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TITLE: Jim and Ashia
SYNOPSIS: Jim and Ashia fall in love plus a story within the story.
TIMELINE: six months after the galactic Leyline

Jim and Ashia

Jim had been called by Gene to pick a possibly new client at the space dock. Just

before he was about to start his car he felt a huge bump. Without having to think

twice he knew what it was.

"Ashia, I have work ..."

Before he finished his sentence he turned to look. The difference in height

between Jim and Aishia meant that when he turned to talk to Ashia he

found himself looking at her breast. The next thought that popped in

his mind was.

"My god she is really big."

After a few seconds of silence, always staring at her breasts, he finally

looked up. Ashia d't n't noticed a thing. She has been among humans

for some time now but still their behavior still baffled her.

"Hey Jimmy could you take me downtown."

"Er... sure Ashia"

As they drove downtown jim found the drive quite relaxing.

Ashia turned the radio until she found something she liked. He

would occasionally turn to look at her. She was pretty he

thought even if their first meeting was not the best introduction.

"Here Jimmy, stop here."

As Jim stopped Ashia jumped out of the car. With a big smile

she thanked him and before leaving winked. Jim looked at her

pretty eyes and mumbled something. Ashia laughed and started

running toward parts unknown. Jim said to himself.

"Who does she think she is kidding?"

Jim knew she was going to the Ctrl Ctrl embassy. Still he

wondered what, if anything useful, the ctrl empire was getting. Still

he was too busy to worry about this their client awaited at the space

port. Since Gene was the one that handle the call he didn't have a

clue as to what he looked like. Gene has scribbled some instruction so

he went to pad number 7 and waited. After some 20 minutes he heard

a voice from behind.

"Mr. Jim Hawkins."

Jim turned and saw an Earther. Several things troubled him.

While he looked like someone who has lived his whole life on Earth,

hence the name Earther, he had a strange accent he could not place.

He was carrying only one piece of luggage, and that usually

meant trouble. The third was his clothing. He was wearing

pieces of clothes from several different alien species, that was


"Yes." answered Jim

"Hello my name is Karl."

They shook hands and went to their office. They guy seemed friendly enough

Jim wished for a simple Job that would pay the bills and get Starwind and Hawkings

of the financial hole in which it was.

Gene, Suzuka and Melfina were waiting for them when they arrived. Jim and Karl

went in. Ashia usually would wander much later every time she would go to the

embassy. Karl sat down and opened his suitcase.

"Half a million wong for a delivery."

Even Suzuka which was almost imperturbably showed some emotion. Gene asked.

"What's the cargo?"

"That is not important" Karl answered dryly.

"Look mister if you are coming to me you will answer my question."

Karl exhaled and said.


"Rocket engine additive." exclaimed Jim.

"Yes." answered Karl then he thought the kid is brilliant as they said.

Gene continued.

"What is the big fuzz about that stuff is perfectly legal."

"Since when Outlaws make so many questions?" replied Karl

"This guy has some kind of angle on this." thought Gene.

Gene looked at Melfina then she asked Karl to wait in another room.

"Well what do you think Suzuka?" Asked Gene

"I don't like"

"We need the money Gene, in fact It's the biggest offered we had ever had."

Melfina added.

"It may be dangerous but not more than what we had faced before."

They asked Karl back. Gene spoke somewhat warily.

"Well, I guess you have a deal mister."

Karl gave an enigmatic smile then added.

"The coordinates will be given once the terraciclene is onboard. Once we reach

our destination the other half of the money will be deposited on your account.

After all you don't expect full payment up front do you?"

Suzuka thought to herself.

"This is one smooth operator, judging by the mechanical way he spelled his terms

this guy had made many deals like this before."

It was decided that Karl would take Jim's cabin on the Outlaw Star. Suzuka and

Jim escorted their client to their ship. Jim showed Karl the cabin where he would stay.

From the cockpit Suzuka watched. On his way out Jim passed Ashia's cabin.

Jim seeing that the room was a mess decided to clean it; if it meant one less fight between

Gene and Ashia it would be worth it. When he was about to finish something caught his eyes

he picked a strip of cloth only when it hanged he saw what it was. It was her brassiere

Jim took a look and the only thing he could say was.

"Jesus, they are HUGE!"

As he left her room Jim heard someone behind say.say.

"Thank you, Jim Hawkins."

He turned and there was Ashia. For a second he thought she would

made fun of him but she was really sincere. Jim answered.

