Moonlight Passions

BY : FortressMaximus
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Authors' Notes:
This was orginaly a simple one-shot story that I never expd tod to go anywhere with beyond what was here. However I have decided to expand this story in include a sequel "Sunrise Reflections" that is a PG story and can be found at either or under my author name FortressMaximus . At the bottom is a list of all my related stories in the order they appear (or the order they will appear in when I finish them all)

And in advance, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!


Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.


'Moonlight Passions'

Her scent was overwhelming.




He nuzzled further against her body, inhaling deeply that scent which had plagued him for months in both dream and waking reality. Now, with the last barrier gone, the chains that held their passion in check were cast free into the wind.

His nearness brought forth a moan of desire; one that gave unspoken permin thn that she was ready to take the last step. The urges growing within her body could no longer be denied by simple will alone.

Green plaid boxers now joined the rest of his discarded clothing; the earlier garments discarded as they became too restrictive to her wondering touch. Now the young man stood before her bare of form as he felt her appreciative gaze uhim.him. An honest blush cascaded over his cheeks as his manhood naturally respond to the moment.

The crisp, clean scent of night could no longer overwhelm the musky, heady scent of her lover as his nude form came into view under the moonlight. The sight of him so trusting shot a quiver of desire to the very core of her being. Now it was she who leaned forward, nuzzling against his neck as she felt him move into position beneath her. But despite trembling with desire, she held back knowing that each seconds' delay would long increase the moment's meaning.

But she would not suffer those few seconds alone. With a gentleness that an outsider would have thought impossible, her tongue slipped forth and encircled the boy's left nipple, teasing the soft flesh inw mow motions until a need for balance welled up and she applied the same gentle teasing to his other nipple.

A deep, primal moan rose from the boy's lips as he jerked at the teasing motions, hands grasping firmly at her sides for support. Unable to see the smile upon his lover's lips the young man realized with crystal clear certainty that he simply had no willpower left.

He could hold back no longer.

She felt him shift and knew it was time. Her own legs slowly parted, revealing her most intimate of places to the one person she felt would be worthy to see. Gasping, her body quivered as she felt him gently press against her opening, but to her lack of surprise, he paused before taking that final step.

Looking down, her cobalt eyes met his of amethyst and azure and she saw within them silent permission to take that final step. Not for the first time, his sincerity and respect filled her heart as-even now-he gave her a chance to stop this before it could not be undone.

Grasping his arms, she answered his unspoken question by sinking down upon his young manhood, taking his virginity and giving up her own in one moment of overwhelming trust and desire.

The forest watched in silence as both cried out, beyond caring if his partner or hers overheard. This was their moment to embrace, and they did so with wild abandon. Months of restrained desires and concealed glances finally gave way to powerful thrusts and soul-searing kisses. Barriers never dared crossed before were torn asunder as his hips raised up, fighting with each motion to plunge deeper into his lover; to bring her all the passion she deserved.

Clutching at his sides, her breath slowed and became in tune with his rhythmic thrusts into her. Soon they were in perfect balance; his upward thrusts met with passion by her downward motions. Rocking back and forth in unison the universe outside the other simply ceased to exist.

For what felt like hours, the pair of long-denied lovers did their best to please the other while committing every second to a place in memory where only the most special of life's happenings would be kept safe. Each tried to find the words to tell how much this meant, but for both they came out gargled and strained; tore apart by the overwhelming feelings of their joining. But in those staggered whimpers and broken whispers their love for the other was conveyed more powerfully than anything else that could have been said.

But as with all such things, the telltale tingle of release eventually began to tug at the young man's conscious mind. With the few shards of willpoweclaiclaihe she slowly began of pull out as his honor would not let him endanger her, no matter the passion.

Her eyes startled open, gazing down at him as she felt the beginning of withdraw. It was then she saw in his eyes that same look as before; that he would always think of her first before himself. Her heart soared, her spirit nearly overwhelmed by the respect he showed her. But now, at this moment, she needed him within her as she knew the fires he had started would not be quenched by respect alone.

Gasping, the young man whimpered as he found himself trapped inside her, unable to pull out. Once more, her thrusts became overwhelming as she urged him towards completeness of the act they would both remember for the rest of their lives.

With one final powerful thrust he erupted deep inside her folds; his virginal seed flowing through every curve of her innermost self. The thick, salty liquid splashed against her tunnel walls and flooded rampant to her very core, drenching there with his most intimate gift. Nuzzling against her body he surrendered control and thrust upwards, each time climaxing a little deeper.

The fires of passion were indeed drenched in the most intimate of ways as she felt the hot liquid splash within her over and over until she too collapsed against him and climaxed. Her spasms rocked the pair as for long moments; her panted breath was all that could be heard from the simple picnic site that had become so much more.

It was only then the pair slumped against each other and tuponupon the ground beneath them, the soft bed of moss making a perfect mattress for the lovers. Soon their breath returned to normal and under a blanket of stars they sealed the night away forever with a simple kiss.

It was only then each could find the courage to say what had been shared but never spoken. It made the words no less powerful but rather gave both a special kind of strength; one they would need for their love to survive.

"I love you Henry....." came the whisper as her eyes sparkin tin the beautiful night.

"I love you too Renamon...forever...." replied the soft voice as Henry marveled at the beautiful Digimon beside him until sleep eventually claimed them both.

There would be new challenges and dangers ahead of them, but they would face them together.

And win.




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