Slivers of Moonlight

BY : Pantherrose
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~ ~ ~

Don’t look into my face. Don’t look into my eyes. I don’t want to see Kira reflected in your smile.

The night is drawing to an end. Outside our window, the moon begins its steady journey to the other side of the earth. Its waning silver light casts our room into a world of contrasting gray shadows, causing his features to gleam faintly in the semidarkness.

I sit at a darkened computer monitor. The static has long faded from its smooth surface. When I turned it off, I did so with the intention of gaining an hour or two of sleep. Yet, still I sit here in indecision, reluctant to get in bed with the man chained to myself in more ways than one.

It takes almost an hour, but I finally slide in beside him. I take care to move so softly, so quietly, that he may not notice. On my side of the large bed, I huddle under the sheets. My side is cold, causing me to shiver, but I hold myself back from the promised warmth of his body. I already know his warmth well, and I do not wish to be drawn even further into the all-consuming addiction of his skin.

It’s wrong, it must be, to take comfort in his arms. The fact that I have finally found a companion truly able to understand my ways is irrelevant. That I am, for the first time, no longer alone holds no value. If my suspicions are correct, a dark criminal lurks in his heart.

I sigh, and pull my knees closer to my chest. Into this ball, I squelch all my unreasonable emotions and cares. He must not know what goes on inside my mind.

Desire is only weakness, a clouding haze upon clear consciousness. Its influence wrecks havoc throughout the controlled mind, increasing susceptibility to all irrationality. Therefore, I must fight, and hold on to the last strands of my reason.

As the last dying rays of the rescinding moon bathe our room, he stirs. He awakens to smile sleepily upon me. I simply gaze back at him, silent and tense.

“Ryuzaki,” he whispers softly, grasping my arm as the last syllable fades. His grip is soft, making no indentations upon my flesh, yet unbreakable. From many sleepless nights, I know this fact well. So, I lie still and wait for him to make his move. He then pulls me to him, resting me against his chest. I can feel his heart beating. It reverberates softly against my own pounding heart.

Hot breath warming my neck, he leans in for a kiss. His lips connect with the skin right beneath my chin, and I can’t help trying to wrench myself away from his enveloping embrace. He simply laughs, dismissing my weak attempt at resistance, and presses his lips against mine.

Night after night…a practice in futility…

Every time our lips come together, every time his tongue invades my mouth, my resistance evaporates into the still night air. During such moonlit nights, I surrender my body to his desires. I am a pathetic victim to my own wants and cravings.

Tomorrow, I would assume the position of unshakeable L, the genius, elusive detective. But tonight, all that matters are the hands pulling off my shirt and the provocative sensations stirred in my gut as his tongue explores the most sensitive areas of my chest.

I look away as his mouth trails hard kisses down my chest. I could feel his hungry nips, and hear his ravenous growls while he traces my abs with glistening teeth. Though I fight my reactions, I cannot help arching as his tongue dips into my navel, even more so when it drags a wet path to the hem of my pants.

It teases me, that maddening organ. I bite back a groan as it darts further and deeper beneath my sweats.

It’s always so close, but not close enough…

Finally, he tears from me what he desires. A strangled cry rends the still, night air. From his crouched position, he grins darkly up at me. Shivers run down my spine as I face bright and predatory eyes. When his gaze fixes on my pants, I turn away once more. I fix my eyes on the descending moon, willing myself away from this base reality.

Have I glimpsed Kira lurking beneath his eyes? Or have I finally been led astray, falsely accusing an innocent man and allowing a murderer to slip between my fingertips?

Either way, I must win this game. If this man is Kira, I must come out on top.

Yet, at this moment, with his lips trailing the curves of my thighs, logical action escapes my grasp. Physical desire reigns over this silver night.

Tomorrow, we would be enemies, once more…

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