Perfect Dark

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“Call her. I know you can,” the voice behind him said.

“No chance.”

“Too bad. I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way,” the voice said. Hisoka felt the sharp edge of a blade travel closer to his skin. “Do you know what this is, beautiful boy?”

“It's a knife of some sort,” he said, not being able to see in the complete darkness that encompassed the room they were in.

“Ah, yes. But this is a special knife. She has several that are similar. The wounds from it don't heal so easily. On human beings the blades cause infection. Even a shinigami like yourself would be wounded for days instead of mere seconds from this.” Hisoka felt the cold metal from the flat side of the knife slide across first one cheek then the other. “It would be a shame to mar something so lovely. Even if only for a few days. But if you don't call her, then she won't come to find you. Then I can't kill her,” the voice said sweetly.

“You're insane.”

“Probably,” the voice said. Hisoka could feel the sickening smile. “Are you sure you don't want to call her? Or your little friend Tsuzuki. I wouldn't mind having him here as well. All the more bait.”

“Leave Tsuzuki out of this,” Hisoka said, tugging experimentally at the chains that held him fast.

“Oh, but he's already involved in this. Just by being close to you. I would have been so happy to have one of her lovers as well.”

“What's the matter didn't think you could get to either of them?”

“No. I knew I couldn't get to them. The scientist is dangerous as hell. And the shadow master, well let's just say he's nearly as lethal as the lady herself. But she always did like dangerous men. So sad, beautiful one. If you won't call her, I'm afraid I'll have to make you scream now,” the voice said.

Hisoka felt fear start to curl itself in the pit of his stomach. He felt the first slice of the blade and knew it was experimental. He clenched his teeth against the scream that did indeed rise in him. Burning pain seemed to follow in the wake of the blade and spread. It seemed to sink into the muscle and bone. After several more cuts he couldn't hold back the scream that felt like it had frayed his vocal cords.

Blaze sat straight up in bed. Suddenly awake and intensely aware of the fact that someone she loved was in deep trouble. Thoughts streamed out and checked for everyone. Tatsumi was in the bathroom, he was safe. Tsuzuki was flopped on his couch sleeping off being thoroughly drunk. Hisoka she couldn't find. She leaned across Watari's prone form to grab the cell.

“Hmmn? Blaze, what's wrong?” Watari asked.

She shook her head. “Damn it. Voice mail. Hisoka, sweetheart, call me as soon as you get this.”

Hisoka? Where are you?

NO! No, Blaze, don't! It's what he wants.

What who wants?

Hehehe. Gotcha. Got him. Come find us.

Count on it.

I am.

“Blaze, koishii,” Tatsumi asked from the bathroom doorway, still toweling his hair dry. “What is it?”

Blaze was already out of bed and throwing clothes out of the dresser. “Bastard has my baby,” she said over her shoulder.

“Oh, gods,” Watari said, flinging back the covers and rummaging under the bed for a second. Coming out from under the bed holding a thick belt with several sheathed daggers on it. “Blaze, catch,” he said, tossing her the belt.

She caught it deftly in one hand. “Vest?”

“Upper right hand drawer,” Watari said. He had been with her through times like this when she had suddenly been called off on an assignment and knew the things she'd be looking for. “I'll find your darts and gloves. Are you going with, Sei?”

“Absolutely not!” Blaze said shrugging into the vest she had been looking for. “I won't risk either one of you.”

“We're already at risk, Blaze,” Tatsumi said.

Watari nodded. “If someone can get to Bon, they can get to us. Which makes me wonder, why not one of us?” he said, looking to Tatsumi.

“Whoever it is didn't think they could take either one of us. Much as I hate to say it, Kurosaki is the weak link or it probably would have been one of us. We're going with you, Blaze. We'll shut up and take orders if that's what you want, but we're going.”

She glanced over both of them appraisingly for a moment. “You'd better get dressed, then.”

Five minutes later they were both dressed and armed with what they needed. Tatsumi needed very little taking into account what he could control and manipulate into doing his will. They had recently found out that Watari could make things explode by sheer force of will and focus as long as he had a clear line of vision to the target.

A pounding on the front door brought all three of them around to face it.

“It's just Tsu,” Blaze said, going to answer it.

“What happened to Hisoka?” he said without greeting or preamble when Blaze opened the door.

“We're not really sure, Tsu,” Blaze said, motioning him inside. “How do you know about it?”

“Suzaku. And I think I heard him scream.” He looked over Blaze for a moment and then to Watari and Tatsumi. “I'm going too.”

“Tsu, I don't think you're on top of your game just now,” Blaze said.

“I don't care. I can fight with a hangover. Someone hurt Hisoka. I can't let them get away with that.”

“Oh, don't worry. They won't be getting away with anything,” she said.

“Do you know where he is, Blaze?” Tatsumi asked.

