You Wore the Horizon

BY : KeiArisugawa
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You Wore The Horizon
By Kei Arisugawa

Hi all! Here's my first Rurouni Kenshin fanfic and my first attempt at yaoi lemon in a long time...please
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Warning: This is a YAOI fic.... and from what I gather from the content of a ShishioXKamatari fanfic I read
(Who ever wrote it, your writing is awesome!), a LEMON one. Meaning two guys getting it on! You no
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Mornings were always the same.

The sun rose over in the east, painting the landscape in a blood hue and the sky in brilliant oranges, yellows
and reds. Everything lay in a dark crimson outline against the light that newly birthed each day.

A lone silhouette stood out on the porch of the Kamiya dojo, watching the magnificent beginning of the day.
His long auburn hair blew with a cold morning wind as the sun slowly rose into the sky. A pair of sorrowful
violet eyes looked off into the distant horizon, fixed on where the sky met the land.

Himura Kenshin watched the sunrise alone, just as he'd always done since he first came to the Dojo.

He sighed, lowering his gaze to the grounds of the dojo and smiling at the dewdrops that caught the rays of
the sun and reflected them like diamonds.

Kenshin used to love watching the sunrise when he was younger, even going so far as to purposely get up
before his master just to go outside and watch the sky being painted by warm colors of the sun.

He would end up finding his master, Hiko Seijuro the 13th, sitting out on the porch of his little hut, and
watching the sky already.

Hiko would turn at the sound of Kenshin's footsteps, smirk in his usual smugness and ask why Kenshin was
up. Kenshin usually wasn't able to give a good answer and Hiko would start the day's training early,
specifically telling him "The earlier the better".

"The earlier the better..." the former Battousai whispered to himself, then turned his eyes skyward again.
Things at the Dojo were so quiet...except when Kaoru was arguing with Yahiko or fighting with Sano.
Megumi would visit occasionally and flirt with him, which wound Kaoru up to no end. She would start
waving whatever handy utensil she had with her and he would usually be the one who ended up injured.

Kenshin knew it was only part of her character to be ent ent when she was angry, but something about her
kept bothering him. The fact she was in love with him never bothered Kenshin in the slightest. He loved her
very much...but lately, he'd been more and more distant and restless and reluctant tourn urn any affection to
her. Kaoru had not been pleased with this, which earned him a daily whack on the head when she wanted his
attention. Kenshin had refused to share his thoughts with the others, fearing that he would hurt them or
offend Kaoru.

He had made up his mind to leave the Dojo.

Kenshin had no idea how to explain it. Something deep in his heart was calling him to go. Go back to the
place of his youth and training; to go back to Hiko. He finally realized how much he had missed his former
master and his childhood home after all this time. Not wanting to waste much time, he has planned to leave
as soon as possible to avoid long or painful good-byes. No matter how cold it seemed, he just wasn't the
type who was comfortable with saying bye bye to people.

Kenshin wanted to see a sunrise at the Dojo one last time before he left.

Picking up his sakabatou, the former Battousai took one last look at the sky, which was slowly turning from
the brilliant reds and yellows to a pale blue. He sighed and turned toward the Dojo gate.

*I have to do this.... * he repeated to himself, but it did nothing for the growing feeling of guilt that he was
abandoning his friends. *I know I should stay behind for them...they'll all become worried...especially Miss
Kaoru....but...but what about my happiness? All of them are happy and have everything they could ever
want. When do I get my turn to be selfish? Even just once...I want to do something without thinking about
what everyone expects of me.*

Kenshin had always selflessly put others before him and protected them at his own expense. Not once could
he remember ever doing whatever he wanted. Without complaint, he'd gone and saved Japan numerous
times for the government, his friends and Kaoru. His friends had told him that they wanted him to be happy
and tried their best to make him so, but their efforts didn't quite do the job.

Now, he felt he should take things into his own hands. Who knew what Kenshin wanted more then himself?


A cold wind swept up on the solitary figure of Himura Kenshin as he trudged up the faded forest path. It
had been five days since he had left Tokyo and his former life at the Kamiya Dojo behind. His friends were
probably worried sick, but they knew very well that he could taare are of himself. There were no more
deranged swordsmen from the revolution out for his blood and no more Shishio's to protect Japan from.
There was only a normal life of peace left for him, and Kenshin knew exactly how he wanted to spend it.

The swordsman paused his trek, catching his breath. After traveling from sun up to sun down with little
food and water for five days straight, fatigue was beginning to take it's toll on him. He was so determined to
reach his destination that he had neglected his personal health and nutrition. He knew he probably smelled
horrible and was seriously considering resting for a spell; perhaps even take a short nap, when he looked
ahead of him. The sight of a familiar rundown old hut set in the middle of a large clearing made Kenshin's
heart skip a beat. He had made it! Forgetting his exhaustion and smell, he made a dash for the hut. The large
space between him and the hut was crossed in mere moments as Kenshin, forgetting his manners, burst open
the door, an excited and expectant look of child-like glee on fac face.

"Master!e cre cried, looking around the small hut's interior. There was no answer. Only the slight creak of a
shelf under the weight of the pots that adorned it was heard in the otherwise silent hut. Glee was replaced by
disappointment as Kenshin scanned the insides of the small house that belonged to his former master.
"Master....He must be out..."

"Accurate observation, blockhead. I'm beginning to think my intelligence is starting to rub off."

Kenshin spun around at the familiar cocky voice that was filled with amusement and sharp insults. Hiko
Seijuro the 13th stood behind him, arms folded with a large sack, that Kenshin remembered the older man
used for carrying his pottery back to his house, sitting by his feet. The auburn haired man could only stand
there and gaze at the reason he'd come back to the place he'd called home since he was little.

"Master..." Kenshin said in awe at the man who was giving him an annoyed look. "It's been so long..."

"Not really." the raven-haired man replied coolly as he swept past Kenshin into hisse. se. "Now tell me..."
he asked, turning to face his former pupil and sitting himself down on his favorite seat, "...what brings you
back here so you can show yourself out faster."

