When Shadows Cry

BY : stormyluck
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Tsuzki woke with a dread deep in his heart there was something wrong and he knew it. It was a cold feeling sweeping into his bones. Getting up he dressed quickly and went to work. He met with a dead silence. Everyone’s heads were down and they refused to meet his eyes, when he asked what was wrong they simply shook their heads. Tsuzki felt the feelings sink deeper into his stomach as he walked carefully to the cheifs office. He was certain this was a joke, that when he opened the door Tatsumi and everyone would be standing there laughing at him. His illusion was shattered though when he walked through the door and Hisoka along with Watari were there with grim looks on their faces.
“Chief?“ he ask tentatively.

“Sit.” was all he said as he gestured to the chair next to Hisoka.

Tsuzki did so quietly and rather unnerved. “Where is Tatsumi?” He asked worried about the shadow master.

“Muraki has him.” He said looking at the top of his desk.

Tsuzki shook his head in denial.

“Yes. First Hisoka and now Tatsumi. He’s trying to get to you only this time.” He trailed off.

“This time what?” Tsuzki asked more worried then before.

“Tatsumi said he’s go.” He said looking up at Tsuzki. “It was that or he’d find you or go after Watari.” He held Tsuzki’s violet eyes.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

“We can get him back though right?” Tsuzki asked looking at him.

The Chief shook his head. “Not until you’ve watched this.” He said holding up a disk. It glinted coldly in the over head light.,

“Ok.” He said nodding his head quickly.

He put it into the DVD player sitting in his office. Slowly it came into view and they say Tatsumi hanging in the middle of a room. His hand bound and bleeding above his head. His shirt was missing and long bloody lines decorated his chest and torso. His pants button was undone and his shoes and socks were missing as well. Tsuzki was the first to notice the large puddle of blood on the floor but what bothered them was that there was no pain on his face just acceptance.

“Beautiful isn’t he.” Muraki said with glee. “I can do anything to hims that I want and he’ll except it all. He doesn’t even fight.” He walked around the camera and over to Tatsumi and ran his hand over his leg. Tatsumi’s eyes fluttered open slowly but he didn’t move away from the touch. “And as long as I don’t leave this room the shadows stay in place and as long as he doesn’t leave I’ll leave all of you alone.” Muraki said with an evil smile.

Tatsumi closed his eyes letting his head fall to hit his chest again. “It’s beautiful really spec`ially when you hurt him and the screams echo through the shadows.” There was a pause. “I never knew he could be so much fun to play with.” He turned back to Tatsumi.

He lashed power out at him just to prove his point. The energy his Tatsumi square in the chest causing him to scream out in pain. And as Muraki said the scream echoed through all of the shadows.

“Beautiful.” He smiled “on and I’ve found the real reason why he couldn’t be your partner Tsuzki-san.” He smiled with a cold intent. “Would you like to know?” He laughed and they watched as suddenly everything was plunged into darkness.

“I’ve always hated my eyes.” Tatsumi said. “They always made my mother cry.”

A woman with the same color hair as Tsuzki stood in front of a younger Tatsumi in a outfit of violet hues. The noticed that Tatsumi’s head was down and his eyes were tightly closed.

“No matter what I did she insisted I look at her. And she would cry when I did.” There was a pause and slowly he lifted up his head. “I even tried ripping my own eyes out once. To make them go away. Anything so she’d stop crying when she looked at me.”

They watched as she slapped Tatsumi across the face and his head whipped to the side. He simply stood quietly and exited the room. “The crying never stopped.”

They saw a small girl come around the corner and wrap thin arms around his waist. “The only one who loved me was my little sister.” They heard him say softly.

“Seii.” She whispered “What happened to your hair?”

“I sold it.” He answered back.

“My mother refused to work. She was royal blood before she met my father so she never worked a day in her life. I took up the slack. I worked to make sure that my sister and mother never went hungry and there was a roof over our heads. And that when my mother got to bad my sister had some place to run to.”

They watched as he shooed her out of the door before closing it and leaning his forehead against it. They noticed his hair was long, reaching his waist and thick but kept neat and at the base of his skull with a simple leather tie. “And then one day it all changed.”

They could hear his mother crying in the background and they saw Tatsumi lift his hands up to cover his ears trying to block out the sound. “Stop crying.” He whispered. “Stop.” He continued.