“Yes. He wants me to know, remember,” she said, checking the darts lining the wrist band she was wearing. She looked at them all. “You do realize that we're going into a really big trap, right?”

“Yes, we know that, Blaze,” Watari said impatiently. “Just tell us who this person is and how we fight him.”

“Short version: Vampire, I killed his daughter, he hates me, feeling's mutual, we've been trying to kill each other permanently for about three hundred years now. Only half way decent enemy I've ever had considering he's still alive. I don't think he really realizes what I am. Thank the gods! End of story.”

“Okay. Has he done something like this before?” Tatsumi asked.

“No,” Blaze said, shaking her head and checking to see that the knives were securely fastened to her belt.

All three men frowned. “Why now?” Watari asked.

“I'm vulnerable now. I have a family. People I love,” she said, making sure she didn't make eye contact with any of them. “He can use all of you to get to me.”

“Blaze, I swear if you even so much as think about leaving us when this is over with, I fully intend to hunt you to the ends of the universe and drag you back home where you belong,” Tatsumi said, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

“You forget that I'm not afraid of you like everyone else seems to be, Seiichiro.”

“I'll help him,” Watari said.

“So will I,” Tsuzuki piped up. “I'm sure Hisoka will too when we get him back.”

“We don't have time for this, boys,” she said, checking the firing mechanism loaded into the gloves.

“Just so you know ahead of time,” Tatsumi said.

She smiled up at him then switched quickly back to planning mode.

“Okay. Wallach, which is his name by the way, likes to let other things do his dirty work for him. It's one of the main reasons I've never been able to get to him directly except on very few occasions. I don't think he liked the scars I left on his pretty face last time. There'll be several traps. He likes razor wire so watch out for that. He'll likely have it strung wherever there are tight spots. Not exactly dangerous to one of us but it takes time getting through it. Chiro, if you can send the shadows ahead to find and neutralize that problem it would be helpful. He also uses beasts on occasion, my wolves can usually take care of those in short order. But you might want to put Byakko and Suzaku on alert just in case, Tsu. He also likes to set traps that fire off different things. Honey, that can be your department. The ignition switches are usually embedded into the walls.”

“Seems like you know his methods pretty well. He could have changed tactics just to throw you off, Blaze,” Tatsumi pointed out.

“Possible, but not likely. He's a creature of habit, just like we all are. And those things worked well enough to damn near kill me last time. He knows I won't go in and just blow everything up because Hisoka's there. Everyone ready?”




“Let's do this,” she said and transported them all to where she knew Hisoka was being held.

“It looks like an old airfield,” Tsuzuki said, looking around at the rusting frames of old airplanes. “Why would he bring Hisoka here?”

“There's a bunker some ten meters ahead,” Blaze said.

“Tight, contained space. Only one way in or out. Perfect trap,” Tatsumi said.

“Um, Blaze, sweetheart, I hope those are yours,” Watari said, looking somewhat fearfully into the line of trees surrounding them.

The rest of them looked up to see at least two dozen large wolves that seemed to pour out of the forest. Blaze smiled and put her forehead briefly against the snout of the alpha male and female. The three men watched in fascination as the other wolves stood perfectly still at the flanks of their leaders, waiting for a sign to move. Both of the alphas set up a howl that caused the fine hairs on the back of everyone's neck to stand straight up. The whole of the pack had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“I sent them on recon duty. Since they don't technically have physical bodies they can check to see what we're up against and tell us where Hisoka is inside the bunker.”

“Wouldn't it be easier for us to just do the same? I mean, we can all lose physical form,” Tsuzuki said.

“It would be easier. But if I know Wallach, and I do, he'll have put some sort of spell on the place that draws out physical matter in human beings. The wolves are a different subject because they've never had physical bodies, they've always been spirit. We'll have to wait until they get back. It shouldn't take them very long to find out what we're dealing with.”

Everyone's nerves wound tighter and tighter with each passing minute. Watari decided that a tension breaker was in order.

“Hey, Blaze. Any way we can convince you to wear that outfit when you aren't planning on eviscerating someone and reading their entrails?” Watari said, looking over the leather pants and vest she was wearing.

“You are so weird, Yutaka,” Tatsumi said.

“Hey, we all have our talents,” Watari said, grinning. “Oh, come on, Sei. You have to admit she looks good in that.”

“She looks good in anything,” Tatsumi said. “And nothing.”

Blaze smiled at both of them and then caught movement out of the corner of her eye.

The alpha female came immediately to Blaze and put her head under Blaze's hand. This seemed to be a transfer of information because the wolf backed away to her pack a moment later.

“Okay. There are at least four traps that they could find. Razor wire along the corridor leading to where Hisoka is being held. The place is pretty straightforward in design. No intricate twists or turns. Just one long hallway to the main bunker, which is about 20 meters under ground. That means the traps are probably set at angles to coincide with the slope of the main hallway. The power to the place has probably been shut off for years so we'll need an alternate light source,” Blaze said.

