A New Year, the Same Old Problems

BY : quamp
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Summary: The Girls Bravo gang celebrates New Year's Day. Unfortunately, some things do not change... However, a few guest stars appear. M/F

Kirie Kojima was in her usual petulant manner. It was the last day before school let out for the New Year.
"What do you mean you don't have a kimono for New Year's Day? I gave you 135,000 for it!" Kirie shouted at Hidoshi.
"Well Kirie darling, I spent it on that cozy dinner for two we had Christmas." Hidoshi replied. "I didn't know New Year's Day was coming up. On Neris, New Year's day doesn't occur for another four months." Kirie merely fumed silently for a moment.
"Well, we don't have enough money to get you one now." Kirie said.
"Well, I get paid tomorrow; we can use that money to get me a kimono." Hidoshi said.
"You always manage to weasel your way out of things, don't you?" Kirie asked.
"We Neris men aim to please, Kirie. I'm sure you'll be the best-looking out there in your kimono." Hidoshi said. "Then again, you're beautiful inside as well as outside, so it doesn't matter what you wear." Kirie blushed at this.

After school, Kazuhara Fukuyama was up to his old tricks.
"It's not fair! I'm infinitely more desirable than that puninari! I should have that babe Miharu for *my* harem!" He said. He walked up to the group that was walking home. That group had Mamou Machida, Yukinari, Hidoshi, Miharu, Kirie and Koyomi. Fukuyama cut in between Miharu and Yukinari. Koyomi panicked when she saw him and ran.
"Miharu babe, when are you going to leave this idiot and go with a real man?" Fukuyama asked.
"You again." Machida, Kirie and Hidoshi said at the same time.
"You brag so much about being superior to all the other guys, yet you don't have a clue as to how to treat women." Hidoshi said.
"Don't mind him. He thinks he's God's gift to women." Kirie said.
"Au contraire, Kirie. Women are God's gift to *me.*" Fukuyama replied, heavily emphasizing the word me. Kirie, Hidoshi and Mamou rolled their eyes at him.
"Well, what's the one thing Miharu wants the most? I'll bet your answer will be very wrong." Hidoshi said. Fukuyama didn't bother to respond to Hidoshi. He tried to get Miharu away from Yukinari.
"Come on, babe. I've got a lovely silk kimono you'd look fetching in waiting for you... And out of." Fukuyama said. Kirie and the others had more of Fukuyama than they could take. Hidoshi pulled Fukuyama away from Miharu, and right into Kirie's fist.
"Take your stupid sexist kimono fantasy to hell!" Kirie shouted as she smacked him hard. Hidoshi followed up with a kick to the stomach. Fukuyama doubled over.
"If you're so fucking superior, then why am I able to beat you up so easily?" Hidoshi asked as he gave Fukuyama an uppercut, sending the latter off into the distance. Fukuyama disappeared in a speck of light.
"Good riddance." Kirie said.
"Koyomi-chan, come out. The bad guy is gone now." Machida said to a bush. When Fukuyama first appeared, Koyomi hid in the bush and wouldn't come out.
"That bastard. He never thinks about how others feel." Kirie muttered beneath her breath.
"This is something I think only you girls can do." Hidoshi said. He was right on that account though. Machida, Yukinari and Hidoshi had to move far away from the bush Koyomi was hiding in while Miharu and Kirie coaxed her out. After she did come out, they all went back to Yukinari's home to study. After all, they had a test coming up soon after the holiday.

Well, the next say, Hidoshi collected his pay and they went to the kimono shop. There they met a young woman dressed in a kimono that had short blue hair and a look of nobility about her.
"Welcome. My name is Aoi. How may I help you?" She asked.
"We need a New Year's kimono for him." Kirie said. After taking his measurements, Aoi showed them samples of the kinds of patterns available. Kirie quickly chose one pattern that was simply a dark color. Aoi then went towards the back.
"This will take about an hour or so. Please enjoy the other fine establishments of this shopping arcade if you wish." Aoi said. Hidoshi took Kirie window-shopping, and they took in the sights at the local shopping arcade. Kirie couldn't resist wanting to try on a new dress that she liked. Well, after their hour was up, Hidoshi and Kirie went back to the shop. Aoi fitted Hidoshi with the kimono and Kirie smiled.
"Hmm... We'll take it." Kirie said. Hidoshi paid for it and they went home.

