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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for the Kyoru ML Hot Spring Trip lemon fanfic contest which is supposed to be set during episode 12 of the anime without altering the sequence of events. So, hopefully, I did that. (^^)

By the way, for those that may not know, 'onsen' is the Japanese word for hot springs.

DISCLAIMER: I claim no ownership over Fruits Basket, its storyline, or any of its characters. That right belongs to the creators of the original anime and manga series. I'm merely borrowing them for my own entertainment purposes from which I make no profit and I feel sorry for anyone that may think I do. But none of you should think that, right? ^_^


Kyou glared at the fiasco in front of him. Well, maybe it wasn't a fiasco but it was certainly noisy enough to get on his nerves, not to mention starting a headache, and he wondered how in the hell he'd been dragged into coming along in this mess in the first place. But the answer to that was easy as his gaze went to the brown-haired girl who had unwittingly brought him into it simply by being her. And it wasn't just him but everyone else too. He, Momiji, and Yuki were gathered in the kitchen, watching a bit helplessly as Tohru tried to calm down the manager of the onsen resort that Momiji had gifted her with a short vacation to as his White Day's gift.

To Kyou, however, it didn't seem like much of a gift. Weren't gifts supposed to bring happiness? From the distressed look on Tohru's face as she struggled with convincing the manager and the cook, who were both Souma siblings, that they didn't need to prepare a new dinner because they thought the one they'd brought out before was below standard, Kyou didn't think she was all that happy. And the knowledge irritated him.

"Okami-san," Tohru was saying pleadingly. "Please, calm down. It's really not necessary to go through any more trouble on our account."

"No!" was the wailed reply. "As the person responsible for this establishment, I've dishonored the Souma name by serving improperly prepared dishes! I've darkened the respectable name of our family and brought horrible shame upon it! Oh, to be devoured by the mouthhellhell would be too good for me after the terrible disgrace I've caused! I apologize to you, to everyone, to the world and beyond!"

"No, sister," cried the cook. "The shame is mine since the dishes are my responsibility as the cook! I offer a hund a t a thousand, a million apologies - but that won't fill an empty belly! To see that the guests don't go hungry but are fed the way that they deserve - the dishes must be prepared again! They must, they must, they must!"

"No, really they don't," Tohru broke in desperately. "We like what we have already. Don't we?"

She cast a pleading expression to where Kyou, Yuki, and Momiji were standing, lng ang against the kitchen counter and watching all the excitement. With that sweetly troubled look on her face, how could they refuse the plea in her eyes?

"I liked it!" Momiji piped up in his childishly sweet voice. "It was yummy, yummy, yummy!"

"It was delicious," Yuki added, tone placating in his best mediator mode. "The dinner is wonderful as it is, an excellent job all around. Really, there's no reason for you to do it over again."

Kyou just grunted, annoyed that the mouse had voiced his opinion first once again.

"See?" Tohru turned back to the overexcited siblings. "We all loved the dinner very much. So you really, really, don't have to do anything else."

"No, no, no!" The manager shook her head vigorously. "Everyone's being too kind to spare a poor woman's feelings but I know the truth! It's a horrible sin I've committed, a crime of the worst proportions and restitution must be paid! I'll-"

"Shut up!" Kyou yelled, temper snapping in his voice. "I've had enough! You and you," he pointed to the Souma siblings, "should realize just how bad you're making her," now he pointed to Tohru, "feel with the way you're blowing everything out of proportion like this. Food is food - you eat it so you don't die. What the hell does it matter if the temperature of a dish is a little off? Who cares? It's still good so why do you want to waste it by tossing it all out to make the same thing over again? All this noise over one little dish isn't worth it." He snorted in disgust. "And if you're socerncerned about what your guests think, why don't you try listening to what they say? We say it's fine and like it the way it is so that's the way it sd bed be. So there!"

His lips curled in grim satisfaction at the shocked silence that fell upon the room with his outburst. Finally, some peace and quiet!

But all the talking - and yelling - had parched his throat and, spying the glass of clear liquid on the kitchen counter, he sought to quench his thirst. His was was quick in swiping the glass and downing its contents in rapid gulps.

"Ah!" cried the cook, horrified. "He's drinking the cooking sake!"

"Oh, no!" yelled the manager. "Quick, get some water!"

"Kyou-kun!" exclaimed Tohru in distress. "Are you alright?"

"Stupid cat," Yuki muttered, giving Kyou a disgusted glance.

"Uh-oh," commented Momiji, looking oddly both solemn and amused "Kyou must really be burning now."

