Cold Passion

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Cold Passion
Yami No Matsuei, MurakixTsuzuki
NC 17
PWP, plotless, senseless

When he got his consciousness back, the first thing Muraki noticed was the uncomfortable feeling along his arms and shoulders. He came to a realization that his arms were bound above his head. Judging from the soft surface beneath his body, presumably he was tied up in a bed.


He could feel cold air kissing his skin, making him tingle all over, causing his cock to stir in a delicious way.

Muraki moved his left leg.

He frowned when he found out that he could not move his left leg. Or right leg, as he gave it a try as well.

So he was tied up, arms and legs.

He was not happy.

Muraki finally opened his eyes and met his favourite pair of violet eyes. The lips below the eyes spread into a soft smile.

Muraki had never felt happier before. He smiled. “Tsuzuki-san,” he whispered, his stomach twitched in painfully sweet churn.

Tsuzuki’s smile deepened, his eyes flickered with amusement.

Muraki took a deep breath.

And Tsuzuki stole it by pressing his lips on his. Hard.

Muraki forgot to breath. His mind suddenly swirled in maddening spiral. When he was able to clear his mind a bit, the only thing he could focus on was the fact Tsuzuki was kissing him. Soft and gently. His lips soft and warm and pouty and Muraki could not hold himself and pushed his luck a bit, slipping his tongue between Tsuzuki’s lips.

He touched the teeth and he stared into Tsuzuki’s eyes, begging permission. Shameless, Muraki cursed himself. Already he begged for Tsuzuki’s mercy.

But when permission was granted, he let out a throaty grunt to thank Tsuzuki.

Oh gods, this was even better that he always imagined. Tsuzuki. Sprawling on top of his body, all weight and flesh and heartbeat and breath, kissing him passionately with tongue inside his mouth, slipping in and out, probing, exploring, sucking the tip of Muraki’s tongue but not letting Muraki to catch on it. And… oh how good he teased Muraki like that…

Muraki wanted to growl. He wanted to protest, wanted to show Tsuzuki how to do it better, but, but…

Tsuzuki broke the kiss and Muraki whimpered, ”No…”

Again, Tsuzuki only smiled soft and kissed his nose lightly.

Muraki balled his fist and almost yelped at the painful attack that hit him as he tried to tug his wrists off the bedrail. The bound was so tight, he wouldn’t be able to move even one millimeter.

“Tsuzuki-san, please… ah… let me free…,” he breathed.

Tsuzuki only rolled his eyes before diving down again, this time to clamp his lips on Muraki’s neck.

Muraki gasped sharply.

He closed his eyes, an attempt of focusing his mind. In the frenzy of heat and pleasure caused by Tsuzuki nibbling on the sensitive part of his neck, he tried to remember what brought him into this situation. And what made Tsuzuki do this to him. He could understand the tying up. But kissing him like he meant it…

Muraki yelped, eyes shot open, when Tsuzuki sucked on his neck hard at the same time pinching his nipples hard. All thoughts now had evaporated, melted, as his brain turned into mush. He opened his mouth again to moan, but it came out as a sharp groan as Tsuzuki suddenly rocked their hips together.

“No, no… oh… Tsuzuki-saaaaaahhh…,” oh shit, Muraki suddenly was aware that he was completely hard. His erection throbbed painfully, deliciously under the vicious ministration of Tsuzuki’s hot hard-on, his balls taut tightly, threatening to explode anytime.

Muraki tried to gather himself, but Tsuzuki was determined to prevent him to do so by toying with his body, lapping hot, wet tongue along the neck, thumbs pressing and rolling his nipples mercilessly and hips grinding furiously. Muraki desperately tried to arch his back a bit and when he failed, he trashed his head from left to right, beads of sweat trickled down his temples and neck. Everything had become too overwhelming to take on, that he gave up thinking and just feeling.

Delicious sensation.

Hot pleasure.

Muraki sighed deep, deep, closing again, drowning into the sweet madness as Tsuzuki started giving him a tongue bath, starting from his neck, along his shoulders, past his chest, down, down, down, pausing to tease his belly button…

Down, down…

Muraki sighed again and opened his eyes. He managed to bend his neck a little to look at the top of Tsuzuki’s head hovering over his groin.

Tsuzuki had his fingers wrapped loosely around his shaft, leaving only the head visible for him to lick and swirl his tongue around it. Muraki inhaled deeply, finally feeling too weak from too much excitements. He wanted to bend his knees up a bit and spread his legs wider a bit as he knew it would feel better that way. But he opted at staring into Tsuzuki’s head.

Afterall, it was Tsuzuki. And he always wanted it with Tsuzuki, although not really like this.

But as long as it was Tsuzuki…

Muraki smiled to himself and surrendered.

