Hold Your Breath

BY : Gigi Kudo
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Hold Your Breath

In the thick blackness Ayame held his breath. He didn't know why, it just felt comforting. The silence took him back to his childhood. In his mind's eye he could see himself, small, alone, and huddled under the sheets. The blanket would protect him, from what he didn't know, but holding his breath in the black of night seemed to fix everything. Every day after the sun went down and his room was quiet he'd jump into bed, cover up and hold his breath until he fell asleep. It kept the monsters at bay. He reasoned that if they couldn't hear him breathing, they wouldn't know where he was and would give up and go away without hurting him. It kept him alive so far, he'd made it to his 27 th birthday, even though he'd stopped that childish practice when he was 14 and fell in love for the first time.

“I wonder if I can remember his name” Ayame whispered to himself. The long haired man thought hard trying to recall the first person to take him to bed and love the secret parts of him. He couldn't. Had there been that many in 13 years? Probably. The only thing that stuck out about that time in his life was the man's disposition. Whoever he was, he was so strong that Ayame felt he had nothing to fear. It was the beginning of the confident man that every one knew and loved. Those happy times of warm days and light had been over for sometime. 6 months to be exact. And Ayame had changed.


The dress shop was doing well and Yuki had even stopped by to say hello. A new shipment of Cheongsams had just come in and Ayame was busy arranging them by color and length.

He hugged his brother as he came in “Yuki, I'm surprised to see you here”

“Yeah” the boy mumbled. He was clearly still uncomfortable with his brother's choice in life style.

“Would you like some tea?”

“No I don't want to interrupt your work, Akito asked me to give you this letter”

“Oh” Ayame's smile faded “really” his voice sounded troubled “you can just leave it there, on the table. I'll read it once I'm done with this”

The tall man picked up another garment and smoothed it out hoping that the silk would calm his nerves. “Yuki” he turned to his brother abruptly “Why don't you take this one to Tohru? It will look lovely on her”


Alone in the shop Ayame sat looking at the letter on the table. It was so ordinary that if it hadn't been hand delivered, Ayame would have opened it without a second thought. But too may thoughts were crowding his head now. He kept thinking back to the private meeting he'd had with Akito three weeks ago. Aki was not pleased. He'd been “disgusted” by Ayame's disgraceful behavior in chasing after the lover who'd rejected him only days earlier. Ayame apologized but Akito continued, not only did Ayame “act like a fool by spending the family's money to follow some urchin” but he also gave up his secret with out pause. This is what angered Aki-sama the most. Ayame had orders to kill his lover; memory erasure would not be punishment enough. No doubt the envelope before him now was a reminder that his time was almost up. Either Ayame did it or Aki would find some one to do it, and Ayame would have to watch.


When the fateful night arrived, Ayame made plans to meet his lover, Seiji, at the boy's flat. Seiji was still quite young, just starting college, soft blond hair, sharp green eyes and a slightly athletic frame. Sort of wild, Seiji also liked dangerous sex and got jealous quickly. That was the source of the trouble in the first place. The boy wanted to know everything about Ayame and couldn't stand that his lover had secrets. Once Ayame broke down and told Seiji everything, the boy wanted to see it. He wanted to see Ayame turn into a snake. The man tried to explain but Seiji wouldn't hear of it and threatened to leave again. Out of desperation, Ayame forced himself to transform. It made Seiji hot. The blond wanted his lover to take him in his new form. Ayame refused, and after changing back, excused himself for the night. This night though, Ayame would not refuse. He would change himself into a snake, make love to the boy and then kill him. He had too. Seiji's apartment was small. The walls were thin so he always had loud music playing when he was home, to drown out other peoples lives. He was inconsiderate that way, but he also had his good points—the music he played was stuff he hated, but his neighbors enjoyed it. It was the kind of compromise Seiji was good at, one of the little things that made Ayame love him. The door bell rang, Ayame came in, and the pair kissed only twice before heading to the bedroom. Seiji had been anxious for sex all day. He was already hard and pulling off his lover's clothes.

The blond bit at the pale skin on the chest and neck until he managed to get Ayame's pants off “Why couldn't you have worn a kimono or something today, I would have just pushed it up and fucked you with it on”

Ayame blushed. He couldn't say anything before the boy licked his sex.

“You taste great today Ayame…” Seiji licked his lips and took the tall man's entire erection into his mouth. It leaked all over his tongue as it pulsed, getting harder. The blond sucked more. He needed to taste all the cum he could get out of the pale cock.

Ayame's body tightened. He screamed and exploded into Seiji's mouth.

“That's was quick” the boy laughed, wiping his lips “You must really want me.”

“I-I do…” the man stuttered “I want to give you something…”

Slowly Ayame pulled his body up. His face twisted up into what looked like pain and all at once he became a snake.

“Seiji…” the man hissed “I want to…give you this…”

In intense anticipation, the blond got on the bed and on his back. He parted his legs and let the snake slide between his thighs and over his balls to coil around his sex.

“Oh…god…Ayame…” the boy panted. The snake squeezed and released him in rippling contractions that made him feel light headed. His cock was drooling, pre-cum was getting all over Ayame “I can't—I can't hold it”

Seiji's hips jerked and he came. Ayame was not finished however. With a little focusing, he increased his size. His body was now longer. He wrapped around his lover's neck and used his tail to enter the boy. The blond choked out a scream. Ayame's reptile body was cold and slick, partially from being a snake and partially from being almost completely covered in cum. He wriggled inside the narrow space and turned his body. Seiji was lost in want. He was screaming loudly, almost over the music, and didn't notice the rings around his neck tightening.

“More…more!! Oh god Aya—fuck me more. A—Ayame…A—AH!” and again, Seiji came, Ayame lost his nerve.

