Secrets of the Sohma

BY : SilverRebel
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Snow was falling slowly so the visibility was almost 100 % as they pulled into the drive way. Everyone was waiting on the porch when they pulled in and Kyou and Yuki walked to the car to help them.

“Be careful, boys. She’s pretty injured,” Shigure said as Nami winced when she was passed from one person to the next.

The two boys were about to head inside the house when Hatori got out of the car.

“Wait,” he said. “I’ll take her. I still have things to do,” he said as he got his stuff from Aya and Shi.

He braced himself as he waited for them to place her in his arms. He walked in the house, went to the sleeping room and placed her softly on the floor. Everyone followed him inside and watched with worry. Hatori took out his small flashlight and passed it over her eyes to check her pupils’ reaction. He sighed relieved as he watched them move.

Placing the light in his bag he looked up at everyone. She still had her notepad and pen and started to write something on it and showed it to Ha’ri.

“Hungry? Already,” he joked.

She gave him a look that made him laugh even more. He kissed her forehead.

“Oh, is she hungry? I can make something real quick if she wants,” Tohru said.

Hatori looked at Tohru. “Don’t worry about her eating at the moment, Tohru. She really needs some peace, but that’s what she’s been getting. It’s a little unnerving,” he added as he looked to her and she smiled.

“Well, maybe I can get her some ice for her eye,” she added.

“Tsu, do you want some ice for your eye,” he asked sweetly, brushing her stray hair out of her face.

She wrote her response on the notepad and showed it to Tohru and she left for some ice. Kyou looked at her.

‘What possessed Akito to try and kill her,’ he thought as she tried to look at him.

She wrote Kyou’s name on the pad and he walked over to her after she asked him.

“Yeah,” he asked in his small Kyou way.

“Don’t worry about anything, Kyou,” she said in her small, raspy voice.

“Hey, Tsu, don’t talk. That’s what the pad is for,” Hatori said. “I don’t want you to risk your voice until I can get you to a hospital,” he said as she looked at him.

“It’s a small price to pay to love someone in this family,” she wrote to Kyou as he began to cry, the tears small in his eyes. “Please, don’t worry about me. I can deal with what’s happened to me.”

“Okay, Tsu, do you think you can sit up a bit so I can put the bandage around your ribcage,” Ha’ri asked as she looked at him, her eyes fell.

Kyou helped her sit up so that Hatori could wrap the thing around her and he then lay her back down on the floor. When her winced face went away, Hatori looked at her with an accomplished look on his face. Tohru finally came in with the ice pack. She put it softly on Nami’s face and held it there. Momiji looked at Nami and saw the bandage on her neck.

“Ha’ri,” she wrote on the notepad. “My throat hurts,” she finished.

“I know it hurts, Tsu. Your vocal cords are almost completely severed. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow about them, okay? But for now, try not to talk. It only makes them hurt more,” he said, his face softening.

She smiled and sighed. She wrote another note and he nodded.

“Okay, Tsu. We’ll let you get some rest,” he said as he looked at everyone.

They all started to file out of the room. Ha’ri looked in her yes as he put his hand on her cheek and kissed her forehead. She raised a hand to his and smiled while tears began to accumulate in her eyes.

He touched her face. “Don’t cry, Tsu. I still love you,” he said. “I just don’t want to hurt you anymore. You’ve been through enough. I’ll bring you something to eat in a little while, okay?”

She smiled and moved her arm to her chest where it lay there for the remainder of the time she was asleep. Hatori walked out of the room and closed the door. He turned to every one else and sighed.

“You all should really know the truth,” he said sadly.

Everyone looked at him. “The truth,” they all asked in unison.

“Yes, the truth,” he said as he watched everyone listen with baited breath. “Truth is that Nami married Akito 7 months ago. After two months, they got a divorce and Nami started to live with me in my home. Unbeknownst to either one of us, he had secretly slipped into her room. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what happened then,” he said, dejectedly. “She’s not 1 month pregnant. She’s four months, but she doesn’t show it and that’s a good thing because I feel really sorry for her and I want her to have a great family. Akito’s tried to kill her on numerous occasions, and not just this time and the time he threw her into the rock garden. I know I’m not supposed to be telling you this, but someone has to and right now, she’s just not able to do any talking. God! I wish I was there before he did anything,” he said, banging the table with his fist as he made the last statement.