“Blaze, love, have you met your fireballs?” Tatsumi said. “I don't think we'll have to worry about it.”

“You're probably right,” she said. She wrapped one arm around Tatsumi and the other around Watari. “I love you both.”

“We love you too,” Tatsumi said. Watari nodded. Blaze kissed them and grinned at Tsuzuki.

“I'd kiss you too but Hisoka might get jealous.”

“Really?” Tsuzuki said, perking up instantly.

She winked at him and grinned. “Let's go.”

Blaze led the way to the entrance to the bunker. The door was rusted and protested when she broke the lock and pulled it open. Screeching metal made them all cringe. They peered down the long, dark hallway and Blaze put out her hand and created a ball of fire. She stepped inside, edging along the wall searching out mentally the traps she knew were there.

The almost complete silence was unnerving. The shadows that bounced eerily off the walls were none of Tatsumi's doing. However, when the shadows started to shift and slide toward the first set of razor wire everyone knew the shadow master was at work. The wire unwound from the posts where it had been placed and vanished. Leaving no trace of it behind.

“Gods, I love it when you do that, Sei,” Watari whispered.

“So do I,” Blaze said.

It took Watari all of ten minutes to disarm the ignition switches and firing mechanisms on the other traps. Blaze pulled open the door to the main bunker and stood on the threshold listening for a moment.

“It's too quiet in there. And this was too easy, guys. Something else is up. Has to be.”

“We don't have any other choice, Blaze,” Tsuzuki said.

“I know we don't, Tsu. But I don't have to like it. Be careful. And stay close to me just in case. I don't know if I'd survive if anything happened to any of you.”

At that moment they all heard Hisoka scream and bolted into the room. Knowing they had possibly made a mistake when the door slammed shut and bolted behind them. To everyone's shock, the fireball Blaze had been holding went out completely. They were sealed in perfect dark.

“He's got some kind of spell on the room that blocks flame,” Watari said. “That means Blaze can't use her main element and it would be pointless for Tsuzuki to summon Suzaku. He effectively put you out of commission too, Sei. Complete black holds no shadows to control. And since I can't see anything I don't have a visual focal point for an explosion.”

“Very good. You always did like intelligent and dangerous men, Blaze,” came a voice from out of the dark.

“Where are you, bastard?” Blaze snarled.

“Patience. We're still playing this little game.”

Hisoka, where are you?

“Ah, ah, ah. The room is spelled to block telepathic communication as well. Now, since we're playing by my rules, here they are. Really rather simple ones actually. If you can find him, you can walk out of here free and clear. Providing you can survive the traps.”

“No one move. There are probably pressure plates in the floor,” Blaze said.

“No kidding. We can't just stand here for the rest of our afterlives,” Tsuzuki said. “Maybe Byakko can find him. He's non corporeal so he wouldn't set off the pressure plates. He can see in the dark well or he could probably smell him.”

“Do it, Tsu,” Blaze said.

“I humbly call upon the 12 gods who protect me, I summon thee, Byakko.”


“I still don't see anything. Is Byakko here?”

“Yes,” Tsuzuki said. “Find Hisoka.”

Blaze felt the huge white tiger brush past her in his search for Hisoka. She heard click, click, click behind her. Then snap.

“I got it!” Watari said and shifted from where he had been standing.

Blaze heard several mechanisms fire at once. “Everyone down!” she shouted, throwing herself in front of where she knew Watari and Tatsumi had been last. Trying to shield them from whatever it was. She flinched as the darts hit her in the side, chest, arm, and twice in both legs. She had landed directly on top of someone, whether it was Watari or Tatsumi she wasn't sure.

“Shit!” she said, pulling them out. Feeling the quick spread of poison. “Anyone else hit?”

“No,” Tsuzuki said.

“No,” came Tatsumi's voice from behind her.

“Honey?” she said, reaching out to touch his face.

“Doesn't matter. I got it, Blaze. Your wings.”

“What about them? Sweetheart, were you hit?”

“Listen to me. The spell blocks created or controlled fire. Suzaku wouldn't be of any use because she'd have to be summoned. Your wings are a part of you. Intrinsic. Completely natural.”

“Understood,” Tatsumi said. “Go, Blaze.”

In an instant, Blaze's wings unfolded from her shoulders and back. Causing almost blinding light in the pitch black of the room. She found Wallach standing in the corner furthest away from them. She smiled slightly as Tatsumi's shadows wrapped around him and held him firmly in place.


“He can't phase out either, Blaze,” Tsuzuki said. “The spell affects him as well.”

By the light of Blaze's wings they could see Byakko making his way to Hisoka, who was bound to one of the solid support beams and gagged, which must have been done after Wallach had made him scream.

