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Disclaimers: Cowboy Bebop doesn't belong to me in any
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     Oh yea, since this is a lemon
fic it does get sexually graphic as well, so um, if you read it you've been warned
ahead of time.










     Spike flicked the ashes off his
cigarette then brought it back up to his lips to take another drag of it. 
He had always found a smoke after sex had had a calming affect on him, though
right now it was doing little to calm his shaking psyche. He leaned back
against the headboard of the bed trying to act casual though it was quite hard
for him having just experienced the best sex he'd ever had in his entire life.
With his eyes half closed he looked down at the person lying beside him, the
sheets had taken on a curvy shape telling anyone who would have been in the
room the form was most definitely female. He turned his head again and stared
at the ashtray as he ground the cigarette butt into it.


     "Those things will kill you
some day"


     "Huh?" Spike was
thrown a little off guard hearing her voice but was able to maintain his usual
cool despite the knowledge that the girl was technically still his boss's
girlfriend.  "The same can be said about you can't it?" He
turned to look at her getting a shiver hearing her deep feminine chuckle.


       Julia raised her
body so that she was sitting up as well, her knees pulled to her chest. "I
suppose anything can kill a person, if they're not careful enough." She
spoke as she watched Spike light another cigarette; she laughed again.


       "Was I really
that good?"


     He looked her straight into her
light blue eyes, which sparkled with a bit of heated lust, and a trace of mild
amusement. Reaching out with his free hand he cupped her cheek, smoothing her
full bottom lip with his thumb.  "I've never had an experience like
this with anyone. Sex yes, but this? I don't know what the hell this was, only
that I'd like to try and figure it out."


     Julia's eyes closed as she
pressed her cheek into the palm of his hand and when her eyes opened again
Spike saw in them a warmth and sensuality that stilled his very breathing. He
forced himself not to flinch from the chemical reaction his body experienced
feeling her hand caressing his cheek as she pulled her body closer to him. 
"Then I guess I should help you try to obtain that information. Because
I'm wanting to know myself."


     Spike took the final drag from
his cigarette hearing her words and catching their meaning, but before he could
exhale the smoke out of his lungs her mouth was on his, her tongue grazing his
teeth; he kissed her back most fervently.  It was a strange, exciting, and
even a sexual feeling for both of them slowly suffocating in the carbon
monoxide until she broke the kiss allowing them to blow out the remaining smoke
from their bodies simultaneously. She covered her mouth and half coughed but
smiled nonetheless.  "Maybe cigarette's aren't so bad."


      Spike stared intensely
into her eyes not breaking contact even to snuff the butt of the now burnt out
cigarette into the ashtray. "Maybe not."


       They came together again
in a more heated, demanding kiss, the emotional walls they both had built up
crumbling down to the ground in a pile of rubble. She fought at first vying for
control as he tried to push her back into the bed but when his hand cupped the
swell of her breast and his thumb brushed across its nipple she conceded for
the time being and allowed her body to be laid down on the mattress.


     She whimpered softly as his hand
leer ber breast to smooth down her side, his wrist twisting slightly gliding
briefly over her stomach and then down past the apex of her thighs until it
reached her wetness within.




lasslass=MsoPlainText>      He kissed her soft words
away with his own gentle words spoken through brief feathery kisses across her
face and lips. "Shhh...Julia. Let me love you again. Please. And as far as
"he" goes we've already went to far haven't we?"  He
stopped his flurry of kisses to gaze down at her.  She looked up into the
depths of his off colored eyes and became entranced with him all over again. 
His piercing haunting eyes that held within them a thousand tales, mysteries
unknown and desires unfulfilled.  She could deny him nothing when he
looked at her with his eyes, even when it could mean imminent death if Vicious
were to ever find out.    


     Pushing the negative unwanted
thoughts aside, Julia smiled sweetly and nodded her consent. "Please, love
me Spike."


     The bounty hunter wasted no time
in her request as he kissed her briefly though hard enough to bruise her lips
before leaving them to move his mouth further down her body. He licked the soft
dip of her throat that rested above her clavicle as he slid his body down a
little more, until his mouth encountered the nipple of her left breast. He
flicked the center harshly with the tip of his tongue; the rosy pink nub's
response was to swell and harden immediately. Spike clamped his teeth over it
and drew it into his mouth.  Julia bit her lip and arched the top of her
body as her fingers that were tangled in Spike's wild dark hair kneaded his


     Spike strengthened his hold on
Julia's body feeling it respond to his actions. And being quite pleased with
himself he attended to her other breast in the same manner, though this time his
fingers that had been stroking the soft blond curls of her lower body took
action themselves.  At first it was just the tips of his fingers that
stroked her wetness, finding her clit and teasing it mercilessly.  Julia
cried out his name hoarsely and cursed him for simply toying with her. His
whole hand then cupped the shape of her feminine mound as two of his long lean
fingers entered her and pressed against the inner spot where they then began to
rub her.


