Thr riceball, the inu and the snake!

BY : Nekogirl
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-Tohruuu-chaan, do you have a minute?, asked Ayame.
-Hai, I'm coming, answered Tohru. She come out from the kitchen.
-Ah, Little Tohru, I really need your help, will you come with me
to my store, said Ayame.
- I would love to, wait outside, I be right back, said Tohru and went
to her room. Ayame smiled.
-Gure-san, I'm taking Tohru with me, said Ayame.
-Hai, said Shigure and continue to look at his new novel. Ayame went
outside to wait for Tohru. After a minute, he could hear Tohrus
-I'm here now, lets go, said Tohru. Ayame smiled. They start walking.
When they got to Ayames store, Ayame turn around to face Tohru.
-Tohru-chan, said Ayame but then he turn around and start unlock the
door. He opened the door and they went in.
-Wait here, the switch is over here, he continue.
-What do you want me to do, Tohru asked. Now when the light was
turned on, she saw that Ayame had done some change to his store. Just
small ones, like changing the colours on the curtains that lead to
Ayames office.
-I want you to try some dresses on for me, you see, my assistant are
sick and I want to see what I need to change, said Ayame with a smile
on his lips.
-Ok, whice should I start with?, asked Tohru.
-Come here and I show you whice one, said Ayame. The got behind the
-Hmm, try this one first, he continued. He gave her a blue
-Hai, said Tohru and went to the dressroom. Ayame start thinking,
*Maybe I should wait with "that" dress.*
-Ayame-san, I'm done, said Tohru.
-Hmm, no no no, absolutly not your style, what was I thinking, said
Ayame and wave his hands.
-Ano?, what do you mean, not my style, I thought you said that I
should try them so that you could see what changes you have to do,
said Tohru. Ayame start laughing.
-Tohru, Tohru, Tohru, I know, but you also have to fit the dress,
understand, said Ayame. Tohru looked down at her feet.
-Hey, try this instead, he continued. He gave her a small, pink dress
with white ribbons. It was "that" dress.

-Ayame-san, I think the dress is to small, said Tohru from the dress room.
Ayame smile an evil smile. * Just as I planed. * Ayame thought.
-Wait, Im coming in to you, said Ayame.
-N-no, w-wai., said Tohru, but before she could finish, Ayame was inside.
Tohru took her shirt to cover her breast.
-Let me help you, said Ayame with a low voice.
-H-hai, thank you, Ayame-san, said Tohru and blush. When Ayames hand
touch her shoulder she starts to shiver. His touch was light and gentle.
-Turn around so I can help you, said Ayame. Tohru did as she was told. She
was now turned so that Ayame face her back. Ayame laugh for himself.
*So innocent, so cute, oh god I want her.* He thought for himself. He dragged
his hand down to her hips, then up again to her shoulder.
-Anno, Ayame-san, w-what are you d-doing?, Tohru asked.
-Oh, Tohru-chan, I just check the dress, Ayame lied. *Damn shes hot.*
He thought. He could feel his member grow. He pressed his hips against Tohrus.
Ayame let out a small moan.
-A-ayame-chan, w-whats t-that pressed against m-my b-bu-butt?, she asked.
-You mean this, ooh, Tohru-chan, this is your fault, he answered. Tohru gasped.
-Gomen, is there anything I can do to help you?, Tohru asked. She begin to bow,
which make her butt to get closer to Ayames throbbing member.
-Aah, Tohru, stand up and turn around, Ayame said with a moan. Tohru did as she
was told.

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