The Planet of Men

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Summary: Miharu wins a trip for 4 to Osaka. While there, she discovers a portal to a planet that is 90% men. They want women, and so they take Miharu, Kirie and Tomoka. Lisa and Fukuyama show up as well. M/F.

"Yukinari Sasaki, I can't believe you! How dare you take advantage of Miharu like that!" Kirie said as she struck him very hard. Yukinari flew back into a wall and crashed there.
Miharu was confused. "Does this mean that I have to hurt him every time I want sex?" She asked. Kirie turned around and looked at her.
"You... Wanted to have sex with him?" She asked.
"Well... Yes. I had this wonderful meal last night and it just made me so horny I wanted him bad." Miharu said. Yukinari uneasily stood up, bruised. "Can we just drop this? We're supposed to be studying here." Yukinari said.
That's when the mail arrived. Miharu gathered it up and saw a letter in it. She had entered a contest to win a trip for 4 to Osaka, and won.
"You and 3 of your friends will spend 5 days and 6 nights at the luxurious Hotel Ikubito!" She said.
"What's the catch?" Kirie asked.
"I have to claim it in person, and I have to show a photo I.D." Miharu said. About two days later, Miharu took Yukinari to the center to claim her prize. It turned out she had entered a contest by clicking on an ad on a website. She chose Kirie, Tomoka and Yukinari to accompany her. They packed their things up and took the train from Tokyo to Osaka.
Once there, they checked into the hotel and get settled in. It turned out this was one of those downtown hotels where the rooms were just big enough for a bed and a T.V. The four of them got 4 separate rooms.
"Well, at least I don't have to worry about Yukinari barging in on me" Kirie thought. They had dinner at a local restaurant and then got settled in for the evening.
"Stomp box speak my mind/ Feed the passion every time!" A song blared from nearby. "What the hell!?" Kirie shouted. She went to investigate, and found an American businessman two rooms over playing a CD very loudly. "Kill kill kill kill me now!" The radio blared.
"Baka gaijin! Turn that damn noise down!" Kirie said.
"What? I don't speak Japanese." He replied.
"Your music is too loud!" Kirie shouted.
"I don't understand what you are saying!" The American said. Frustrated, Kirie reached into his room and turned his radio down.
"Hey! I liked that song!" He said.
"We are trying to sleep here!" Kirie said. He turned the radio back up. Finally, out of sheer frustration, Kirie slugged the American, sending him to the ground outside his room. She turned the radio back down again. As she stormed off, the American sat up. "Man, you Japanese sure are rude." He said. It failed to occur to him how rude he was being.
Well, the next morning after breakfast, Miharu took the others shopping. They went to a new shopping arcade and stood at the entrance.
"This is it! The local shopping arcade Abenobashi." Miharu said. They entered the place and looked around. Kirie spotted a woman's clothing store and suggested they try on some clothing. The others agreed and Yukinari went to a men's clothing store while the ladies shopped. The gals talked and had a wonderful time. Kirie, Miharu and Tomoka all came out with about 3 packages and sacks each. Yukinari came out of his store shortly thereafter. All the girls dumped their packages in Yukinari's hands. Yukinari had a bit of a problem staying upright after that, and staggered around. Kirie was oblivious to this. "So what should we get next?" She asked. Yukinari fell on his ass, scattering bags everywhere. Only Miharu initially noticed this.
"Yukinari-kun, are you all right?" Miharu asked.
"Yukinari-bozu, can't you do one simple thing right in your life!?" Kirie said, not amused.
"Ouch..." was all Yukinari could say in return.
Miharu helped Yukinari stand up, and she carried her own bags as Yukinari carried the bags of the others. Miharu spotted a door and came up to it.
"I wonder, what's in here?" she asked as she opened the door.
"I don't think you're supposed to -" Yukinari started, but it was too late. A vortex sucked Miharu, Tomoka and Kirie into it. Yukinari tried to follow them in, but was blown back. He fell on his ass again and grunted as he hit. "Miharu.... No..." Yukinari said as he struggled to his feet.
"Welcome to Neris, Ms." The voice intoned. Kirie sat up, nursing her head.
"Ow... What happened to me?" She asked. "You fell though a dimensional portal into our world. Please, make yourself comfortable." Kirie looked up and saw a bishonen man her age. He was offering his hand to help her stand.
"My name is Hintaro. What's yours?" He asked. "Kirie." She responded as she stood up, not taking his hand. Taken aback, Hintaro withdrew his hand.
