Beyond Believing

BY : SailorPanda
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Hanajima Saki could remember the first time she saw him.

During the hectic activity of her high school's culture festival in her freshman year, her class had been one of the liveliest with it's onigiri booth although a great deal its popularity had to do with Souma Yuki and the strong attraction that the sight of seeing him in a dress held for others. Though the noisy crowd of people that had clustered about him in a beehive of activity had been composed of both sexes, the majority had definitely consisted of slavering females, nearly all of who were harboring crushes on the gentlemanly prince who was one of the most highly thought of person in the school. But unlike the other girls of her class, Saki was untouched by his appeal, disdaining the rest of her peers for acting so foolish over a boy just because he looked pretty and fawning over him to the point of absolute stupidity.

Then he arrived.

Though the noise level in the room had escalated to an even more fervent pitch, he remained steady in the midst of it all, like the calm eye of a turbulent hurricane. He stood out in that place for he was most definitely a man, not a boy, and the difference was marked. His intimidating dark good looks and the cloak of authority that settled around him easily made a moa most attractive package and had grabbed a quick hold of her attention as she stood off to the side, unnoticed but watchful of this interesting new specimen. They had never been introduced, never actually met, and, before she knew it, he was gone.

Souma Hatori.
e hae had learned his name later from Tohru and had stored it away in the back of her mind, though she couldn't say why, not paying much attention to it at the time. Why should she? None of it had anything to do with her, after all. It was Tohru who was the most involved with all the Soumas, who was always happy to talk about the new friends she'd made of them with such excitement, who seemed to spend more and more of her time the them until Saki felt that she was losing her to a whole family, not just another person.

One rival she could put up with easily, but a whole slew of them that just seemed to keep on coming one after another?

Loneliness had come to her more and more as she watched with each passing day as Tohru grew closer and closer to the Soumas, Yuki and Kyou in particular, sharing their secrets that Saki could feel were lying beneath the surface of every encounter even though didndidn't have any specifics to go on. Then, surprisingly, Arisa had suddenly come forth one day with the astounding news of some mystery man she'd taken an intense interest in and Saki's isolation increased upon seeing how her two best friends were finding loves of their own, growing up and moving away, unintentionally leaving her behind.

Though she wanted to see them happy, truly she did, it was a painful feeling to watch as their close trio, which had been throug muc much together and meant so much to her, seemed to slowly drift apart.

It was something that continued to consume her thoughts more and more frequently as loneliness became her constant companion once more, as it had been before Arisa and Tohru had come into her life, the dark emotion pressing down on her so much in some moments that there were times when she became nearly claustrophobic and had to get out and away from confining walls, even the safety and comfort of her home. During such times, the only thing that seemed to help was to take long meandering walks with no particular destination in mind, letting the fresh air clear her mind and settle her thoughts, whether the weather was hot or cold.

And it was on a cold day, on such a walk, that she met him again.

Though it had been a long while since she'd last seen him, his was a hard face to forget, as was the aura of stern authority that he exuded without even realizing. Recognizing him immediately as he walked along the sidewalk, seemingly lost in deep thoughts that were as dark as her own, some impulse within her had taken hold of her, made her reach out in a bid for his attention.

And she most definitely got it.

She shivered every time she remembered the first time their gazes had connected, felt some special shock run between them that she'd never experienced with anyone else. It had been puzzling, exciting, scary, and she somehow sensed that he had felt it too even though no words had been spoken between them to indicate such.

However, she had acted on impulse that she rarely gave free reign to, never having worked through what she'd do or say after getting his attention in the first place. Feeling extremely flustered at having those intensely piercing eyes upon her, she hadn't been quite her usual calm and collected self. She had stammered out an introduction, presenting herself as Tohru's friend, which had earned an immediate light of recognition. Kind-hearted as her instincts had told her he was, he made no comment about her obvious nervousness and had spoken and treated her as an equal in a steady and quiet manner that had immediately made her comfortable and relaxed in his presence.

Out of that initial contact, more had followed; the first few mere coincidences as fate seemed to conspire in having their paths unexpectedly cross but, later, their meetings had become more deliberate and set. She told no one, hugging the knowledge close to her and, wickedly or not, enjoyed having a secret about this enigmatic man that Tohru, who seemed to know so much about him, did not.