"It's nothi"

Jim told Ashia of their passenger and of their mission. Nearly one

solar day later when the port authorities were about to load their

cargo. Gene made an emergency call to Jim. He got dressed and

went to the space port.

"Hey Jim does this manifest look right to you."

Jim read carefully. One thing quickly caught his eye. The ship's

manifest called for 600 drums of terracilene.

"Gene are you sure of this number, the biggest space port would

only need a couple of drums to serve thousands of ships."

Gene asked.

"Are you sure of this number? Maybe someone along the way

added a couple of zeroes to this order."

The man rechecked his order and said.

"Nope, they number is right. In fact this shipment came directly from

Earth. There were even some military types guarding the shipment until

just before it was loaded."

For a second Gene wondered if this was an elaborate hoax perpetrated

by Fred Lowe. Through Gilliam Jim asked their guest to confirm the number

of drums. He assured them that everything was all right. The more they knew

of their mission the less they like it. Finally the ship crammed with cargo

took off. Once in orbit Karl gave the coordinates to Melfina after some

analysis she displays them on a map. When Gene saw them he was annoyed.

"Look friend these coordinates you gave us are in the middle of nowhere

worse much of that area is still off the navigational charts."

In an unusually tranquil tone he said pointing to the map.

"This is where we will go."

Then he went back to his cabin. Gene simply mumble something

about impounding the cargo if all this was some kind of joke. After

activating the ether drive Jim stood first watch. A few hours later

Gene came to relive him of his watch. Jim somewhat hesitantly

asked gene where he would sleep. Gene said

"Ashia volunteer to share her quarters with you."

Gene didn't want to ask any questions. For some time he had

noticed the look those two were giving to each other and somehow

didn't feel like meddling. Jim went to pick the stuff he cleared from

his cabin. He had left it on a hallway but when he got there it was

nowhere to be found. He went to Ashia's cabin and knocked on the

door. Our well build Ctrl Ctrl said he could enter.

She lay on her bunk. Dressed in an oversized T-shirt that ran past her

tights. Her hair in a ponytail. It was the first time he had seen her out

of her Ctrl uniform. Jim saw she was about to finish reading something.

Jim became flustered as he recognized the story she was reading.

As told by Ginger

Someone once told me the grass is much greener

On the other side . . .

Well I payed a visit, but it's possible I missed it.

It seemed different but exactly the same

Yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah)

'Till further notice ('Till further notice)

I'm in between (I'm in between.)

From where I"m standing (from where I'm standing)

My grass is green

Someone once told the grass is much greener . . .

On the other side . . .

Courtney and Ginger

Ginger was terribly embarrassed when she left Courtney's house

to get back to her family after the deadly fungus infection on her house.

Ginger didn't want to say anything. She was afraid she had damaged

her budding friendship. During lunch Courtney and Miranda approached

Ginger, Dodie and Macie.

"Well look who is here. Miss I leave in the middle of the night."

"That's not fair Miranda. Ginger missed her family." said Dodie

"I'll make it up to you Courtney." Ginger said sheepishly.

Now this words lighten Corney.

"Well, Your punishment shall be to spend another night at

Gripling mansion." said Courtney with a laugh.

"Wow I can't believe it another invitation to Courtney's house." Macie exclaimed

"You sure are lucky." said Dodie

"Hmphh" snorted Miranda

After school they went to Macie's house. They sat down and

talked about what each other would like for their future. After

a few hours Ginger excused herself and went home. That Friday

her mother drove her to the Gripling Mansion.

Ginger rang the doorbell and waited for Winston the servant. It

was a great surprise for her when Courtney's mother Claire opened

the door.

"Hello young lady."

"Hello Mrs. Gripling."

"Oh please Ginger you can call me Claire."

Ginger tried to make small talk while Claire Gripling, still it

didn't made her feel any more comfortable, they walked

toward the guest room. She had always wonder what

exactly was Courtney's idea of a slumber party. On her way she noticed

how alike Courtney and her mother looked. She blushed, perhaps because

they were so pretty. Her thoughts in the guest room focus on her diary.

She began to write.

Well I'm back at Courtney Griplin Mansion. Who could have guessed it.

Not me after leaving abruptly the last time I was here. Still I don't see

why the most popular girl in school would pay attention to me.m nom not

sure but I may be having feelings for her. Whenever we are together I

feel wonderful. It's a different feeling from being with Dodie or Macie.

