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BY : Nin-Kun
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Disclaimer: I do not own Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! (but I wish I did) lalalalalalalalalala *puts fingers into her ears*
Series: Yami No Matsuei
Parings: Hisoka x Tsuzuki x Hijiri (Yay threesome! *w00ts*)
Warnings: Lot's of sex, abuse of couch and a little bit of silly humor that noone except me or Swedish people will understand *nod*

It’s a nice and quiet morning at the Enmacho coporation.....not.
“Demo Tatsumiiiii !!!” Tsuzuki wailed loud enough to wake the dead.
“Ii kara, it’s out of the question Asato-san.” Tatsumi said gruffly and readjusted his glasses.
This was bad, the only times Tatsumi calls Tsuzuki by his given name, was when he was either very serious or seriously pissed.
But Tsuzuki was persistent and knew that he could find loopholes if he pressed the right buttons or simply, nagged long enough.
“Please Tatsumi-san, I can’t live without it..” Tsuzuki spoke more softly as he turned his huge pleading violet eyes, complete with the puppy outfit he’d usually turned into when he showed himself submissive to the Secretary.
“Damare, the past two weeks you’ve been spending 20.000 yens on sweets, that’s why I’ve now handed your money into Kurosaki-kun’s care, so that YOU wont be reckless with it, now leave my office before I let my shadows help you on your way !” Tatsumi said, his voice clearly taking a warning tone as the shadows stirred into life in the small office space.
“Hai..hai..” Tsuzuki sighed and hung his dog ears in defeat, then turned and walked out of the door.
Tsuzuki passed Watari on his way down the hall, he didn’t even spare a glance or the slightest of smiles as he passed his Scientist friend and walked out through the front door, leaving a puzzled Watari in it’s wake, though the blond Scientist had a somewhat hunge what that saddened look in Tsuzuki’s eyes meant.
Watari shook his head smiling faintly then he entered the Shadow lords office and said office was not pleasant to say the least, to be in, the shadows was flaring around restlessly and Tatsumi sat in his red plush chair, trying to calm his little outburst of anger he had got earlier.
Still the Scientist wasn’t spooked by this, he had lived with Tatsumi long enough to know that he could get angry fast, but he would never hurt his friends, no matter how angry he got.
“Seiichiro.. what did you argue about this time ?” Watari asked calmly as he sat down in the chair opposite to Tatsumi’s.
Watari’s little owl 003 chirped her concern and flapped her wings, the replaced them back neatly on her back and listened carefully as Watari gently patted her.
“I let Hisoka take care of their finances since all Tatsumi does is pend it and more than enough on sweets, I’m glad that he doesn’t get cavities or gains weight..” Tatsumi huffed out on a irritated breath, making the shadows stir and grow bigger.
“Yare, yare, It almost sounds like you care about him, na Seiichiro ?” Watari said with a mocking tone to his voice and a teasing smile twitching in the corners of his mouth.
Tatsumi’s head shot up and he turned blazing blue eyes to his long haired friend.
The fact that he and Yutaka Watari had become lovers after he and Tsuzuki had broken up, did sometimes crack the Secretary up, when said blond Scientist teased him about his past relationship with the somewhat clumsy and reckless Shinigami also know as Asato Tsuzuki, but he still made no move to scare or hurt his Scientist friend, for as known Tsuzuki and he was the past and Tatsumi was currently having a sweet life with the boisterous blond Scientist, and besides he also knew Tsuzuki was currently dating Hisoka.
“Don’t you have work to do Watari ?!” Tatsumi asked and locked his blue eyes in Watari’s golden ones.
“Aa, sou ka na....” Watari sighed, leaned forward and captured Tatsumi’s lips in a long sensuous kiss, when it broke (you’ve got to have air you know) Watari leaned near Tatsumi’s right ear and whispered rather breathlessly:
“Hidoi na Seiichiro.” then he left chuckling quietly.
As the door closed quietly behind Watari’s white clothed back, Tatsumi let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and muttered “Mattaku.” Placing his right hand on his forehead, feeling the beginnings of a headache.