"What is this place?" Kirie asked. '"This is my home. You are on the planet Neris, in the city of Oykot." Hintaro replied. The place screamed bachelor pad with one exception: the place was not filled with pizza boxes, and looked pretty well cleaned.
"Neris? What's going on here?" Kirie asked.
"You should be glad I found you when I did. 90% of our population is male. Women are often fought over." Hintaro responded.
"A planet of men?" Kirie asked.
Hintaro explained everything to Kirie. He listened to her an empathized with her.
"Well, you are from Earth, I see. I suppose you want a way back to your home now." He said.
"Can you get me home?" Kirie asked.
"I can get you back to Osaka." He replied.
Meanwhile, next door, Tomoka was lying on a bed. Nearby, a young man her age was tending to her. He had bandaged a small cut in her arm. When she woke up, she looked up and saw him.
"Good afternoon. Welcome to Naris. I am Kamato, and what's your name?"
He said.
"I am Tomo." She replied.
"You must have fallen through a dimensional portal. What planet are you from?" Kamato asked.
"Serin." Tomoka replied. Kamato perked up.
"Serin? The legendary land of ladies? Please, tell me all about it!" He said with anticipation.
"Why do you want to know about that place?" Tomoka asked.
"Naris is 90% male. We have quite a number of lonely men here." He said.
"Naris? But that's just a legend." Tomoka replied.
"We thought Serin was a legend as well. We really should arrange for a meeting between our leaders." Kamato said. "But first, tell me about yourself."
Miharu wasn't as fortunate as Kirie and Tomoka. 10% of Naris' male population is perverts. The guy that got Miharu was one of them. He had stripped her of her clothing, felt her up and then left her naked in bed. He felt like the luckiest man in the world. "Oh joy of joys! I found me a pretty girl to love!" He said. Miharu woke up at that point and looked up at him.
"Ow... where am I?" Miharu asked. The pervert ignored her and continued to rant.
"Today is my luckiest day ever!" He said. Miharu was starting to get uneasy now.
"Erm... You don't get out much, do you?" She asked.
"Come on, babe. It's so hard to get a girl around here!" He said.
Fortunately for Miharu, his older brother entered the room. "Hatisho, what are you doing?" The brother asked.
"I found her! You get your own pretty girl!" Hatisho the pervert said. His older brother pushed him aside and approached Miharu.
"Do forgive him. He's a pervert. My name is Satoshi. What's yours?" He said.
"I am Miharu." Miharu replied.
"Ah, that is a very beautiful name. Welcome to Northeastern Hitako prefecture." Satoshi said.
"Thank you." Miharu replied. "I'd like to go back to Osaka where my friends are."
"Osaka? Where is that?" Satoshi asked.
"It's in Japan, southwest of Tokyo." Miharu replied.
"Japan? There's a fairy tale that talks about that place... But it isn't real. This is Oykot, in the Xian province, eastern continent of Neris." He said.
"Neris? I've heard fairy tales about that place. It's supposed to be all-male." Miharu said. "But it's only a legend."
"It's mostly male and it is real." Satoshi replied. "90% of us are male. Be glad I found you; my brother is something of a pervert."
"Oh." Miharu replied.
"Hey! I saw her first! You get your own girl!" Hatisho said.
"I really need to get home." Miharu said, ignoring Hatisho. "My Yukinari is probably worried about me."
"I'll do what I can." Satoshi replied.
"What do you mean she's lost forever!?" Yukinari asked the arcade's security guard as he passed by. The guard stopped and explained things to him.
"That's a magic portal. Anyone who goes in there never returns. It also only lets women in there." The guard said. "I can't do anything and neither can you. We try to lock the door but it keeps getting unlocked. We tried posting warnings but they magically vanish."
Yukinari didn't want to resign himself to the situation. "Miharu... no... I... I loved her..."
"There are plenty of fish in the ocean. You'd better return home and just forget about her, dude." The guard replied.
Yukinari fell to his knees and cried.
That's when trouble walked in. Fukuyama entered with a girl on both arms.
"Well, if it isn't puny-nari. So why are you crying like a little girl, hmm?" Fukuyama asked.
"Miharu stepped into a dimensional portal and she's gone forever!" Yukinari said between sobs.
"What? My beloved Miharu just up and left me!?" Fukuyama replied, as the girls let go of him. This made Yukinari angry.
"She never was your girlfriend!" Yukinari snapped at Fukuyama through the tears. This went in one ear and out the other.