Kenshin walked into the hut and shut the front door behind him. He faced his master again, feeling nervous
under the scrutinizing stare of those sharp obsidian eyes. "I wish to live here...with you, Master."

Hiko listened to the small man with a stern face, which melted into a humored expression that seemed to
scream 'You must be joking' at Kenshin's request. "So you want to live here, eh?" his pupil nodded. "Well,
it must have taken you forever to say good-bye."

"Good-bye?" Kenshin asked, taken by surprise at the statement, then he lowered his head, feeling guilty. "I
didn't say any good-byes."

"Really?" the older man said patronizingly as he reached down to his ever-present sake jug and took a swig
before continuing. "I would think that such a tight-knit group like your friends would take your leaving
pretty badly. Well that was pretty thoughtless of you, as usual."

Kenshin felt even guiltier now. Hiko was right. Kaoru, Sano, Yahiko and Megumi were probably out
searching for him right now, worried sick. "Yes...but eventually they'll come to accept that I had to move
on. I just couldn't stand it at the Dojo...that's why I came here."

His mentor raised an eyebrow, his interest perked but annoyance and anger layered on it aswell. "That
doesn't excuse your lack of common sense. Think about it: They came all the way from Tokyo to find you
here. What makes you think that they won't do it again and I for one dislike the unwelcome company!
You're being a selfish little brat, Kenshin! Running away from your responsibilities and then crawling to me
for shelter! I'm not your damn wet nurse!" Hiko finished, glaring at Kenshin in disgust. Kenshin, on theher her hand, was trembling. His hands were clinched in fists at his sides and his soft amethyst eyes were
watering over. He didn't expect a warm welcome with open arms from Seijuro Hiko, but he didn't anticipate
the other man's foresight to what his friends might do. Kenshin knew his mentor was correct about his
friends, they would eventually come to Hiko looking for Kenshin and the older man, who was painfully
antisocial already (Hiko: ::eyebrow twitch:: Hey!), hated surprise visits from people.

"Master...please forgive me. I know I shouldn't have been so inconsiderate when I came here but I wasn't
thinking about anything else other then coming back here. Please don't turn me away!" The auburn-haired
man sank to his knees, bowing before his former master in the utmost respect. Hiko looked unimpressed by
the display and pleas.

"'ll never learn, will you?" he asked, rubbing his temples to relieve the tension that had built up
there. "Fine. You can stay here...BUT!" Upon seeing Kenshin's smiling face, Hiko emphasized the last
word. "You will pull your own weight around here. I don't run a hotel so you're going to do your share of
the chores, got it?"

Kenshin nodded, looking about ready to burst into tears of joy. "Thank you, Master!" Without thinking,
Kenshin propelled himself at the tall form of Seijuro Hiko, intent on giving his mentor a hug to show his

Kenshin's would-be hug met thin air as Hiko, using his superior speed, moved easily out of Kenshin's way,
leaving the younger man to fall face first on the floor.

"Didn't I tell you once already? Hugging you isn't a prospect I look foreword to and besides, you smell like
a stable! When was the last time you bathed?" Hiko stood over Kenshin's prone form, looking regal in his
mantle. Kenshin looked up at his master, clutching his nose and tearing in pain. "I don' remember."

"THEN GET OUT AND BATHE!!!" Hiko all but sent his smelly former pupil flying out the front door.
Kenshin got up slowly and dusted his filthy clothes off, making a mental note to wash his clothes after he
bathed, and began to walk toward the waterfall near the hut when he remembered something and knocked
on the door of the hut.

An annoyed Hiko poked his head out, took a sniff and glared out at Kenshin. "You don't smell any better.
What the hell are you doing back here?"

"I need soap, Master." Kenshin asked, sheepishly. Hiko's head disappeared inside the house and, seconds
later; a bar of soap and a small towel were flung out the door at Kenshin. "Thank you..." he said to the shut
door and picked up the soap and towel and headed off into the woods.


One thing Kenshin had always liked about the location of Hiko's home was that it was so close to a
waterfall: the perfect place for a natural shower. The waterfalls were also very relaxing to be near. Sounds
of the water hitting the rocks below was very soothing and his master would had often sat there to drinake ake when Kenshin began to get on his nerves.

"Master..." Kenshin sighed. Hiko had taken his former pupil's arrival worse then Kenshin expected. Even
though Hiko wasn't the easiest person to get along with, he had an aura of strength and mystery that had
always drawn Kenshin to him. Everything his master said seemed to be well thought out and was powerful
when spoken. The antisocial tendencies were probably a result of the fact that Hiko knew the impact he had
on people and didn't like the attention it drew to him.

*But does he know the effect he has on me? *

The former Battousai shook his head sternly, *I'm not getting any cleaner standing here thinking...* and
quickly removed his hair bind and tattered clothing, feeling relief that he finally had the chance to strip
himself of the filthy clothes he'd worn. Quickly grabbing the soap, Kenshin walked under the stream of
water that rained on him from over the cliff above and began soaping himself down. It took several
scrubbings with the soap for Kenshin to get all the grime and dirt off and three washes to get his messy red
hair clean.

*Heh...I had no idea I had let myself get that dirty, no I did not. * He thought humorously as he washed
away the last of the soap lather in his hair and stepped out from under the water. Ringing his hair out and
refastening it in it's usual bind, Kenshin set to getting his clothing clean, which proved a futile effort when it
ripped several times as he tried to rub soap on it with very little pressure.

"No..." Kenshin moaned and sweatdropped as he pulled gently on one of his sleeves, which abruptly ripped
off. He sighed, " I guess I'll have to ask master if he has some extra clothes...." *.... and I'll probably get my
head bitten off in the process...* Kenshin thought gloomily as he trudged back to the hut, carrying his
tattered clothing and the bar of soap.