Oh, I'm so afraid to say or do something wrong that may turn her away.

Sometimes at night I dream we are together at the park and for no

real reason at all we kiss. I'm talking a real kiss. I think I'm in

love with her.

Ginger finished writing and fed oed on the giant bed. She took

a deep breath and stared at the ceiling for a while. A couple of hours

later she tired of waiting for Courtney to drop by to say hello. She

left her room dressed in a lovely nightgown she had found on the

closet. She knew where Courtney's room lay so she didn't have

any trouble finding it. She knocked on the door twice but didn't

receive a reply. For a moment there was hesitation she didn't want

to intrude. She walked in, her diary in her hand. She walked in

and saw Courtney. Her back turned toward her. She seemed to be

writing something.

"Well hello Ginger Foutley."

On this night there was something different on Courtney's face. Ginger

sat on the bed trying to figure what it was. A couple of seconds later

she understood that Courtney was feeling melancholic.

"Is there something wrong Courtney?"

She looked into Ginger's eyes and said in her most confident tone.

"Why there should there be something wrong?"

"Please Courtney it's me Gingeou cou can talk to me."

With watery eyes and in the saddest tone she had ever heard her she said.

"I'm so lonely Ginger."

Ginger was dumbstruck she never expected to hear those words from her.

"But Courtney you have many friends especially Miranda."

"Oh Ginger you don't understand, do you think Miranda would

want to sptimetime with me if my family didn't had any money?"

Ginger didn't know what to answer. She knew there was some

truth on Courtney's words. Ginger held Courtney's hand and

told her.

"We will always be friends through thick and thin."

Somehow Ginger felt this would make her feel better. Courtney

just sat there looking down at the floor. Ginger not knowing

what to do next sat there. Ginger saw Courtney's diary on the

bed and had an idea.

"Courtney, Why don't we let each other take a peek at our

respective diaries?"

Courtney smiled and hug Ginger. She felt a great warmth

when hugged. She picked Courtney's diary and began to


"I love her, if only there were a simple way to tell her."

On the other side of the bed Courtney read Ginger's diary after

After a few pages she turned and looked at Ginger. Both girls sat

They're looking at each other. Slightly blushing both girls lean

Forward and briefly kissed. Courtney and Ginger lay on the

bed without knowing what to say to each other.

"I didn't knew Courtney, this is so new to me."

"For me too"

Ginger softly caressed Courtney's face. She smiled. They

hugged again and this time their kiss lasted a long time. Ginger

could fell Courtney's tongue deep in her mouth. She flavored

the feeling. For a while this was enough. As the excitement build

Courtney stopped and stood up. Ginger who was breathless, anxiously

looked. Courtney had pajama with some Japanese looking flourishes.

First she took off the top of her pajama. Ginger could not believe it

her skin was as perfect as her face. Her nipples were a fiery ruby red.

Ginger looked at Courtney and smiled. Courtney proceeded to take

of her bottom. Again Ginger was amazed, her pubic hair was as blonde as

her hair. Courtney then went back to bed. Now it was Ginger's turn.

She stood up and slowly took her gown of first her top just like Courtney

Had done. Ginger's breasts were more conical than Courtney's perfect roundness.

It was a strange feeling, after covering herself for as long as she remembered, now

for the first time in her life it was all right to be naked in front of someone else.

Courtney said.


"Yes, I'm a true redhead upstairs and downstairs."

Courtney laughed and jumped on top of Ginger. They kissed even more

passionately than before. Courtney slightly moaned. Ginger couldn't

resist and moved toward Courtney's breasts. She suckled hesitantly but

Courtney encouraged her. Their hands explored each other's body. For

Ginger the most pleasant thing of all was the pleasant scent of Courtney's

skin. Courtney on the other hand enjoyed the pleasure of being close to

the person she loved. Her hand drifted toward Ginger's genitals. Ginger

gasped at the feeling of Courtney's hand as she touched her

clitoris. Later Ginger started to rub her with her finger along the

axis of her body. In the meantime Courtney felt the intense pleasure of her

left breast being sucked. Courtney orgasm was intense. She lay on her

back while Ginger started to lick her. She kept licking while at the same

time rubbed herself until she finally climaxed. After that they kissed and

fondled each other breast for some time. Before going to bed they went

to the bathroom and had a bath. It was e ane an experience to wash

each other's body. In the morning they were still in Courtney's room.

