Dancing At The Edge Of Dawn

BY : Darkephoenix
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She stood almost perfectly still on the balcony, watching the night sky brighten to dark silver. She leaned heavily on the railing and sighed, trying to bully her wayward mind into finding a solution to her newest problem. The problem just happened to be the two men still in the bedroom sleeping.

She closed her eyes briefly and allowed scenes from past centuries to dance behind her closed lids. Memories of a thousand and one little things filtered through and were quickly discarded. But memories of the two men currently asleep were by far the strongest and most vibrant.

How many times had she seen them reborn while she stayed the same century after century, millennia after millennia? Different bodies, different mannerisms, different lives, but always the same souls. She had recognized the soul that was currently contained inside Watari almost instantly. The one in Tatsumi had taken a bit longer to register.

She had to wonder how much of her love for them was because of who they were now and how much was residual from former lives. She smiled slightly, wondering how Hisoka would react to the thought that the soul in one of his co-worker’s bodies used to be in the body of his grandfather. She still wasn’t certain which one it was. She could probably trace the life threads and energy signatures but it really didn’t matter anymore.

She thought that living, if it could be called that, for several thousand years was highly over rated. Lifetimes tended to run together after so long and you lost track of who was or had been who after a while.

She was so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed the small brown owl as it landed next to her left hand. She smiled down at 003 after the light peck on her hand.

“There you are. I’d been wondering where you were. I think he’s worried about you.”

The little owl fluffed her feathers and rubbed her head against Blaze’s hand. She picked 003 up and scratched her head and neck.

“So, what do I do with this situation?” she asked, bringing 003 up to her eye level. “Your kind are supposed to be wise, enlighten me.”

003 just blinked sleepily at her and Blaze went to sit in one of the lounge chairs on the balcony.

She heard the doors to the balcony slide a few minutes later and 003’s eyes popped open as soon as Watari stuck his head out the door. The little owl hooted her greeting to him but didn’t seem inclined to stir from her place on the low end table where Blaze had set her.

“Ah, both of my girls in the same spot,” he said smiling and striding over to kiss Blaze and pet 003. “Couldn’t ask for a better thing. Except maybe for Seiichiro to cook breakfast.”

Blaze laughed, feeling her spirits lift just a little. There were still too many things rolling around in her brain about Watari and Tatsumi at the moment for her to be entirely comfortable in their presence just then.

“What’s wrong, koishii?” he asked, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “Are you worried about Seiichiro and me? Or about the three of us together? It isn’t like we haven’t done this before and made it work.”

She blinked up at him, startled. “You remember?”

He shrugged. “Bits and pieces. I always kind of suspected that you and I had been together at some point in time because we just connected almost instantly. I started putting more pieces to the puzzle together when Sei and I got together. The fact that he felt familiar and so did you kind of clued me in on a few things. Namely that we’ve done this before and that it felt right then just as it does now. Sei agrees with me. I think we can work this out long term if that’s what you want.”

“Honey, look, I don’t think . . .”

“You think too damn much. Besides, between the three of us there’s an IQ of something like 600. We’ll figure this out. Some things don’t need to be analyzed to death; they just are what they are. Now, come and dance with me.”

“You don’t dance.”

“Not usually. But it was a really good night last night. I’m with the two people I love most in the Universe. And there’s just something incredibly appealing about the thought of dancing with you at the edge of dawn.”

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