As Nas

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s Note: Finally, something new. This disgusting shit took me longer than it should’ve to write it. Spoilers up to the seventh volume of the manga, as the action is set during that particular period of time (had it been up to me, the DN would have had seven volumes instead of 12 and a different ending). Written in British English, hence the differences in spelling and vocabulary.

Title: AS NAS

Main Characters/Pairings: Ryuk, Rem, Yagami Light x L, Yagami-san (Light’s father), Yagami Sayu, Asane Misa; mentions of Misa + Light

Summary: Turn on the lights, set the table, bring the chairs. Shuffle the cards... Let’s play.

Rating: R + NC-17
Status: Incomplete (prologue & four chapters intended)

Word count: 1074 (aye, short...)
Genre: Romance/Anxiety/Dramatics

Warning: Serious anxiety, both as state and trait. Sexual innuendo – two men having it away with each other. Light being a typical arsehole and a hypocrite as well as a bum bandit. English is not my native tongue.

Dedication: to Lena. Sorry for writing something so stupid – seems I’m mentally disabled recently, not to mention the total and literal decrease of self-esteem... Blah. Cannae draw, cannae write, cannae do anything. Brain gone bye-bye, try again later, if ye please.

Motto: "The true extent of this morass of mix-ups is marvellous to behold" (Norman Davies)

As Nas

Shuffling cards

Within a lonely, empty world the creatures of the shadows had lived. Their existence was as shallow and colourless as the greyish shadows and darkest night that gave birth to them. They wandered within the blackness that has become their fatherland and trusted friend, living the existence without the end or the beginning, without yesterday or tomorrow, listening to the melody of the vacuum which sung its soundless song above their skulls.

Although they neither had hearts or souls, for the mere need of belongingness they have created their own society and elected the strongest among them for a king of this strange, dark universe. Having the king made them feel secure and gave their existence a meaning it never had before. Then their king has endowed them with the eyes so they could see everything, including the deepest secrets of a living being: the lifespan of the soul. Knowing that their lord trusted them and cared for them enough to bless them with this precious gift, they obeyed him submissively, just as the loyal subjects should. The king commanded them to carry small, black notebooks with them and write down the names they’ve seen so the being would end its life and follow its destiny to swim in the sea of nothingness. For a brief moment the creatures recognised that in their fleshless hands the immeasurable power lied. Just as if they’d been the king himself. Shortly afterwards they started calling themselves kings, but such name did not seem appropriate: the power was too overwhelming, too great for being given to just a king. Everything around them whispered into their nonexistent ears: You are gods, not some loathsome, small and insignificant scoundrels. They liked the reasoning and decided that, in fact, they were gods. The power of shortening someone’s life had been constantly at their disposal, they could exist for as long as they wished. They could go wherever they wanted, they could decide about one’s perish or make a particular being suffer from long and unfruitful, unsatisfactory, lonely life.

However, as the time went by, they grew bored and felt deprived of the sense of existence: every day seemed to repeat itself in an unbreakable continuum, every life that ceased to exist looked exactly the same, and their fatherland was no more a safe place or private heaven to live your dreams within, but an empty, sterile shell of the world which had nothing to offer. Some of the creatures readjusted their expectations to reality and, consequently, stopped suffering from constant frustration. They started to kill time with games and sleep and soon convinced themselves that it was exactly what they wanted. The others were too afraid of the king to cross any lines. However, one of the shinigamis seemed more an adventure-seeker than an opportunist and refused to accept the status quo. Therefore, he began thinking and came up with the following plan...

“Let’s play the game, shall we?” he asked his companions one sunless day.
“I agree – enough of this boredom” the jewellery-headed shinigami stretched and yawned loudly, his spine creaking frighteningly.
“What game should we play then?” voices began to rise, all faces turned towards the skinny, spiky-haired shinigami who spoke first.
Suppressing a triumphant grin, he scratched his head absentmindedly and replied
“Recently, I’ve learnt a very interesting one. Humans play it quite often and consider it remarkably exciting. What we need is a pack of cards, a table, a few chairs and something what humans tend to call ‘dosh’ and “chips”...”
“Personally, I believe we need to establish some rules in the first place”
“Oh, this game’s rules are quite clear, simple and easy to understand. And, judging from what I’ve managed to observe, it’s incredibly fascinating and generates a lot of emotions”
“Seems something tailor-made for killing the boredom, if someone wants to know my opinion” the one with dark red chaplet necklace curled his fleshless fingers into a fist and grinned.
“Ryuk, explain the rules of this, as you call it, ‘game’, please”
“Well, first of all...” Ryuk began. As the explanations progressed, many fleshless faces lit up with cruel, wicked grins of appreciation.
“But what entertainment will it be if we are the only ones to play?” the question broke the silence which fell after Ryuk finished his speech.
“No, you misunderstood: he’s going to participate in our little game and he’ll even be deeply convinced that he’s the one who deals the cards and hides all the aces up in his sleeve. You see, this boy is a proud, self-centred lad. He trusts in nothing but his own intelligence and considers himself wiser than all that human mulch he despises of. You know what I mean? Although he actually is incredibly intelligent, observant and bright, he is also selfish, vain and entirely aware of his physical beauty. Moreover, there’s another important factor that gives us an advantage: Light’s mother and sister worship him and are proud of his uniqueness, call him perfect son and brother, girls at school would do everything just to see him smile at them. Which, undoubtedly, conditions his maladaptive, egocentric attitude. Therefore, I doubt if that brilliant mind of his might prevent his loss”
“How much can one bet in this game, Ryuk?”
“Aw, that’s entirely up to your own judgement”
“No limits, then? Sounds very promising... I wonder what may we accomplish by pulling all those strings...”
“Tell us, Ryuk, shall you join us or are you rather going to be a mere observant?”
“But of course I’m going to participate – it was I who made the suggestion of playing this simple yet exciting game after all” the spiky-haired shinigami smiled viciously and chewed the fresh, juicy apple provocatively, giving his companions a naughty look. “I shall be the one to deal the cards and to have a crack at our little prey” having said this, he got on his feet, flapped his wings and flew away.

A few minutes later, a black, tin object had been dropped on the grass nearby the school building. Only one of the students noticed its presence.

The invitation was sent. Splendid. All I have to do now is wait patiently.
Turn on the lights, set the table, bring the chairs and shuffle the cards. Let the game begin.

Additional A/N: they are playing TEXAS HOLD’EM.

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