On the day before New Year's Eve, Miharu went back to Serin and got a few things. On Serin, it's traditional to plant a blue forest shrub at the edge of the blue forest. Miharu, Koyomi and Tomoka were going to plant a blue forest shrub in Yukinari's backyard. Miharu also brought with her some fruits and vegetables as well for the New Year's meal. Miharu then explained the ritual to Yukinari.
"It's a Serin tradition to plant a blue forest blue shrub in the ground near where you live." Miharu said. She, Koyomi and Tomoka had planted the bush in Yukinari's back yard at midnight, as per their custom. Yukinari helped a little bit.

The next morning after breakfast, Yukinari donned his winter kimono to go out with the gang. As he finished, Miharu showed up with only her bra and panties covering her properly. Everything else was a mess.
"Yukinari-kun, I can't seem to get this right." Miharu said. Yukinari got a nosebleed and collapsed. Koyomi entered wearing her winter kimono.
"Koyomi-chan, I need a bit of help with this." Miharu said. Fortunately, Koyomi was able to help Miharu out.

Kirie, Tomoka, Yukinari, Miharu and Hidoshi went to the shrine together. Tomoka carried Ebi with her. Yukinari made a small donation and rang the bell. He and Miharu prayed together.
I pray for happiness and prosperity for everyone in the New Year, Miharu thought.
I pray that I can go a day without being beaten up, Yukinari thought.
I pray for love and compassion for all and to all, Hidoshi thought after making the donation.
I pray for a day where nobody pisses me off, Kirie thought.
I pray that everyone stops calling me a little kid, Tomoka thought.
"Nya." Ebi prayed aloud.
I pray that I can overcome my fear of men, Koyomi thought. Unfortunately for her, something was about to reinforce that feeling...

They then went to draw their annual fortunes. Since this was not a custom on Neris or Serin, Kirie explained things to them.
"Basically, they have a bunch of envelopes, and you pick one. Inside it will tell you what kind of luck you will have for the new year." Kirie said.
"Sounds exciting." Miharu replied.
"I hope I get something good." Tomoka said. They went to the stand and paid the fee. Miharu went first, and drew an envelope. Upon opening it, she found the paper inside read "extraordinary good luck."
"Congratulations, Miharu-chan. You drew the best luck possible." Kirie said.
"Well, if she comes with me, she'll always have good luck." Fukuyama said as he butted in between Miharu and Yukinari. Koyomi went like a flash and hid.
"Oh God, it's that clueless bozo again." Hidoshi said.
"The name is Kazuhara Fukuyama. You'd do best to remember it." Fukuyama said.
"I'd rather forget you and your childish antics." Kirie said.
"Now Kirie, is that any way to talk to me? You know I'm the man of your dreams." Fukuyama said.
"The man of my worst nightmares is more like it." Kirie retorted.
"Dude, what is it going to take to get you to realize that Kirie and Miharu do NOT like you?" Hidoshi asked.
"There's no way that they could possibly hate me." Fukuyama replied. "I'm tall, smart and filthy rich."
"You're also clueless, perverted, disgusting and make my flesh crawl." Kirie replied.
"Every time I've met you, someone invariably kicks your ass, usually Kirie. If you're so "superior" to everyone else, why is a girl constantly kicking your ass?" Hidoshi asked. This, of course, did not sit very well with Fukuyama. He gave Hidoshi a cold, icy stare.
"You are just jealous." Fukuyama said.
"You are in a serious state of denial." Hidoshi replied.
"I'd rather be in denial than de Tamagawa." Fukuyama said. The symbol of anger appeared on Kirie's forehead.
"I gonna send you right to the bottom of the Tamagawa River!" Kirie said with a lot of anger. However, Fukuyama stopped her dead in her tracks.
"Ah-ah-ah! This is a sacred shrine!" Fukuyama said. Kirie grew very frustrated at this.