Many years later Ginger would write on her diary.

Courtney and I are very happy together. Macie got married

to this professional football player (who would have guessed it maybe

the sex is really hot). Alas poor Dodie is still single. I'm sorry dear

diary but this will be my last entry. Now that I'm working

there isn't any spare time to write. Still thanks for all the

great memories of my youth.

Xoxoxo Ginger

Ashia put down Jim's notebook computer and apologized for

not showing up when the ship took off. She had binged

before the flight and wanted to sleep it off.

"Where am I going to sleep?"

She simply pulled the blanket aside and made some space

on her bunk. As Jim lay in Ashia's bunk he felt his eyes starting to

close suddenly an arm grabbed him and pulled him toward her.

He could feel her body pressed against him. Actually he felt her

breasts pressed against his back. For a short time he thought of

complaining but she had not done anything wrong. There weren't

many personal items on her quarters. From the vantage point of her

bed he noticed a photograph standing in front of him.

"Is that your family?"

"Yes, there's dad, mom my brothers and two sisters..."

"Jim, the story I read, what kind of human names are Courtney and Ginger?"

"Hmm... they are girl's name."

There was a brief pause then she asked.

"Is that possible...?"

"It does happen."

Ashia's said almost seductively.

"My favorite story is the human and the Ctrl."


"Yes, but there were a lot of mistakes...probably the story was written by a human."

Jim mind wandered toward the first few day's Ashia's had joined them. Out of curiosity

he checked the files on Ctrl sexuality but he didn't find anything useful. Unbeknownst

to him Ashia had done the same just before the start of her mission on terran space and the

Ctrl files were accurate. Jim wasn't sure but he thought he heard Ashia purr just before

he fell asleep.

On the morning shipboard time the crew of the outlaw star went to the mess hall

to have breakfast. Gene wasn't very happy they already had the longest run ever on

the ether drive and they still had one more day to go. Melfina assured him that their

trip was perfectly safe. Their conversation drifted toward the nature of their passenger.

It was clear he wasn't about to show up. Gene suspected that he may be working

for the pirates. Ashia said that maybe he was an Earth spy. Suzuka replied that maybe

he was working for the Ctrl Ctrl. Jim said.

"The Ctrl Ctrl don't hire humans for security reasons."

"Perhaps he is married to a Ctrl." said Suzuka

Gene smiled and teasing Ashia said.

"I can't see why anyone would marry a beast."

"Hey!" shouted Ashia

"Gene show some manners." shouted Jim

Ashia returned the insult saying.

"Beside a Ctrl Ctrl wouldn't marry a human."

Those words made Jim fell sick. It was as if his stomach was frozen. He started

to feel depressed.

"Wouldn't or couldn't" asked Melfina

Ashia reply.

"Well it would be very difficult, almost impossibly, to get the permits back home."

"Well that settles it he isn't married to a Ctrl Ctrl." said Gene

"I didn't say that" Ashia reply

"Yes you did." replied Gene getting more aggravated by the second.

"It all depends which rules you use."

Susuka asked Ashia to explain before Gene losses his temper.

"100, 000 years ago when my people took to the stars we quickly

found out that a lot of social rules were not practical for a space

faring people. It was decided that these rules would apply only

when a Ctrl Ctrl is on a planet of the empire. In time a second

set of rules evolved for Ctrl Ctrl while in space."

Susuka exclaimed.

"You mean to tell me that a Ctrl Ctrl couldn't marry a human

while on planet and yet take a shuttle do some paper work and

get married while orbiting that very same planet."

"Well it kind of oversimplified but just about right. Also you

only have to sign a standard form"

"What kind of stupid rule is that?"

"Well, it works for us." replied an annoyed Ashia.

She got tired of flighting with gene and left the table. Jim followed.

He found her sitting alone on the cargo bay.


She turned to look.

"I'm sorry for what Gene said."

She smiled anded hed him to sit with her.

"It's not your fault."

"Tell me Ashia had you ever heard of a Ctrl Ctrl marrying a human?"

She looked down and said.


She nearly broke. She wanted to tell him that she loved him.

This had been the closest Ashia has been to tell Jim how she felt.

The day passed quietly. The ether drive hummed quietly while Melfina

navigated the ship. Jim went around the ship making sure everything

was working perfectly. Gene and Suzuka at the cockpit had come with

a plan that would reveal the identity of their passenger. Ashia pretty

much stayed in her quarters.