"Well, it's time you faced facts. She left you for me." Fukuyama replied arrogantly.
"Hey, what does this bimbo have that I don't!?" One of the girls snapped at Fukuyama.
"You said you loved only us!" The other added.
"Oh - talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. Miharu stepped through that door and neither of us will see her again!" Yukinari said.
Fukuyama opened the door and hit the barrier. "Hmm... A magical barrier. Lisa should be able to take care of this." He said.
"Grr! You are a motherfucker! You're not even listening to us!" The first girl said. As we all know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Both girls attacked Fukuyama, pelting him with karate chops and kicks.
One cell call later, Lisa bamfed to where they were. She saw Yukinari crying and tried to comfort him. She didn't seem to notice that her brother was getting beaten up by two girls.
"What's wrong, O soulmate of mine? I'll make it all better." Lisa said.
"Aren't you going to help your brother out?" Yukinari asked.
"Oh, that kind of stuff happens to him all the time. They'll eventually give up, usually after he's been rendered unconscious. Besides, you're what's important, my soulmate." Lisa replied.
"And I thought my family was dysfunctional." Yukinari muttered imperceptibly. Lisa didn't hear this.
Yukinari told her about the situation and asked if she could help. When he had finished, the two girls finished beating Fukuyama, and left him a battered and bruised mess on the ground.
"Why would you need that bitch around when you've got me?" Lisa asked.
"I want her." Fukuyama said.
"Well, Yukinari will have to stand between the door and I." Lisa said.
Yukinari did so as Lisa cast a spell. She then cast another spell and had Yukinari open the door. When he did, he, Lisa and Fukuyama were sucked into the portal.
When Yukinari woke up, he found himself between a men's gym and a pond. Lisa and Fukuyama were nearby.
"Ow... Where am I?" He asked as Fukuyama revived.
"We must have all gotten sucked into the portal." Fukuyama said.
"Welcome to Naris, the planet of men." A voice intoned.
"A planet of men?" Yukinari asked.
"Oh my God no!" Fukuyama cried. "I just wanted my Miharu! I don't want to be on a planet of men!" He then ran away.
"Fukuyama, wait! You don't know where you're going!" Yukinari said in vain. He had no alternative but to run after Fukuyama. If he had bothered to look, he would have seen his doppelganger. Oddly enough, this doppelganger's name was Yukinari as well. "Well, looks like I have you all to my own now." this Yukinari said. Lisa was unconscious as This Yukinari picked her up and carried her home.
Kirie was actually enjoying herself for once. She and Hintaro had just finished dinner and they were at a karaoke bar. They sang together and took turns. "Your voice is very melodic." Hintaro said.
"Aw..." Kirie said.
"What would you like to do next?" He asked.
"I really want to go home." Kirie said.
"I have school in a few days."
"All right, I'll take you to where I found you." Hintaro replied. He then brought her to the pond that was the dimensional portal.
"I'll miss you." Hintaro said.
"I had a lot of fun here." Kirie said.
"Please come back sometime. I'll try to visit this Tokyo if I can." Hintaro said.
Well, to make a long story short, they held hands and said goodbye. Kirie turned to go, but then Hintaro took her into his arms and kissed her. Both of them felt a passion that was very intense. For the first time in her life, Kirie understood why people go on so much about love. They kissed for a bit, and then parted. "I didn't want to live the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like to kiss you." Hintaro said.
"That was the best thing I've ever had. I still have to go now." Kirie responded.
She jumped into the pond and entered the portal. Hintaro hung his head in sadness as she did this.
Right as he was leaving, Tomoka entered with Kamato.
"Come back soon, won't you?" He asked.
"I'll try." Tomoka replied.
They gave each other a quick hug and parted. Then Tomoka jumped into the pond.
At the Abenobashi shopping arcade, Kirie met up with Tomoka. "Tomoka! I'm glad you are all right." Kirie said.
"Yea, but now I got to get to Serin at once! This is the biggest find of all time!" Tomoka said.
"Yea. Hey, wait a minute - where are the others?" Kirie asked.
"I don't know. But I'm going to Serin to tell them of this!" Tomoka said. "They just might promote me to general for this!"
Lisa Fukuyama was resting on a couch. When she woke up, Yukinari was next to her. Lisa couldn't believe her luck. Yukinari was by himself and didn't seem nervous at the sight of her. "Yukinari. I'm so glad I found you. Come to me, my love." She said.