As for Kyou, he was too busy to pay attention to anyone else as he gasped in choking breaths, his throat seeming to have caught on fire as his eyes watered terribly while the commotion around him only made him feel worse, the noisiness aggravating his headache to a painful point where it was almost a relief when he finally passed out.


"Where's Kyou-kun?" Tohru asked Momiji.

She frowned looking up and down the hallway for sight of the orange haired teen but he was nowhere around. She couldn't help but be worried about him after all that sake he had downed which, unfortunate though it was, had at least put an end to the Souma siblings' effusive apologies about the dinner. Though he seemed better after drinking a few glasses of water upon regaining consciousness, there was something still a little off about his actions even though he waved off everyone's concern in his usual grumpy manner. He'd even been up for challenging Yuki to a game of table tennis and seemed to revert back to his normal self. But then, when she and Yuki had met up with Kyou and Momiji after Yuki pre presented his White Day gift to her, the pretty yellow ribbons that she loved, Kyou seemed to sink into a quiet that was unusual for him.

Before Yuki had retired for the night to his room, Tohru had asked him about Kyou's condition, when he was out of earshot, of course. But Yuki said that the affects of alcohol sometimes made people shift moods oddly and that it was nothing she needed to concern herself about so much. However, Tohru couldn't help but worry.

"Hmm." Momiji placed a finger on his chin, thinking. "I think he said something about soaking in the onsen." He laughed. "He's probably just putting off going back to the room he's sharing with Yuki."

"Onsen?" She recalled how dizzy she'd gotten herself, and she hadn't even had any alcohol! Plus, Kyou had already passed out once that night - what if it happened again? "Should Kyou-kun be doing that?" she asked anxiously.

"You mean is he still feeling the affects of the sake?"

Tohru nodded worriedly.

"Hmm." Momiji tilted his head thoughtfully. "Well, it is true that he's not used to it. And taking a hot bath after drinking that much probably isn't a good idea, even if he does seem better. Why, I've heard that people who have had too much alcohol fall asleep more easily in warm water - and some of them even drown!"

"Drown!" exclaimed Tohru, horrified. "Oh, no! Kyou-kun!" She wrung her hands in distress. "What should we do? I don't want Kyou-kun to drown!"

"Yeah, that would be bad," commented Momiji. "But I think there's a way to keep that from happening."

"What?" Tohru looked at Momiji hopefully.

Momiji crooked a finger and Tohru leaned closer, listening attentively to the explanation he whispered into her ear.


Kyou blinked groggily as the steam from the onsen wafted up around his nude body as he leaned back heavily against the stony rim, submerged up to his neck in the hot water. He felt sluggish and uncoordinated and the thought that maybe he shouldn't have gone for a dip in the hot waters after all vaguely crossed his mind. Especially after how exhausted he'd felt before he'd submerged himself, the past hours of trying to pretend he was fine so that Tohru wo't 't worry about him so much having finally taken their toll.

But he'd liked it when she'd worried about him.

He sighed, cursing himself the thought and for being so contrary. He didn't want to worry her, which was why he'd acted as normally as he could manage to show her that he was fine, even going so far as to challenge Yuki to a tennis table match as he usually would under ordinary circumstances. And yet, despite the pains he'd taken to keep from worrying her, he couldn't help but think that he liked it when she fussed over him as she had after he'd downed that sake. It had been nice having her focus all her attention on him instead of Yuki.

But it wasn't enough because he wanted more. For a while he's known that but it was never driven quite so much to home as when he'd seen her come back from being outside with Yuki and those yellow ribbons in her hair that hadn't been there before. He'd known Yuki had given them to her and had wished that he might have thought of giving her something else besides just his presence on this trip. Because he did want to give her so much more, she deserved it.

However, the only thing he could think of, as the warmth of the onsen lulled him into a dreamy lassitude, was himself. And as his eyes closed groggily, his thoughts turned, as they sometimes did, to his imaginings that he kept to himself; about her, about him, and how he could finally confess his feelings that he found so hard to say. But he was never good with words so he dreamed of other ways that he express himself to her and what would happen if she returned those feelings.


At the soft whisper, he turned slowly to find her kneeling right behind him, her bleanleaning towards him with her face just inches away from his own and the outline of her form softened by the wafting steam rising around them. Wrapped only in a towel, the ends tucked snugly between her breasts, as she gazed down at him with a sweetly gentle look in her eyes, she was the image of some of his better fantasies. And what could this be but another dream? In the back of his mind, a part of him was aware that the situation was surreal for there was no reason why she would be here with him like this in reality. But the other part of him, wavering between dream and reality and drugged from the lingering effects of the sake, the lulling warmth of the onsen, and his own desires, didn't care if it was real or not, only wanting to show her how he felt.

