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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of it's characters. It is rightfully copyrighted to Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi.

Note: This is a sort of sequel to Ostensible Motive, but unlike my last fic, this can't be considered pure smut since this one has a more indepth storyline going. But it's still nicely seasoned with some drool-worthy sexual endeavors. Comments and criticism are always welcome.


Mero could feel his blonde hair begin to stick to the back of his neck from the sweat as he worked his legs. The lungs in his very chest felt as though they would burst if he didn't slow down, but the anger bubbling within was only driving him on harder.

"You made me look like a complete fool!" He shouted breathlessly as he slammed his foot into the soccer ball again, his worn sneaker almost flying off from the impact. He watched as the ball, otherwise known as Nia's head, bounced off the iron fence enclosing the grounds and skidded across the pavement leading up to the entrance of the orphanage. Fighting to catch his breath, Mero heavily sat down in the grass, a familiar pain shooting up his backside and promptly making him yelp. Ever since three nights ago this problem had been tormenting him. Ever since Nia had made it quite clear that he had more tricks up his sleeve than Mero had first thought. It was supposed to have been his victory...

"Um...Mero...?" Came a soft, nervous voice from behind. He silently groaned as he glanced over his shoulder, immediately recognizing the blushing blonde girl. "Here's your ball..." With a small giggle she held out the black and white patchwork soccer ball he had been pummeling most of the day.

"I don't need it. Stop bothering me, Linda. Go crawl back under the rock where you came from." He simply replied, watching with a touch of satisfaction as her face cracked. On the border of tears, she dropped the ball at her feet and quickly retreated back to the small group of girls watching the scene from afar.

"Pathetic." He muttered dryly, plucking at the blades of freshly cut grass. The girl had been hounding him for the last couple days it seemed. Her idiotic crush had only heightened his dislike for the kids at the orphanage in general. He hoped that his attitude would keep her sappy love letters at bay for at least a good month or so.

In the background the aged bell in the tower had begun to clang loudly, reverberating through the steadily chilling air and drawing all the children playing outside to the entrance hall like moths to a light. Reluctant to go inside just yet, Mero carefully stood and stared up at the setting twilight. He let his mind wander from the negative feelings that had been plaguing him and found himself thinking about L. Biting his lower lip gently, he couldn't help but to realize how much he missed the man. It had been almost two months since his last letter and the impatience was eating Mero away on the inside. Where was he? What was he doing? Was he any closer to catching Kira? ...Did he ever think of him?

"Mero! Mero, it's time to come inside now!" Yelled the playground monitor as she ushered the last straggling children into the building. With a heavy sigh, Mero turned on his heels and made his way inside. He hated coming inside, because when he was inside he was closer to...

"Wow! Nia is almost finished that big puzzle he started earlier!" A boy exclaimed to another as they curiously peeked into a room that branched off from the main hallway.

A sour look passed over Mero's face at the mere mention of the silver haired boy.

"It was a two-thousand piece puzzle wasn't it?" The other boy asked in slight disbelief.

"Oh shut up! The both of you!" Mero suddenly blurted out, unable to listen to their acknowledgments towards the boy he so ruthfully despised.

The two boys gave a frightful look before taking off down the hallway, muttering childish critiscism about the 'bully' the entire time.

Gritting his teeth, he made an effort to walk by the arched doorway without looking inside, but as always, he couldn't help but to glance into the room. It was always the same scene; Nia slouching down to the floor, as if he were planted there by invisible roots, and hovering over a puzzle board. The silver haired boy made no direct movement to recognize Mero's presence. This only enraged Mero further. Just as he had almost completely passed the doorway, Nia mumbled something that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"We got a letter from L."

Scrambling into the room, Mero pushed aside the fact that he loathed the boy and stared at him with large excited eyes. "Where is the letter? I want to read it first!"

"I left it with Roger." Nia responded in his usual monotonous tone while quietly snapping one of the last pieces of the puzzle into place.

