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This is a PWP lemon, so it deals with sex and matters
pertaining to it. Spike/Julia








The woman shifted her weight to her left leg as she stood
at the end of the pool table. Her delicate fingers were curled around a cue,
that she held vertical to her slender form. A devilishly charming smile graced
her painted cherry red lips and only added to the mysterious beauty of her
narrowed gaze, a gaze that was locked onto the gaze of the man across from her.
His tall and lanky frame was leaned over the pool table with one arm bent, its
hand grasping the butt of the cue while his other arm extended the length of
it, allowing the smooth, glossy shaft to rest between its hand's index and
middle fingers.


"Am I distracting you?" Her voice was soft and
teasing as she uncurled her left hand from her pool cue and flipped a handful
of her sleek blonde hair back over her shoulder. Thener ner of the man's mouth
curved upward in a smirnly nly she could make such a girlish gesture appear to
be so elegant and mature, he thought, before answering her question.


"I'm the master of combination shots, haven't you
heard? Besides, I don't get distracted from something I truly want."


A second had barely passed after he spoke that he made
his shot. It seemed that his boast would be proven true as the cue ball
collided into a stripe, that ball then slightly hitting into another stripe,
which struck a solid ball, rolling it directly toward the far right pocket near
where the leather clad lady stood. But, just before it would have sunk into thockeocket, it stopped.



"The master of combination shots, eh?" Her
smile was now full as she chuckled in a light, feminine tone.



The man sighed in an amused, defeated way, not caring
that he had screwed up the shot.  After all, impressing Julia with his
combination and trick shots wasn't what his true goal of the night had been. He
pulled away from the table, cracking his back before standing completely
straight. He walked over to the wall hanging the cue to rest with its identical
twins on the rack. "I got distracted."


This brought even more laughter from the young lady as
she placed her own cue along the wall beside his. "I thought you didn't
get distracted from your goals."


"I don't."


Her laughter turned into a startled gasp as she suddenly
felt hands grasp around her waist and spin her a half turn so that now her back
was to the wall, right beside the cue rack. She found herself staring straight
into a pair of dark, off-colored eyes. The same smug smile was on his lips as
he leaned closer to her, brushing them across her cheek and up to her ear.



&nb/p> /p>

"It's you Julia. You are what I want. And nothing
will deter my want and need from having you solely as mine one day."


She slowly closed her eyes, melting at his words. Yes,
they were possessive, yes they were demanding, and yes, they were threatening,
but unlike those of Vicious, Spike's words held a sincere, loving endearment.
He had been the only man that had emademade her feel truly at ease and truly
cherished. She spoke his name, and that was all it took to start a feverish
osculation between the two.


His lips never left those of his ladylove.
"The...doors...locked?" Spike asked as slid his coat from his
shoulders and then Julia's coat off of hers.


Her long golden locks bounced a little as she nodded her
head and reluctantly broke the kiss so that she could pull her lover's t-shirt
off over his head. "And the shades are drawn too. And, He won't be back
for at least two hours."


He gave her a wide genuine grin of happiness.
"That's my girl. Always prepared."


"You know it." She gave him a quick wink and
flung Spike's white shirt to the floor, running her hands briefly up the smooth
contours of his taunt chest and to the back of his head. Her hands then grasped
onto the scruffy dark locks there and tugged his head down. He gave neither
protest, nor any resistance as her mouth claimed his. She curled her long, thin
legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. His large hands gripped her
tight bottom securely and his fingers splayed across it, despite the slickness
of the black leather pants that she wore.


In five steps he had carried her to an empty pool table,
sitting her upon the smoothly varnished wooden edge. He eased away from her and
glided his hands up her sides and her arms that were above her head, slipping
off her own shirt. He took a hold of her hands and stopped her before the shirt
was completely off of them. Spthenthen tied the sleeves together leaving her
hands and wrists trapped inside the material.


Julia gave no verbal protest but he could tell by the
look in her eye that she wasn't afraiust ust somewhat ticked, but willing to
play along. He was relieved that she didn't fear him; he never wanted her to
fear him and he would never give her a reason to ever fear him.


He gently eased her back upon the burgundy velvet of the
table and pecked her cheek and then her jaw. Kissing his way down the length of
her neck, he grazed his nose over her smooth underarm breathing in her natural
musk that was laced with the sweet smell of powder. Julia squirmed and giggled
a little at the sensation. "That tickles Spike."


"Then maybe you prefer my nose elsewhere?" He
said with the flare of a smart ass, before nuzzling his nose in between her
breasts, eliciting another giggle from her. His hands cupped her breasts, his
fingers undid the front clasp of her bra and the material sprang away from her
chest, exposing her upper body. His eyes traveled downward taking in the beauty
and natural tone of her form but then they narrowed in anger. Julia saw this
and closed her eyes. She fought back the tears as she turned her head to the
side. "Please Spike, don't look at them."