Tohru jumped a little and her heart went out to Nami and Hatori.

“She’s not even 20. She’s 27 and short for her age, I guess you could say. I think that’s why Akito looked so much taller around her,” Ha’ri said, looking off to the side. “She’s not built to be destroyed like this,” he said, not caring.

Kagura looked at Hatori and hugged him. “I’m sure she’ll be alright, Ha’ri. How about something to eat,” she asked.

“No. I can’t eat. I have to do something for her. I have to do something to make up for everything Akito has done to her. The question is what should I do? She’s been so happy and cheerful since she came to live with me, but there’s something there that I don’t understand.”

“What’s that,” Tohru asked.

“I can’ tell you, Tohru. She’s so secretive that it scares me. I just want her to be able to tell me anything. I just wish I could do something. But what? How can I repay her generosity?” Hatori said looking down at the table, scrunching up his eyebrows as he tried to think of something he could do for Tsunami.

Nami was sleeping peacefully. She stirred and opened her eyes. Staring up at the face that was looking straight at her, she tried to get up. He just smiled and gently caressed her cheek.

“I’ve come to apologize, Nami,” he said as he kept her down, sitting on her stomach. “Ha’ri hasn’t touched you, yet, I see,” he said as he smiled, touching her lips with his fingers.

She gasped, holding her breath. She still couldn’t talk.

He smiled at her. “Ha’ri is right, Nami, you are beautiful.”

He grabbed her neck and pulled her up to his chest as he hugged her. She began to cry. He pulled her back and smiled.

“What’s wrong, Nami,” he asked as he put her back on the floor and covered her up. “Aw, you can’t talk, huh?” he asked as he smirked. “That’s good. Then no one can hear you scream,” he said as he took a small splitter to her neck as he slowly snipped each and every stitch that Hatori had put there.

She stared at him as he continued to snip them slowly. Feeling the wound reopen, she wriggled as she took her notepad and flung it at him.

Hatori came in with a bowl of soup and saw that she was slightly convulsing as he shut the door. He placed the tray down on the floor next to her and placed his hand on her face, keeping it from hitting the floor and opening the wound on her neck. Nami had slapped him in the face with the notepad. He grabbed her shoulders, but he couldn’t wake her.

After he finished her neck, Akito went down to the next stitched wound of hers and started snipping that one open as well. She was defenseless as he held her down.

“Nami, wake up,” Hatori called as he held her shoulders down and caressed her cheek with his hand.

She kept moving her head side to side as Akito turned her into the horrible and wounded woman she was earlier.

“You will never be able to have a husband,” he told her as he continued snipping each and every stitch that was in her body while tears rolled down her face.

She flung the notepad at the walls in hopes that someone would enter the room and save her.

Kyou and everyone was wondering what was going on in the room as they heard the pad hit the wall. Haru opened the door and stared at Hatori. He lunged at the two as he helped Ha’ri wake Nami up, gently shaking her. She punched him in the chest.

“Okay, Hatori. That actually hurt, so we have to wake her up now,” he said, nursing his chest.

She stopped moving around as she hit Akito in the face. He became angered and slapped her.

“You are forcing me to do something drastic, Nami. I don’t think you want me to do that,” he said as he nursed his face.

Hatori looked at her and pushed Hatsuharu out of the way and he gave her a kiss. She sat up and slapped Hatori as she opened her eyes. She looked at him with tears in her eyes as she realized what she had done. She drew her hands to her mouth as she looked at him and everyone that was in the room. He rubbed his cheek softly.

“Are you okay,” he asked, looking down at the sheet.

Haru brought her the notepad she threw at the door and she picked up the pen. She wrote a small note on the paper. Hatori read it and sighed.