     His tongue took two swift laps
at her clitoris before his thumb replaced it, allowing him to pull his body
back up over her so that his tongue could play with hers the childish game of
tag amid the more adult sport of sex. He felt her nails lightly scratching a
path from his scalp to his neck and down his back and then to the front of him
wrapping around his sex, encouraging him along with her words to do so much
more.  Spike groaned in desperation and dipped his head to kiss her neck
feeling the tiny death that overtook her body brought on by his probing
fingers; her creamy essence coating his hand further proof of her orgasmic


       He whispered her
name and moaned again feeling her fist tighten around his sex pumping it
slowly, teasing him as he had teased her. She could be such the little minx he
mused breaking her contact with his member and bringing up her hand to join her
other one, which he already had grasped in his own fist. He adjusted his body
so that he was fully atop her now, his knee parting her thighs so that he could
nestle his sex outside the opening of her waiting and willing entrance. Spike
hesitated until he felt her legs begin to curl around his hips and then he
smoothly pushed himself inside of her to the hilt.


     Julia's body jolted from the
first two initial thrusts of Spike. She released a breathy moan and steadied
her body so that by the third stroke she was bucking him back and the two began
to build a slow and steady rhythm that was far from being considered weak. The
grip he had on her wrists eased up and Julia pulled her hands free and ran them
through his hair and down to his lower back giving his buttocks a squeeze
letting him know he was pleasing her.


     Spike readjusted his body,
positioning it in a way that would give him more leverage so that his
penetrations would go deeper and their impacts would be greater. Julia took the
opportunity to throw him off balance and roll them over so that she was now on
top of him gaining control over their already mad fucking. Spike, getting
extremely turned on by her aggressive move, grabbed at her breasts and twisted
their nipples. Gasping from the pure bliss of his rough touch Julia's body
lunged forward and she caught herself on her outstretched arms never breaking
their pace. But before she could recoil from the shock she felt her body being
pushed and rolled finding herself under Spike once again.


     The played their game of
dominance until they both ended up on the floor tangled up in the sheets, Spike
atop of Julia, his body lay flat to hers his arms gripped around her tightly as
if holding on for dear life. Julia returned the embrace just as strongly
feeling herself loosing her very mind and soul to the nerve tingling sensations
that were sparking over her body coming to a rest with the most force down into
her groin.


     "Spike...I'm...oh god
Spike!" She came fast and hard. Her scream was somewhat shrill but still
very feminine and she whispered his name despite the sudden chill that overtook
her body feeling passions heat begin to rise from the pores of her skin. 
She dug her nails into his back and tightened her legs around his hips as she
clamped her inner self around Spike's girth as if it were a vice.  >


     Hearing Julia's out burst and
feeling her body buck a final time before stiffening, Spike could not help but
find his release as well, flooding her with his cum and crying out her name in
a choking sob. His body shuttered once feeling suddenly weak though he was able
to catch himself before he fell completely on top of her.


     The room was silent save for the
heavy panting of the couple as they untangled themselves from each other making
their way back onto the bed. With a shaking hand Spike reached for his pack of
cigarettes. Managing to get one to his lips he found himself fumbling with his


     "Allow me." He turned
his attention to Julia and couldn't help but smile, the cigarette planted
firmly in between his lips.  He wondered how she could be so calm but then
he remembered what he told her about how to never try and figure out a woman
because it would only make you crazier then you already are. He found himself
chuckling at the thought and she questioned him flipping closed his lighter.


     He took a couple of puffs and
told her it was nothing.


      "So," she began
throwing him another question, "have you discovered anything? I mean, what
it is with me, with us?"


     Spike shook his head grounding
out the cigarette even though it was only half way smoked. Now calm, he slid
dbesibeside her and pulled her to him resting his head on top of hers. 
"I've no idea Julia. Maybe I'll never know. Even so, I never want to stop
trying to find out the reason."


     Julia twisted her body until she
was propped up on her elbow over him.  "Then I only hope we can find
the answer together."  He smiled warmly at her and smoothed her bangs
from her forehead as the two came together in the sweetest, softest kiss either
had ever known.


The End


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