His heart ached seeing the blood bites and teeth marks
and bruises that tainted her otherwise flawless pale skin and he knew that if
he examined her further, he would find many more marks on her as well; and
people thought that she wore long sleeves and pants all the time because she
was modest. Clenching his jaw Spike bick hck his rage at Vicious for, ever
having harmed Julia, his Julia. "Damn that heartless bastard to hell."


 "Spike...please." He snapped out of his
daze at the sound of her voice which cracked with unshed tears. Her eyes were
closed and squinted slightly in distress and embarrassment. His heart ached
even more and he vowed to himself one day that he would take Julia away from
Vicious, and the syndicate. They would leave the nightmare of this town and
wake up elsewhere in a different dream, a happy dream where true joy was
possible and they could be forever together, living and loving one another in


But, those plans would have to wait for now because at
this moment, he had to find another way to make his lady smile. Spike leaned
his body over her and nuzzled his nose into her hair, kissing her temple as he
spoke to her in a witty manner trying to lighten the mood. "Hey now, don't
cry, I'm not that bad am I?"


Julia sobbed out a laugh and turned her head, opening her
eyes to look up at him, he was glad to see her face brightening. "You're
crazy, Spike, you do know that don't you?"


He gave her a warm smile back. "Only for you."


He then brought his lips down upon hers and began kissing
her with urgennd pnd passion. His hands gently kneaded down her body, finding
the tiny zipper on the back of her pants and pulling it down expertly.


Spike's mouth left her lips but not her body and soon
they had made their way down to the curly blonde hair of her lower lips where
he had just seconds before shed off her leather slacks and satin lace thong.


His tongue slipped in between the folds of her womanhood.
Julia's body jumped and she released a breath of shock and delight. Inspired,
Spike continued lapping at the fleshy button while gingerly sliding up inside
of her two of his long, nimble fingers. Her lower body jerked some more and her
rasping breath soon turned into moans and pleas for more. Before he could brace
himself for it, she came onto fingers. He smiled inwardly feeling quite smug as
he licked off of his hand her juices that were running down it.


" God, Spike." Julia's body was
trembling but not from the cold, in fact she was rather quite hot. Spike darted
his tongue out, drying up a few beads of sweat that had formed on her body. He
unbuttoned his jeans and in the blink of an eye they and his boxer briefs were
gone and he was on top of her, pressing his aching, pulsing girth into the soft
flesh of her right inner thigh.


His arms were straight and at her shoulders as he dipped
his head and nipped at her chin, though not hard enough to leave a mark. He
nipped once more at her jaw line and then at her lips, where she parted them
allowing his tongue to enter. During the kiss he lowered his body slowly down
on top of hers, rubbing his sex over her clitoris where it was already
beginning to leave drops of liquid proof that he wanted her.


Julia moaned some more and brought up her legs and
entwined them together around Spike' s waist. His hands once again held her
rear steady as he thrust his hips down, back and then forward. Julia's eyes
grew wide and she bit her lip from the impact that the force of him entering
her made.


The wetness of her had made his entrance quite easy and
immediately he felt the grip of her inner walls clenching around his sex, only
then to open before squeezing once more. Spike groaned in pleasure as they
worked each other. He spoke her name and slowed his thrusts and speed as he
kissed her yet again. He glided his hands back up her arms and loosened the
knot of the shirt allowing her hands to be free. Julia wasted no time in
encircling them around his neck, pressing his mouth tightly to hers as she
bucked her hips.


Her demanding, and the insistent buck of her hips told
Spike what she wanted, and so, he picked up his pace and began to hammer her
once again. They broke the lip lock to catch their breaths and let go of some
much needed cries of release. They rocked against one another, a sheen of sweat
covering both of their bodies that had melded so perfectly together that it was
hard to tell that they were even two separate entities.


Julia whimpered her lover's name and her nails dug
lightly into the smooth skin of his buttocks as she begged for him to bring her
to release. The back of Spike's throat made a noise that sounded almost as if
he was growling. "Soon Julia, I promise."


Spike's vow proved true as with his next few thrusts,
Julia's muscles that gloved his manhood contracted a final time, squeezing
Spike so tightly that he could not hold himself back anymore. She literally
screamed out her pleasure and he sobbed a cry of satisfaction, his face
contorting in a look of pure mind numbing bliss.  After three more
involuntary thrusts filled with shots of his thick, white fluid, he had emptied
himself into her deeply and completely.


As they came down from their sexual highs, the young
lovers slowly opened their eyes and for a few minutes did nothing except hold
one another's gaze.


"Julia, I, lov..."


Her index finger to his lips halted his speech. She shook
her head a few tears gathering into the corners of her eyes. "I do too,
Spike, but..."


The tip of his tongue licked the tip of her finger.


"I know, I know. It's just I don't want you to ever
forget it."


She gave him a little grin, her fingertip now on his
nose. "You Mr. Spiegel are unforgettable."


He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and before she
could catch her breath he had rolled them over and now she was atop him,
looking down. Her smile never faded, nor did his as he brought up his hands and
smoothed her hair behind her ears. "And, neither are you Miss..."


His words were cut off, swallowed by her, as yet again,
they found themselves sharing another kiss.




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