“He’s not anywhere around here, so you don’t have to worry, Tsu. You’re safe here and I mean that,” he said as she gave him a hug. “What was the dream about anyway?”

She lay back down and motioned for him to hover over her and he followed. She made a snipping motion with her fingers as she pointed to each point on her body that was stitched. She wrote another note on the pad and showed it to Haru. Hatori sat off to her side as Haru read the note.

“Hm…yes, everyone else is fine. We’re all just worried about you,” he said, smiling softly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for anyone to worry about me. You’ve all been so wonderfully nice to me,” she wrote down as Tohru came over and sat at her other side and Kagura at her head.

“Don’t be so worried about us, Nami. You have enough to deal with without worrying about us. How about we open the door and let you see the snow falling? It’s very beautiful today,” Kagura said as Tohru smiled in agreement.

“You don’t have to do anything like that for me, everyone. I’ve caused enough problems for you and I don’t think it fair for me to ask for any special treatment,” she wrote.

“The cold wind will probably feel good against your face. I know I love snow-filled breezes,” Tohru confessed as Kagura laughed.

‘Well, the bell is gone, possibly forever,’ she thought as she looked at the two and smiled, writing ‘Okay’ on the notepad.

Kagura and Tohru both went to open the side door so that Nami could get a view of the snow-covered yard.

‘Two weeks had passed since the incident at the Main house, but no one knows if Akito is still alive. I wonder why he has chosen to haunt her dreams like this,’ Ha’ri wondered as he saw her smiling at the falling snow.

‘I wonder if she’ll ever regain her voice,’ Shigure thought as he looked at Hatori.

Turning her attention from the outside activity, Nami touched Hatori’s side and looked concerned. He smiled at her and touched her hand with his hand as he caressed her hair.

“Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself, remember. But, if you insist on knowing, yes, the stab wound has healed. Enjoy the weather, though, Tsu. You’ve been cooped up in this room for the last two weeks. Tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, we’ll go for a small walk, okay?” he said, smiling softly.

She smiled and spoke in her raspy voice. “Sounds like fun. I can’t wait,” as she cleared her throat from the scratchy feeling.

He smiled at her and proclaimed, “Your cuts and bruises are gone. The only place you are really going to have a scar is on your neck.

She smiled and mouthed, “That’s great,” as he hugged her; she wrapped her arms around his neck as the two embraced each other.

Everyone in the room smiled and there was one or two “Aw’s” and a “How sweet” came from Tohru.

‘I don’t ever want to lose you, Tsu. You are more precious to me than my own life,’ he said as he kept his hold on her.

She wouldn’t release him either as she thought the same thing.

“Yep,” Yuki said quietly as Kyou and Haru look at him. “She’s the one he has chosen to live with for the rest of his life,” he said as the other two boys look back at Nami and Ha’ri.

“How can you tell, Yuki,” Kagura asked.

“He hasn’t transformed since the day they both came here, didn’t you realize it then, Yuki,” Kyou asked, his face solemn.

Nami had heard everything and sighed. Ha’ri released her from his hold and the two looked at each other.

“How is the baby,” she asked in a whisper.

He smiled at her. “Your child is fine, Nami. There weren’t any visible injuries to it.”

She smiled back, knowing he was keeping the gender from her.

“Have you thought of a name for your baby,” Tohru asked.

Nami looked at her and her smile dropped to a straight face.

“No, I haven’t,” she rasped. Looking to Hatori, “What should we name him/her?”

Hatori gave her a smirk as he thought of telling her a girl’s name, but decided against it because he didn’t want her to know the gender.

“How about we name him/her Mouko?”

“Come on, Ha’ri. Is it going to be a boy or girl,” she asked in her happiest rasp she could.

“You would think that she would want to wait to find out if she’s having a girl or a boy,” he said, emphasizing ‘girl’.

Tohru smiled and laughed. “I think Mouko Sohma is nice name,” she offered.