When Kenshin finally made it back to his former master's home, it was already dark. The former Battousai
was greatful for the cover of darkness since he wasn't used to wondering around in the woods naked. He
looked over at the hut and spied a light in the window.

*Ah! He's still awake! Good! * Kenshin thought as he hurried toward the house, stopping right at the front
door. He knocked on the door and stood back a little, holding his tattered clothes strategically to cover his

After a few moments, Kenshin knocked again, making sure it was a little loader this time.

Still, nobody answered the door.

Puzzled, Kenshin pushed the door open and looked around. Everything was where it was when he arrived,
pots and all.

The only thing missing was Seijuro Hiko.

Kenshin tried veryd nod not to become too concerned. *He's the 13th master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu,
Himura. Wherever he is, he can handle himself.... but where is he? *

"So, you finally decided to come back. I was beginning to wonder if you had drowned." Kenshin jumped of
his thoughts in surprise, dropping his tattered clothes and the soap. Spinning around, he saw his master
standing right behind him with his customary perpetual frown on his face.

" have a knack for sneaking upind ind people." Kenshin said, shaking off the initial surprise and let
out his annoyance. "Where did you go?" Hiko shrugged and walked into the house and Kenshin followed in

Hiko placed a medium sized pot with flowers glazed on it on an empty space on a back shelf and turned
back to Kenshin. "I forgot one of the pots I fired today so I went back to the kiln to get it."

Kenshin looked at the small vase-like pot that had just joined the others. It was a nice little piece with an
elaborate cherry tree glazed on it with little pink cherry blossoms glazed all around it. It was a beautiful pot
and Kenshin told his former master so.

"Heh...well of course it's beautiful. My genius shines in everything I do!" the air of arrogance and pride that
only Hiko could posses made Kenshin sweatdrop, but he couldn't help but stifle a smile. When they weren't
vicious or degrading Kenshin, Hiko's little bouts of ego were cute.

*That's not the only thing that's cute about him...why did it take me so long....?* Kenshin thought, his gaze
softening at his master, who had taken off his mantle, set it aside and was pulling off his shirt. He suddenly
snapped out of it and, realizing he was staring, averted his eyes, a red blush painting his cheek"Um."Um...I
think I'd better wait outside.." he stuttered, scooting over to the door as fast as he could.

"What for?" Kenshin stopped at his former master's question tone but refused to turn around. He could hear
footsteps coming up behind him and stop dangerously close to him. Kenshin felt all the blood rush to his
face and groin. He wasn't here. This wasn't hningning. He could feel the older man's body heat from where
he was standing and felt warm breath on his ear as Hiko leaned over. "I know what you want, Kenshin..."

The blushing young man, who was desperately trying to cover himself and his obvious arousal was all too
surprised when he felt cloth land on his head. "Master...?" he squeaked nervously.

"If you plan on staying with me, then you're going to need some clothes. That's an old pair of
greatful you get to use them." Hiko's retreating footsteps echoed in the small hut as he went to the only door
to a separate room in the entire place. "I'll leave you to the floor. You know where the extra blankets are
and I bid you good night." With that, the door shut, some soft footsteps were heard and then nothing.

Kenshin stood frozen to the spot for a few moments, letting his mind get back into focus and some blood
rush away from some areas. He picked the clothes off his head and looked at them: A pair of loose pants
and a shirt that looked like they hadn't bwornworn in awhile. He considered putting them on but, since it was
night already, Kenshin decided to just sleep sky clad and save the clothes for tomorrow.

Putting the clothes neatly on the floor, the former Battousai went to the wooden chest that Hiko sometimes
used as a seat and pulled out a couple of blankets and set them out on a clear space of floor. Kenshin lay
down, covered himself up and closed his eyes, but he couldn't fall asleep. His mind was restless at the
events of the week that had reached their climax that very afternoon and evening and though the five days of
traveling now seemed like a blur to him, the journeys beginning and end were crystal clear in his mind.
Everything had gone by so fast that he hadn't noticed. One minute, he was standing at the Kamiya Dojo
watching the sunrise and the next he was back at his childhood training ground with the man who had saved
his life when he was too small to protect himself.

*Seijuro Hiko...* The man who had taken Kenshin in as a boy and given him a name worthy of the status of
a swordsman. Arrogant, bold and antisocial but very wise, strong and beautiful. A sharp pang of guilt ran
through him at the thought. Guilt for hurting Kaoru, his friends and annoying the hell out of Hiko for just
showing up out of the blue. He was supposed to be in love with Kaoru. She loved him with all her heart and
would do anything for him. She also would probably arrive at Hiko's home looking for him and as much as
it pained Kenshin, he had realized while watching the mournful sunrise the day he left the Kamiya Dojo, he
had realized something very important.

He wasn't in love with Kaoru...nor had he been in love with Tomoe...

...he was and always had been in love with Hiko.

Kenshin wasn't sure how such an epiphany had come up, but the longing in his heart that blindly lead hbackback to his former master was too strong for the swordsman to pass off as a simple mistake. It felt too real
to him and the more he thought about it, the more he found that the women he had been drawn to and
thought he loved had bore some basic characteristics that reminded him of the man who had been like a
vicious teacher/parental figure to him for a good deal of his life. Tomoe had been calm col collected though
dainty and had enjoyed getting drunk on occasion. She had beere ure understanding then Hiko but they
were equals in patience and insight. Kaoru was passionate and strong with a short temper and sharp tongue
that reminded Kenshin of his former master's vicious criticizing side. Her pride in herself and her dojo was
great but, unlike Hiko, it stayed below the level of complete arrogance.

*If both of them had been born as one, they would have made a fine female version of Seijuro Hiko 13th. *
Kenshin mused, opening his eyes and staring at the ceiling of the darkened hut, but the humor died quickly.
It was fun to joke about but he seriousllt blt bad for both Tomoe and Kaoru. They both had grown to love
him and he had fooled himself to believe that he loved them when they were just replacements for Hiko. He
could never apologize to Tomoe for it, since she was long dead and he couldn't bring himself to stay near
Kaoru. Kenshin couldn't bear the thought of using her as a replacement for the man who had practically
raised him when she loved the Kenshin for who he wasn't fair and he cared too much about Kaoru to
do something like that to her.