She took comfort in his steady presence and suspected that he did the same, the two of them drawn to each other in their mutual loneliness as their relationship had eventually evolved in a way she'd never thought possible on the day that she first saw him. She thought the darkness she sensed in him was part of the attraction that drew her because it seemed so similar to her own. It made her wonder sometimes if it was all right to continue on like this with such an impure thing lying at the heart of a relationship. However, right or wrong, she couldn't stop it, even though she did kno know just how much more of this she could take and tried to keep herself from thinking about it too much before she went insane.

But then, she never could think much around him.

And now, watching him e wae watched her, she thought of nothing else but of being here in this room, with him and no one else around. So many similar encounters lying between them and yet each one stood apart in her mind as something special just, she was sure, as this one would be, another memory to add to her heart.


It was whispered huskily, soft yet so very male, that tone she loved sending shivers trailing up and down her spine. Amazing, she thought hazily, that he could make her feel this way with just his voice. Before him, she never dreamed that her name could sound so wonderful, so desirable, or that it would make her feel so good to hear.

That, combined with the intensity of his gaze as it trailed up and down her body sprawled nude before him while he sat beside her on the spacious bed, was like a physical touch that had her bowing her back, arching her body towards him and hoping that he'd touch her for real. Unbound hair whispered across the sheets in a shimmering sea of black with every movement she made, a tantalizing sight that she knew he enjoyed, a knowledge that brought her pleasure as well as she tried to demonstrate what she wanted. With her body, she showed him how much she craved him, as much as she possibly could with her wrists bound to the wooden slats of the headboard with the holding elasticity of her black stockings, a submissive position she'd long gotten used to, overcoming her embarrassment about it gradually with each encounter as the task of acquiring and keeping his touch became much more important than any of her qualms.

Moments like this, she didn't care about the reason why he never let her touch him, let her embrace him. As long as he was with her, gave her these feelings, then he could keep his secrets to himself if he wanted to just as he let her keep hers.


Her cry was desperate, a mewling sound of need, devoid of its usual impassive detachment that some would say she was never without. After the way he had tortured her with his touch earlier before backing off, holding himself aloof as he watched her as if he were playing some sort of waiting game, there was no way she could remain detached at a time like this when desire had mounted within her as the minutes ticked by no matter how hard she had tried to resist it. Now, she only wanted one thing and if the only way to get it was by breaking the silence that fell over them, though she hadn't wanted to cave in at first, then she d. d. Anything, anything as long as he would just touch her.

And, at the cry of his name, he did.

His touch was sure but light, feathering tiny caresses across her sensitized skin starting from the trimness of her ankles and up, up the long expanse of her bare legs, flesh quivering when he smoothed over that sensitive area behind her knees that brought a strangled gasp from her throat. The gasp turned into a low moan when he bent his dark head, trailing kisses up the same path that his touch had left, hot tongue rasping against skin in a way that had her arching again, straining against her bonds, and crying out once more. The dance of touch and kiss resumed, moving upwards across trembling feminine flesh as they trailed up her shivering thighs, heading to the point where she wanted him most so desperately, hot and wet and achy.

But he wasn't finished torturing her yet.

She moaned in disappointment, devoid of any coolness or calm, almost whimpering when he moved away from that most sensitive of areas to glide over hip and rounded curves as he continued to make his way upwards, pausing only to lavish special attention on the small mole adorning her left ribcage. Though she took pleasure from the rasping of his tongue at that spot, she squirmed when she felt that he lingered there too long, wanting his touch on parts of her that needed him much, much more.

Thankfully, he complied with her unspoken longings. She was immediately gratified as hot hands suddenly encompassed her breasts, cupping and plumping their weight, feathery caresses abandoned in favor of a firm and massaging hold which had her pressing in harder to his touch, craving more. More she got as his dark head swooped down to capture one rosy nipple gone hard with need, surrounding it in the wet heat of his mouth. uckluckled hard, squeezing her other breast with one hand in rhythmic motions in tandem with the actions of his mouth, all of which only made her grow hotter, wetter, and in need of relief from the tension that he kept stoking within her higher and higher with every touch.