That night Jim went back to the cabin he was sharing with Ashia.

While on bed she asked.

"Jim do you trust me?"

He turned and looked at her. There was something on her eyes almost

almost as if she was pleading.

"Sure I do, why?"

"No, no I mean do you trust me as much as you trust Gene?"

He looked at her wondering was what this about. It seemed pretty important

to her.

"Yes Ashia, I trust you."

Ashia's eyes light up then gave him a great hug. Jim felt her embrace

there was something new here. It was almost a passionate embrace.

They once again lay on the bed Jim couldn't stop thinking about

her. The problem was the more he thought about her the heavier

his breathing became. His body naturally responded with an erection.

Soon erection was starting to bother him. He couldn't go to the

bathroom to get rid of his erection, she would notice. Ashia pressing

her body against him or her constant purring wasn't helping either.

Ashia perked her left ear and asked.

"Is something wrong Jim?"

He considered ignoring her question but finally answered.

"I need you Ashia."

Her soft hand moved over his stomach then slowly drifted to his

pants. There she grabbed his cock and started to rub. Jim turned

to kiss her. Ashia did not disappointed him. She could be very

gentle when she wanted. They did this for a short time, she then

moved to pull down his underwear. Without losing a second

she started to suck him. There was an urgency on her behalf Jim

asked her to slow down. She purred and obeyed. Jim stared at

the ceiling trying to ignore the feeling this way he could last

much longer. Jim never expected that the first girl he would

ever made love would be Ctrl but then she had never met

anyone like her. The feeling of her tongue wandering all

over his cock and balls was incredible. Several minutes of this

and Jim had to do something for her. he sat and, with Ashia

between his legs, started to massage her breast. The feeling of

her breasts on his hands were better than anything he could have

imagined. He gently squeezed one breast then the other gradually

both at the same time and back again. Ashia's head bobbed back and

forth. Something about the scent of his body made her even hotter.

As the intensity of her sucking increased Jim could feel he would

come soon. He was very private and wouldn't want anyone to

know that he masturd; Td; This was the only sexual relief he

could have. Since he hadn't masturbated in two days he knew

that there will be a big load for her. He tried to tell hear

but she didn't pay attention. As he came he could feel

Ashia sucking with even more intensity. Even after he

came she kept licking and sucking for some time. When

he finally took a look at his penis he could not spot a

single drop of semen. She then next lay beside him. Jim finally

could take her first good look at her body. The only big difference

he could see is that her nipples, contrary to human females, were

the same skin tone as the rest of her body. She in the meantime

stared at his penis.

"When I read about humans I couldn't believe it."


"The humans have a crown at the end of their penises."

"Anything more?"

"There is also the proportionality factor."

Jim looked confused. Ashia continued to explain.

"If you were a Ctrl male your penis would be proportional to your size. Only

when you reach adulthood would you have your full size."

Ashia gave a malicious smile and continued.

"When we were having Earth history in school the girls in my class would

talk about what it would be like to do it with a human."

She reached and grabbed his cock.

"It is impressive to see the full size of your cock at your age."

She started to kiss him again. Jim responded by squeezing her tits.

"Meow, meow, meow I'm so hot."

She got on all fours all the time purring. For some reason Jim stared

at her hair which went from the back of her neck all the way to her perfect

round ass. Jim being young already had another erection. He kneeled on the

floor and trusted his dick deep inside Ashia pussy. She clawed the floor. He

just kept moving his hips trying to ignore all the noise she was making.

Ashia could feel the tip of his dick moving inside her. The strengths of

all the sensations were even better than what she had ever expected.

The intensity of her feelings was enough that she actually perforated

the metal floor.

Through the intercom Gene called Jim.

"Jim is everything all right?"

Jim scrambled to answer the intercom.

"Sure Gene everything is O.K."

On the background he could hear Melfina whisper something to Gene.

"Very well then."

"Do you think he suspect anything?" asked Jim

"He is too dumb to suspect anything." answered Ashia.

On her quarters Susuka while laying in bed covering her ears with pillows.

Ashia quarters lay furthest from hers.

"Great, first Gene and Melfina now the catgirl and the kid."

Her tired eyes stared at the wall.

"At least Gene and Melfina tried to not make much noise."

This night as far as she could tell they hadn't made love.

For a while she didn't heard nothing. When she was about to

fall asleep again the noise coming from Asia's quarters started again.

"Damn, she is a noisy one."