However, Fukuyama didn't count on the shrine maiden nearby. She came up to him and demanded he leave.
"With you, babe? All right! My name is Kazuhara Fukuyama. What's yours?" Fukuyama asked. He was captivated by her good looks, long brunette hair and intrigued by the sheathed bamboo sword she carried.
"I am Motoko." She replied sternly. She led Fukuyama to outside the shrine, and then drew her bamboo sword.
"Secret technique pervert bash!" Motoko said as she struck Fukuyama with her bamboo sword. Fukuyama flew up into the air, disappearing into a speck of light.
"Thank you very much." Kirie said to Motoko as she sheathed her sword.
"You are welcome. You remind me of some friends I used to have." Motoko said.
"Really. Well, thanks again." Yukinari said nervously.

They went back in and drew their annual fortunes. Kirie was next, and she drew "moderately fortunate." Tomoka drew the same thing. Machida drew "moderately unfortunate." Yukinari drew that as well. Then problem #2 showed up. Risa appeared, and she drew the worst luck possible.
"Extremely bad fortune!? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Risa said.
"You'd probably have better luck if you weren't chasing Yukinari around." Kirie said. Of course, as happens before many a fall, the voice of reason was ignored.
"I will never give up on my Yukinari! It's fate that we met and fate will put us together in the end." Risa said.
"I'm probably going to regret asking this, but why are you so convinced that Yukinari is your soulmate when it's so painfully obvious that he's not?" Hidoshi asked.
"On the radio?" Hidoshi asked.
"Madam said that a man carrying a checkered handkerchief, a badass kitty keychain, and had a bandage on his cheek was my soulmate! When I first met Yukinari, he had those things!" Risa said. Kirie was not amused by this.
"You mean this whole mess with you started because you listen to some crappy radio fortune teller!?" Kirie asked with great anger.
"MADAM IS *NOT* A CRAPPY FORTUNE TELLER!!!" Risa shouted. Motoko then reappeared next to them.
"I must ask that you not shout at each other." Motoko said. Risa didn't listen, naturally. Risa and Motoko went out of the shrine, where Motoko easily kicked Risa's ass. Motoko was too fast for Risa, as the latter was not able to get any of her spells off before getting smacked by Motoko's bamboo sword.
"Uh... Thanks again." Yukinari said.
"Do not let this happen again, or I will have to ask you to leave as well." Motoko said.

Later as they got home, they noticed something very bad indeed. The blue forest shrub that the Serin girls have planted reacted violently with pollution from China. It had mutated into a free-walking creature that was bent on destroying anything that caused pollution. A man who smoked was attacked and injured as he passed Yukinari's backyard. This bush was also now about 3 meters in height, based on Yukinari's guess. Everyone stared wide-eyed at it.
"What is that thing?" Yukinari asked.
"I don't know but we have to stop it!" Kirie said.
"How?" Miharu asked. Tomoka then took the front.
"Stand back! I have an idea!" She said. She then cast a spell at it, but unfortunately, this only served to make it angry.
"Any other ideas?" Kirie asked.
"I need Hidoshi to hold my hand!" Tomoka said. He did so, and then Tomoka cast another spell. The bush then transformed into a bishonen man, completely naked. Kirie, Miharu, Koyomi and Tomoka turned red as beets seeing this hot stud without any clothing on. It was easy to be captivated by his hard chest, buns of steel and his long and wide cock. Yukinari averted his eyes, and Hidoshi got upset.
"Kirie..." He said sternly. Kirie ignored him and continued to stare at the naked man. This didn't amuse Hidoshi at all.
"Kirie, don't stare at him. How would you feel if I were staring at a naked hot babe?" Hidoshi asked. His words fell on deaf ears. Further attempts to get Kirie's attention failed, which included tapping her on the shoulder.
"Kirie, I'm going to grope your tits here. Tell me if you don't want that." Hidoshi said. He knew Kirie hated having her tits touched, but he saw no alternative. Kirie didn't answer, so Hidoshi put his arms around Kirie from behind and seized her copious mountains in his hands. They are soft, firm, and more than a handful. Kirie quickly realized that she was being groped, and pulled away. She attempted to hit Hidoshi, but he caught her hand in his.
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" Kirie shouted at Hidoshi.
"Do you really expect me to just stand around and let you leer at another man? If I even show a slight interest in another woman in your presence, you would beat the shit out of me." Hidoshi said.
"That's no reason to paw me like that!" Kirie snapped back.
"You were so fixated on that guy that you weren't listening to me!" Hidoshi countered. Kirie and Hidoshi argued back and forth for a while. Meanwhile, Yukinari was the only one who had the sense to cover the man up. This didn't please the girls, but they didn't protest.
"I'm taking him to Serin and he'll make some woman happy." Tomoka said.