And now that he had surrendered, the sensation and pleasure were even greater. He was a bit surprised that Tsuzuki knew what to do with throbbing, sensitive flesh like the one he sported between his legs right now. Tsuzuki popped the head inside his mouth and sucked gently before pulling out and dipped the tip of his tongue into the slit.

Muraki knew he couldn’t be happier.

If only he could convince Tsuzuki that it would be even much better if he was released.

But Tsuzuki deliberately, completely ignored him and treated him like a toy. Not that he had any objection about it.

But, it would be better if… oh, no… Tsuzuki now was running his tongue along the shaft, very, very, very… slowly…

Muraki let out a happy sigh. “Gods, Tsuzuki-san… please… let me… go… I will… ohhh.”

Muraki blinked as he saw Tsuzuki releasing his erection from his hand. Tsuzuki looked up at him, staring into his eyes with his soft smile and flicker of amusement in his eyes. Muraki felt his heart beating too fast now.

That pretty face.

And fabulous body.

Tsuzuki sat on his groin, his perineum pressed on his cock and balls hard, causing more delicious, painful feeling. Muraki tried to shift a bit, but Tsuzuki made sure he could not do that by pinning all his weight down on Muraki. Muraki could see Tsuzuki’s body, naked as he was and sporting a hard on as pretty as his entire being. He knew he could not get enough drinking in the prettiness, reminding himself again and again why he loved Tsuzuki’s body so much.

“I didn’t know you’re into a kink like this,” said Muraki. “I don’t know where you learned this stuff from, but didn’t they tell you that this kink will be much better if both parties participate?”

Another soft smile, accompanied by a lifted eyebrow, violet eyes still bored sharply into his eyes.

“What’s up, Tsuzuki-san?” asked Muraki, although he was not sure whether he wanted the answer. “You really like playing rough?”

Another unanswered question. Tsuzuki shifted a bit to sit on Muraki’s right thigh.

For one long moment that felt like forever, Tsuzuki let silence fall between them, all the time glaring at Muraki, but his eyes glowed softly. The air was heavy with passion and Muraki did not know how much longer he could stand it. He was so painful in his crotch, his erection bobbing hard, dripping erection, wanting release and he wanted to encase it with Tsuzuki’s body, wanted to feel Tsuzuki, wanted to satisfy himself in Tsuzuki, wanted to… wanted too…

Muraki groaned sharply as Tsuzuki began stroking him in earnest.

“Oh gods, Tsuzuki-san… no… yesss… ahhhh… don’t… don’t do this to… meeeee…,” he breathed.

Again, his plea was completely ignored and he just had to suffer sensation so hard, so… so unbreable that reduced him into a beggar. He did not know whether he should be happy because Tsuzuki knew well how to pump him without mercy or whether he should be disappointed because Tsuzuki knew very well to make him happy or…

He was floating high, falling fast, bouncing up, torn between lust and desire and was unable to hold on.

And when he knew he could not hold it any longer, Tsuzuki smacked the head of his erection lightly and he came, his vision whited out as his cock spurted hot white seed forcefully into Tsuzuki’s chest.

Muraki didn’t even know whether it was better to moan or to gasp or curse.

It was just too good, far better than his imagination.

He let sometime to even out his breath with his eyes closed before fluttering them open to see yet another softly smile in Tsuzuki’s lovely face.

He smiled.

“That was fantastic,” he murmured.

Tsuzuki wiped the fluid all over his chest with his fingers and offered them to Muraki. Without hesitation, Muraki grabbed the chance to swallow Tsuzuki’s fingers and sucked greedily.

Violet eyes moved closer to his very own eyes as Tsuzuki leaned down. Tsuzuki pulled his fingers slowly out of Muraki’s mouth and grazed his lips lightly over Muraki’s. When Muraki tried to kiss him, he shifted back a bit.

“Gods, Tsuzuki-san,” Muraki breathed. “Gods… let…me… let me taste you…” Muraki inhaled deeply as his brain tried to focus on what he was going to say. “Let me fill you… and make you … happy…”

Tsuzuki tilted his face a bit, lifting en eyebrow, setting his face in a teasing frown.

“You think so?” he finally spoke, quietly, amusement lacing his voice. “Unfortunately, you’re not that lucky.”

Tsuzuki ran the tip of his tongue lightly along Muraki’s lips before pushing his body up into a sitting position again.

“At least you enjoyed it,” he said, his tone still quiet and teasing. “Most people did not.”

Before Muraki could register the meaning of those words, a damp cloth was pressed on his nose and he fell back into unconsciousness again.

When Muraki stirred back into consciousness, he found that he’d been released from his bound. He sat up, folding his legs and rubbing his wrists to bring life back into the numb hand.

Tsuzuki was nowhere to be seen. Only his scent stayed, tainting the air.

Muraki felt used. He wondered whether Tsuzuki did that to teach him a lesson on how it felt to be raped and ignored of any pleas and begs.

But whatever it was, a sweet revenge was in order.

Now he was happy.

* * * * * *


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