Next morning Ashia was called to the cockpit by Gene.

Suzuka was waiting for her in the cockpit. Gene would drop in a minute.

She noted that Suzuka's eyes were red.

"What's wrong, didn't you sleep well?"

Suzuka almost answered that she couldn't sleep last night because

of all the noise she was making while making love. She took

a deep breath and said.

"It's nothing."

Gene appeared and asked Ashia to drop by the mess hall and

see if she could find anything about their guest. Suzuka added

that she and Gene would monitor things from there.

She saw that he was wearing Ctrl armband. Contrary to the way all

humans she had ever seen this one was wearing it properly. Ashia kept

asking questions until Karl finally answered.

"We are all soldiers of the empire."

Ashia face paled she sat there thunderstruck and left

without saying anything else. From the cockpit of the outlaw star

everyone else watched and wondered what was that all about.

Several hours later they reach their destination. Gene's greatest

fear has been realized.

"We did everything you ask, but there is nothing here."

Karl said

"We will stay here even if we run out of oxygen or maneuvering fuel."

This was the last drop for Gene he pulled his Caster and pointed to Karl.

He did likewise but instead of pointing to Gene he aimed at Suzuka. Gene

had calculated that with Suzuka and Ashia's help they could easily

overpower him. Suzuka promptly raised her sword.

The next thing Gene knows Ashia is grabbing his neck with her right

hand. He started to sweat, Gene perfectly knew that Ashia could

easily crush his troat with one hand. There didn't seem to be a way

out of this confrontation. Jim reached for his gun, he knew it is never a

a good idea to entertain a firefight in a spaceship. Still, he felt he didn't

had any choice. Before he could reach his gun he instinctively looked

toward Ashia. As their eyes met he recalled their conversation about

trusting each other. For the first time in his life he didn't knew what

to do.

Suddenly one by one a million ship appeared from the ether. There

could not be a mistake they were Ctrl ship. Gene, Melfina and Suzuka

were amazed. They never imagined that the Ctrl could have so many

ships. Jim some time before had made some calculation on is spare time

and came with an accurate estimate. Still it was an impressive sight.

Ashia quickly picked one ship.

"Look it's the Tera tak tak!"

"Is this some kind of invasion fleet?" asked Suzuka

Ashia looked puzzled for a second. Wondering if Suzuka was serious.

She decided that she was serious indeed and answered her question.

"It's a colonization fleet."

With the appearance of the fleet the tension on the ship started to

dissipate. Finally Gene said.

"Shall we end our standoff by lowering our weapons?"

Since they have reached their destination there wasn't any point in fighting.

Gene and Karl lower their weapons at the same time, Suzuka lowered

her sword then Ashia released Gene troat. He didn't look very happy.

Before long the landing bay of the Tera tak tak opened and the

Outlaw star rested inside the giant Ctrl ship. Gene had never seen

such a big ship. Jim knew of at least two earth ships that approached

the size of the Ctrl ship given the design similarities he suspected there

could be some secret cooperation between Earth and the Ctrl empire.

At the very least there seemed to be some kind of understanding.

Karl and Tema embraced. They kissed for almost a minute.

Karl speaking in Ctrl informed Tema the details of his trip

while the crew of the ship slowly emptied the outlaw star

of its cargo. Gene now understood the need for all that

fuel catalyst, just a little added to regular rocket fuel

would make it expand by a factor of a thousand. If a fleet

is going to make planetfall it would need huge amount of

rocket fuel. One thing they noticed is how little clothing

both Ctrl Ctrl male and females wore on the ship.

"My name is Captain Tema tak tak."

Gene looked at Ashia with a quizzically.

Ashia explained.

"Karl is Ctrl Ctrl by marriage, with all the rights and responsibilities that

come with it." she added "Well, mostly responsibilities."

Captain Tema motion Ashia to approach her. Karl informed me

of your assistance. Thanks on behalf of all Ctrl Ctrl. Ashia

smiled and gave the captain a snappy salute.

"I see you have picked a human."

"What gave me away?"

"Your scent is all over him." answered the Captain with

a sly smile.

She blushed she had been with humans for some time and

almost forgot the keen Ctrl senses.

"It would have been easier if I had known."

"Let's face it Ashia Clan Clan of the Ctrl Ctrl sometimes the empire

doesn't tell us everything."

She turned to return to her ship but stopped and said.

"One last thing better get some mittens humans are somewhat fragile."