Mero's face fell pale. "You...already read it?" He asked, his voice beginning to quiver slightly. "When? When did you read it!?"

"Earlier." Was all the silver haired boy said, picking up the last jigsaw that resided by his foot.

Clenching his slack hands into tight fists for a moment, Mero quickly grabbed the puzzle board and dumped the pieces all over the floor before throwing it across the room in a fit of anger.

"How could you not tell me!? I've been waiting forever for that letter and you knew it, you bloody bastard!"

Nia quietly continued to sit, seemingly unphased by Mero's temper tantrum, the last piece of his puzzle still sitting in the middle of his palm.

"You always do this!" Mero went on, beginning to pace the floor in front of Nia and trying to hold back the overwhelming urge to punch him. But it was Nia who made the first move. Like a coiled snake, he suddenly lunged, taking Mero down on the hard polished floor with a sickening thud.

Girls screaming and his own heart rapidly beating was all Mero heard as he felt Nia strangling his throat. He clutched at the arm of the boy's white shirt with one hand and began hitting him on the shoulder with the other. He looked through seething eyes up into the face of his attacker. How could Nia be trying to choke the life out of him with such an equable stare? He looked as though his mind was elsewhere, leaving his body behind to do as it wished. It reminded him of when...

Nia suddenly let go, allowing a flow of oxygen to be stolen by the coughing blonde. A large hand grabbed him around the wrist and hoisted him up off the floor into a standing position, much to the dislike of Mero who was still dizzy from the lack of air. It was Roger. And he was looking none too pleased with either of them.

Clutching both of the boy's wrists tightly, Roger half dragged them through the dense crowd of gawking children towards his office; all the while Mero throwing dirty looks at Nia who merely watched each passing tile on the floor as he walked along.

"It was all his fault!" Mero quickly yelled as soon as Roger had closed his office door. "He attacked me first!"

"Is this true Nia?" Roger sighed. For once he was surprised with the outcome. Normally it was Mero who had a passion for starting fights.

"Yes." The silver haired boy softly replied before slinking down to the floor as if his legs were broken.

Roger walked around his desk and sat in the office chair, his hands folding in front of his chin as he looked seriously at the two boys for a moment. His gaze finally rested on Mero who was looking beside himself in hopes Nia was going to get some sort of punishment.

"Mero...what did you do to upset Nia...?"

Mero's face contorted with anger. "What!? He attacks me and it still gets labeled as my fault!?"

"You know as well as I that Nia wouldn't react in such a violent manner over nothing, Mero. Now tell me the truth." Roger said calmly while unconsciously pinching the bridge of his nose.

"...Why didn't anyone tell me sooner that we recieved a letter from L...?" Mero looked down at Nia, who was quietly playing with a lock of his silvery hair and staring at nothing, then back to Roger. "I should be immediately told when we get those letters!"

"That is no reason to behave in such a manner, Mero. And Nia," Roger turned his head and looked down at the boy, "I'm afraid that I will have to mark this in your book."

A small noise escaped from his throat, but he merely nodded in response. Mero knew it was Nia's first negative mark in his status book, and he could help but to feel pleased. Finally, a scratch on that perfect record.

"As for you Mero, this will also be marked in your book. L will not be pleased... Especially after that little talk he had with you the last time he visited..."

It felt as though someone had dropped a large chunk of ice in his stomach as Mero stared at Roger nervously. He had promised L that he would stop bullying the other children afterall. And now this...

"You may both leave now. And Mero..." Roger opened one of the drawers to his desk and pulled out an envelope, "I believe you would like to read this now?"

Snatching the letter out of the older man's hand greedily, Mero quickly bolted out of the office and up the staircase to his room. Throwing himself down on the bed he hurriedly pried open the envelope and unfolded three long sheets of paper. He didn't know how long it had taken him to read the letter, nor did he know how many time he read it over until every word had been engraved into his mind. Rolling over onto his back, he clutched the letter to his chest and stared up at the ceiling blankly. At least L was doing well. That's all that really mattered to him.