Meanwhile Tsuzuki walked into the apartment he currently shared with Hisoka and Hijiri, he hung his coat up then he headed for the kitchen, where Hisoka sat by the kitchen table reading the newspaper, a cup of Amber tea stood beside it.
When Hisoka heard the door open and close, he momentarily lifted his eyes from the paper and watched as Tsuzuki walked into the kitchen with slumped shoulders and flopped down on the chair opposite to Hisoka’s and proceeded to pout for all he was worth.
“What ?” Hisoka gruffed out then continued his reading.
“You already know WHAT, Hisoka...” Tsuzuki said quietly, fiddling with something on his white shirt.
“Sou ka... so THAT’S why you’re pouting na ?” Hisoka said a little mockingly, smiling amusingly behind the newspaper.
“Un !” Tsuzuki said determination lining his voice as he nodded and folded his arms over his stomach.
Hisoka snorted softly, shook his head while smiling mockingly, he set the neatly folded newspaper down in the paper stand by the fridge.
“Saa, we need to shop, you and Hijiri are like two human trashcans, will you come along ?” Hisoka sighed as he put on his coat and tied his shoes, waiting patiently for his partner.
Tsuzuki’s facial expression brightened and he literary bounced over to Hisoka, put his coat on and soon they were off down town..
“Na Hisoka, can we-“ Tsuzuki’s question was cut off as Hisoka put two fingers at his half parted lips, turning his green eyes right into Tsuzuki’s violet ones, making the older man loose his breath.
“No sweets..” Hisoka whispered into Tsuzuki’s right ear, then lightly nibbled on it, then he turned around walking down the isle, leaving a stunned and considerably aroused Tsuzuki behind him.
When Tsuziki came to from his daze he noticed Hisoka was way ahead of him and he shouted out “Hidoi no Hisoka” as he ran up to the green eyed boy who chuckled evilly.
In the end Hisoka had agreed to rent some movies and to go with that they (mostly Tsuzuki) had fixed a rather big bag of candy, after he had pleaded with his lover for a half hour, he would take the blame later, when Tatsumi would find out.
And now they arrived at home, stuffed thr groceries in the cabinets and fridge.
Then Hisoka fixed a bow in which he put the candy in, poped som popcorn, and took out a six pack of coke (no alcohol here kiddies, we all remember what happened the last time).and sauntered out in the living room where he placed the goods on the living room table, then he sat down on the cream colored couch, waiting...
Then soon enough Tsuzuki walked in, dressed only in black pj silk bottoms and a deep purple silk robe, which brought out his eyes, he was currently busy toweling his wet hair with a white fluffy towel, since he’d been standing in the shower fot the past twenty-five minutes, while Hisoka fixed their evening.
The many candles standing on the table and the mantelpiece sent out a warm glow into the semi-darkened room, and the lavender smoke essence slowly wafting into the air, made the room very pleasant, not to mention romantic.
Hisoka clinging on the couch had dressed himself up in similar fashion, only that the pj bottoms were dark blue and the robe blood red, he was chewing distractedly on a Strawberry Twistler.
Tsuzuki plopped himself down on the couch and snuggled up against Hisoka, who let him have the rest of the Twistler, by giving it to him through an open-mouthed kiss.
“Na, this is kinda cozy, which movie are we starting with ?” Tsuzuki asked after he had finished chewing the candy, looking up into Hisoka’s green eyes, batting his eyelashes rapidly.
“The Shining... just perfect for us..” Hisoka said sweetly (despite of himself) and smiled.
Tsuzuki returned the smile and took out a gumdrop then placed it in Hisoka’s mouth, then pressed the play button on the remote and the screen flickered into life as the movie started.
After a few minutes Tsuzuki had lost himself in the movie and with that he had also gobbled down half of the candy.
Hisoka on the other hand, who had already seen the movie twice (but didn’t say anything), was currently watching his lover.
Tsuzuki found to be irresistibly cute this way, chewing on another Twistler, half of it hanging out of his mouth, he was leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees in a seated position and his eyes wide as saucers totally lost in the movie, seemingly unknowing to the fact that he was being watched.