Later on, Kirie and Hidoshi were by themselves. They had stopped fighting and were starting to make up.
"All right, I admit I was wrong to stare at him." Kirie said.
"It's all right to admit you're wrong, Kirie. What's important is that you learn from your mistakes." Hidoshi said. He then held her hand in a romantic fashion.
"I still love you, Kirie." Hidoshi said. Kirie smiled at this.
"I love you too, Hidoshi." Kirie replied. They then embraced and held each other very close. They felt each other's warmth on this cold night outside. Then they kissed as they had before. Every time seemed to get better and better as they kissed. When they came up for air, both of them smiled.
"You know, on Neris, it's traditional for couples to have sex on New Year's Day." Hidoshi said.
"You want it that bad, hmm? Well, I suppose I could allow it this once..." Kirie replied. "But I don't believe you about that tradition." Hidoshi pulled out a condom and smiled.

Clothing came off and libidos turned on. There's nothing like make-up sex, Hidoshi thought. However, he had a task at hand; satisfy Kirie sexually, a very envious task. He started by reaching down and caressing her snatch, and Kirie responded by taking his stiffening shaft in hand. They lay on the bed and then went down on each other. Hidoshi parted Kirie's lower lips and placed his tongue slowly into her. Kirie felt nothing but pleasure as Hidoshi ran his tongue professionally across her tight slit. She took his stiffening boner and licked it, sending shockwaves of pleasure up Hidoshi's spine. Both of them felt an intense pleasure as they gave each other head. Hidoshi went slow and steady, just as Kirie wanted it. Kirie liked that she didn't have to tell him over and over how to do it; Hidoshi was familiar enough with her body that she didn't need to do that. Hidoshi liked the fact that a vixen with big tits and a tight snatch knew him well enough to give him a blowjob just as he wanted it. Kirie's soft tongue teased Hidoshi's hard on until he was near coming. Then Hidoshi did something wonderful to Kirie. He placed two fingers into her pussy and hummed on her clit.

Kirie spat out Hidoshi's cock and screamed in pleasure. "Oh God YES!! MORE!!" Kirie screamed. Hidoshi wasn't about to deny what she wanted. Kirie really enjoyed this, as evidenced by her constant squeals of delight. Kirie was barely able to slip the condom on his stiff rod. She was near coming when Hidoshi turned around and slid his hard boner into her dripping tunnel of love.

Kirie gasped sharply as Hidoshi started sliding back and forth inside her pussy. Hidoshi was feeling nothing but pleasure as he rammed his rod into her love hole.
"Ooh yes... it feels so big!" Kirie gasped breathlessly.
"You feel so tight..." Hidoshi breathlessly replied. While they fucked, they ran hands all over each other. Kirie loved touching Hidoshi's hard chest and buns of steel. Hidoshi also liked feeling Kirie's soft, curvaceous ass and her smooth, satin-like skin. Both of them couldn't get enough of the other in bed. Kirie and Hidoshi stared deeply into each other's eyes and saw real love. It was heaven on earth for both of them. Just when they thought they couldn't take any more, Hidoshi came hard into the condom he wore. Seconds later, Kirie achieved her orgasmic delights.

They collapsed next to each other and smiled.
"Mmm... Kirie-chan, you just keep getting better and better..." Hidoshi said.
"Mmm... So do you, Hidoshi-kun." Kirie said.
They held each other close and felt the afterglow.
"I still love you, Kirie-chan." Hidoshi said.
"I still love you too, Hidoshi-kun." Kirie replied. Both of them smiled as they held each other. Sure, they had fucked a few times before, but every time was better than the one before. Both of them praised each other more, and then fell asleep holding each other close.

The next day, it was back to the old routine again. The Fukuyamas were still clueless, Yukinari was still a wimp and Kirie was still angry. It was a new year, but the same old problems were there.


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