Dreamily, only half-aware of what he was doing, he reached out a hand slowly, water sluicing off his upraised arm as he cupped her face gently in his palm and stared into those wide liquid pools of her eyes. His gaze locked on hers in an unwavering stare, he straightened gradually until they were at eye-level, the expression in his eyes reflecting his previous thoughts and feelings, the ones concerned with the idea that he wanted to show her how he felt if he couldn't do it with words. He'd had so many dreams of it, so many different versions of how it could play out, what came next seemed almost natural to him.

He kissed her. It was a sweet kiss at first, starting hesitant and slow but gradually, as he got used it, it deepened into more as the soft lips beneath his own, lax and unresponsive in the beginning, slowly parted in a soft gasp. Vaguely he wondered why the sensations of this dream seemed so much more real than in his previous fantasies, so much better, but then she leaned in, taking part in deepening their kiss, and he stopped trying to reason out anything, only wanting to enjoy.

However, as enjoyable as the kissing was, it wasn't enough. Their positions placed their bodies at different levels and didn't allow him to touch her as much as he wanted, but he also didn't want to break their kiss long enough to try climbing out of the onsen.

But this was his dream, wasn't it? Then he should be able to do what he wanted to.

Without breaking the kiss, he stood up straighter, water sloshing around him as his actions forced her to straighten as well from her leaning position until he was able to place his hands on either side of her waist more easily. Then, as his lips still held hers captive, with an abrupt movement made easy by his considerable strength and the lightness of her body, he lifted gently but surely, pulling her into the onsen until she was standing before him. And, of, of course, was accepting, allowing it all as was in her giving nature.

Still, finding herself suddenly partially submerged in warm water must have been a bit of a shock as she pulled away with a short gasp, eyes wide as she stared up at him. He brushed away damp tendrils of hair that clung damply to her face as he gazed down into her eyes, reading the emotions that flickered within them like an open book. There was a mix of longing, hesitation, and fear reflected there. But the emotions that caught him the most was the love and, perhaps just as wonderful, the trust.

"Do you want this?" he asked softly, a bit uncertainly. Though this seemed a bit different from his other dreams which seemed to go more smoothly, something within him wanted her assent, even if this wasn't real.

"Yes," she said, just as softly.

Hesitation and fear still lurked with her eyes, but there was more surety this time as she was instigator this time, raising her head and leaning into him carefully to kiss him without their upper bodies coming into contact. And Kyou fell into it, into her, as he became swept up in the sensation of her once again, letting everything else but her and him together like this fall away.

Kissing her, he slowly nudged her further along the onsen until they came to a stony ledge submerged under the water. He settled her on it, giving him better room for maneuvering as she leaned back against the stony wall, allowing him better access to trail kisses to places other than her lips. And he did, to the delight of both as hips ips slicked a path down her neck, reveling in the feel of soft damp skin and the sweet feminine scent unique to her that wafted to him. Oddly enough, he took his time; after all, if things went too fast then the dream, the best one he's had so far because it seemed so much more real than others, would come to an end.

And Kyou didn't want it to end.

He went lower, lips and tongue lapping at her collarbone, enjoying the soft cries issuing from her throat as his hand went to work, unraveling the towel wrapped around her and pushing the wet cloth away, baring her body to him. He took advantage of her sudden nudity, crouching lower in the water to have better access to her breasts, wet waves lapping at his chin and around her waist as he laved kisses upon her flesh until finally he took one rosy bud in his mouth while his hands smoothed their way up and down her body in slick caresses of wet skin upon wet skin.

"Kyou-kun!" she cried, arching as a hand found its way between her thighs.

He paused and, despite the situation, had an odd desire to laugh as he looked up at her, his mouth releasing her nipple long enough to say, "Just call me 'Kyou'" before returning his attention to her other breast.

However, there's a limit to all things and when her mewlings became more frantic, the place between her thighs more hot, and his own need more urgent, he broke away a bit to raised himself up. Motions somewhat jerky but needy, he positioned himself between her outspread thighs and braced his arms on the stony wall behind her, hands placed on either side of her shoulders. Then, capturing her lips in another deep kiss, he thrust his hips, moving deeply inside her in one stroke only to come to a sudden halt as she stiffened abruptly, crying into his mouth with a sharp, pained sound.