Hisoka suddenly got an very interesting idea, he leaned forward towards Tsuzuki and gently eased the robe off Tsuzuki’s left shoulder, exposing some of his neck, arm and smooth peach-pale chest.
Hisoka smiled wickedly to himself, then lowered his lips down to the nook between Tsuzuki’s left shoulder and neck and began to suckle and ravish the flesh there, pressing himself closer to his ‘lost to the world’ lover.
Tsuzuki in the mean time was starting to wonder, why he was getting horny while watching a horror movie, and what the heck was that hard thing pressing into his left hip and the hot, wet sucktion on his neck.
He slowly turned his head to his left, accidentally hitting his chin in the somewhat fussy head of his young green eyed lover.
“Hi-chan....” Tsuzuki whispered baffled, Hisoka really weren’t the seme in their relationship, so this behavior was really a treat.
“Took you long enough to figure out huh ?” Hisoka whispered hotly after he’d stopped sucking on Tsuzuki’s skin, leaving a rather big hickie.
“Un..” came the answer and Hisoka felt hands on his chest, gently and sensuously stroking over his shoulders and going lower, making Hisoka gasp in pleasure.
Soon they laid bare-chested , their robes laying in a heap behind the couch, forgotten at the moment.
Hisoka gently flickered his tongue teasingly over Tsuzuki’s right nipple, then he latched onto it and started a torment of sucks, bites and licks, making Tsuzuki gasp, moan and arch his back, as the wonderful sensations rushed through his body.
Hisoka smiled wickedly, and slowly started to make a wet line down on Tsuzuki’s body, stopping briefly to tease his bellybutton, nipping at it then soothing the red welt with a few licks and a butterfly light kiss.
After that Hisoka followed the small patch of hair that trailed down like an arrow to Tsuzuki’s groin, though his goal was still hidden under the thin fabric of Tsuzuki’s silk bottoms.
Hisoka nuzzled his cheek against the huge bulge he found there, almost like a kitten with a sack of catnip.
Then he looked up into his lovers violet eyes, silently asking for permission to do a thing he normally didn’t do, but deep down in his sixteen year old soul, he loved to give head.
Tsuzuki smiled reassuringly and nodded, Hisoka returned the smile and gently lowered Tsuzuki’s black silk bottoms, revealing his treat, he licked his lips eyeining his lovers impressive girth, then licked around the head of it, while holding the base in a gentle grip, Tsuzuki moaned out loud and bucked his hips up and fairly off the couch.
Hisoka chuckled quietly, loving the sounds his lover produced, then he proceeded to take the shaft into his mouth, carefully wrapping his lips around his teeth as not to cause his love any pain, then took him in as much as he could and there was still shaft exposed.
He started to bob his head slowly, hollowing out his cheeks as he sucked, then he let it pop out his mouth with a smacking sound, he pumped the shaft a few times, applying extra pressure to the head, then went down on the shaft again, licking up the few beads of pre-cum that pooled at the tip, making Tsuzuki groan and writhe under his touch.
Suddenly he felt his lithe body being lifted and slightly turned, then his pj bottoms and the black boxers underneath were pulled down and awkwardly off of his body, the hot breath brushed along his dripping arousal, soon the lovers were engaged in a hot 69.
Hisoka who suddenly got an interesting, naughty idea, momentarily removed his mouth from Tsuzuki’s cock and reached out and grabbed one of the coke cans standing on the table, dangling it a few seconds in front of Tsuzuki’s face and flashed him as particularly naughty smile, then tipped the can slightly, letting the cool drink dribble over Tsuzuki’s cock, thighs and then further down between his butt cheeks and finally out on the couch.
Tsuzuki’s muffled whine and lust filled sigh, told Hisoka that his lover loved it.
Hisoka returned to his task, lightly sucking on Tsuzuki’s rigid shaft, enjoying the salty-sweet mix of coke and cum, lingering delicately in his mouth.