"Hatori!" she cried again, needing, desperate. Demanding.

She watched, entire body drawn tight with the need churning inside her, as he rolled his eyes up to look at her while he continued suckling, the fall of his hair partially shading his gaze. Desire and a hint of humor lay within those piercing orbs as he stopped, only to switch breasts as he began the process all over again in a maddening way to her frustrated senses. She enjoyed his ministrations, she did, but she wanted more, arching and crying out in a low drawn-out moan to let him know it too.

"Hatori, please!"

She splayed her legs wider, an invitation, and he shifted. Lithe and nude, his beautiful form moved over her, settling himself between her thighs while the suckling and massaging of her breasts continued. He kept up those arousing motions of his while his other hand journeyed southward to finally, finally touch that spot which ached and wept the most for him.

"Ah," she moaned as he feathered a light touch over the sensitized area, legs spreading as far as they could go to give him even better access.

But he kept teasing, maintaining airy caresses around the lips of her sex, avoiding her moist opening and the hard aching nub above it until she couldn't take it anymore and bucked her hips, forcing a deeper touch. Then, only then did he give in, eliciting a high-ped sed shriek of pleasure from her lips with the sudden thrust of a finger inside her, parting wet and quivering flesh as he delved as deep as he could go. When it seemed his hand could go no deeper, his hand jerked, sending his finger a little further and pressing upwards against her inner walls, hitting just the right spot.

With a sharp wail, she clenched around him, vision blurring as she came suddenly and hard.

She was still panting hard when his finger withdrew, replaced by the tip of something blunter kissing her wet and still throbbing opening. Feeling it, her eyes flew open to be captured in his gaze as, holding their visual connection, he slowly slid in all the way home. She shuddered, arching in pleasure as she held him within her body, keeping her eyes on his in an intimate contact that said more than any words could ever manage.

Everything else, if there had ever been anything else, fell away as her entire being focused only on him and the sensations that he wrought in her and her desire to make him feel just as good.

She shifted, canting her hips upwards to give him better purchase, to take him deeper. Then, deliberately, she clenched her lower muscles in a loving wet caress that enfolded the length of him buried within her, and was rewarded by his low groan of approval. Loving the sound, she did it again and reaped her reward in the husky growl issuing from his throat. She reveled in the knowledge that she was the one who could bring him to this, make him drop his calm and collected doctor's persona in favor of letting the sexual male take over.

And she did, to their mutual pleasu


Apparently having enough of taking it slow, he leaned closer to her, over her, and braced himself with one arm planted by her shoulder while his other hand cupped her buttocks and lifted her just the way wanted. Firm lips swooped down, taking possession of hers in a deep and consuming wet kiss as, lower down, his hips moved against hers. He worked within her in long, deep strokes, his thrusts becoming harder, faster, with every return that sent the bed quaking and inarticulate cries shooting from her mouth into his as his lips and tongue toiled just as hard as his lower body did at their task.

It all became too much, boiling within her to a white-hot fever pitch until she just couldn't take it anymore and felt her body explode into a million pieces, eyes rolling as she tore her mouth away from his to release a long and piercing scream that filled the room while she shook and shivered around him. The aftereffect trembled through her as her body went limp, eyes falling closed in exhaustion, and her senses slowly returned to her.

Then she realized that he was still hard.

Eyes flying wide in disbelief, she caught a glimpse of his handsome countenance drawn tight with unfulfilled desire just before he disengaged himself and flipped her over, positioning her until she was on her knees, hands clasping at the headboard where her wrists where bound.

Barely had she the time to draw in another much needed breath before he was sliding into her slick depths once more, from behind this time as he sent another wave of desire spilling through her again when she hadn't thought another time possible. Once strong arm, corded with lean muscle, braced him as he leaned against the headboard, hand placed near her own bound wrists, while his other hand tangled in her long inky black hair. With a firm but gentle hand, he tugged, baring the arch of her throat to him where he nuzzled her, laving it with hot open-mouthed kisses that had her moaning again as he pumped into her from below. Then, while he thrust faster in and out of the place where they joined which grew hotter and wetter with every movement, at the pulse point in her neck, he bit down.

