The First Bite

BY : Philippa MaQuente
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The First Bite
A Hellsing fanfiction
by Ryah

No, I don't own Hellsing. I am not Kohta Hirano. If I was, you'd all be worshipping me. This a little something halfway between the manga and the OVA. Thanks to everyone who reviewed me. ^.^ I was not expecting so many nice compliments so quickly.


The enemy was a pathetic attempt at a real monster. He was nothing more than a damned human soul, now. Funny. The man had been a Vicar in life; a man of God. Soon he would be facing the dark side of the coin, and the black one himself. Alucard smiled at the beast's pathetic attempt to shield himself behind the last one left alive. He jeered Alucard behind the girl's golden head. His ugly face was just begging for a hole straight through the forehead. Alucard wasn't worried. His reflexes were fast enough, and his aim was deadly. He could hit the target without ever damaging a single hair on the young girl's head. But he still found the words tumbling from his mouth.

"Hey girl, are you a virgin?" A blush rose on her face. The immortal failure's face went slack. He realized why the question had been asked. The former Vicar screeched in protest as the girl stuttered out her answer.

"Y-yes, I am!" Without hesitation the gunshot cracked loudly across the open ground. The police girl, named Seras, felt like her chest was on fire. Her breath shortened as she fell to the grass. Dimly she saw the man in the long red coat, who was impossibly tall, slam his hand through her attacker's chest and obliterate him. The pain began to ebb and her vision clouded over. Seras sank into a hazy vision of the world. She knew in the back of her mind she was dying. White light burned in the corner of her sight. Two figures stood waving at her, ushering her. She wanted to go to them. Somewhere a voice came drifting lazily across her mind.

"You don't have long." A short pause. The voice seemed to fade. "What will you do?" The outline of a head came into her eyes. She sputtered her breath... the face became her father's, one she had not seen since the day that left her orphaned. She reached for her father...

Alucard grinned. The little fallen police girl, her body marred by his weapon, reached out towards him; towards darkness. He was all too happy to oblidge. Alucard lifted her bleeding body upward and hoisted her wound to his mouth. Her delicate breast was ruined. Pity. After cutting his tongue with his fang, he dropped a little of his own blood into her wound. The effect happened immediately. Her wound closed up, though she, body limp, failed to notice. Then, he lowered her and placed her sweet, ivory-skinned neck to his lips. The smell of her skin enticed him. It was a natural and envigorating perfume. Faint memories came to mind of sweet woman's neck and the failed attempt to seduce she whom he loved. Even older memories surfaced as the fangs pierced her skin and began to drain her of life. It was the shriek of the suicidal one, the first love that was long gone. Alucard drained her fiercely, determined to finish one of his attempts to find her: The woman who would always be his.

Seras had drifted into a dark place. Nothing was above, below or around her, and her body hung in nothingness. She seemed to float, but could move in any way she fancied. Was she within herself? Had she died? Was she in heaven, hell... or purgatory? Awash in her thoughts, she was jarringly struck by the most intense feelings of pleasure. There was nothing to be seen by her, but she could feel the weight of someone's touch, and her body was caught in a state of constant climaxing. She had never experienced such a thing and moaned aloud with the force of unending waves of bliss. Seras floated on her back long after the rolling surges of pleasure ceased. Her inner muscles twinged involuntarily. She was left panting and gasping, but she realized that her breathing was easy. There was no wound. She did feel exhausted, as if though she had been up all night with some virile young lover. The very thought of it made her blush fiercely.

Soon Seras felt herself moving, and not of her own volition. She realized that she was inside her own conciousness, and now something was pulling her towards the surface. The air around her grew brighter. Muffled voices began to filter through the darkness. She thought she heard her name, somewhere. She continued floating, up up up, until at last she was inside her own head.

Seras woke up in a bed and sat up. Remembering her horrific dream, she pulled up the pajama top she was wearing and looked down at her left breast. No gaping hole, no stitches, not even a scratch. She sighed with intense relief.

Alucard had turned when he heard her stir. The rustling of the bed clothes came, and suddenly, without noticing the man sitting on the edge of her bed, she lifted her shirt and gave him a good view of what was underneath. He was completely amused and smiled widely, half-way between the desire to devour her and laughter. Now that she was undead, and a part of him, she was well on her way to becoming his lifelong companion. Seras dropped her shirt and finally noticed him grinning madly. She gave a comical shriek. His eyes playfully scanned his young fledgling as her turned toward her.

Seras' reaction was only slight for the severity of her shock. The strange man that had shot her was sitting on her bed, and had just gotten an eyeful of her chest! She felt a very, very small blush rise on her cheeks. Surely her whole face should be red...? He turned to her, grinning with wild fury. The smile seemed so devilish, so maddening, yet she felt a twinge in her body for the handsome face that bore it. He had long dark hair, and twisted, red-gleamed eyes. It was a strange face, but somehow comforting, and desirable. As she was about to ask what the bloody hell was going on, he gave the barest of answers and yet she understood.

"I am Alucard, little police girl. Welcome to the life of a vampiress."

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