Wallach was still smiling a nasty smile. “The darts have special poison. Specifically designed for Shinigami. Anyone hit should start feeling the effects any moment now.”

“Oh, that's it!” Blaze hissed. “I'm so tired of playing your stupid little games.”

“What do you intend to do about it?” he said snidely.

“This,” Blaze said. “I call upon the blood of my ancestors. I call to my family ties. Give me my soul's altered form.”

They all stared at her for a moment.

“Sei, am I hallucinating or does Blaze suddenly have a tail?” Watari asked, trying to focus on her more clearly.

“You aren't and she does,” Tatsumi said. “Not to mention claws and teeth that rival Byakko's.” He had just been forcibly reminded of exactly who and what Blaze actually was.

Blaze had literally flown across the room, the vault carrying her directly into her enemy. One clawed hand grasped around his throat and the other hovering just over the left side of his chest. Everyone heard a sickening crack as she tore open his ribcage. The unmistakable sound of muscle and flesh being pulled away from the bone.

“I won't even do you the honor of eating your black heart,” she said as she ripped the organ from his body.

Wallach was still smiling insanely as his skin shrank and withered then powdered to dust.

“It's worth dying again just to see her do that,” Watari said trying to fight falling into unconsciousness. He reached up and put one hand into Tatsumi's hair. “Love you and Blaze.”

“Yutaka? BLAZE! He's been hit!” Tatsumi shouted to her. “Yutaka, come on, koishii, stay with us.”

Blaze was next to them in an instant. She had immediately shifted back to normal. She pulled the dart out of Watari's left leg and started trying to neutralize some of the poison damage. “Honey, talk to me, baby,” she said, taking his head in her hands.

“Hurts,” he said thickly. “Love you and Sei so much.” His head fell limply back as he lost consciousness.

“We have to go,” Hisoka said, massaging the feeling back into his hands. With Wallach dead the spells he had cast dissipated and they could see all the traps embedded into the floor. “He needs to be at the hospital wing. Now.”

“Are you okay, Soka?” Tsuzuki asked, keeping a tight reign on the need to grab him and hold on for about a week.

“I'm fine. A little stiff, but okay otherwise. He wasn't after me, I was just the bait. Blaze, can you transport us all?”

She nodded and they all found themselves in the hospital wing. It took a few minutes for the staff to pry Blaze and Tatsumi away from Watari so they could treat him. Blaze handed one of the staff members two of the darts.

“Here, there should be enough residual poison left in them to analyze and find an antidote.”

The woman nodded. Blaze leaned into Tatsumi and tried not to think about how she would handle things if . . . She refused to finish the thought.

“He isn't going to die again, Blaze,” Tatsumi said into her hair. “He blows himself up on a regular basis. Do you seriously think a little poison is going to stop him from wreaking havoc with my budget?”

Blaze smiled a little. That was certainly true.

“This is just horrible, Chiro,” she said, digging her hands into the fabric of his shirt.

“I know. And you aren't much for waiting. He'll be fine. He has to be. I refuse to give up my new nickname around work,” Tatsumi said, trying his best to distract her as they wheeled Watari past them into one of the rooms.

“Which is?” Blaze prompted, looking up at him.

“Lucky bastard.”

Blaze's lips twitched up slightly. “You really are, you know.”

“I am fully aware and appreciate that.”

“Hisoka, are you sure you're okay?” Blaze said, hugging him with one arm, her other hand still holding on to Tatsumi.

“I'm fine. And stop thinking that this is your fault,” Hisoka said, correctly reading her emotional and thought patterns. “We all knew you had enemies and that they could and probably would try to use us against you.”

“You'd all be safe if I weren't with you,” she said.

“We wouldn't be any more safe than we were before, Blaze,” Tatsumi said. “We all have dangerous afterlives. We've all made enemies. Yours are a little more creative and formidable because you've had them longer.”

“That's probably true,” she said.

“You're just not used to having a family. I mean it's been what, seven thousand years or so since you've really had close contact with anyone?” Tsuzuki said.

“More than that.”

“And just so you know,” Tatsumi said, putting one hand under her chin and tilting her face up to look at him. “I meant every word I said about hunting you down and dragging you back home if you leave. Yutaka would do the same.”

“I'm not good at this, Chiro,” Blaze said, putting her head against his chest.

“None of us are, love.”

“He has to be okay.”

“I'm sure he will be. All we can do now is wait.”

******Author's Notes*******
Blaze's reference to eating the heart of an enemy goes back several thousands of years to many different civilizations. It was believed that if a warrior ate the heart of their vanquished enemy that they would gain added strength. It was considered a great honor to have one's heart eaten. It marked an individual as a powerful warrior. This is where the term “Eaters of the Dead” comes from.

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