“Well, if Ha’ri won’t tell me, Shigure, you should know. Is it a boy or girl,” Nami asked as Ha’ri glared at him.

Shigure put his hands up as if to pass on something. “I'm sorry, Nami. I and Ayame were sworn to secrecy. In plus, even if I did tell you, I fear that Hatori would do something to me.”

Nami raised an eyebrow. “Shigure is afraid of Hatori? This is new to me,” she smiled as she coughed a bit.

“Rest your voice, Tsu. If you want, I can go and warm up your soup,” Hatori offered.

“No, that’s okay. As long as it’s still warm, I can sip it. It’s fine,” she said as she felt the bowl.

Hatori smiled as she began to dip the spoon in the red liquid. ‘Nothing ever really gets her down,’ he thought as he watched her sip her food.

Tohru looked at Kagura. “Hey, let’s go for a walk, okay,” she said as she smiled.

The two girls went to the sitting room and got their coats and shoes and headed out into the snow. Hatsuharu, Kyou and Yuki followed suit. Shigure went to work on his next five hundred pages of his new book. Nami sat facing the snow-covered yard as she ate her soup.

“Did you make this yourself, Hatori,” she asked.

“Yes, I did. Why? Is it not to your liking?” he asked a little worried that he might get her sicker.

“No, it tastes great. Where is that wonderful cook at in there,” she joked.

He smiled as he sat next to her. She put the bowl down, the spoon in the bowl and just watched the snow fall with Ha’ri sitting next to her. She felt happy for once in two weeks.

“Thank you,” she said as she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“For what,” he asked.

“For being so nice to me and taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. I don’t know if I would still be on the streets if it wasn’t for you.

He smiled and touched her head. “You don’t have to thank me for that, Tsu. I was just doing what I felt was right.”

She looked at him and they held onto each other as they watched everyone run around in the snow and throw snowballs and play.

‘This is a family. Each one of these people has been so kind to me,’ she thought as she smiled. “Ha’ri,” she spoke after a few minutes of silence.

He looked at her from his staring at the snow. “Hm? Yes, Nami?” he asked.

“When do you think it will be okay for us to prepare and plan our wedding,” she asked a little lackadaisical.

He smiled and returned his attention to the falling snow. “Soon, Tsu. You can plan it soon,” he said, hugging her closer.

“Ha’ri,” she said again. He looked at her as she continued without any response from him. “Why do doctors and nurses tell you that smoking is bad, but 75% of them smoke?”

He just smiled and chuckled. “Are you trying to tell me something, Tsu,” he asked. He thought about it for a moment. “Well, I’m not quite sure, but some smoke to take off the tension of having to put up with patients. Shigure smokes because he has to put up with so many teenagers,” he said as he stood and extended her his hand.

Taking it, she stood up shakily, but Ha’ri was there to help her steady herself. He helped her to the edge of the porch and they sat and watched everyone having fun. He placed his arm around her waist as he held her close to him.

Shigure stepped out onto the porch and sat behind Nami as he took her hair down and re-braided it and tied it with the rubber band and blue ribbon. He sat beside Nami and smiled at Ha’ri.

“What? No cigarette?” he asked, playing.

“Nope, Shigure. No cigarette. I’m quitting.” Ha’ri said as he looked at Nami in the eyes.

“Thank you, Nami,” Shigure whispered as she looked at him.

“For what,” she whispered back.

“For changing my cousin for the better,” he said before he got up and joined everyone else out in the snow.

Nami smiled and shivered slightly.

“Oh, are you cold,” Ha’ri asked.

“Only a little,” she replied, smiling.

He gave her his coat and held her close. She looked to him. Kyou stopped playing in the snow long enough to see them hugging before he was pegged playfully in the face by Kagura with a snow ball. She giggled as he picked one up and reciprocated the snowball and laughed when she was hit and started to laugh.

Yuki and Tohru stopped playing long enough to see them having fun without injuring each other. He picked up a small bit of snow and tried his best at making a snow sculpture. When he finished, everyone walked over to it to guess what it was he had made.