She came again, screaming his name, and, this time, he came with her.

Unsteadily, she collapsed back onto thtel tel bed when he untied her and then lay beside her, a quiet presence. Eyelashes fluttered as she turned to regard him, made uneasy by the unreadable look in on his face. She sat up a little, clutching the twisted sheets of the bed to her chest, modest now that the haze of passion had faded.

That's when her earlier worries returned to her, temporarily lost in the heat of desire that always swept over her whenever she met him. The sex was wonderful as it always was, ever since the first time when events leading up to their initial joining had taken them both by surprise. But it wasn't enough, not for her, not anymore.

She was in love with him.

Lost in the physical pleasures of their bodies, she could pretend that the secrets between them and the feelings left unsaid didn't matter. But reality intruded eventually and the cocoon around the little world they made for themselves would always shred since they couldn't spend their whole lives in a dream, no matter how pleasant it may be. Knowing this, she had decided to lay it out before him to be dealt with, one way or the other, and had geared herself up for it until she had been distracted by his touch and everything that had come after her.

But now was the time and, looking at his serious expression, she wondered if he felt it, too.

"Hatori," Saki said slowly, bracing herself.

"It's over," he intoned quietly.

Her eyes widened, a gasp escaping her lips at his words, which sent a sharp stab of pain shooting through her chest. Despair and hurt welled within her at the calm expression on his face, the neutral way he spoke, as if it didn't bother him at all to break this off so easily when the thought of ending things between them for good ripped her up inside.

But then she saw the tightening of muscles around his eyes and felt, with her uncanny abilities, a dark surge of emotion from him that had her relaxing.

"Do you really want it to be over?" she asked.

He blinked, frowned. "Don't you?"

"No." She shook her head, a small smile playing about her lips. "What made you think I did?"

"You're a girl."

Saki stared. "So good of you to notice."

"No." Hatori shook his head. "You're a girl," he stressed the last word.

Confused now and worried that he might be sick, she looked back at him warily, wondering if she should try and take his temperature.

At her expression, Hatori sighed in exasperation. "You're young," he explained as if that said it all. "I'm old."

Her eyes went wide. Was that what this was all about? She couldn't help it; she giggled, a tiny sound that was so rare from her. At it, his eyes grew surprised, softened at his first time hearing the sound, but then he grew serious once more.

"Saki," he said gravely.

But she forestalled whatever he was about to say by raising a hand in a bid for his silence. It was her turn now, she thought, and she was tired of avoiding the subject. She didn't like her fears holding her back, not for long, and she was firmly resolved this time. So she looked him square in the eye and told him how she felt.

"I love you."

He merely stared at her, saying nothing, the silence stretching between them so long that she started to get annoyed. She scowled; angry sparks shooting in her eyes, wanting some sort of response at least, good or bad. Anything but this wordless quiet that rubbed raw over jangling nerves.

"Hatori." Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Aren't you going to say something?"

His face went blank. "Why?"

"Hatori." Her tone became cold as angry energy crackled around her. "It's customary to respond to someone's confession of love, isn't it?"

He looked shocked. "You mean, you really did say you loved me?" He shook his head, muttering, "No, that's impossible. I must be hearing things."

Torn between equal parts of irritation and amusement, she asked, "Why impossible?"

He opened his mouth.

"And it better not be about anything to do with age." Her gaze narrowed. "Or I'll have to do something unpleasant."

He closed his mouth and fell silent.

"Hatori," Saki sighed uncharacteristically, the sound full of exasperation.

But Hatori shook his head. "It's more than that, really." His face softened sadly. "It would never work."

"Hatori." Her voice was firm and sure though there was a tug of uneasiness at her heart. "Answer me this: do you love me?"

He gave her a long look before replying with a simple "Yes." Then he frowned. "Do you think I'm the type to get so involved with someone who's not even out of high school yet if I weren't?" He muttered beneath his breath, "I'm not Shigure."

"Well, then." A wave of relief washed over her, a small smile playing about her lips.

