Getting Sano

BY : cienne
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Getting Sano
by cienne

Disclaimer: Me no own Sano. Me no own Saitou. Me no own anybody. Me very sad. :(

“Hajimeee…” Sano moaned and bucked against Saitou. “Hajime… Hajime… Hajime…”

Saitou gave an evil grin and grabbed a nipple with his teeth. Sano’s moistened lips parted in a blissful ah! And heavy lidded brown eyes worshipped Saitou’s greatness.

“You like that… hmm?” Saitou murmured, slyly.

“Uh-huh…” was followed by a strangled yelp as Saitou made a grandslam. “Dammit to hell…” Sano panted, weakly, shuddering.

Saitou smirked and did it again…

“Oh, Buddha, have mercy…!”

… and again…

“…Oh, man…”

…and again…

“… if you stop I’ll fucking kill you, man…” Sano gasped out and thrust his hips against Saitou. “Harder, harder, harder!”

Saitou grinned and complied, pushing into Sano with all his might, his hand going up and down mercilessly on Sano’s manhood, his lips sucking on Sano’s neck.

Their movements went faster, harder, hotter until…

Hajime woke up with a cry.

“Shit!” he gasped out, breathlessly, his hands grabbing the sheets, the knuckles turning white. “That dream again…” he muttered, loosening his grip on the blankets, wiping the sweat from his eyes and trying to steady his breathing again.

After composing himself, he lied back down, his heart still pounding from that bliss filled dream.

Ah, you friggin’ ahou…, he thought, with a little smirk on his face. I’m gonna drive myself crazy if …

He remembered that day, once more. The very first time he laid eyes on the roosterhead. Him, dressed like a salesman and Sano sprawled, casually, on the dojo’s steps. He’d been intrigued then. The tanned chest had made his mouth water and the luscious lips made his head swim. One thought had been in his head… ‘Gotta have him. Gotta have him”.

But, his mission had been to obliterate the girly Battousai and he’d reluctantly put his sword through that creamy shoulder. He’d pretended indifference but, when the ahou had fainted he couldn't resist tasting those lips and had bent down to kiss him.

‘Sweet’, was all he could think of and he had walked away, his fingers on his lips wondering when he could see the ahou again.

Saitou stirred from his musings and sat up. Well, hey, it’s never too late to fulfill his late night fantasies of the sweet, sweet ahou. Maybe the idiot had forgotten he’d tried to kill him and submit to his animalistic charms. All he needed to do was wink and give Sano his little sexy snicker and the roosterhead will follow him like a dog in heat.

Hajime quickly got up to change. He couldn’t wait to see the ahou.

Day One

Sanosuke Sagara whistled as he walked, hands in his pockets, towards the shrine. It was still early. Maybe he’d hang around Kenshin for awhile until lunch then meet his friends at the gambling house. If luck is on his side, they might spend the rest of the night getting drunk.

“Heh-heh.” Sano chuckled, feeling the vibes of a lucky dice. Suddenly, a figure blocked his way and he jumped back going on a defensive stance.

“What the fuck d’ya want, temee?”

Saitou’s amber eyes narrowed. “Hn.” he said and flicked away his cigarette. “You will go with me, now, ahou.” It wasn’t a request.

Sano’s temper flared, his fists tightened. “The hell I will!”

Saitou’s eyebrows rose, annoyed. “I need you to go with me right now.”

The roosterhead took another step back. “Fuck off, man. I ain’t done anything to you. What? You wanna put another sword through me? Well, thank you very much but last one you gave me ain’t even healed yet. So, fuck you and have a nice day.”

With that Sanosuke took off.

Saitou stood there for a full minute, totally clueless then shrugged. “Maybe, he hates to stroll.”

Day Two

Sanosuke was pissed. He lost all his money to some idiotic regular in the gambling house and he was hungry. He walked, sullenly, shuffling his feet. He really hoped Kenshin had left him something for dinner.

Suddenly, he shivered. The hairs at the back of his head rising. He looked around and sure enough there was that bastard cop walking, languidly towards him.


“Don’t call me that, temee.”

Saitou stood in front of him, crossing his arms over his sturdy chest. “You look like a chicken out in cold weather.”

“And you look like a pervert.” Sano shot back, getting more pissed. “What the hell are you doing here anyway?”

“Hn.” Saitou said, raising an eyebrow. He raised one gloved hand and patted the tip of Sano’s nose with one finger. “Giving you a chance to win your money back.”

Sano stepped back, confused. “What’re you talking…?”

Saitou crossed his arms again. “Exactly what I just said. My informants had told me you lost in the…”

“Hey!” Sano demanded. “Why the hell are you spying me for?”