The crying stopped and they watched as Tatsumi noticed. “When the silence hit the house and spread through I was shocked at first and then happy but then panic hit me.”

They watched his eyes widen and he pushed himself from the door to the living room ones to throw them open. His eyes grew even wider as the shadows leaked out of her mouth. She was wearing the same Violet hued kimono. “That was the day I learned I could control the shadows.” They watched as he ran over to his mother shaking her. “My life turned for the worse then. And it seemed that it was a nightmare that was never going to end. My sister became ill and I had to find a home for her to live in. I did it wasn’t hard everyone loved her.”

They watched as he packed her backs for her. “But I don’t want to go Seii. I want to stay with you.”

“You can’t.” He said simply and hid behind his hair that was now falling out of the small leather band.

“Don’t you love me anymore.” She demanded in a heartbroken voice.

“Would you leave if I told you I didn’t?” He asked as his hands stilled.

She didn’t say anything for a while and Tatsumi smiled though there was no mirth behind it. “I don’t love you.” He said in a sturdy, even voice. “Your just an annoying little brat that’s in the way.” He said and continued to smile even as the tears dripped off of his chin. He turned and silently slipped out of the room. He leaned against the door and they heard his sister hitting the door. He looked up and his hair fell away from his face to show the utterly heart broken look in his eyes as he listened to his sister banging on the door.

“SEII!” she screamed. “You still me I know you do!”

The unbearable amount of pain on Tatsumi’s face tore at their hearts as he said softly. “I don’t love you. You need to live with them so they can take care of you.” he put his head down whispering. “Better then I ever could.

He pushed away from the door wiping his face off with his sleeve and walking out of the house. “With my broken heart in toe I went in search of a place to work so that I could pay for her medicine.” There was a pause. “That was the last thing I ever heard my sister say to me."

They watched him walk and talk to people. “The ones that helped before now refused to the last place in town was a brothel. I guess I was pretty enough they hired me on the spot.”

They watched as his face was pulled up and he looked at the man through hurt blue eyes. He smiled and showed crooked teeth before grabbing a fist full of Tatsumi’s hair and pulling him into the building and up to a room where he was thrown to the floor.

“You’re a whore now so get it right.” The man said in a gruff voice. “A man wants a blow job then do it. He wants to fuck you three ways till Sunday he gets to. You don’t own your body anymore I do.”

He went over and reached for Tatsumi’s hair again wrapping it around his fat fist and yanking hard enough to cause tears to come to the surface of Tatsumi’s eyes. “now blow me whore.”

Tatsumi did what he was told all the while his eyes shut tightly as if it wasn’t real. When it ended the man let go of his hair and smiled. “You’ll do blue eyes.”

“At that comment I wanted to rip my eyes out.” They watched as he sat in the middle of the room his hair completely free and hiding most of his form. “But I didn’t have time. ”They started sending men up to see me. Over the years they became faceless men with no names. It stopped hurting and eventually I stopped bleeding.” His voice lowered. “But I still felt dirty, unclean and like I would never be clean again.”

They watched as faceless men came and took Tatsumi. They watched his body rock back and forth. They watched his face and how dead it seemed compared to now. “They came took me then left.” He paused as if he was taking a breath. “Then one day a man came and surpassed everyone in cruelty.”

They watched as Tatsumi braced his hand on the wall in front of him and was whipped till his skin broke and he bled. They watched as he fisted his hand in Tatsumi’s hair before slamming his face roughly into the floor. The man even went so far as to snap Tatsumi’s shoulders out of joint cause him to cry out in pain. “I could feel the blood running down my legs and back and I knew it would never end. I was hear till one of the men killed me.”

Then finally the horror stopped and Tatsumi collapsed to the ground covering his head, slowly as to not hurt his shoulders more then they already hurt. There was a solid kick to his gut causing him to cough and whimper before some money was thrown at him. “You’re a good little whore. I might visit this place more often now.” he said before he slammed the door shut.

Tatsumi laid in the middle of the room in pain. His body hurting to much for him to move and gather something to cover himself with. The door opened and Tatsumi squeezed his eyes shut. Two arms reached out and picked him up causing him to scream as his shoulders where pushed. The person holding him set in the bed. “Put your face in my shoulder.” the voice was a soothing whisper.

