If Walls Could Talk

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NOTES AND WARNINGS: The song "If Walls Could Talk" belongs to Celine Dion. I
love it, and was listening to it in bed when the lemon scene kinda e ite itself.
Yum.... A bit WAFFy, some OOCness, and a lemon scene [yes, FINALLY!!! ^_^].
Hell, let's be honest here--it might as *well* be PWP!

* = emphasis
~ = lyrics
[] = thoughts
[~~] = telepathy/telepathic conversation (trust me, it comes up! whoa, BAD
choice of words there....)


IF WALLS COULD TALK by Ryoko Saotome

~ These walls keep a secret
That only we know ~

Ryoga looked at the building in front of him and smiled. The Tendo dojo had
always been a welcome sight after one of his long absences; it was even moreso
now that he knew someone inside loved him and was waiting for him to show up


All during his recent absence, Ryoga had kept his thoughts on the younger
pigtailed martial artist. He was still surprishat hat he had fallen in love
with Ranma; he was awestruck that Ranma loved him as well. That night nearly
three weeks ago on the roof was still fresh in his mind--he had run away several
days before after Ranma's confession(1), and had just returned to Nerima. He
finally quit arguing with his heart and told the other boy he felt that same.
That joyous kiss he'd received had been oh so sweet and consuming, and any
doubts he may have had left faded away to nothing.

They had spent every moment they could together, having "challenge fights" in
order to get away from the watchful eyes of Genma and Soun, and relying on Akane
and Nabiki to cover their tracks. That was what surprised Ryoga the most--the
fact that Akane had known the whole time, and *not* just about where Ranma's
true affections lied. Knowing that he didn't need to be P-Chan to gain
admittance to the dojo was a relief, at the very least. Nabiki made her opinion
of the boys' relationship very clear--Ryoga couldn't ever remember the older
girl using the term 'cute couple' before to describe *anyone*.

But, as always, Ryoga had gotten lost, and had spent the past two weeks trying
to find his way back to his love. Now that he was outside the dojo, he wasn't
sure just what to do. Before, he would have made a quick trip to the koi pond
and gotten in as P-Chan, or jumped over the wall and challenged Ranma(2). But
that was then, before he knew how Ranma felt about him. The only course of
action left seemed to be the direct approach.

Taking a deep breath, the Lost Boy walked up to the door and knocked twice, then
listened for the sound of approaching footsteps.

~ But how long can they keep it
Cause we're two lovers who lose control ~

Ranma looked up from the manga he had been reading, frowning slightly. He
thought he'd heard a knock at the door. Grumbling to himself, he stood up,
dropping the manga onto the sofa cushion, and walked towards the door.

He hated being alone in the dojo. It was too quiet without his father and Soun
getting loudly drunk in the corner or Kasumi humming happily to herself in the
kitchen or even Akane and Nabiki to talk to.

It was especially lonely with Ryoga out of town again. He was sure that he and
the bandanna'd martial artist could think of some rather *interesting* ways to
pass the time, but since he wasn't around....

With another frustrated sigh, Ranma threw open the door. And blinked.


Ryoga smiled, filling Ranma with an indescribable feeling of joy. "Hey, Ranma.
I didn't think anyone was home."

"Pop and Tendo-san left on a training trip, Kasumi actually agreed to go out on
a date with Dr. Tofu tonight, and Akane and Nabiki are God knows where--probably
trying to drive Tatchi out of his tiny little mind." Here Ranma rolled his
eyes, displaying exactly how high his opinion of Tatewaki Kuno actually was.
Ryoga couldn't suppress a chuckle.

"So, no one else's around, hmm?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Not a soul," the younger boy said, a small smile appearing on his face. "Wanna
come in out of the cold?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

~ We're two shadows chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind closed doors ~

"So, anything interesting happen around here while I was gone?" Ryoga asked,
dropping his pack on the floor and throwing himself down on the couch next to
Ranma. The younger boy grinned.

"I pissed my old man off," he said, picking up the abandoned manga and beginning
to read again.

"You *always* piss your dad off. What's so new about that?"

Ranma smirked at his love over the top of the manga. "The reason he's pissed is
because I told him I broke off the engagement with Akane." He paused, his smirk
still in place. "Well, that and the fact that I'm gay."

Ryoga blinked once, then twice. "You actually *told* him?"

"Told 'em all at the same time. Well, Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi already knew
about it beforehand. I don't think I've ever seen Tendo-san cry so hard in my

"Um...." Ryoga began nervously, "did you tell your mom yet?"

Ranma dropped the manga and nodded, the smirk changing into a real smile.
"Yeah. She took the news a *whole* lot better than I thought she would. Can
you *believe* that she's actually supporting me on this?!"

"Your mom?"


"Nodoka Saotome?"

