Friday Moon

BY : Crimson Twilight
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Disclaimer: I do not own this anime/manga, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hi and hello! To all you out there who don’t know me (AKA, most of you) I am Crimson Twilight! Well, I’m here now, writing my first Gravitation AND Yami no Matsuei fanfic! Isn’t that interesting? OK, not really, but still.

Ok, this is the part of the fanfic writing process where I tell you where I got the idea for this wonderful literature idea. Well, I have no idea. I really don’t. I’m very sorry if this was originally someone else’s idea first, of course if it is, that would explain where I got the idea, wouldn’t it. Ah the things we ponder.

Any who, on with the fic. (I don’t need a disclaimer do I? I hope you people are smart enough to get I do not own either of these great masterpieces of shouten-ai goodness.)

Disclaimer: Oh well, I don't own it. Just in case you do think I did.

Curse upon the Friday Moon

“It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!” Akira Takatoma screamed in rage as he threw a glass into the wall, instantly shattering it into a million fragments. His gaze was fixed on the three on the television. His eyes burned with all the fires of hell.

Nittle Grasper. Nittle Grasper. Everywhere he went, Nittle Grasper followed, mocking his every movement.

Ever since the first time he met the three starry eyed children, he had shown them gratitude, but how do they repay his kindness? They had to go and do this! They forced him slowly out of a job. His life was over the first time their songs were played on the radio. But now he was actually dead inside. There was nothing left in his life.

Suddenly Friday Moon was yesterday’s news. Their contract wasn’t renewed, fans left for the younger Ryuichi. Kori and Aki left him alone. He was the only one who truly cared for what was their dream. It had to end. Tonight. After tonight, Nittle Grasper’s lead singer would be no more. The others would follow. If there were no
Sakuma Ryuichi, there would be no Nittle Grasper.

“Thank you for coming here tonight at last minute.” Ryuichi said, acting like an adult for once, hiding his true face from the public.

Akira clutched his head in pain as he collapsed to the ground. A choked sob wrenched forth from his throat and he howled like a wounded animal. Ryuichi’s voice was like a razor, slowly tearing him apart, inch by inch, piece by piece. The young singer wouldn’t stop until Akira Takatoma was only a lowly discount CD selling for five hundred yen at the corner store.

He watched the television still. Press conferences. He remembered doing press conferences. Where the world would hang on his every word and he would be watched by millions of adoring fans. He was loved, and he loved the attention. No more though. The press no longer wished to speak to a has-been like him. He was old news. He was old.

“It’s not fair!” He screamed throwing himself onto the floor. His voice hitched in his throat as his stayed fixed on the screen in front of him.

“We have some startling news for you all tonight.” Ryuichi stared into Akira’s soul, mocking him.

“I’ll kill him…I’ll kill him….” He chanted as he crossed the room and grasped the golden dagger on the end table. “I’LL KILL THE FUCKING BASTARD!!!” Akira thrust the dagger into his left hand, sending droplets of blood to spill across the floor and marring his white sleeve. He laughed as he pulled the dagger out slowly, allowing the blood to freely flow over the wooden floor.

Akira moved in a set pattern. He knew what he had to do. Kill the brat. Kill him and get his career back. If Ryuichi was dead he would be back! Kori and Aki would love him again and come back to him.

His breath was ragged as he pulled a book out and flipped threw the yellowed crisp pages. He knew the exact page he was looking for. He had memorized it.

“After Ryuichi is dead, I promise I’ll bring you back.” He stated to the dark. A vacant smile plastered to his face as he finally found his page. “I’ll bring you back after he is dead.” His right hand played over the dead language’s writing as his other smeared his blood on the floor. “I promise I’ll bring you both back to me. Then we can sing again.”

He sat down within the pentagram he formed with his blood and began to read the inscription. “Sedah fo drol ylohnu, Uoy nopu llaci…” The pentagram began to glow with an unholy red light. Akira smiled wickedly. “Llik Nittle Grasper!”

“That is why it is our duty to tell you, Nittle Grasper will be no more. As of this day, we will be going our separate ways. We hope to see you all again and hope Nittle Graspers legacy does not end here.”

“What?!” Akira gasped. He stood and stared in shock at the television screen. Nittle Grasper just broke up. He would be on top again! He would be number—

Akira screamed and doubled over in pain, collapsing to his knees. Clutching his chest as sweat trickled down his brow. “What…what’s happening….” Tears streamed from his eyes as he felt his spell taking it’s toll on him.

He had lost concentration, that’s what he had done. The curse was running rampant! It had no where do go! He didn’t have time to call it back! To send it to it’s target!

He could escape! If he left the pentagram, maybe he could be free…

Akira threw his head back and howled in pain. The curse would rip him apart! He collapsed to the ground and wrapped his arms around his middle. It was Ryuichi’s fault again! He hissed like a serpent as he watched the television. “I swear I will get you--” Slowly he rose to his knees, his eyes never leaving the television.

Akira opened his mouth to scream again, but nothing came. His heart burst within his chest and painted the walls and floors a sickening shade of red.

His limp body fell to the floor, on top of the lightly glowing red pentagram. His dead eyes stared at the television, watching the former Nittle Grasper and their faces tarnished with his blood.

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