Saitou shrugged. “Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.”

Sano glared at him. “Asshole.” he spat and began walking away.


“Grr. If you follow me, I’m yelling bloody murder.”

Saitou was dumbfounded. Tsk., he thought.

Day Three

Saitou peeled himself off a tree as he saw Sanosuke walking towards his direction… rather crookedly.

“Oh, it’s you…” Sano muttered and ignored him.

“Ahou.” Saitou called and Sano faced him again.

“Yeah, what?” he asked and stumbled a bit. Saitou, quickly, caught the idiot before he could fall.

“You’re drunk…” Saitou stated.

Sano leaned heavily on him. “Hey, cricketman. I didn’t see you.” he slurred, his brown eyes going round and round.

Saitou thought for a minute then, raised an eyebrow as he tried to balance them both. “I’m having lunch, ahou, you want…”

“Sure, everyone’s going to lunch…” Sano’s voice trailed off and he leaned more heavily at Saitou. “…save me some sake..” he muttered and giggled.

Saitou studied Sano’s heavy lidded eyes and wet lips and his nightly dreams came crashing back to him. Unable to help himself, he bent down to kiss those luscious lips…

“Hey! What the hell are you doing, Saitou?”

The cop almost dropped Sano but he glanced with bored eyes at Katsura, who was glaring at him suspiciously.

“Ah, wonderful. Your friend is drunk and..”

Suddenly, Sano burped loud and started throwing up on Saitou’s uniform.

Katsura tried to stop his sudden laughter when Saitou gave him a glare that promised death.

Day Four

It was so simple! Saitou was smirking as he set some sake jugs by the temple. The damned ahou was very agreeable when drunk. He even let Saitou touch him in his drunken state so the cop decided a drunk Sano was easier to seduce than a sane Sano.

Finished, he stepped back and admired his work. These innocent looking jugs would attract Sano and Saitou would jump in for the kill.

Sniggering, he made himself a part of a nearby tree and waited…

And waited…

And waited…

And waited some more…

“Fucking ahou.” Saitou grunted, very pissed and slapped a bug away from him.

And then the cop grinned to himself as he heard the familiar tuneless whistle coming from none other than the ahou himself.

The whistling stopped and there came a puzzled pause.

Saitou sneaked a peek to see Sano studying the sake jugs. After sniffing and tasting the contents, Sano faced the shrine and clapped his hands twice in thanks. “Arigatou, goddess… your kindness has filled my heart with joy and…”

Saitou rolled his eyes as Sano babbled on. “Get on with it already, friggin’ ahou.”

Sano clapped his hands a final time and stared at the jugs, hungrily. And then…


Saitou slapped a hand on his forehead. Great! Now, the friggin’ battousai comes to spoil his plan.

“Hiya, Kenshin. What’s up?”

“I’m going to buy some tofu. Would you like to come with me?”

“Sorry, pal, but I’m busy…”

“Sake so early in the morning?” Kenshin said, horrified. “You’ll make your tummy go all queer.”

Sano laughed. “That’s what sake’s for, man. Wanna join me?”

The redhead spied Saitou’s amber eyes glaring at him from behind the shadows and he grabbed Sano’s arm. “I don’t think these jugs are yours, Sano.”

“Well, finders keepers, man. Tough luck to the imbecile who left ‘em here.”

Kenshin shook his head, firmly as the golden orbs flung daggers at him. “We have to go, Sano. These may be the work of the devil. It’s best if you leave them.”

“No, no, no. These jugs are miiiiine…” Sano wailed as the redhead kept his firm grip on the roosterboy’s arm, keeping him from reaching the jugs.

“I’ll buy you some after lunch, that I will.” Kenshin grunted as he pulled at Sano.

Sanosuke stared morosely at the jugs of sake then turned sad eyes at Kenshin. “You sure ‘bout that, man?’

“I promise.” Kenshin nodded and quickly pulled Sano away from the temple before Saitou could attack.

Day Five

Kenshin sat down beside Yahiko and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Sano scratched, absently at his wrapped abdomen and lay back on the wooden floor. “Man, this is the life…” he murmured. “Though, I wish we had Jou-chan to serve us some sake.”

Yahiko snickered. “Wait ‘till she hears you say that…”

“Wait ‘till I get my hands on you, brat.” Sano shot back but didn’t stir.

Kenshin smiled as Yahiko bristled at the insult. The boy was about to retort back when a tall figure caught their eye, making his way in through the low back gate.

“Good morning, Officer Fujima.” Kenshin greeted and Sano sat up, abruptly glaring at Saitou.

