Light in Darkness

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Weeping wives and children surrounded such a shallow grave. Not a word of sympathy was uttered for my ears to hear, for all I could hear was sobbing other did so carelessly around me. Crying as if thunder striking from miles around. I stood amongst them, in my mother’s grave, yet not a tear dared to streak down my red and swollen eyes.
I yearned to leave this grave, simply leave and forget, to feel the air around my hair and allow the fragrance of rose pedals tickle my senses, but I remained emotionless, obediently clenching his hands, as our appearances were to be seen.
Even if I wished to forget, I knew this was not to be so. How could one’s very soul detach itself from a mother once held so dear? I gathered my courage and braved a look at him. We shared a look of knowing, eyes intensely locked, his face of no emotion.
His pale lips reflected a smile, a smile of taunt playing on the devils lips. This is a man whom holds my hand and smiles during my mother’s funeral. His tears never did threaten to fall, and yet during his smile, mine began.
“Come now, my dear Tsuzuki-chan, your father is smiling, so why shouldn’t you?”

.... Nine Years Later

The seven year old student raised his hand, his arm swaying with dramatic effect as the twenty-one year old man rolled his eyes in mock dismay. The other students drew quietly, having already learned that by staying silent they would soon be rewarded with a movie or the privilege of being taken outside for some sort of play their teacher would allow.
“Hai, Yusuke-kun?” asked the soft voice, gentle with glee at the blond haired student.
“Sensei, are we gonna get are present yet?” Ino Yusuke asked bravely, saying the words his other classmates were already beginning to wonder.
Tsuzuki smiled at this, the young Yusuke was much like a nurse he had been especially close to until her death. The nurse had been as a mother had been to him –just up until the point-
No! Tsuzuki thought, panic striking his thoughts, he would not allow the horrid memories to ruin the reputation he now had with his staff, and the treasured friendship he managed to gain with his students. This particular blond student, Ino Yusuke, in particular.
“In a few minuets, Yusuke-kun” he answered, flashing him a bright, false smile to keep hidden his painful mask.
The blond did not seem to notice, he groaned while picking up a dark green crayon and messily colored threw the lines.

…. One Hour Later

The young man walked wearily into the doctors’ office, nearly every hospital patient was gone, only an elderly couple remained. The white walls left him feeling slightly nauseous; he never did feel safe during his limited time spent in this hospital, where nine years ago he had watched his mother die during her stay on her death bed.
Yet for some reason, the chestnut haired man continued to come once a year, almost as if punishing himself with the images he would try to block for months, year after year foiling his own plans to simply continue life and move on. Tsuzuki even remembered the room number his mother had been in, as he did visit every day before school and after, running as quickly as his legs could carry to the hospital he once knew as another home so well.
Room 203. This room too many may just be another place, simply another room where patience would check into then check out of. Only for Asato Tsuzuki and Kurosaki Hisoka did that particular room in Saint Labella’s Hospital hold any special importance for.
“E-Excuse me” came the tiny utterance, so softly as if the words would break.
The elderly secretary must not have heard him, as not unusual for the overly-shy and timid young man, she looked up out of pure consequence and smiled brightly, “May I help you, young man?”
Tsuzuki shyly smiled back, slightly nerved as he always was when stepping into a building with such painful memories, “H-Hai ma’am, I’m A-Asato Tsuzuki, and-and I have an, um, appointment h-here” he stuttered the words out in a jumble, obvious embarrassment clear on his face.
“What’s that, young man? I can’t hear you, come on now, and speak up”
Tsuzuki complied, speaking up loud enough and trying his best not to stutter, “I h-have an appointment here, I’m Asato Tsuzuki”
“Asato Tsuzuki” the gray-haired woman mumbled as she typed quickly with fingers wrinkled with age, she flashed another bright smiled at the nervous young man, “Alright Asato-son, please take a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly”
Tsuzuki knobbed politely, deciding to take a seat furthest from the elderly couple, but closest to the door. Trying his best to settle his nerves Asato took the first magazine at the tope of a solid-glass table, then, to his horror discovered, this was the last magazine he picked up years ago. He checked the date, and surely enough he was correct, nine years ago he had accidentally stumbled on the same car-racing magazine, just by chance as it was from the past than it is in the future.

