A Little After Midnight

BY : cienne
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A Little After Midnight
by cienne zoeldyck

DISCLAIMER: "Rurouni Kenshin" and its characters are the property of Watsuki Nobuhiro.

Saitou collapsed against the breathless Sano, their naked, sweaty bodies glowing against the candlelight.

"Wow, old man!" Sano huffed. "What would you be like when you turn fifty?"


12:30 am

"... and he goes, 'What the hell, man. You cheated!', but I really didn't and I go..."

"Shut up, ahou..."

Sano pushed at Saitou. "But, this is the best part..."

Saitou held him close and placed a damp kiss on Sano's forehead. "Tomorrow. Now, sleep."

Sano sighed and buried his face on Saitou's chest. "Okay, cop."

1:45 am

Sano's arm wound around Saitou's neck, one leg wrapping around Saitou's waist, his hips pumping, wildly against Saitou's.

After awhile, his movements slowed down and stopped.

Saitou's hand crept down his buttocks and squeezed.

2:30 am

Sano licked his lip. "Get your filthy hands off me..." he muttered and nuzzled against Saitou. "Hmmm... 'Jime'll kill me..."

3:10 am

Saitou stirred and woke up. He untangled arms and legs and quickly stood up, walking out the bedroom. Sounds of waterflowing as Sano's hands searched the bed.

Saitou comes back and spoons Sano against him. He grabs the blanket to cover them then, smirks, amused.

"Another wetdream, ahou?"

4:20 am

Sano's eyes snap open. He looks around and relaxes. He turns to find Hajime sleeping soundly, one arm around his waist. The cop's usually immaculate hair was disshevelled, a strand tickling his nose.

Sano lay still and watched.

"You can be a kid, too, Hajime..."

4:30 am

Sano dips his fingers in the still open jar of oil by the bed table, preads his legs and prepares himself.

He dips his fingers again and coats Hajime's cock with it.

Grunting a little, he slid Saitou's manhhod into him.

He sighs, satisfied and grinds his buttocks against Saitou's groin, tightens Saitou's arm around him and drifts off to sleep.

5:00 am
PDT (*giggles*)

Sano wakes up to find Saitou on top of him and inside him. He arches his back and Hajime nibbles on a nipple.

"If I get late for work, you'll get it, ahou." Saitou mutters but didn't stop.

"Yeah, yeah." Sano nodded and wraps arms and legs around his cop.


They lay in a spooning position, breathing deeply, snoring softly.

A rooster crowed outside but they didn't stir.

6:20 am

Saitou's arms tightened around Sano. "Mine..." he murmurs.

Sano nods.

7:00 am

Sano's head looled off the pillow. Saitou's lips slides down his hair and stops at his neck. He sucks at the skin and stops, leaving a mark.

7:30 am

Sunlight filters through the quiet room. Sano stretched, lazily and Saitou sits up awake, running his hands through his hair.

"Morning..." Sano murmurs and puckers up.

"Hn, morning." Saitou replies and leans down to kiss him.

The roosterhead sat up, grabbing his pants as Saitou did as well, getting up the bed and walking to the bathroom.

"Eggs and fish?" Sano called after him.

"Hn." Saitou replied.

"Hn." Sano sniggered, stretched and got up.

7:50 am

"You'll be early, right?"

"Hn. Probably..."

"Aw, man..."


Sounds of clinking utensils as they ate.



Watery chocolate eyes. "You'll be early, right?"

Amused golden eyes. "Hn."

"I'll give you a backrub a little after midnight."

Saitou's eyes turned sly. "I'll be early."

Sano grinned. "Six-five!"


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