He broke away from the kiss to stare at her, eyes wide as reality crashed around him, tearing away the veil of lethargy that had been clouding his mind up until now. And as tears leaked down from her eyes, he felt his heart crack at the realization that he was the cause for it, that he had hurt her and that this wasn't a dream.

"I'm sorry." His voice came out in a low, hoarse whisper, pained as he stared down at her. "I didn't mean-" he broke off, no longer able to meet her gaze as shook his head, feeling confused and ashamed, "I never wanted to hurt you."

He made as if to withdraw but was stopped in mid-motion as he felt a soft hand cup his face tenderly, tilting it to face her until he finally met her gaze. And the expression in her eyes made his breath catch and his heart skip a beat as they looked at him the way he'd always wanted.

"I'm alright." She gave him a small shy smile as she blushed, turning her skin an even darker shade of pink. "But I think I'll feel worse if you stop."

His eyes widened at her words as a blush crawled up his own cheeks. He felt an odd mixture of happiness and embarrassment at knowing that this wasn't a dream and that she really did want him. But as the urgency of the situation seeped away, awareness of her and the way the slick walls of her body were clasped tightly around him brought about the return of another need.

"Are you sure?" he asked, staring down at her searchingly. Much as he wanted to continue, he was still a little uncertain about it. "You were in a lot of pain before-"

"I'm sure," she broke in, surety in her tone. "It only hurt for a little." She clenched her inner muscles, making them both gasp as her voice turned breathy. "I'm much better now."

"Yeah." His voice came out in a hoarse croak and he had to clear his throat before saying, "I can feel that."

Her eyes twinkled up at him happily, merrily, as she reached up and, being careful not to embrace him, drew his head down for another kiss. She also wiggled her hips as much as her position would allow, signaling for him to begin moving again which he did with an eagerness that wrung more mewling cries from her throat as he stroked in and out of her.

She felt hot and flushed, as if she'd burst out of her skin at any moment and each thrust of his hips only made her burn more. She gripped his forearms, fingers digging in as she tried to anchor herself in some way to prevent herself from flinging her arms around him the way she wanted to as the pressure inside her built to a fever pitch that she'd never felt before. It was an aching pain and pleasure mingling inside her, making her breath speed up into harsh pants as she drew in air with gasping cries only to exhale with more cries that spilled out into the night, signaling her pleasure.

On and on it seemed to go with no end in sight until suddenly, abruptly, her eyes flew wide open as he stroked deep with in with one sharp thrust that sent her over that shining edge in a spill of pleasure and excitement that washed over her. Dimly, she was aware of his body giving a groan as he shuddered above her but she was lost to the sensations taking over her own body as it shivered around him while her grip on his arms tightened as she let loose with one final wailing cry, swallowed by the night.

As their breathing calmed and reality settled around them, he turned to her, still feeling a bit shaky, a just stared, hardly daring to believe that it had all really happened. But the smile she gave him clearly said that all of it was real and wasn't just another product of his fevered imaginings. And as his happiness with the situation warmed his heart, he was finally able to say with words what he couldn't before.

"I love you," he said softly, barely breathing as he awaited her response, almost fearful despite all that had just recently occurred.

She gave a small laugh as she smiled am. m. "I love you, too."

And that was all that had to be said as he gave an audible sigh of relief, muscles that he hadn't even noticed tensing up loosening as he sagged against the stony wall of the onsen. He knew that there were still things to be dealt with but for now, this was enough. There were other days on which they could deal with them but being here with her like this was a moment he wasn't quite willing to relinquish just yet. So, for a while, he simply relaxed, basking in her presence and the feel of her by his side.

Still, there was something puzzling him and he turned to her with a questioning expression on his face.

"What made you come out here, anyway?" he asked curiously.

And with a tiny laugh, she told him.


Tohru entered the room as quietly as she could, still feeling warm and pleasant inside even after she'd parted with Kyou as he went back to the room he was sharing with Yuki for the night while she returned to the one that she was, after much debate, sharing with Momiji. She didn't know how long this warmness that enveloped her would last but she hoped it would be for a while. Such were her thoughts as she settled herself on her futon, sitting there for a moment as she gazed down in contemplation at the young boy fast asleep beside her.

"Thank you," she whispered softly before laying back on her own futon.

Momiji just smiled as he heard the pattern of her breathing change as she drifted off to sleep. He'd never been asleep at all, only waiting for her to return and give him some idea of how it had all went.

He hoped Kyou would remember to thank him in the morning.

~ owari ~

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