The man uncoiled and slithered away to change back. When Ayame came into the room looking deadly serious, Seiji got scared.

“This is the last time we'll see each other Seiji…”

“What? Wh-did I do somethi—“

“No, it was my fault. I just need you to promise me you'll leave here tonight. If you don't I can't be responsible for what happens to you.” Ayame touched the boy's face and a sorrowful smile crossed his lips. “Just know that I love you…good bye”

The man left without turning back to see the tears undoubtedly in his lover's eyes. He rushed back to his shop to think. He couldn't kill Seiji and he didn't want Akito to kill him either but this wasn't much of a plan—the both of them running away? Ayame knew he could never escape Akito so he wouldn't try. He'd say Seiji escaped. But would it be enough? Ayame raised a knife to his chest and cut himself several times through his clothes.

“I have to make it look convincing” he thought to himself

The phone rang right after his fourth cut. It was Akito, he wanted an audience.


Ayame sat in front of his sovereign with down cast eyes.

“You're injured” Aki said coldly

“Yes, Seiji…Seiji escaped!” Ayame did his best to sound genuine, and his normally loud self

“I know”

The tall man's head shot up, his eyes wild with fear “Y-you know?!”

“Of course, we saw him rushing from his apartment to the train station, trying to catch the last train before it left. We have him here”

“N-no…” it was almost a whisper when Ayame said it but it was so heavy with anguish and hate it echoed in his ears.

“Bring him in” Akito called to some unseen followers.

“Seiji” Ayame shot out of his seat when his battered lover was dragged into the room.

Seji could not answer, his tongue had been removed and he was still coughing up blood.

“You could have loved him to death Ayame” Aki said with a slight smile, now it's too late.

“Seiji---Akito please don't! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”


That night was six month ago.

“I wonder if I can remember his name” Ayame repeated again. His knees were bloody from kneeling so much. Akito had tied the man with his hands behind his back and his ankles were cinched together and to his thighs. Ayame couldn't stand up if he wanted too. This is just what the “Lord of the Family” wanted. Aki didn't want resistance. He wanted to watch as lackey after lackey forced themselves inside Ayame, cutting the pale knees on the rough stone floor.

The white haired man started to cry softly “Seiji…” he could remember the boy's face as he died, but not the name of the man who first loved him. The one who'd first given him the strength not to be afraid. He felt if he could just remember that name, and utter it to himself, even in this darkness, that somehow he could be saved. His mind was still groping as the door to his room opened.

“It's Wednesday, Ayame,” Akito's emotionless voice actually sounded happier today “You know what that means…”

The pale man just hid his face. Wednesdays were the worst. Aki was there to give direction and not just watch. Wednesdays were always the longest…

“Cut his ropes, he won't run away” Aki took his seat in a high backed wooden chair “Throw him on the table, face up and make sure he looks at me”

The big men following Akito's orders were picked out especially for today, they had huge cocks and the Sohma leader loved watching his slave get stretched.

“Goto, put the clothes pins on his balls and nipples”

“Yes sir”

“ Yuma , cum on his face”

“Yes sir”

Yuma had very short black hair and tan skin. He smiled as he wrapped his callused hand around his dick and started pumping. Humiliating people was fun for him too so it didn't take long before he'd sprayed the pretty face with his cloudy semen. Ayame coughed and tried to keep it out of his mouth.

“Goto, Yuma , help him into position”

“Yes sir”

The two men helped Ayame into a position like a squatting frog, only his ass was a little higher in the air.

“Hold him still” Aki's voice was almost laughing with joy.

The boy smiled, reached out and yanked the clothes pins from Ayame's balls. They didn't tear the skin but from the way the man screamed…

Akito just smiled wider. He held out his hand and Goto gave him a thin bamboo cane.

“You shouldn't disobey” the boy chuckled as he struck the pale buttocks “I only want what's best” another hit “I'm the head of the family” two more “never EVER disobey me!”

Pleased with how red the marks looked on the pale skin, because they matched the rope bite marks on the slender wrists and ankles, Aki went back to his seat.

“Fuck him Goto”

“Yes sir”

Goto had slicked back yakuza style hair. He smoothed his hair back once more before pulling Ayame from the table. The big man told the slave to stand and bend over with his hands behind his back. Goto grabbed both of Ayame's wrists with one hand and jerked the man backwards onto his cock.

“Auuuugh!” the white haired man choked out a scream

“Hahaha” Goto snorted “13 inches and you're going to take it ALL!” he pushed in farther.

“ Yuma , grab Ayame's hair. Make him look at me”

“Yes sir” Yuma wrapped some of the long white locks around his hand and pulled.

Aki stared into his slave's tortured eyes, he could feel his own cock swelling. He slid out of his chair, unzipped his pants and shoved his short prick into the gasping mouth. Aki forced himself as far in as he could go and came after a few thrusts.

“Swallow it” even when pleasured, Aki still sounded deadly.

Ayame gulped it down and fell to the ground after Goto filled him.

“Now clean his dick” Aki ordered

The white haired man licked Goto clean while trying not to gag. He felt a hand on his head. Akito was stroking his hair.

“That's a good boy; I didn't want to have to do this to you Ayame. You know that. I just have to protect the family, and you needed to learn how to help me do that. You needed to learn how to obey.”

Ayame could finally breath, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, Aki was going to let him go. Just then, Goto pissed in Ayame's mouth and the golden eyed man threw it up.

Aki's face twisted up in disgust “I was going to let you go at the end of the week, but now it will have to be the end of the month. You still can't obey. A slave doesn't do ANYTHING they aren't told.”

Ayame could only watch in silence, not speaking for the first time in a long time, as Akito and his two goons left. It was only the first week in June…


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