… Flashback

Eleven year old Tsuzuki ran quickly to Saint Labella’s Hospital, his bright yellow backpack jerking with every movement the fragile-appearing boy made. He made his way briskly threw the elevator, pressing for floor two, yet he felt uncomfortable standing with the curious older men and woman, whom he sure was wondering what a small child was doing so early in the morning in a hospitals elevator, where he should be in bed resting for another day of school.
When the elevator stopped Tsuzuki stepped off, the light blue rug desperately trying to set a cheerful mood to the white clad hospital walls. By now, the young Tsuzuki could easily name just about every doctor and nurse working in the hospital on Floor Two, either by name or face.
A young blond woman flashed him a cheerful smile, “Hello again, Tsuzuki-chan, how may I help you this morning? You’re here awfully early, aren’t you? You’re such a big boy, coming in so early every day. Visiting your mother I believe?”
“Hia, Ino-ane”
The young Tsuzuki, during this time, had been full of energy and life. He was never shy and made friends easily while other young boys stuttered and stared down at their floor. Tsuzuki was also not like other boys that seemed enable to stand still during their youthful age, he was outgoing but simply had no desire to be scolded by getting involved in some sort of fight or being caught up in other mischief other young boys seemed to be drawn to.
“Alright then” the mid-twenties, blue-eyed blond seemed to glisten as she motioned for Tsuzuki to follow.
“Yes ma’am” the brown haired boy stepped forward, taking action to follow her, only to find his foot had somehow crunched a magazine.
He curiously began to examine this magazine, as if he had never seen one before. The magazine was a much duller yellow color than this backpack, large enormous red letters titled, ‘Best of Car Racers’, a monster truck proudly sat at the top of a gigantic dirt pit, front-lights flashing.
The blond known as Ino turned, obviously sensing the presence not willingly follow her as usual, as had been done for two years now, “Something keeping you, Tsuzuki-chan?” she asked gently.
Tsuzuki drifted his attentions to the blond nurse once again, looking fazed until he shook his heads in an attempt to clear his thoughts, “Nope”
“Alright then, come on”

…. End Flashback

Tsuzuki felt his hands shake, his mind filled with memories that just seemed to pour unwillingly into his mind. He heard his name being called, as if from a distance, trying to muster enough courage he titled his head to a long, black haired man looking down at the clip board.
“Asato Tsuzuki-son? Is there an Asato Tsuzuki-son here?”
Tsuzuki rose, “T-That’s me” he said, while knobbing apologetically, “Sorry”
The man smiled, his long hair shinning like velvet as eyes the same shade as his hair shined brightly, the two dark shades allowing his milk-white skin to slightly clash as he spoke in a kind voice, “That’s fine, I’ll be your nurse, Oriya, please follow me Asato-son”
They made there way threw the black and white checkered floors, shoes making a small, almost inaudible squeaking sound as the male nurse quickened his pace. Tsuzuki allowed his deep brown hair to shield shockingly amethyst eyes, he had been in such a daze he did not notice when they passed the ‘check-up’ rooms.
“Um, sensei, aren’t we supposed to-” Oriya stopped, a motion so sudden that Tsuzuki felt himself almost stumble in the abrupt action. The lightly tanned dark-haired man immediately could see something was wrong, “Sensei, I-”
“For someone so important for my master to bring me, his number one fledging here, you certainly are naive”
“What? I-” A gun quickly stopped wherever Tsuzuki’s words were heading, the black haired man pressed the gun firmly to Tsuzuki’s forehead, installing fear into the beautiful young man’s wide eyes.
“Shut up, don’t speak, don’t even move without my direct command or I’ll blow your brains out”
The trigger on the gray pistol began to draw themselves back, a light clicking sound being made in the process, “I said don’t speak” the voice was hardened, with such steel force that Tsuzuki felt himself beginning to tremble.
Oriya smiled at this, “Yes, that’s right, Master told me about this. He said you did have some terrible memories, and that seeing this pistol would probably bring more fear on you than necessary, that’s why I decided to use this specially for you, I even-”
That’s all Tsuzuki heard, as a light bussing noise was making his give up the effort of listening. With horror the lavender-eyed man realized he was beginning to faint, Tsuzuki did not fight as darkness swept him away from this conscious state, he did not even attempt to struggle when his mind began to stray him away from the sleeping world.

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