Tatsumi did as he was told choking on the tears that were running down his face. There was a large snap and he screamed into the blue covered shoulder. There was another snap and he Tatsumi only whimpered.

“Better?” the voice asked.

Tatsumi nodded his head and waiting for the pain but the warm body simply moved back and stood.

“My life changed at that moment.” there was a soft happiness in his voice. “He came into my life when I was hurting the most and fixed what hurt. He did so gently and I had never been treated like that before. So I was surprised.” there was a pause in his voice. “It was nice.”

The camera moved back and they saw Tatsumi looking a dark haired Watari holding a bowl of water.
“Sleep.” He said and got onto his knees pulling Tatsumi to lay on his stomach.

He did so and reached out to grab onto Watari’s pant leg before closing his eyes and resting. A while later they watched his eyes flutter open looking at Watari to smile shyly when he looked down at him.
“I thought you were a dream.” He said softly.

Watari shook his head and smiled pushing his bangs out of his face. “No I’m no dream.” he rubbed his thumb over his cheek. “But I must be going.”

Panick struck Tatsumi’s eyes. Watari paused and bent kissing him softly. “Your eyes are the most wonderful color blue. So clear, they’re beautiful.” he whispered standing to leave just as quietly as he came.

“That was the first time in my life someone said my eyes were beautiful and I didn’t want to rip them out or make myself blind so they couldn’t see them.” He said softly. “After that day I waited for him to come and he never failed me. He turned up everyday with nothing but a smile on his face and warm arms to hold me.”

They watched as Tatsumi rested his head against Watari’s chest and wrap an arm around his waist. Watari for his part was rubbing Tatsumi’s arm up and down. “Why did you come here?”
“I heard about a beautiful young man that was so gorgeous that he could make the Gods bow with just a look.”

“Gods don’t bow but shadows do.” He said not thinking. When Tatsumi realized what he said he clapped his hand over his mouth and sat up quickly.
“What do you mean?” Watari asked and pulled his hand away to hold it.

Tatsumi looked at the shadow in the corner of the room and it slipped down the wall across the floor and over to Watari sliding up his side and over his hand that covered Tatsumi’s “That’s what I mean.”

“It’s cold.” was all Watari said.

“Normally they are.” He answered.

“That’s amazing Seii.” He said and watched as the shadow replaced itself on the wall.

“Yes.” He said and watched the shadow and then began to look around at all the shadows on the walls and floor. “Is it all of them?”

Tatsumi nodded and leaned close to Watari. “Wow that’s amazing.” He said as he wrapped his arms around Tatsumi.

They watched Tatsumi smile. “I love you.” I thought I whispered it low enough to hear but I was wrong.

“I love you too Seii.” He pulled Tatsumi’s face up to kiss him before it deepened and he pushed him down to take off all his ropes and untie his hair.

“It was like finding a place to be when he took me. It was a place I fit well and it was almost like his arms and body were made for mine. At that moment I was his fully and I swear on my life at that moment I would do anything to keep him with me and near me. To keep him forever in my arms. So that I could always have my home. Because that’s what he was. He was my home, warm, safe and so perfect for me. It was the first time I actually got pleasure from what another did to me.” Tatsumi’s voice was soft and gentle as he remembered. “He was there when my sister died and held me when I cried soothing the pain I felt. He made me laugh and so happy I thought I could die from happiness.” his voice was filled with so much love it was almost like you could touch it. “And then it all changed.”

“He paid me to kill you Seii.” Watari looked at the small knife in his hands. “But I can’t.”

“What happens if you don’t kill me?” Tatsumi asked looking at him.

“I’ll get killed instead.” He answered with a small shrug.

Tatsumi watched Watari’s bent head for a moment before he reached down for his hands and pulled them up placing the knife in the middle of his chest and pressed himself forward. Watari realized what he was going to do he tried to pull back. “Stop Seii.” he begged. “Stop, don’t, please I can’t lose you.” He pleaded.

Tatsumi leaned forward and whispered. “I love you.” Before he jammed Watari’s hands into his chest imbedding the knife there before giving it a quick jerk and snapping the bone there.

Tatsumi’s body slumped into Watari’s lap. Watari for his part wrapped himself around Tatsumi’s dead form and cried on him.