"Saki, it's not that simple."

"Why not?" Her voice was calm.

"There are other things, things about me that you don't know."

"Then tell me."

"It's best if I don't. My life isn't pleasant and neither are the things about me. You'll hate me." His voice dropped. "Or worse, be disgusted."

"How will you know unless you try?"

"I did once."

"The fiancé you mentioned before?" She frowned, never having met this mystery woman who had broken things off with him from her understanding, but disliking her for causing these doubts that obviously haunted him. "Was she disgusted?"

"No." He was silent a moment, reflective. "But she couldn't handle everything that came afterwards."

She tensed. "And am I so much like her?"

"No." He smiled crookedly. "You're very different."

"Then if I'm so very different," she relaxed a little, "what makes you think I won't be able to handle whatever it is that has you so worried?"

He was silent; brow furrowed in a frown, consumed with whatever thoughts ate at him.

"Please," she pleaded, afraid that he would give up on them. "Can't you give me a chance?" Her expression became determined. "If you're going to break things off with me, don't I at least deserve to know why?"

He sighed, scrubbed a hand over his face wearily. Then he, too, sat up and faced her, a dozen thoughts warring across his features as he pondered what to tell her, how to tell her. No matter how crazy it sounded, he chose to be straightard,ard, knowing he was breaking rules by confiding this to her.

"Saki, what would you think if I turned into an animal?"

She smiled, half puzzled, half amused. "Well, I'm of the opinion that everyone, no matter how staid, needs to break out every once in a while."

For a heartbeat, his face went blank then he shook his head. "No, that's not what I meant. I mean a real, non-human animal."

Her expression turned wary. "Like a were-wolf?"

"No." He made a noise of frustration. "Like a seahorse."

If it had been anyone else who said this to her, Saki would have scoffed or burst out laughing, thinking they were trying to pull some sort of joke on her. But Hatori wasn't the type of person to joke about such things, she knew, so she took the matter in seriousness though she still had a hard time wrapping her mind around it. However, she was no stranger to the strange so it was, perhaps, easier for her to believe than he might have guessed. And since she had always been of the mind that the Soumas did have some odd secret they were hiding, she wasn't as shocked as other might have been in the same position. Plus, it would explain why Yuki and the others were so averse to having the girls at school, aside from Tohru, getting too physically close.

She cocked her head. "This must be the secret that Tohru-kun knows, right?"

Surprised, he asked, "You believe me?"

"You're not to type to lie about something such as this." She gave a slow blink. "Although, I have to admit, it's hard to imagine."

"Hug me."

"What?" Now she was the one who looked surprised.

"Hug me," he said again, features tensed.

"Hatori, are you sure?" Her voice was uncertain. He'd never let her do it before and wondered why now, of all times.

Instead of words, he responded bying,ing, wrapping his arms around her. For a brief moment, she felt the pleasure of being embraced by his strong arms surrounding her and was happy. But then a puff of colored smoke surrounded them and the feeling disappeared as her vision became obstructed. When the air cleared, she looked around, not seeing him and became worried at his sudden vanishing act. Just when she was about to leave the bed to look around for him, a movement in her peripheral vision caught her attention and she looked down at the dark spot standing out in stark contrast to the whiteness of the sheets.

It was a little seahorse.

"Hatori?" she asked questioningly, leaning in a bit closer.

Tiny fins flapped in answer.

"Oh." She blinked. The odd waves of energy she felt rolling off of the small form certainly matched those of the handsome doctor that she knew. "How cute."

Suddenly, another wave of smoke engulfed them and she jerked back in surprise with a startled gasp. She stared, a bit taken aback, at the sudden appearance of Hatori's naked human form sitting beside her on the bed. Then she smiled at the expression on his face.

"It's not that bad," she reassured him.

He just sighed heavily.

"You really have a complex about it?" She was amused. "I thought it was very cute."

Pink tinted his cheeks. "You're not bothered by it?"

"It's much better than I thought it would be. Imagining what a wseahseahorse might look like isn't a pretty picture."