His thoughts were interrupted as Nia came shuffling into the room. He perched on the edge of his bed, bringing one knee up to his chest and repeatively playing with his hair.

"What do you want? Don't you have some puzzle to assemble?" Mero asked hotly. This was the last thing he needed right now.

"Do you regret it?" The silver haired boy suddenly asked, his gaze fixated on the blonde.

"Which time!? When you attacked me just now or when you played my own game against me the other night!?" Mero really didn't want to think about what had occurred that night. But every time he sat down the painful reminder was still there, and just as sore as ever. Extracting a chocolate bar from beneath his pillow he pulled off the wrapper in frustration.

"Both times you brought the result on yourself."

"Just shut up! I don't need to listen to your crap!" Mero took a bite out of the rich chocolate, the intoxicating taste and the lingering scent of L from the letter helping to relax him a little.

"I can make it up to you."

Before Mero could react, Nia was at his side, the boy's moist lips pressing diligently against his own. He tensed, his eyes shooting wide open.

"I can make it up to you." Nia repeated sullenly as he pulled his lips away before lightly gliding them down the boy's slim neck.

Closing his eyes, Mero gasped as he felt the boy suck and playfully teeth his pale skin. It was all flooding back to him...the memories of Nia watching him curiously from above as he panted and clutched wildly at the sheets of his bed... The strangely arousing feel of Nia burying his manhood deep inside of his body... He had left long claw marks along Nia's back that night...

"Stop..." Mero breathed as he felt his loose black shirt being pulled above his belly. "Not again..." He didn't want this...did he? L's scent continued to fill his nose, and as Nia's tongue danced along the border of his pants, visions of L took control of his emotions. Relaxing considerably, he took a small bite from his chunk of chocolate and let his imaginary L continue his work.

Nia never faultered, just like L. The way he easily released the clasp on Mero's pants and slid them down to his knees. The way he skillfully devoured his erect member into the warm depths of his wet mouth, making Mero moan in blissful pleasure. He could feel his tongue swiveling up and down his underside as his lips formed a tight suction around his throbbing shaft.

"Ahhh... L...!" Mero panted, keeping his eyes tightly shut and taking another bite out of his chocolate.

Nia quietly glanced up as Mero fully lay his head back on the pillow, his blonde hair fanning out around his head. He didn't care if he thought of him as being L... In a way he preferred it. Not only was he more relaxed, but actually enjoying it. Dragging his lips up his length, he licked at the drops of translucent precum that collected around the small slit on the head. As Mero savored sweet, he savored bitter. He could feel Mero shudder as his mouth took him fully once more, his hand finding it's way between his legs to knead the boy's scrotum.

"So close now..." Mero whispered as his hips began to jerk up and down in short spasms. His teeth were firmly set in what was left of his chocolate.

Running his tongue around Mero's shaft as if he were licking a delicious icecream cone, Nia flicked the tightened skin before getting back into position. Just as Mero had said, he felt a hot spurt of liquid hit the back of his throat, leaving a pungent, salty taste on his tongue.

Mero groaned loudly, bucking his hips and trembling as he orgasmed. But as he raised his head, what he saw was not L, but Nia. The boy was looking up at him over his stomach, a stream of milky white juice running down one side of his chin. Mero's stomach began to churn uncomfortably...

"You feel better now, yes?" Nia asked as he scooped the remaining cum off his chin.

Mero shot a glare at the boy before turning his head away. "I hate you."

A week had passed since then, and it was Mero and Nia who were called into Roger's office for a second time that month. Neither knew why they were being summoned. Mero had had hopes of possibly another letter sent to him by L. Another letter that he would happily read and stash beneath his pillow with his beloved chocolate.

"What is it, Roger?"

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