“I watched as he cried over me and felt happy because he would live. But I felt badly as well because I could not be with him like I wanted too. I couldn’t hold him anymore. I couldn’t kiss his neck and hide my face. I wasn’t home. I had no place.” There was a pause. “But my happiness as being free from a body was short lived. I was brought back because of my abilities with shadows. Because I could hear conversations, feel feelings and so forth. But I was never allowed to let Watari see me. But I followed him. I watched out for him, I stopped many attacks on him because I love him so much. But one time I wasn’t there because of an assignment and he died.” There was a pure silence.

“I held him then as he lay dying. He smiled at me and rested his head against my shoulder.”

“We’ll be together again.” He whispered and a smile graced his face.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.” Tatsumi just nodded his head and held him closer.

“I think I could do this forever.” He whispered and shifted slightly.
“What Taka?” He asked and pushed hair from his face.

“Die but only if it’s in your arms.” He whispered back and closed his eyes.

The last bit of breath in his longs rushed out and he stilled all over, his head against Tatsumi’s shoulders and a smile on his face. Tatsumi just kissed his forehead and let the shadows pull him down into the ground.
“That was the moment I truly lost my home.”

“I watched over him for years. Every life time, every tear every boo boo. I watched as he fell in and out of love. I noticed though they all had blue eyes. It made me happy that if he didn’t remember me at least he remembered something about me. This last life though I heard him talking about how he wasn’t loved and he was just going to find some random person and fuck them. So instead of having someone who would hurt him or he would hurt, I made myself known. I was at the club he was at. I danced and caught his eye and wouldn’t let it go until he came over to me.” He said a little smug.

They watched as Tatsumi danced with Watari in a provocative way. Then watched as Watari grabbed Tatsumi’s hand and dragged him out of the club into a cab and into his home.

“Hey may not have been my lover for centuries but I still knew his spots. They were still the same.” they heard him whisper. “And we fit again.” There was a moment when everyone’s heart ached cause in the shadows though Watari couldn’t see it there was a small smile gracing Tatsumi’s lips as tears ran effortlessly down his face. “It was home again.” His voice got weaker. “It was safe.”

Watari easily slipped his hand around his waist and rubbed his lower back. “I couldn’t believe that he was there and I was touching him.” There was a pause. “I knew his intentions though and we both got what we wanted.”

They watched as Tatsumi pushed against Watari’s body fitting together perfectly. “I was happy and sad at what happened that night. Happy because I felt whole for the first time in a long time but sad because I knew it wasn’t going to last. That I was going to have him one more time and it was going to be my last.” They watched for a moment as Tatsumi’s memories played out.

Watari held him carefully like he was afraid he would break and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. They watched as it ended and then as Watari fell asleep and Tatsumi sat up in bed and looked down at him. He brushed the blond away from his face and smiled sadly the tears still running down his face. He bent and kissed his cheek. “And then I wanted to die.” The last part was a choke of the word.

They watched the shadow swirl around him and then pull him down and in a flash he was gone. The only thing that was left was his cloths on the floor in a heap. “I didn’t want to go back but I figured I might want to but what I saw.” There was a long pause. “What I saw hurt more then anything else.”

He stepped out of the shadows and into Watari’s room as he slept. Watari though was curled around the white cotton button up shirt. His face pressed deeply into it as he inhaled. Tasumi dropped to his knees curling his hand up to his chest bringing back a bloodied hand. “The wound never healed. To this day I carry it with me as a reminder that I once had the greatest love in the world. One that could not and never will be matched.”

He pulled his hand away and then crawled over resting his head on the side of the bed before closing his eyes and falling asleep. They saw Watari move before he reached out his hand and clasped Tatsumi’s as he slept. Tatsumi for his worth held it just as tight, “I never wanted to leave that spot. I never wanted him to forget me. I never wanted to live without feeling his hands push my hair from my face ever so gently like he used to but I did. I was forced to forget about him and he was forced to forget about me. When I was told what my next mission would be I nearly tried to kill myself again. My mission to let Watari die in the science lab of his school.” The shadows flickered for a moment before they settled again.

They saw him stand behind Watari. They watched as he watched Watari mixed the chemicals. But they also saw Tatsumi’s body galvanize into action but was stopped by sheer force of will.

“I held him again as he laid there dying in the science lab hoping beyond anything that I’d die with hime." his voice faded as the tears rolled down his face. "And again I was denied my one wish." Tatsumi's voice was nothing but a whisper. "To die with the one I love the most."

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