feel that they were crotchless. Oh, the girl was full of surprises! With her other hand she untied the ribbons that held them on. I grabbed the front and pulled them. The rough lace caught on her already sensitive womanhood, making her gasp sharply.

We rolled over again. I kissed her, starting at her lips and working my way down. I stopped to tease her nips with my tongue, causing her to whimper, before continuing down to her mound. The few purplish wisps of hair already glistened with her nectar. I kissed it first, then gently took her love button between my teeth.


He nibbled on my clit, sending electricity throughout my body. Then he began making small circles on it with his tongue. Kamisama, it was incredible! Scarcely aware, I made a high-pitched moan. He placed two fingers into my soaked pussy and pumped them slowly as he continued to lick. I could feel myself tighten on his hand. As I neared climax I continued alternately whimpering and gasping until I couldn't wait anymore. I came hard, wave after wave of pleasure washing over me. I was barely conscious of him taking off his tight jeans and bikini briefs.

"This may hurt a little," he warned me as he settled between my legs and eased himself in. I felt a slight, sharp pain as my maidenhead broke, hardly noticed in my post-orgasmic bliss. He thrust into me, slowly at first, going deeper with each stroke. My legs were pushed back until my knees neared my shoulders. He pumped harder, faster ,deeper, with my hips keeping the rhythm.


She bucked her hips urgently, beckoning me deeper into ecstasy. Damn, she was a hot little fuck! Her nails clawed my back as she purred, "Oh yeah, baby! Fuck me harder!" I was only to happy to comply, but I thought it was time to change position.

I flipped her over and took her from behind. I grabbed her long, raven tresses in one hand, pulling her head back so I could watch her face. I wanted to see her deep violet eyes roll back, her red lips part in ecstasy to allow her cries to escape. Those lips gently parted, begging for me to kiss them. I was only too happy to comply. I rammed my full length into her tight, hot pussy and bent forward, claiming her mouth. She screamed into my mouth as she came again. And again. And again. Her velvet walls quivered with multiple orgasms. I felt her honey wash over my throbbing cock with each wave as her inner muscles pulled at me, pleading for more. Finally her shaking stopped and she gave a weak cry as her knees gave out.

I pulled out of the spent girl and pushed her down on the futon, on her back. Straddling her chest I put my shaft far into her luscious mouth. She gagged at first but soon began sucking in earnest, her tongue and lips caressing me. Finally I could hold out no longer. I cried out as I came, involuntarily jerking out of her mouth. My load shot across her face. Some settled in her jet hair, looking like pearls. She guided me back to her mouth and licked off the last drops of cum.


We lay together that night, exhausted but content, finally drifting off to sleep. Strangely enough, it was his future wife who covered for me. She has never asked about it, and I will never tell. But my heart will always ache when I see them together.


If I'd known how young she was, I probably wouldn't have let things go so far. She always acted older, so confident and sophisticated that I thought she was in high school. I think maybe I didn't want to know, until Motoki threw it in my face that she was the same age as her friends. After that it was impossible not to see her for what she truly was--a child, in a woman's body, desperate for love and affection. I shouldn't have been the one to give it to her, but I was there when no one else was. And she was there when an aching need filled my heart. For that, a part of me will always love her. Another part of me will always wonder about what might've been, if destiny hadn't taken a hand in our lives. What was, is, shall be.... Fate has cast our roles, and we must play them to the hilt.

~ end ~

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