"The same." Here Ranma's smile widened. "She also wanted to know if I was
involved with you or Kuno."

"NANI?! What didja tell her??"

"The truth."

Ryoga stared at the other boy for a long moment, then shook his head, his usual
shy smile appearing on his face. "How'd she react when you told her?"

"*Beyond* thrilled. She wasn't big on the idea of having the Blue Thunder of
Furinkan High as a permanent fixture in her life." Both boys laughed softly at
that idea, then Ranma stopped abruptly. He frowned thoughtfully for a moment,
then leaned across the couch and kissed Ryoga gently.

~ If walls could talk--oh
They would say "I want you more" ~

Ryoga responded almost instantly, wrapping his arms around Ranma's slender form
and drawing him closer. He deepened the kiss, then ran his tongue lightly
across the other boy's lips. Ranma opened him mouth to question that action,
and Ryoga took advantage of the situation, exploring his beloved's mouth
tenderly. The pigtailed boy moaned softly, tentatively touching his tongue to
the one that had gently invaded his mouth. The kiss finally broke off, both
boys gasping for breath. Ryoga began to gently kiss his way up Ranma's jawline,
stopping to nuzzle at his ear for a moment. Ranma whimpered softly at the
gentle touches, gasping when Ryoga's tongue found the sensitive spot just behind
his ear. The Lost Boy grinned against his lover's neck, returning his
attentions to the spot he'd just barely brushed. He loved the gasps and moans
he was coaxing from Ranma, and returned to kissing his way down the other's
neck, being very attentive to the most sensitive spots.

Ranma gasped again as Ryoga's mouth found another sensitive spot, turning his
head to capture the Lost Boy's mouth in another soul-searing kiss. Ryoga
moaned, and Ranma took the opportunity to turn the tables a bit. He pressed
himself up against the other boy, moving his hands up underneath his shirt and
caressing the soft skin beneath his finger. Ryoga broke off the kiss with a low
moan as Ranma's slender fingertips brushed over one of his nipples. Grinning,
the blue-eyed boy quickly relieved his lover of his shirt and began kissing his
way from Ryoga's neck to his chest. He paused, allowing his eyes to lock with
warm brown ones, then took one of the hardened nubs in his mouth. He nipped at
it, then suckled on it gently, all the while running his hands along the finely
muscled chest beneath him. Ryoga was making some wonderful sounds in response
to Ranma's attentions, and he was thrilled to think that it was *him* who was
causing them.

~ They would say "hey--never felt like this before"
And that you would always be
The one for me ~

The sudden shifting beneath him was the only warning the blue-eyed boy had
before he found himself swept up in Ryoga's arms. His protests were quickly
quieted with another passionate kiss, and he allowed himself to be carried to
the guestroom.

~ Just two people making memories
Too good to tell ~

Ranma sank back onto the futon, pulling Ryoga after him and licking his cheek.
The Lost Boy blushed a bit as he pulled back and began to work on removing the
silk shirt that was hindering him.

"Yum," Ranma commented, grinning as his lover's blush deepened a bit. Ryoga was
just so damned cute when he blushed--that was part of the reason he'd spent so
much time teasing the bandanna-clad boy. He shifted on the mat as Ryoga slipped
the red silk shirt off him, then gasped as he began to kiss and nip his way down
his body. Every touch seemed to heat his body, and he groaned under the gentle

"*God*, Ryoga," he managed to gasp between kisses. "Do you have *gasp* any idea
how--mmmmm--much I want you?"

Ryoga pressed a kiss to the slighter boy's stomach, eliciting another rumbling
moan from him, and smirked up at him. "I'm beginning to get a pretty good

~ And these arms are never empty
When we're lying where we fall ~

Ryoga continued to kiss and nip Ranma's stomach as he began to slide off his
pants. Ranma lifted his hips from the futon to help get them off faster,
knowing that he wanted--*needed*--Ryoga's touch to fan the flames and give him
the release he so desired right now. The Lost Boy moved away for a moment, much
to Ranma's distress, then returned to his side after shedding the last of his
own clothing. They kissed again, passion and desire overriding the gentleness
from before, leaving both breathless and wanting more.

"Ryoga," Ranma gasped as the other boy began to move down his body once more.

"What do you want, Ranma?" Ryoga asked teasingly, kissing oh so deliciously
close to the other boy's erect shaft, allowing his cheek to brush against it.

"Damn it, Ryoga--" he began to growl, but whatever he was about to say was
forgotten as Ryoga took him in his mouth. The older boy soon established a
rhythm, taking a few shallow strokes then pulling away completely to nip along
the base before returning with one long deep stroke. Ranma was finding it very
difficult to do anything other than feel. And Ryoga was doing some *very*
wonderful things with his tongue and teeth that were quickly driving his lover
to the brink.