Ashia turned brighd whd while at the same time nodded.

Jim never bothered going back to his quarters. Mercifully the rest of the crew didn't

ask questions. On the way back to Sentinel III, just before falling asleep Ashia

recalled an incident that happened when she and Suzuka went to the beach. As they

were laying in the sun Ashia asked.

"Suzu am I doing something wrong?"

"No, Ashia."

"Why are people staring?"

Suzuka didn't want to answer. She knew what would happen next.

"You are an attractive female; never underestimate yourself."

Ashia's eyes lighten then as Suzuka feared her bragging began.

"Well, of course they are staring at the famous beauty of the female Ctrl Ctrl

which is known throughout the universe."

On a more serious tone on the way to Starwind and Hawkings Ashia

asked Suzuka.

"Suzu, Why Gene hate me?"

Suzuka took a deep breath, the Ctrl really didn't understand human motivation.

"Now that Gene is with Melfina he can't go out with other woman. All the fights

may be his way of not getting close."

"What!, you mean he loves me?"

"Don't put words on my mouth."

Suzuka searched for a way to explain.

"Human desire... Male human desire is very strong. That is something

you should keep in mind."

Suzuka went to explain that even if Gene is with Melfina he will have to

fight his desires. Suzuka was relived that Ashia didn't ask more questions.

The more time she spend with Jim the more those words made sense.

Ashia asked Jim what he could feel when she sucked him. He told her to

imagine nearly all her sense of touch concentrated on one part of her body. She

thought he was kidding but when he described the feel of her lips and tongue

even, with the tip of his cock, the back of her mouth she was amazed. For

her part the feeling his hard dick inside her was exquisite, she particularly

enjoy the hardness of the head of his cock. She chuckled to herself.

"Everything all right?"


After a brief pause.

"Ashia why so many ship?"

She told him that what she was about to tell him is secret and needed his

promise that he would never repeat what she was about to say. Jim understood

that she now trusted him completely.

"Before my people achieve space flight our society nearly collapsed. Nearly a trillion of

my people on a single planet. When our scientists discovered how to use the ether drive we

vow it would not happen again. We set to colonize many worlds each with a limit of 500 million

Ctrl per world. That is way the Empire is so vast.

"Don't the pirates ever bother the Ctrl?"

"They pirates are nothing, if they ever bother us the Empire and Earth will crush them."

"You mention Earth, is there some kind of agreement between the Ctrl and Earth?"

"For what my family and I have been able to put together after first meeting your


"And clashing" added Jim

"And clashing an agreement was reached. Had you ever noticed that the empire expands

in one direction while Earth expands on another?"

"Yes." Jim indeed had noticed but he always thought it was a coincidence.

"That is part of the agreement with Earth. There seem to have been some technological

transfers too."

She then fell silent. He looked at her and noticed that there was more to the story.

"Is there more?"

"When we first meet your people we underestimated them."

Jim was amazed a Ctrl humbling herself.

"You have reached the stars even if it was in a disorganized way. I have heard our

leaders whisper in admiration of the humans. At first I didn't understand, later

on I understood that they admire human flexibility. Our ways tend to be rigid and

nearly cost us our extinction. Jim there are many things you should know."

She hesitated for a short time.

"As long as we are not married you are free. Should we get married you

would become Ctrl by law."

"Like Karl?"


"Do you understand what this would mean?"

"It means that someday, sometime I may be called by the empire to perform a


She simply smiled and hugged him.

"I'll take care of you Jimmy-boy for as long as you want, for as long as you let me."

She has been for some time along humans. Still, they were difficult to understand. It

didn't matter to her not as long as she was with him.

The End

Why an Outlaw Star fanfiction? Sometimes when I watch an average series I'm drawn
to secondary characters. In this series it was Aisha. The whole Ctrl aspect of this series
was infinitely more interesting than the pirates. The problem was that Gene was a poor
excuse for a hero. Melfina didn't have a personality. Suzuka was an anachronism. Whenever
Ashia and Jim where together on screen there seem to be some chemistry. Apparently
I'm not the only one judging by all those Ashia and Jim fall in love stories that popped
on the Internet following the series. This is my personal take on that story. In my opinion
the most memorable episode of the whole series is Cats, Girls and Spaceships a Jim episode.
I deliberately chose the phonetic spelling Ashia's name. If there is something that contradict
the episode that was never shown(Onsen of Tenrei) on T.V. please let me know.

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