"Damn!" he cursed out loud, sitting up and burying his face in his hands. *I don't know what to do...If I tell
him how I feel...then I'll have betrayed both Tomoe and Kaoru and the love they had for me! If I don'. * . *
the tears that were running down his cheeks only served to remind him of how empty and alone he felt. He
hadn't felt like this since Tomoe died...but only this time it was a sharper and more consuming ache. *....if I
don't, I won't be able to live with myself.*

Turning his head in the direction of his master's small bedroom, Kenshin pondered his options. *What will it
be...Himura? * he thought to himself, noticing that the dull ache that had been the driving force that brought
him here was throbbing even worse, *What will I do? What do I want to do? *


The door to the small bedroom slowly and quietly opened. Peering inside, Kenshin could see that Hiko was
modest for the furnishings in his room. Only a bed large enough to hold the older man was pushed against
the wall. The only other furnishings in the room were a pair of plain sheets of cloth that served as curtains thadehade the window. and a random shelf that was holding the products of Hiko's pottery hobby.

Kenshin sighed as his eyes rested on the bed's current occupant, who was lightly snoring. The blankets had
slid down to Hiko's waist, revealing the older man's very muscled chest. His hair, free of it's usual bind,
spilled out all over the pillow like black silk framing his former master's lean face as the sleeping man lolled
his head to one side, making a small noise. It was enough to make Kenshin's nerves stand at alert. Hiko was
by far a better swordsman then he was and the older man's senses were more finely tuned to hearing the
smallest sounds, but Kenshin, using the skills he had learned as an assassin in the revolution, managed to
make his way quietly to the edge of Hiko's bed. Finding a small spot on the edge that would fit him,
Kenshin sat on the edge, slowly and carefully putting his weight on the bed so that he wouldn't wake the
sleeping man.

*He looks so peaceful...* the former Battousai thought as he stared down at the older man's sleeping face.
*He'd never look like that while awake. *

Gently reaching foreword, Kenshin brushed a few rogue strands of Hiko's wild hair out of the man's face,
noting that his former master's skin was surprisingly soft for a swordsman. Tentatively, Kenshin brushed his
hand across Hiko's cheek, savoring the feeling of the older man's skin again. He knew that he was playing
with fire at that moment. What would his former master think if he woke up to find his 'stupid' former pupil
touching his face in such a manner?

*He'd probably beat me to a bloody pulp...* Kenshin thought, leaving his hand on Hiko's face and looking
at his former master with sadness in his eyes. Deep in the former Battousai's chest, the ache for the man so
dangerously close to him was becoming unbearable. How he had lived away from Hiko for so long was now
seemed impossible to him, but he knew the older man could care less about what happened to Kenshin and
even if he did have feelings for Kenshin, he would never share them or even let another living soul know
that they existed. *Why does he have to be so damn stubborn? He always tries to make himself out to be
perfect...nobody is perfect. *

Kenshin leaned foreword, resting his head on Hiko's and breathing in the smell of his hair. It was old and
familiar, like a dream that makes such an impression that one never truly forgets it. The warm feeling of
contentment spread through Kenshin'est,est, making him more relaxed then he'd been the entire day. Hiko's
presence was somehow unnerving and relaxing to Kenshin. Being close to the person he loved with the risk
of getting himself beaten to a bloody pulp by that same person. Kenshin sighed lightly and, almost
unconsciously, moved his face lower on Hiko's until they were cheek to cheek. It felt nice to be close.

To hell with caution. It didn't really matter anymore.

Hiko's skin was so soft and Kenshin felt such peace being near him. A real peace that he hadn't felt in ages.
Everything he had thrown away: his life at the Kamiya Dojo and his supposed love for Kaoru was all a
falsehood. Something he cared about but it didn't complete his life. Being with Hiko, being as close as he
was to the older man...that was real...real enough for Kenshin. Lifting his head away from his master's, he
gazed down at the sleeping face with sad, loving eyes.

"You were the first pea peace I ever knew in my life...Master..." he whispered so softly that he could barely
hear himself. " long as you're with long as we're together...I don't need anything else..."

Slowly and gently leaning foreword, Kenshin slid his eyes shut as he softly pressed his mouth against his
sleeping master's. Kenshin had kissed people before, he'd kissed Tomoe and Kaoru before, but this was
entirely different. It felt more fulfilling, like he was truly touching an angel. He reached a hand over and
began tenderly stroking Hiko's smooth cheek, his heart beating faster in his chest. Carefully, he opened his
mouth and let his tongue snake out and trace the unresponsive lips he was kissing, tasting the sake that
faintly lingered on them.

*This is how a kiss should feel...* Kenshin made out one blissful thought in the swirling haze of his mind.
Nothing was fully in focus except for the feeling of his mouth against Hiko's. He wanted to stay forever
against Hiko like that, but he had to be realistic or he could wake Hiko up. Reluctantly and slowly, Kenshin
pulled back, separating their mouths and opened his wide violet eyes, which were gazing into a pair of dark
onyx ones.

Kenshin's blood froze in his veins.

Hiko was awake.

Himura's body was unwilling to move, even though he was mentally screaming at himself to bolt from the
room, wanting to avoid the unreadable gaze Hiko was looking at him with. Immediately, Kenshin regretted
taking such a foolish chance aissiissing Hiko. His master would probably be angry or throw him out or
make fun of him until the cows came home, but he knew he had betrayed the older man's trust. Taking
advantage of him while he was sleeping was a horrible thing to do. Kenshin felt the familiar hollow ache of
emptiness in his chest, engulfing him in the same despair he'd felt when he finally understood himself on his
final sunrise at Kaoru's Dojo. It hurt then but the pain was bearable, now all Kenshin wanted to do was curl
up and die right there. He had only managed to scoot off the bed and a few inches away from it; his eye still
fixed on Hiko's. The older man sat up in bed, still looking at his former pupil; his expression remained the
same. His sharp eyes shining with intelligence and wisdom seemed to burn directly into Kenshin's soul, but
showing neither empathy nor apathy. The young man stood frozen to the spot, finding himself unable to
move out of fear and the faint trace of hope that Hiko would return his feelings.