“Why don’t we go and see what Yuki’s made,” Nami suggested as Hatori got her shoes from the room.

He got her jacket and helped her put her shoes on her feet as he, too, put his shoes on and traded her coats. Slowly putting hers on, she took Hatori’s hand and the two walked out to Yuki’s sculpture.

“What is it, Yuki,” Nami asked smiling, her voice still raspy, but happy.

“I have no idea. I just thought it would be nice for someone to make something instead of throwing snowballs.”

“Well, it looks lovely,” she said truthfully. “I’ve never seen a more wonderful snow sculpture,” she said, making out the curves of a heart and maybe even the letters ‘T H’ written on one side and ‘Y S’ on the other.

Hatori smiled at Nami as did Yuki and Shigure.

“Ha’ri, you better marry her soon,” Shigure said causing the two to laugh and sputter. “What did I say?” he asked innocently.

“It’s nothing, Shigure. Something was just mentioned back on the porch,” Nami said, closing her eyes.

Nami looked to Ha’ri and opened her eyes. She touched his cheek with her hand as he touched hers with his.

“I accept you any way you come, Hatori Sohma,” she said smiling, the two sharing a semi-intimate moment. “I’ll take you any way you come,” she said as he smiled and pulled her close to him.

“After two weeks of nothing but sleeping, I would have thought you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself up. You are very hard work to keep alive, you know that,” he joked but she didn’t realize that and bowed her head and placed it on his chest.

“Am I really that much trouble,” she asked.

“Tsu, I was only kidding. You aren’t any trouble at all; at least not any trouble to me or Tohru. She was sitting in there with me while you slept the first week. Then, Kagura kept watch. I couldn’t go anywhere near you the second week.”

“Really,” she asked as she smiled at Ha’ri, lifting her chin with his finger. “The girls kept watch over me,” she asked, looking over at them both.

Tohru was standing next to Yuki and Kagura was being calm around Kyou for the first time since anyone could remember.

‘She is the one to save us,’ he thought. “Seems like just about everyone has found the one they love,” Ha’ri said as he pointed out Tohru, Yuki, Kyou and Kagura.

A car door slammed shut and everyone turned to see who it was, Hatori ready to take Nami back inside if it was Akito. The unmistakable silver hair and purple coat was a great sign that it wasn’t Akito.

“Hello, everyone,” Ayame said. He looked over at Hatori and Nami, both were smiling. “Oh, you’re up, I see. Mine, follow,” he instructed his assistant.

She followed him to Hatori and Nami. Each of them bowed in welcome.

“Wow, Nami, you look wonderfully better,” Aya said as Hatori sighed and looked off at Shigure. “Think you can handle solid food? I know that Ha’ri’s been giving you that soup stuff,” he said in a quick breath.

Nami nodded and smiled as she pulled Hatori’s attention away from everyone else.

“Tsu, I hope you know what you are getting yourself into,” he cautioned.

“If it doesn’t go as planned, Ha’ri, you will be the one who will have to listen to me,” she giggled.

Mine withdrew a bit but continued smiling. Ayame saw Mine react and smiled.

“It was something that happened a couple weeks ago. I promise that her ‘doctor’ said that she would be able to speak without the rasping sound and return to that angelic choir of a voice in about a week,” he said winking at Hatori.

“Well, Ayame,” she began. “Ha’ri is actually a good cook. The soup he made me tastes delicious,” she said smiling.

Ayame smiled as Shigure walked over to them. Nami smiled at him. The three best friends were together and smiling.

‘What a great feeling this is,’ Ayame said as he watched Hatori and Nami.

“Why don’t you and Mine go and throw snowballs, Nami,” Hatori suggested.

Nami’s eyes lit up as she pulled Mine’s arm and the two picked up some snow, packed it into a ball and threw them at Hatsuharu. They smiled when they saw the Ox look to see who had hit him. He smirked as he saw them giggling and packed a snowball. After he packed it, he threw it at Kyou, who was staring at the sculpture that Yuki had made.