He was amazed she was taking it so well. She was certainly much calmer at the revelation than anyone else had been in his experience. And the knowledge made the tightness in his chest ease even though he was well aware that this was just the tip of the iceberg and there were still other issues to be dewithwith. But for now, this was enough.

"So," Saki commented. "This is your deep, dark secret?"

"Part of it." He grew more serious. "There's more to it than just this." He shook his head. "I'm not even sure where to begin."

"Then don't." She was calm. "This is just one day. There will be others, right? Plenty of time to figure all of it out." Her gaze was steady. "You do want to, don't you? Be with me?""I "I shouldn't." There was doubt in his voice. "You're young, should be with people your own age without all the baggage I come with."

Her lips twisted, her expression dark. "Age is more than just a physical thing, Hatori." She thought of the guilt that still plagued her, the fear, when remembering a time long ago where she had abused her special abilities and sent a boy in her childhood to be hospitalized briefly. "I have my own share of baggage, I can assure you." And she would tell him about it one day but there had been enough revelations for today. "And I can tell you that I can't stand most of the people my age. So don't think you can get rid of me easily by pushing me towards my peers." She made sure he could see her determination. "The important thing is, are you willing to make a relationship between us work?"

He chuckled, regarding her softly. "I give up. I can't win against you."

She smiled at that. "Good of you to admit. Keep it in mind for future reference." Then a change slowly came over as her dark eyes glinted with a hint of mischief. "So, Hatori?"

"Yes?" He eyed her warily at her tone.

She sidled closer to him, gazing up at him with a languid look in her eyes that had the breath hitching in his throat. Her lips curved slowly, seductively, as she placed a soft hand on his knee and began to inch it upwards in a gentle caress that sent his body humming.

"Hatori." There was a husky note to her voice. "You don't have to tie me up anymore. Not that I didn't enjoy it." Humor flitted in her gaze. "But I want to touch you. Much, much more than you've let me before."

Her hand dipped between his thighs, enjoying his low gasp, while he suddenly found it very difficult to think as wonderful sensations filled him. The touch of her hand, the sight of her nude, the sexy sound of her voice lowered in seductive octave, all of it was a package sure to drive the senses out of any man. Still, he did his best to maintain control over himself as he concentrated on her husky words.

"All I have to do is keep from hugging you, right?"

He swallowed hard. "Right."

"Good." There was a definite wicked light in her dark eyes as she gently rolled the firm length of him in her hands. "Then it's okay for me to touch you wherever I feel like, right?"

He barely managed to gasp out, "If you want."

"Oh, I want. I definitely want." Her dark eyes glittered. "So relax and enjoy. After all, I really should repay you for doing all the work up until now." Her head dropped down. "Yes, definitely."

Then warm lips wrapped around the tip of him and he bit back a strangled groan at the sensation of heat and wetness that surrounded him, hands clenching in sheets as he resisted the urge to buck his hips and send himself deeper into her mouth. Still, he couldn't keep his breath from coming out in rapid pants as he took in the sight of her, dark strands of hair flowing over white sheets and framing the image of soft pink lips pursing around the hard column of male flesh rising towards her. A sexy sight it was and it had the blood pooling even harder in his groin as she took her turn and tortured him with hands, lips, tongue, and gently nipping teeth.

"Saki," he groaned harshly after one particular nip.

But she ignored the plea she heard in that voice. She'd long dreamed of being able to touch him as freely as she wanted without him pulling back from her when she wasn't ready to stop for whatever reasons had him restraining her somehow. And now she could and she wasn't quite ready to relinquish her position just yet, wanting to show him just how much she loved him with her touch as it gave her as much pleasure as it gave him.

Mouth still working on him, worshipping him, tasting the mingled flavor of both him and her, she slid her hands down to cup the taut sacs below and gently squeezed.

He arched, eyes widening at the unexpected roll of pleasure that swept through him, forcing himself unintentionally deeper into her mouth, which took him eagerly as it lavished attention on that special part of him. But it was too much and he knew, even if she didn't, that it would be over quicker than he wanted if he let her continue on. Though part of him was loathed to do it, there was somewhere else that he'd rather be so he reached out, tangling a hand in her silky hair and firmly tugged until her head lifted, mouth releasing him with an audible pop.
Her eyes flickered then, a bit uncertainly, as she questioned, "Hatori?"