~ We're painting pictures, making magic, taking chances
Making love ~

He gave a shaky cry as he came, Ryoga's mouth still tight over his sex. The
other boy didn't move away until the last tremor subsided, then kissed his way
back to his lover's mouth.nma nma could taste himself on Ryoga's lips, and
moaned softly into the kiss. He still wanted more, and he knew damn well that
his lover did as well.

"Ranma," Ryoga said softly between kisses, "if you want to stop now--"

"No," he interrupted, twining his fingers into Ryoga's hair. "I want more. I
want you. *Please*, Ryoga, make love to me."

Ryoga's answer to Ranma's pleas was another deep, passionate kiss.

~ If walls could talk--oh
They would say "I want you more"
They would say "hey--never felt like this before"
And that you would always be
The one for me ~

"It might hurt you, love," Ryoga said, running one hand down his lover's side,
brushing over his sex for one moment before moving to his hidden entrance.
Ranma whimpered slightly as the Lost Boy gently pressed one finger inside.
There was a little pain, yes, but then Ryoga's fingertip brushed against his
prostate and he yelped slightly.

"I--want this--Ryo-chan," he pleaded, pressing against Ryoga's hand
unconsciously and driving him deeper within himself. Ryoga hesitated for just a
moment, then gently pressed a second finger, then a third, into the body of his
beautiful lover. Ranma writhed beneath his gentle touch, his breath coming in
short gasps.

The fingers were withdrawn, and Ryoga moved between his lover's legs. Lifting
one to his shoulder and holding one at his waist, he bent down and pressed
another kiss to the pigtailed boy's lips as he slowly entered him. Ranma's
cries were muffled beneath his beloved's mouth--the pain was exquisite at first,
then the overwhelming pleasure took over as Ryoga's length brushed against the
spot inside with each thrust.

They quickly established a rhythm, as if they had been moving together this way
their entire lives. It was as if they were sparring, the gentle synchronous
movements of their bodies almost a dance. Ryoga wrapped one hanoundound Ranma's
sex, moving his hand in time with their thrusts. The sounds of their combined
passion filled the room, Ranma clinging to Ryoga as they came closer to release

~ If the walls had eyes--my
They would see the love inside
They would see--me
In your arms in ecstasy ~

Ranma threw his head back and cried out soundlessly as he came for the second
time that night, body shaking from the force of his orgasm. Ryoga's release
came seconds later, and he spilled his seed into the beautiful body still
shaking beneath his. He carefully withdrew from his lover, lying next to him
and pulling the slighter boy into his arms. Ranma peppered his face with
butterfly kisses, finally pressing his lips to Ryoga's.

~ And with every move they'd know
I love you so ~

[~I didn't hurt him, did I?~] Ryoga thought, concern filling his mind. He
didn't want to ever harm his beautiful Ranma.

The pigtailed boy smiled and rested his head on Ryoga's chest, sighing
contentedly. "No, Ryoga-love, you most certainly did not."

Ryoga blinked down at the paler boy lying across him and blinked. "Pardon?"

Ranma turned his head so that he was facing Ryoga, blue eyes quizzical. "You
asked if you hurt me"--here he paused--"didn't you?"

"I didn't say anything." He gently ran his fingers through Ranma's hair,
marveling at the soft texture beneath his fingertips before continuing, "I was
thinking that maybe I'd hurt you, but--"

[~You mean, like this, Ryo-chan?~]

He stopped speaking. Ranma's mouth hadn't moved at all, but Ryoga had heard him
quite clearly. His shy smile slowly returned, and he nodded his head. [~Hai,
just like that, koibito.~]

Ranma smiled back and nuzzled against his beloved. [~Well, *this* is an
unexpected bonus! How long have you been psychic, itoshii(3)?~]

Ryoga chose to answer verbally: "Apparently, since we made love." He felt
rather than saw Ranma's smile, then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep
with his lover wrapped securely in his arms.

~ So stop the press
Hold the news
The secret's safe between me and you
Walls--can you keep a secret? ~



Ooh, look! R'oko-chan used footnotes!

(1) Ranma confessed that he was in love with Ryoga in my first untitled Ranma
1/2 fic. Seriously, it's called Untitled Song Fic 'cause I couldn't think
of a name for it at the time! But, that's when it happened in my little
story arch ^_^
(2) Also recalling an event from U.S.F. I must confess to using the old
"prepare to die" bit when Ryoga jumped over the wall. Ranma shut him down
pretty quick though, hehe.
(3) As far as I can tell, this is the Japanese word for 'beloved' or
'sweetheart'. If I'm wrong, please let me know. I already received word that
this was the term, thanks to everyone on the list who answered my question so
quickly ^_^

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