The silence that spanned between the two men was awkward until Hiko got out of bed, his eyes still fixed
on Kenshin, and walked over to the small frightened man. Kenshin felt tears escaping from his eyes, as he
looked up at the beautiful man who was towering infront of him in nothing but a pair of trousers.

"What are you doing in my room?" Hiko's tone was frosty and calculating. Kenshin couldn't find his voice
while under the analytical gaze, and when he managed to croak out something, he could only whimper
unintelligibly, which greatly irred ted the older man. "I asked you a question and I expect an answer! Stop
your damn sniveling!"

Kenshin summed up all his will power to tear his eyes away from the other man's and direct his eyes
elsewhere, namely his feet. He didn't want Hiko to see his face out of utter shame for what he had done.
"I...I wanted to...I...wanted.." the words got caught in his throat as he tried to say them.

"What did you want, Kenshin?" the deep voice of his master snapped crossly, interrupting Kenshin in
mid-stutter. He clearly didn't have the patience for sniveling at that moment. Kenshin swallowed, trying to
control his breathing which was rapidly increasing along with his fear and reverence of the older man.

"I...I wanted" he managed weakly, looking up nervously into the dark eyes that
looked down on him with no pity or malice. Hiko folded his arms and cocked his head to one side.

"Really?" he asked, mild disinterest in his voice. "Then why couldn't it wait until tomorrow, blockhead? It's
the middle of the night!" he paused, considering something, then continued. "You wanted to see me
sleeping, am I right?" at the smaller man's nod, Hiko smirked arrogantly. "Well, too bad, stupid. I was
awake the entire time. Considering that sneaking into my room would have been easier if I wasn't such a
light sleeper...." the smirk melted back into a mask of utter seriousness. "Tell me...did you mean what you

A bright red blush painted Kenshin's face, not only at the question but also at the fact that Hiko had heard
him talking to himself. He gauged that his first reaction would be embarrassment, but how was he to
answer? He could easily lie, but Hiko could see through Kenshin like a sheet of rice paper and would know
he was lying and he wasn't a big liar to begin with. "Yes...I meant it." he whispered softly, looking at his
feet again, this time to hide his blush.

"Every word?" Hiko pressed, which puzzled Kenshin as he gave the older man a confused nod, feeling the
small ray of hope that he had managed to keep alive grow.

"I see..." Hiko mused, then went silent, his brows furrowed in concentration. He was seriously thinking
about something and the wait and silence was driving Kenshin nuts with anxiety. What was his master
doing? What would he say?

"Master...?" he asked, tentatively looking up at Hiko, who seemed to be ignoring him. Kenshin frowned at
being ignored but got one look at Hiko's face and it melted away into concern. His master's face drawn into
a frown but his eyes were unguarded for the first time the Kenshin could remember. Those two beautiful
eyes were filled with sorrow and detachment that it made Kenshin's heart hurt. Was this the first time
anyone had ever confessed feelings for the older man? Was he just as confused and uncertain about the
entire thing as Kenshin was?

*I have to tell him...* the younger man thought, with determination and a slight pinch of worry. There was
always the chance that Hiko would reject him. *...but if he can't make up his mind, we'll never resolve this.
I can atleast...tell him where I stand.... I owe it to him. *

Quietly, Kenshin managed to move his legs, making them take him toward Hiko, who had pulled himself
from his thoughts at his former pupil's sudden movements and watched the smaller man advance toward
him. Reaching the man he loved, Kenshin stopped, leaving only mere inches between them, and looked up
at Hiko with adoring violet eyes.

"Master..." he whispered tenderly, shutting his eyes and slowly closing the gap between them, leaning
against the taller man and snuggling against him. Hiko simply looked at Kenshin, unsure of how to respond
to the smaller man's gentle actions. "Master...I love you..."

Hiko's sharp intake of breath indicated to Kenshin that his words had surprised the older man, even though
Hiko would deny it later. Now it was up to Hiko to decide if Kenshin's world flourished or crumbled into
nothing. Kenshin stiffened and leaned closer to Hiko, wanting to be as close as possible to the older man for
as long as Hiko would permit. He didn't know how long he would be allowed to stay like that.

*Please...please.... Master don't send me away...I don't want to leave you. * Kenshin's chest felt tight and
found it difficult to breathe. He was afraid of what Hiko would say but also desiring an answer more then

A soft sigh and the feel of powerful arms slowly wrap around his smaller form caused Kenshin's eyes to
snap open in surprise. Thetureture he first took with elation but not wanting to seem like a fool who got his
hopes up, he looked questioningly up at his master. Hiko was staring back down at him, his sharp onyx eyes
seemed peaceful and less confused and, for the first time Kenshin could remember, Hiko was smiling
without any mockery or ego behind it. Just a simple smile of happiness.

Hiko's smile was mirrored by Kenshin, who understood completely. His love hadn't been turned away as he
was so afraid it would be. He could feel tears of joy escape his eyes as he snuggled against Hiko again,
listening to the rhythmic sound of the older man's heartbeat. Hiko gently rubbed his large, callused hands up
and down Kenshin's back soothingly, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted off his chest.

They stood in sweet silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying the feel of closeness and becoming used to
each others acceptance. Hiko stroking the long mane of hair on Kenshin's head while Kenshin listened to
the older man's steady heartbeat. Kenshin opened his eyes, and placed a small kiss on Hiko's chest. He
couldn't think of being any happier then he was at that moment. The only problem the small man saw was
that it was still the middle of the night. Gazing up a Hiko, he saw that the raven-haired man had closed his
eyes and had a content look on his face. Hiko, upon feeling his little blockhead move, opened his eyes and
looked down, giving Kenshin his full attention.