Now Hisoka gently nudged Tsuzuki’s legs apart, then traced the crevice between the violet eyed Shinigami’s ass cheeks, son he found the small puckered entrance, he picked out the tube of almond scented lube, which he had put there earlier when Tsuzuki was in the shower.
He put a fair amount of the clear liquid, onto his middle and index fingers and then let some dribble down in between Tsuzuki’s ass cheeks, taking extra care, while stretching his lover, he gently pushed one finger inside his lovers tight entrance.
Tsuzuki moaned aloud as he now was being stroked from both inside and out.
A sudden gasp and the sound of something crashing with a hard thud to the floor, caught the lovers by surprise, though at this time, Hisoka’s body decided to have it’s release and with Tsuzuki taken off guard, he got choked by Hisoka’s cum and started to cough and splutter, trying desperately to get rid of the fluid that didn’t belong in his lungs.
Minase Hijiri stood gaping in the doorway into the living room, he had dropped his violin case straight into the floor as his eyes slowly took in the scene displayed on the light creame colored leather couch in the living room.
Tsuzuki the one he’d had a crush on from the moment he’d met him and Hisoka his best friend currently laying tangled on the couch in a 69, and Hisoka with one of his fingers inside Tsuzuki’s ass, both moaning and thrusting mindlessly at each other in the heat of passion, took his world on a vacation.
Hijiri stood as frozen in time and all he could do was stand there and stare at the couple clinging on the couch, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, trying desperately to form words through his somewhat foggy brain, a slight blush creeping out on his usual pale cheekbones.
Seeing different emotions drift through on Hijiri’s face, slightly worried the two lovers, Tsuzuki looked Hisoka in the eyes, between the two of them it was an unspoken language, Hisoka nodded in agreement, Hijiri still stood confused and watched as the two detangled from each other and Tsuzuki walked naked up to the nonplused nineteen year old musician.
Tsuzuki stopped in front of Hijiri and extended his hand, palm down in front of Hijiri’s green eyes.
“Care to join us, Hijiri ?” Tsuzuki asked softly, his violet eyes locked with Hijiri’s emerald ones, showing that he was serious.
Hijiri didn’t respond vocally, he couldn’t, so instead he tentatively grasped Tsuzuki’s offered hand and followed carefully as he was led by the violet eyed Shinigami towards the couch, where Hisoka laid waiting, licking his lips hungrily as the couple approached.
‘Oh god, if this is a dream, don’t let me wake up!’ Hijiri thought as he was lowered down on the couch and felt fingers start to undue the buttons on his cobalt blue shirt and hands dance along the exposed chest as the shirt fluttered discarded to the floor.
“No dream Hijiri, were all here, this is real..” Hisoka whispered near Hijiri’s right ear, he hadn’t noticed he’d said this thought out loud and he blushed in a new shade of red at the realization of it, then his lips was caught up by Hisoka’s in a long hot kiss, making Hijiri moan softly.
Soon he found himself equally naked as the other two, rubbing himself wantonly against Hisoka’s flushed body.
“Let me taste you, onegai ?” Hisoka pleaded, eyening Hijiri’s manhood greedily, licking his lips slowly and teasingly, Hijiri nodded and they shifted position.
Hijiri was on the bottom, Hisoka by his crotch and Tsuzuki on the floor beside them, watching with rapt attention, playing with Hijiri’s nipples, Hisoka gently flicked his tongue around the head of Hijiri’s cock teasing him before he stabbed the tip of his tongue into the slit on the tip, tasting him, the deep throated him in one swift motion, and Hijiri let out a small whine and bucked his hips as Hisoka swallowed him, he suddenly felt fingers gently running through his dark hair, he turned his head to the right and his lips crushed directly into Tsuzuki’s.
When their kiss broke, both were panting slightly and Tsuzuki looked pleadingly at Hisoka, whom blinked twice, then did something resembling a nod and let the cock slip out his mouth with an audible pop.
He propped himself up on his elbows then crawled up the length of Hijiri’s body until they laid face to face, then proceeded to kiss him passionately.
