You are mine

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: You are mine
Author: angelicscars
Summary: L's curiosity about Raito's activities led him into unraveling the mystery of why the young Yagami stayed out too late at Amane Misa's place. This leads the young detective to agressively claim Raito as his and his alone.
Rating: R
Pairings: Mostly Raito X L, a little bit Raito X Misa (because its needed for the story and only for that purpose)
Characters: will include the entire Kira Investigation team as extras and Watari too... of course!
Author Notes: This is my second deathnote fic. I love Raito x L a lot. And I think that a little jealousies can lead into something naughty... so I pitched in a bit of Misa X Raito too. This story follows after my first one "Love me" which probably explains some events.
Disclaimer: I don't own Deathnote or its characters.

Freshly brewed Jasmine Tea was supposed to sooth nerves and yet as L sipped his hot drink he couldn’t help but feel his own heart thump uncertainly. The bitter tea scalded his tongue. His nagging intuition distressed him even more.

He was alone now, left to his own devices. L instructed his co-Kira investigators to leave the premises at an early hour. He even dismissed Watari for some reason he could not comprehend. The brilliant detective just felt this urge to be alone. And here he was alone within the darkened Kira Inestigation Headquarters. He faced the enormous screen before him, the instrument that he often used to monitor his probable suspects. It was turned off right now, dark and useless.

Then he looked at a red button. It was the power switch and with a little push the whole darn thing will run. But to turn it on or not to? That was the question running wildly through L’s mind. He knew that the answers to his wondering thoughts will be answered as soon as he turned on this technological bulk.

It was Raito’s peculiar behavior earlier this week that led L into this coil. The most intelligent boy in the land of the rising sun was acting off these days. Before, he considered his ‘girlfriend’ Amane Misa with little attention, treating the model non-chalantly. But now a day it’s as if his interest the young girl multiplied tenfold. Raito escorted her everywhere even to the point that he walked her home every night… and stayed at Misa’s house for hours. It might seem to the others that the young Yagami had finally been bitten by the love bug. But L knew better…

Something was definitely up.

Bile rose in his gut and he harshly threw the porcelain cup unto the carpeted flooring, breaking it into pieces. To hell with privacy, he HAD to know. L’s nagging thoughts finally broke through his control.

The raven haired man pushed the little red button and watched as the monitor whizzed into life.

The picture was fuzzy… ah, the transmission was faulty but it was strong enough to let him see parts of Amane Misa’s house. This video was transmitted live through hidden cameras of which L instructed Watari to install secretly. The screen was divided into parts, each focusing on a certain area in the house. Amane’s kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and even the staircase looked perfectly deserted. It seems that the couple was still out, probably enjoying the streets of Tokyo.

L relaxed in his leather chair, his legs propped up before him. “This is stupid” he thought, his fingers touching his forehead. Clearly the idea of him snooping like this struck him dumb. He didn’t even know the real reason why he wanted to peer into Raito’s dealings like a peeping tom. This made him shift uncomfortably on his seat.

Maybe he should stop this meaningless charade…

The young detective eyed the crimson button once again, his thoughts warring against his better judgment. With a sigh he lifted his right hand, a finger hovering above the power switch.

L blinked. His hand stopped its movement.

Misa’s front door opened, two figures walked in. The monitor’s screen flickered and the detective sat straight in anticipation. He moved his fingers away from the power switch and pushed another button to zoom into the living room. All of the other views of the house dissolved in a flash and L was left with a large view of Amane’s living room.

The living room lights flashed on and Raito’s tall figure came into view. The brown haired teenager sat himself upon the plush black velveteen couch. His position relaxed and inviting. Misa Misa stood before him. Her white chiffon dress almost translucent in the light’s glare.

They were talking now. Raito’s voice boomed into the speakers. L shivered at the recognition of the young man’s voice.

“Come, lick me…” Raito commanded.

L blinked.

His head reeled.

Did he hear Raito right?

And L could do nothing but stare as he saw the blonde girl kneel down before Raito, positioning herself between Raito’s strong legs. Her small white hands fumbled expertly at Yagami’s zipper. Then she forcibly pulled down her lover’s pants and boxers until it lay discarded on the floor.

L tried to dart his eyes away but to no avail. His fond gaze focused on the scene before him. Raito’s cock deliciously thick and erected. It was all that he could see and nothing else. And it seems that the young detective couldn’t help himself when his finger pushed the zoom button once more.

Oh good, a better view. L could see every delightful detail now.

He watched as Misa’s tongue darted out to taste her lover’s head, her small hands clasped and rubbed the length. His ears were alert as Raito’s labored breaths slowly turned into moans.

The temperature suddenly heightened and L felt unbearably hot. This searing heat pooled heavily in his groin. He felt himself come to life, hardening and lengthening at each passing minute. By the time Misa opened her pretty mouth to receive Yagami’s manhood, L felt his own cock straining against his briefs.

The young detective couldn’t remember how he actually unbuttoned his own pants or even when he took off his briefs. His brain was drugged by the intense pleasure of his own excited hands grasping the aroused length. Up and down. Up and down. His breathing quickened, his hips squirming against the leather upholstery of the chair. So good, it felt so unbearably good. The pace of his movements quickened when Raito’s animalistic groan blasted through the speakers.

Then his hands suddenly went still.

With eyes wide open L saw the brown haired youth stop Misa from continuing on. The youth’s hand gently pushed the girl’s head away. It seemed that the young Yagami wanted more than the usual oral foreplay.

Bile rose into L’s guts. Emotions flared dangerously as Raito silently stood up to push the young girl against the couch to position her on her hands and knees. And with this in mind the world’s best detective, the man who always cloaked himself in mystery, felt a feeling that he never knew existed…

Deep raging anger and a pang of seething jealousy…

His grip on his manhood loosened at the sight of Raito entering Misa’s behind but his grip tightened once more when he heard Raito moan. L slowly closed his eyes, his mind getting back to the rhythm he had lost. His imagination fired this new pleasure in him. The simple sound of Raito’s moans sent him imagining what he wanted to see if the tables were turned.

In his mind’s eye he saw himself in Misa’s current position, naked, on his hands and knees. The man he craved for thrusting wildly into his flesh. The rough hands that held his fully aroused length were no longer his but dream lover’s.

L groaned into the friction of his own minstrations, his hips swaying in complete synchronicity. Up and down. Up and down. Fingers gripped harder then looser.

Oh god… it felt so good so good so good…

The raven haired man’s pace increased into a fevered pitch. He was so close, so close to his release. Within minutes L threw his head back and screamed. His hands led him into an earth shattering orgasm, his hips bucking wildly at the force of his eruption. As if on cue, he heard Raito’s shuddering wail. It seemed as if the young Yagami also finally reached his peak.

The world renowned detective panted, breaths shallow, hands and stomach wet with his own cum. Slowly he came back into the lonely realm of reality, his dream lover dissolving into nothing but a faint memory. He never wanted looked back at the flickering scene before him so he shut off the technological bulk as soon as he cleaned his cum filled hands.

L gazed at the blank screen before him and bitterly smiled at the irony of the events that happened. His unbearable urge to find out what Raito was doing with Misa led him into kindling another emotion he never knew was there. Was it love? Or maybe lust is a more proper word. L did not know the difference. All he knew was this…

He had a new prey.


Author's notes: This fic is connected to my first published fiction entitled as "Love Me". My first authored fiction probably explains how Raito's even interested at the idea of fucking Misa. He's a growing boy after all and raging hormones can be a nusiance. Pls. review! Constructive critisms help authors a lot!

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