"What's on your mind?" Hiko whispered, bowing his head and nuzzling Kenshin's long, silky hair. The
aurbrun-haired young man blushed leaned into the touch.

"Can...I stay with you tonight...Master?" he asked, shyly, feeling his face grow hotter and getting the feeling
that his blush was redder too. Hiko paused and lifted his head up, looking at Kenshin curiously, then flashed
him a knowing smirk.

"Fine." the tall master replied as he, without consideration or courtesy, picked up Kenshin, swung him over
one shoulder and walked casually toward his bed. Kenshin was in shock at his love's actions but, then again,
he knew he could expect nothing less from the famous Hiko Seijro 13th. All skill and talant but no manners.
When Hiko reached his bed, he unceremoniously dumped Kenshin on it and proceeded to remove his
trousers. Recovering from the drop, the small redhead scrambled up, annoyed at being treated like a pile of
laundry, and was all ready to reprimand Hiko about it when his eyes met two round, well-shaped cheeks that
definitely weren't on his master's face. It took him a few seconds for Kenshin to fully process the sight of
Hiko's bare bottom, which was the first thing he saw when he sat up.

After tossing his trousers in a corner, Hiko looked over his shoulder and smirked at the sight of a
sweatdropping, speechless Kenshin staring slack-jawed at his rear end like he'd never seen one before.
"Hm...I'll take your gaping as a sign that you like what you see?"

Kenshin immediately snapped out of his Hiko's-bottom-induced trance. "No! I wasn't staring!" he blurted
automatically, having needed to say that often at the Kamiya Dojo whenever Kaoru thought he was being a
peeping tom or staring at her in a hentai way. Hiko laughed heartily at the comedic desperation and childish
fear in Kenshin's voice as he turned around and sat on the bed next to Kenshin.

"No need to get all wound up, koi." Hiko leaned over and purred in Kenshin's ear, making the smaller boy
to shudder as he pushed the Rurouni down on the bed. "Unlike the prudish girls you've been exposed to, I
don't mind you staring at me."

Kenshin blushed to the roots of his hair, putting the color to shame, but forgot about it when he felt Hiko's
lips against his own, soft and forceful. The auburn haired man made a small noise and kissed back, deciding
that this was a hell of alot better then kissing Hiko while he was asleep. His former master wrapped his
powerful arms around Kenshin, pulling the small man closer and cupped his scarred face gently. Kenshin
made a small sound in the back of his throat and opened his mouth, shyly slipping his tongue out to meet the
raven-haired man's lips. Seijuro eyed Kenshin with a questioning gaze, when he felt the small tongue trace
his lips, every now and then poking at them as if requesting entry into his mouth, but the younger man 's
eyes were closed and he simply continued with his insistent prodding. Rolling his eyes, Hiko finally gave in
and opened his mouth in the kiss, slipping his tongue out to meet Kenshin's. Their tongues twined together
clumsily, neither of them having kissed another in such a fashion, but the inexperience was more then made
up for in the effort and feeling put into it.

The only drawback to such a kiss was the basic human need to breathe.

Hiko had to be the one who broke the kiss, taking a quick intake of air when his mouth left the smaller
man's. Kenshin, however, enjoyed kissing like that and was reluctant to part mouths. He placed a little
coaxing butterfly kiss on the corner of the larger man's mouth, earning the former Battousai another deep
kiss, which reinstated the familiar haze of bliss he had felt when he kissed Hiko for the first time.

Hiko pulled abruptly away, causing Kenshin to make a small pouty noise of disappointment, and looked at
his would-be lover fully in the eyes. The small man was breathing heavy, the effects of what serious tongue
kissing does to the oxygen level finally taking their toll and had a thin sheet of sweat forming on his body.
His eyes were shining passionately up at Hiko, filled with love and desire.

"Master..." Kenshin breathed, closing his eyes and leaning into Hiko's callused touch on his face.

"Seijuro." Hiko corrected curtly. Kenshin's eyes opened as he stared at his former master, slightly confused.


"I'm technically not your master anymore." Hiko stated matter-a-factly, then his voice became low and
virile as he gave Kenshin a light peck on the nose. "Besides, it gets annoying. Just call me Seijuro."

Hiko smiled faintly and stroked the side of Kenshin's face with his hand, moving it down to cup the back of
the smaller man's neck, and pulling him in for another kiss, which was more gentle then passionate. A warm
rush of excitement run through him and conveniently stop at his crotch, causing his anatomy to react to the
rush of blood directed there. Kenshin blushed and hoped that it would go unnoticed by Hiko...atleast until
they had gotten a little further. He didn't want to seem like he was in a hurry to finish.

A light feather caress on his shaft caused Kenshin to gasp suddenly in Hiko's mouth. He looked into the
older man's eyes, which had a wicked glow that removed any illusions that the he hadn't noticed Kenshin's

"Hm..." Seijuro voiced amused as he ran two fingers gently down Kenshin's erection from base to head and
back again. "You seem to be enjoying yourself as much as I am...."

His large hand ran gently up Kenshin's length again, going up past his pelvis and over his muscled stomach
and over his pectorals, teasing the small brown nipples on them. Kenshin clung tightly to Hiko, tears
running down his cheeks at his almost unbearably sensitive skin that was being touched in such a gentle,
teasing way. Inclining in, Hiko rested himself completely against Kenshin, rubbing their erections together
and kissing his small lover's trembling lips.

Kenshin cried out into Hiko's mouth and shot his tongue out into the other mouth, desperately seeking out
the other mans tongue. Hiko's eyes snapped open and he paused his grinding movements to stared at his
lover, who was wildly moving his small tongue around in their mouths.

*He has no control. I keep going on like this and he's going to pass out.* Seijuro rolled his eyes, pulling
out of the frantic kiss. Kenshin was getting overexcited and doing whatever he could to relieve the thrill
building up in his body. It was so like his stupid little pupil.