“Not you again.”


Yahiko laughed at that. “You gonna arrest Sano, now?”

Sano slapped the back of Yahiko’s head, annoyed. “Shut up, Yohji-boy.”

“Don’t call me that, roosterhead!” Yahiko snapped, clutching his injured head.

Kenshin caught Saitou’s death glare and sweatdropped. “Ah, can we help you, Officer?”

“I’ve come here for the ahou.”

“Don’t call me that, temee.”

“What should I call you, then?” Saitou asked, golden orbs nailed at the young man. “Doofus? Bishouonen? Roosterhead?”

Sano shook a fist at Saitou. “Suck my dick, asshole.”

Kenshin had, quickly, covered Yahiko’s ears. “There are children present, Sano…”

“He started it.”

Saitou exhaled, exasperated. “I merely came here to converse with Sano.”

“Converse, my ass.” Sano huffed. “What the fuck can we possibly converse about?”

“Hn. Your irresistable charm, perhaps.”

Three jaws dropped on the floor. Sano was the first to recover.

“M-my what?!?” he spluttered.

But, Saitou wasn’t finished. “Or how I delight in watching you bask in the lake, your bronzed skin glowing in the setting sun’s light.”

“I must be dreaming…” Yahiko muttered.

“Or, maybe, how I wish to relish in the sweetness of your lips and ravish your body all wanton on my bed.”

“I must be dying, that I think.” Kenshin muttered.

“Or, we could converse about starting an illicit affair, one that would be the talk of Japan once you start walking around town, half-naked with my marks on you seen by everyone…”

Yahiko and Kenshin glanced at each other and burst laughing.

Saitou raised an eyebrow.

Sano was beet-red as he glared at the laughing idiots. “What’s so funny, you freakin’ assholes?” he demanded and stalked away, fuming.

Saitou stood there, completely baffled. “Was it something I said?”

Day Six

Saitou took one last drag of his slim cigarette and tossed it away. He exhaled, slowly then raised an eyebrow at the obstacle in his way. The Kamiya Dojo’s front gate.

Slightly annoyed, he pulled at the doorbell.

“Yeah, yeah…” said someone and the gate swung open to reveal Sano, who’s eyes widened and cheeks reddened at the sight of him.


Sano stood there, shuffling his feet. “What?”

“Let’s have dinner.”

Sano stared at him, surprised. “What?”

Saitou raised an eyebrow. “I said, let’s have dinner together.”

Sano flushed all the more. “You sure… You sure ‘bout that, man?”

Saitou smirked. “Do I look like I’m serious?”

The roosterhead scratched at the back of his head. “Well, it’s kinda… awkward, y’know… I mean…”

“I am only asking you to have dinner with me, Sano. Nothing else.”

Sano nibbled his lower lip in indecision and it took all of Saitou’s willpower not to attack. “Well…”

Saitou exhaled, annoyed. “Are you coming or not?”

Sano glanced back inside then stepped out. “Okay, then… Jou-chan’s cooking.” he added, a bit embarrassed.

Saitou nodded and led the way. They walked in silence for a few moments until Sano turned to look at him. “Hey, Saitou…”

“It’s Hajime, ahou.”

“My name’s Sano, dick face!” Sano snarled then paused as he realized what Saitou had just said. He went quiet again, his cheeks red.

Silence again.

And then… “Uh- Hajime…?”


“About… about yesterday…?”

Saitou glanced at him and Sano felt his chest tighten at the golden orbs staring at him. “What about yesterday?”
“Uh… well, y’know. ‘Bout that whole conversation shit…”

“What about that whole conversation shit?”

Sano bristled then went quiet again, thinking.

Silence again as they turned right.

Sano cleared his throat. “Did’ja mean it?”
Saitou stopped walking. Surprised, Sano stepped near him, worried. “Hey, man… what’s up?”
Casually, Saitou pulled the surprised ahou against him. Then, his lips swooped down on Sano’s stilling the protests that would’ve come.

Silence as their lips locked and held.

And then… “Did that feel serious, Sano?” Saitou murmured against swollen lips, his golden eyes boring through chocolate ones.

Sano swallowed, licking his lower lip, the brown eyes wide with surprise. “W-well… I-it sure did, man.”

Saitou smirked. “Good.” he said and resumed walking once more.

A bit dazed, Sano followed and after awhile took Saitou’s hand in his. “Hey, Hajime.”

“Yes.” Saitou asked, pulling Sano closer against him.

“Do you mind if we converse later after dinner?”
Saitou smirked and shook his head.

Sano tightened his grip on Saitou’s hand. “Good.”


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