Face drawn tight with desire, he still managed a soft smile, just for her. "If you don't mind," he said huskily, "being inside of you is still the best place to be."

She blushed a little, but looked pleased. "Mind?" she said as she moved over him. "I'd be crazy if I did."

She straddled him, positioning herself until the tip of him rested just outside her wet opening, reveling in the feel of doing this for the first time with her hands unbound. She smiled at him, a look that made him shudder as it promised to give someg, vg, very, very good.

"I may be many things, but crazy isn't one of them."

Then she dropped, sinking down on him fully in a slick wet slide that had them both groaning aloud in pleasure. Panting, hands placed on his shoulders to balance her, she stilled in his lap as she faced him with one hand rising to cup the side of his profile as her expression became serious and she looked deeply into his eyes.

"Age doesn't matter." Truth reflected in he dark orbs, filled with her love for him. "There's no one else for me but you." She rolled her hips, wringing a gasp from them both. "No one else I want to share this with."

He growled a little, not liking the thought of her with another man, not like this, not ever. He gripped her hips, pushing her down more, making her give one of those choked cries that he loved as he possessed her just that little bit extra.

Sensing the dark thoughts swirling through him, she told him again, "I love you."

His features softened, smoothed, as he returned, "I love you, too."

She gave a soft sigh of happiness at finally hearing the actual words spoken from him. Although this wasn't the position she imagined she'd be in whenever she dreamt of how he'd first say the words if he ever got around to saying them. Still, she was certain, that it would make this moment all the more memorable.

"It all works out for the best then." She looked at him lovingly.

"This works better."

She shrieked in surprise when he suddenly tumbled her back onto the bed. She stared up at him, taking in the playful glint in his eyes as he smiled down at her as he took the position of command.

"You talk too much," he said humorously.

Then he drove his hips in hers, hard, sending her arching and another strangled cry issuing from her throat as she rolled her hips in return. She gripped his upper arms as they braced him, enjoying the feel of muscles rippling beneath her hands as he moved within her in long, powerfulokesokes that sent a hot wave of pleasure zinging through her with every wet slide.

She enjoyed it even more when he dipped his head and laved her breasts with his tongue, the wet sandpapery feel rasping across sensitive flesh and nipples adding to the sensations mounting within her. Mewling cries and other inarticulate noises filled the room as they told him just how much she was enjoying it all as sweat slicked down their bodies as they continued to move.

Then, just when she didn't think it could get any better, he slid a hand down and touched her.

She screamed in one long rolling wail, eyes flying wide open as her body shook uncontrollably, clenching around him as she climaxed. It pushed him over the brink as well, seeing her reach her peak, and with a harsh groan, he released himself deep within her quivering depths as she accepted every shooting spurt of his seed.

He barely stopped himself from collapsing on top of her, rolling off to the side as he panted, trying to catch his breath. his his body settled, he felt immensely happy. Of course, he knew the truest test that would reveal whether or not their relationship could survive was still to come. After all, they had to deal with telling everyone else about the extent of their relationship, which they had so painstakingly kept hidden from public knowledge. Her friends, his friends, all would eventually have to be told; their reactions to the news, which would undoubtedly come as a shock, would be one of the hurdles that they would have to face.

But, as he had told her earlier, Saki was different from the other woman he had loved once upon a time and he had the feeling that she had the strength he needed to sustain him when he required it. For certain, he had never met anyone like her before and doubted he ever would again. Maybe it was selfishness to want to hold this love so close but he would try to protect it as best he could and had the feeling, through the odd sense of connection he had with her, that she felt the same. It was a thought that brought him a measure of calm and peace with his resolve that he hoped would see them both well in the future.

He was startled from his musings to hear her suddenly giggle, another sound that he grew to adore for its rarity. Curious, he turned his head to look at her.

"Saki? What's so funny?"

A smile played about her lips as humor swam in the depths of those beautiful dark eyes of hers as she looked at him, all the affection she felt for him visible as she confided her thoughts.

"Do you think anyone will believe this?"

~ owari ~

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