It took some difficulty to envision the word in his head, much less attach Kenshin to it. He'd never admit it
out loud, but the entire situation had moved rather fast on him. Hiko would admit to himself that he had
deeply cared for the redhead under him for as long as he had known him. It had begun as respect for
Kenshin's integrity, which had been enough for him to take the boy under his wing and teach him to be the
next master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. As Kenshin became older, Hiko found he could communicate with
the boy on more levels, and he let the respect form to friendship, even though he never let Kenshin know of
it. Before Kenshin had left to become a manslayer, Hiko had tried in vain to break down the boy's crazy
ideals about protecting people in the war with clever insults and severe reasoning, which Hiko was proud to
say he was very good at dishing out. Only Kenshin's strength of will and teenage rebelliousness won and
made him leave. Hiko had realized at that moment, but scarcely admitted to himself, that somehow the
transition from friendship to love had taken place. He had tried hisdestdest to push it away and forget about
the ungreatful drop-out that had left him to go fight a war where no side would truly win, but it slowly ate
away at him until he had to practice continuously to keep his mind preoccupied. When he had perfected all
of the moved of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, he moved his attentions to the art form pottery. Years were spent
making pots that he had cluttered his home with, until the day Kenshin came back. Hiko had to take a few
moments to recognize Kenshin, but when he did, his heart leapt. Finally, his pupil was back where he
belonged! Then he was told that all Kenshin wanted was to learn the final techniques of the Hiten Mitsurugi
Ryu. Hiko, angry and hurt at the tht oft of his pupil only returning to learn the techniques, made sure to
give Kenshin a good confidence dropping bomb before agreeing to reveal them to him. When Kenshin's
friend appeared at his home, Seijuro knew right away that there was something between Kenshin and the
girl, Kaoru, which aggravated him even more. She thought that she loved Kenshin, it was wri all all over
her face, when she didn't know crap about him. Did she know how Hiko found him? No. Did she know he
had wet his bed until he was 8 years old? NO! And after the whole Shishio fiasco, Kenshin had gone
obediently back to Tokyth Kth Kaoru, supposedly to live happily ever after by her side. Hiko snorted in

*But Kenshin didn't stay with you, did he?* He thought spitefully as he thrust foreword hard, snaking a
hand down over Kenshin's rear end, pulling his small form closer. *He's with me, not you! He loves me...*
Hiko's ebony hair, sticking to the sides of his face from the sweat that had formed on his skin, managed to
hide his eyes as a few rogue tears managed to escape them.

Kenshin loved him.

The very thing never thought he'd ever hear from his beautiful former pupil. Said with such sincerity that
Hiko was put into shock for a few moments, his mind needing time to process what he had convinced
himself impossible. Seijuro had barely noticed when the small man had rested against him in a simple but
meaningful gesture of affection. He was too busy trying to keep himself from crying from either joy or pure
shock that his returned gesture of an embrace was delayed.

*Kenshin must have been ready to die when I didn't react right away...but that doesn't matter now!* he
thought, casually massaging the baby soft rear end that was partially in one of his hands and rocking his
pelvis against Kenshin's harder.

Kenshin bit down into his older lover's shoulder to prevent from screaming. The friction caused by both
their bodies moving against one another was driving him insane. A warm, fervent feeling of giddiness that
coursed from Kenshin's stomach to the rest of him caused him to lash out his legs, entwining them with
Hiko's with all his might. Holding out became harder and harder with every passing second and forceful

*I...I can't...I...* Kenshin's train of hazy thoughts were quickly cut short by an intense surge of heat and
feeling overcoming him, the passion almost pushing him into unconsciousness. As the tremors of release
shook him like a rag doll, Himura's body went taut as he felt a wet cov cover him and Hiko.

"Sei...juro." the spent, exhausted Kenshin whispered as he clung feebly to Hiko, shaking slightly in the
aftershocks and with the sudden coldness that his sweaty skin brought from the night air. Hiko, seemingly
unaware or unconcerned at Kenshin's sated state, continued his thrusts against the slack form underneath
him. Almost inaudible groan came from him as he stilled, holding Kenshin close to him and finally reached

Hiko sank down onto the bed, moving next to his lover so as not to crush Kenshin under him. He smiled
sleepily at Kenshin, his intense eyes illuminated by the moonlight that streamed through the large gaps in
the window cover, and reached over, pulling Kenshin to him, resting his face against the rurouni's damp red

"Thanks..." he whispered, airily into Kenshin's hair as he closed his eyes in preparation for sleep.

Surprised at the sudden utterance by his lover, Kenshin looked up at Hiko, not sure if he should have felt
anger or sadness or confusion. He had just slept with the same man who had raised him from a child and
had taught him how to use a sword and all Hiko could say was 'thanks'? Why did Seijuro say that? What did
he mean by it? Kenshin shook Hiko gently, trying to get the older man's attention before he fell asleep.

"Mas-I mean...Seijuro?" Hiko opened one eye, not bothering to lift his head from it's comfortable spot on
Kenshin's hair.

"Hm...?" he mumbled, tiredly. "What's on your mind?"

Kenshin paused, choosing his words carefully and coaching himself so as not to sound desperate or nervous.
"Um...why did you thank me?" Hiko chuckled into his small lover's hair.

"Why?" he asked, amused. "Because..." Hiko finished calmly and went silent, tenderly stroking Kenshin's
hair. The former Battousai stared back at him, confused by the answer Hiko had given him for his worries.

*'Because'? What did he mean by that?* Kenshin curled up into a little ball at Hiko's side and pulled the
covers over them both since the room was cold against their skin.

He had trouble going to sleep but somehow he did, his mind still pondering his lover's words.


"Wake up." A soft whisper breathed in his ear and a gentle shake rouse Kenshin from sleep.