“Are you ready for the next step ?” Tsuzuki whispered seductively into Hijiri’s right ear, while he ran his hands sensuously over both boys sides and chests, making them shiver in delight.
“Yes, much.” Hijiri moaned out hotly.
“Yosh.” The other two said in unison.
Shifting position on the couch once again, Hijiri was sitting in Tsuzuki’s lap, Tsuzuki’s legs were slightly raised as Hisoka was in between them, finishing the last of the stretching he started on his violet eyed lover before the interruption, while gently placing nips and soothing kisses over Hijiri’s neck, back and shoulders, while Hijiri was slightly bend over sucking on Tsuzuki’s nipples, making Tsuzuki moan continuously under the double assaults of his green eyed lovers.
Tsuzuki reached for the lube and stuck two fingers in the tube, then placed his other hand on Hijiri’s back and gently made him scoot forward a bit, so that he could trace the crevice between the teens ass cheeks, seeking out the hidden entrance.
“Hijiri listen.” Tsuzuki whispered in said teens ear, catching his attention for a brief moment, the he continued softly.
“This might hurt a bit, but only for a moment, then it gets better, right ‘Soka.”
“Hn.” Hisoka agreed and nodded as he now positioned himself to enter Tsuzuki as Tsuzuki began to stretch Hijiri’s tight passage.
Soon enough Hijiri was stretched good enough and Hisoka already nestled snug inside Tsuzuki’s tight heat, waiting.
Tsuzuki cupped Hijiri’s face in his right hand, slightly bending the teen head down he started to kiss him gently, using the kiss as a distraction as he now carefully started to push inside.
Hijiri tensed, it burned and he whimpered at the pain, Tsuzuki noted and doubled his efforts, hoping that kissing Hijiri mindless would take some of the pain away, while he swiftly thrust forward, seating himself to the hilt inside Hijiri’s body.
Hijiri’s breath hitched out in a soft sob and a tear slowly slid down left cheek, landing softly on Tsuzuki’s chest.
Tsuzuki gently reached up and stroked Hijiri’s wet cheek with the knuckles of his left hand, once again making the teen look him in the eyes.
“Daijoubu, it will be better soon, just relax and trust us..” Tsuzuki said softly as he stroked Hijiri’s cheek reassuringly.
Hijiri sniffled slightly, then nodded and slowly and cautiously raised himself off of Tsuzuki’s lap, then just as carefully lowered himself down again on the rigid shaft, impaling himself deeper, the tip lightly brushed against the teens prostate, making sharp sparks of pleasure shoot through his body, he moaned out loud making the other two smirk slightly, at this time Hisoka now began to move within Tsuzuki’s passage.
Soon all moved feverently against each other, moaning hotly, crying out their passion to each other.
The edge were approaching with speed, so Hisoka reached out around Hijiri’s body and grasped Hijiri’s neglected erection, and started to pump it in the same pace he was fucking Tsuzuki in, this made Hijiri clench his muscles slightly around Tsuzuki’s cock buried deep within him, making a groan force itself out of Tsuzuki’s throat and he came deep inside Hijiri’s wanton body, the copious mound of cum, shooting out and pressing into Hijiri’s prostate, soon send him over the edge, screaming his lovers names as his seed splattered out over Hisoka’s hand and down onto Tsuzuki’s stomach and chest.
Seing both his lovers finding their release, Hisoka made two more desperate thrusts before he to surrendered, shuddering violently as his was seed coated Tsuzuki’s insides.
The three boys collapsed in a sweaty heap of loose limbs on the couch, the snuggled closely in the mists of after glow, feeling very content.
They detangled from each other sometime after and Tsuzuki went and got some warm moist towels and began to clean his seemingly sleepy lovers.
“Na, you guys.” Hijiri mumbled tiredly.
“Douishta, Hijiri..” Hisoka asked, placing a light kiss on Hijiri’s collarbone and Tsuzuki peered curiously at the dark haired violinist.
“Do you think my violin is okay ?...” Hijiri asked looking at his lovers.


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