Shigure smiled at them as they were having fun in the snow. Hatori looked at Ayame.

“Do you have the reservations ready, Aya?” he asked.

Aya nodded and smiled. “Yes, Ha’ri. The reservations are all set and I even requested a special flower to be set in the middle of the table,” he smiled.

“Flower?” Shigure asked.

“She likes lilies. I’m surprised you didn’t know that, Shigure. After all those flowers I brought here to keep her ‘company’ while she slept,” Ha’ri explained.

“Oh, so that’s what those were for,” Shigure said, laughing. “Well, if you would have told me that she liked lilies, I would have had someone bring them every day, Hatori.”

“Shigure…don’t even try to make up for what’s happened,” he said. “I’m trying my best to do the same. She’s already in the mood to start planning the wedding. I told her she could start that soon, but I want her to plan it. No helping her Shigure, Aya,” he said, looking at them.

Aya bowed his head in defeat. “Take away all the fun, Ha’ri. If that’s what you wish, then I’ll leave her alone. But if she asks, I’m going to help her, no matter what you say,” he said, trying to get Ha’ri a little riled.

“I think she needs to get changed if we are going out tonight. Nami,” Ha’ri called as she turned and ran back to him.


“Go and get changed. Your clothes are in the guest room. There’s something I want to do tonight and I want you to come with me,” he stated as he looked at her smiling face.

“Okay,” she said enthusiastically as she ran inside the house and got dressed.

Fifteen minutes later, she came out in a nice dress that was purple and the hem went all the way to the floor. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at her. She was much prettier in this dress than the furisode that Akito had given her.

“NAMI! You look beautiful!” Tohru, Kagura and Mine said, happily.

The guys just stared at her. She took her braid and propped it over one of her shoulders. Ha’ri stepped over to her; of course he was still standing in the yard, and offered her his hand as he helped her down off the porch. She blushed as she felt everyone’s stares on her.

“Wow, Mine! You got the measurements perfect,” Ayame said as Mine came over and smiled.

“Well, when you told me, I had to run on my imagination. That and you said that she was about my size, so I used my own measurements. Do you like it, Nami,” she asked politely smiling.

“It’s lovely. Thank you, but you didn’t have to do this for me,” she said softly.

“Nonsense!” Ayame declared. “Anyone that can break Ha’ri from his solitude and smoking deserves to be showered with a wonderful present every once in a while. Don’t you agree, Ha’ri,” he said winking at Ha’ri.

“Yes, Ayame. For once, I agree with you. She does deserve everything that comes her way this evening,” Hatori said, smiling.

Nami looked up at Hatori. “What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about it, Tsu. You’ll see soon,” he said as he produced a blindfold and some ear plugs.

“You are going to blind fold me and plug my ears, huh? Why not just tape my mouth and nose, too,” she joked.

“Because then you couldn’t breathe if we did that, Tsu,” Ha’ri said, smiling. “Come on,” he said, softly pulling her wrist. “We’ll blind fold you in the car,” he winked at Ayame.

The four got in the car and Hatori pulled out of the drive as Nami and Mine were sitting in the back, chatting with each other.

“When do you want to blindfold her, Hatori,” Mine asked.

“You’re serious aren’t you,” Nami asked as she smiled at Mine.

“Yes, Nami, we’re totally serious. Otherwise, the surprise will be ruined and I don’t want the surprise to be ruined. Blindfold her, Mine,” Ha’ri said, smiling in the mirror.

Back at Shigure’s house, everyone scrambled to the porch.

“Should we get going now,” Yuki asked when Hatori, Ayame, Mine and Nami were gone.

“Yes, we should. Let’s go,” Shigure said as he tried to pile everyone into his car.

They followed Hatori and soon they arrived at the restaurant. They noticed that Nami was blindfolded and her ears were plugged, which meant that they could talk and she wouldn’t be able to hear them.

“Ha’ri is she okay,” Tohru asked as she noticed that Nami was looking a bit confused about what was going on around her.

“She’s fine, just a little suspicious about what’s happening.”

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