"Mmm....just five more minutes..." a half awake Kenshin mumbled, slowly opening an eye, viewing his
surroundings, pulling the covers over his head and turning away from the hand that was shaking him. He
liked laying in a warm bed and sleeping late, even if it was a luxury he hadn't indulged in for a long time
and even if he wasn't sleeping late, it was still too early for any sane person to be awake. The sun hadn't
even rose yet and there was no way and no person who could wake Kenshin Himura up early without facing

" you're going to be stubborn as usual?" the voice of Seijuro Hiko rang out louder then the whisper
Kenshin had heard. Himura flinched at the voice; memories of that night flooding back to him, ending with
Hiko's flippant answer to Kenshin's question. It still bothered Kenshin that Hiko didn't give him a
reasonable answer. Was it too much to ask now? Now that they were not just former master and pupil, but
lovers? Doubt flooded the small man's mind about his new lover. Kenshin didn't have much experience with
relationships at the stage he and Hiko had gone. He'd never been that far with anyone, not Kaoru, not
Tomoe. A large hand touched his shoulder and Kenshin curled up into a little ball, knowing who the hand
ngednged to, and squirmed away to the edge of the bedside he was on. If Hiko wasn't going to give him a
better answer then just 'because', then...Kenshin shivered at the prospect of going back to the Kamiya dojo
after he just abandoned it and his friends for Hiko. He didn't want to go back there, not after all that
happened. Kenshin had made up his mind when he left the dojo that he would stay with Hiko, but now that
decision was becoming harder to envision now.

*I am not going to cry...I am not going to cry...* Himura repeated in his head over and over to reassure
himself even though he felt tears threaten to escape his eyes. He'd never gotten so emotional and worried
this fast before and it petrified him, almost as much as the thought of Hiko not loving him after what they
had done. Kenshin had slept with Hiko out of love, knowing that it was the ultimate way for a person to
express such a powerful emotion. But why had Hiko conceded? Did he love Kenshin or was he just doing it
because, most likely, he hadn't gotlaidlaid in his entire life? Kenshin considered how his lover's attitude and
location and figured that it wasn't a far stretch to think so.

Suddenly, Kenshin felt large, strong arms wrap around his small form and lift him up and out of bed,
blanket and all. Managing to worm his way out of the mess of blanket, he poked his head out and glared at
Hiko, who simply flashed his trademark egotistical smirk.

"And what, might I ask, is wrong with you?" he asked, noting the scowl on Kenshin's face and immediately
disapproving of it. Kenshin td hid his head away, not wanting to look Hiko in the eyes. Hiko noticed this
and become more concerned, though he would deny it later. "Was it about last night?" he asked seriously,
hoping that Kenshin didn't regret it, especially since he had been the one to start it.

Kenshin shook his head. "No, it's not's just...." he paused, nervousness stopping his voice.

"Just what?" Hiko cut in, deciding that it would take forever for Kenshin to properly answer. "Because I
thanked you? Is that why you're upset?" Kenshin remained silent, feeling Seijuro's piercing gaze locked on
him, and nodded.

"Yes...why did you just say 'because'?" Kenshin looked up at Hiko, noticing how painful it was to look at
the beautiful man that he had loved to look at just a few short hours ago. "What kind of answer is that,
Seijuro?" Hiko and Kenshin's eyes locked together for a moment before Hiko looked out the window at the
nisky,sky, which was slowly getting lighter with the approaching dawn. He turned back to Kenshmirkmirking
and walked, with Kenshin in his arms, out of the bedroom, into the main room, and out into the yard, where
the sky was a pale morning blue. Kenshin looked around and stared back at his lover, not fully
comprehending the reason for them being out there, him in a blanket and Hiko in his birthday suit.
"Um...why are we out here?"

"Because the sun is rising." Hiko said as he looked up at the sky in the east, which was just showing the first
yellow and orange rays of the morning sun peek over the trees. "You liked the sun rise, even if your training
and myself prevented you from seeing many, so think of this as a way to make up for then...and to clarify

Kenshin looked at Hiko, turning over what the dark haired man had said in his mind when Hiko's lips
tenderly met his own for a brief kiss. Pulling away, Hiko's mouth hovered over Kenshin's, inches apart and
quietly breathed two words to Kenshin that were almost too faint to hear, but not faint enough to bring tears
to Kenshin's crystal violet eyes once he heard them. The very words that destroyed all doubt in Kenshin's
mind. The phrase that the rurouni had been wanting to hear since he had first arrived at Hiko's home.

"Ai shiteru...Kenshin."

Hiko had gone back to watching the sky, but with a noticeably visible blush covering his cheeks. Kenshin
smiled brightly up at him and rested his head against Hiko's chest, placing all all kiss on his collarbone
before gazing at the bright ribbons of orange and red that stained the sky. The sun rose gradually above the
trees, a bright orange with a red outline that seemed to leak out into the clouds, slowly turning to the normal
blinding yellow of the day. It was absolutely beautiful. Kenshin tore his eyes away from the sight
momentarily to say something to Hiko, but stopped dead, his eyes fixed on his lover.

Seijuro's face was lit up in the warm colored light, the hues of red and gold caught in his long raven hair
with no hope of escape. His muscular form was highlighted in yellows and oranges, the shadows his tanned
skin bled with a deep scarlet outline. Hiko looked regal in the morning light, almost like a prince with no
clothes on. The sight took Kenshin's breath away.

"You're beautiful..." he breathed in awe, gazing upon Hiko like he was looking upon perfection. Hearing
this, Hiko tossed an amused sideways ways glance at Kenshin, the air of arrogance seemed to spill from his

"I know." Hiko said simply, as if it were a fact that any idiot should know. Kenshin chuckled and looked
from him to the morning sky in all its brilliance. He then realized that for the first time in a long time, that
morning held a difference from others. The first morning that Kenshin had felt truly whole and didn't have
to worry about losing what was precious to him. The serene colors and being in Hiko's arms gave him the
peace and happiness he'd longed for and now had forever.

It was the perfect sunrise.

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