"Of course, darling... What was your name again?" He asked as he approached her.
"Come on, It's me, Lisa!" She said as she threw her arms around him. What Lisa didn't know was that even though this Yukinari looked like the guy she loved, and had the first name of Yukinari, but his last name was Kamoto. He and Lisa held each other and smiled. "I've waited all my life for a woman like you." He said.
"I knew you'd finally come around to my side." Lisa replied.
Yukinari and Lisa kissed very passionately, savoring the sweet warmth of each other's tender charms. They played with each other's tongues like fine instruments. Then hands started roaming freely over each other. They felt each other and relaxed. When they came up for air, Lisa smiled.
"I knew you were my soulmate." Lisa said.
"I've never had a kiss that good before." Yukinari replied.
"I knew you'd see reason and give up that bimbo." Lisa said.
Well, they kissed, necked and fondled each other for a bit. Then Yukinari made the first move by reaching down for Lisa's curvaceous ass. She parted lips with him and smiled. "So, you want it all now, are you?" Lisa asked.
"You dish it out, and I can take it." He replied.
"Hmm... Well, I don't want to get pregnant right now..." Lisa said. Yukinari responded by pulling out a condom box.
"You think of everything, don't you?" Lisa said.
"I wanted everything to be perfect." Yukinari said.
Yukinari then unzipped Lisa's dress, and she smiled. Lisa responded by unzipping Yukinari's pants. Shortly thereafter, both were naked and eager to go. Yukinari felt very lucky that he could get a hot blonde like Lisa to fuck him this soon after meeting him, but he wouldn't hold that against her. He did want to hold against her lithe frame was his athletically toned body. Anyway, Yukinari went down on Lisa and parted her legs, showing her treasure trove for his pleasure. Yukinari placed his tongue on her cunt and sent shockwaves of pleasure through her. "Mmm..." Lisa moaned. Even though it was her first time fucking a guy, Lisa wasn't cramping or feeling much pain. This was probably due to her frequent use of her vibrator. Lisa moaned as Yukinari ate out her pussy. She held his head in her hands as he moved his tongue expertly inside her.
"Ooh... You've got the magic touch, Yukinari." Lisa moaned. Yukinari merely continued to give her head as best he could. She enjoyed his soft tongue on her hard body, and couldn't get enough of it. She never wanted him to stop, and he never wanted to. After a good while of giving her head, Yukinari turned around and offered his hard, throbbing boner for Lisa to suck. She eagerly took it into her mouth and proceeded to suck it as best she could. Yukinari moaned when Lisa ran her tongue around his cock, leaving a trail of saliva in a helix shape. "God this is better than I ever dreamed it could be." Yukinari moaned. Lisa merely continued to suck his rod, tasting his meat. She was always eager to do anything for the man she loved, and she loved Yukinari. She blew him until the desire to get his pulsating pecker into her quivering pussy got the best of her. She shifted so that she was on top, and she guided his trouser snake deep into her eager beaver.
"Mmm... That feels soooooo gooooood...." Lisa moaned as she started going up and down on Yukinari. She tightened up on him that it was hard to move around while inside her. Lisa and Yukinari moaned as she went up and down on him like a piston, revving their engines to top speed. Yukinari and Lisa never wanted this to end. They tried a couple of positions, all with her on top. Lisa is the quintessential screamer creamer. After a good while of fucking him hard, Lisa climaxed right as Yukinari shot his steamy load deep inside her tight twat, stopped only by that thin condom.
Afterwards, Yukinari threw away the condom and held Lisa close.
"Mmm... This is the best thing I've ever done." Lisa said.
"I can't thank you enough for this. I love you, Lisa."
"I love you as well, Yukinari." Lisa responded.
That's when trouble started. Miharu entered the picture. It turned out Satoshi was Yukinari's neighbor.
"Excuse me, could you keep the noise -." Miharu started. She then saw a naked Yukinari with an equally naked Lisa by his side. Lisa and Yukinari quickly grabbed the sheets and covered themselves up.
"Yukinari, how could you!?" Miharu said as she burst into tears.
"Sorry bimbo, but he's mine now. You lost." Lisa said.
"Erm... Who are you?" Yukinari asked Miharu.
Miharu started to run away when she collided with a young man that entered. That young man was Yukinari Sasaki. They fell to the floor and landed on their asses.
"Ow!" Yukinari S. said.
"Yukinari...?" Miharu said.
"What the fuck...?" Yukinari K. said.

-Continued in part 2-

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