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~ * ~

“Come on Tohru! We’re gonna be late!” Called Uo-chan up the Sohma staircase. She along with her other friend Hana-chan, were waiting for Tohru so they could go to this wicked-ass club that she heard about.

“What are you yelling about, Yankee?” Asked a miffed Kyo. He had heard that the three girls were planning to go out tonight, but didn’t think that they were actually going to go to a club. He really wanted to go to one as well, but because of this damn curse, he couldn’t. There is just too much of a chance that he could transform if a girl accidentally brushed up against him.

“Shut up Kyon!” She replied as she hit him in the back of his head, knocking him to the floor.

“Letting down your guard again I see.” Drawled Yuki from where he was leaning against the wall, watching them from down the hall. He also wished to go to the club, but for the same reasons as Kyo, he couldn’t leave. But he had other plans for that night anyway, so he wasn’t about to start brooding about it and get all depressed or angry, like that damn cat was doing now.

“Uo-chan, I am on my way! Sorry I took so long, hair wouldn’t dry.” Said Tohru as she skipped down the stairs. She was dressed in the clothes that Uo-chan and Hana-chan had brought her earlier. They were a bit more revealing than what she was used to, but if it would make her friends happy. The dress was shorter than her school uniform by a few inches, and scooped low in the front, revealing the tops of her breasts. It was white, with spaghetti straps and a small slit on the sides that revealed her thighs with each step she took. She wore a pair of stockings that were held up with a garter belt. The shoes were black with ribbons that she tied by wrapping them up her ankle. She felt so sexy!

The hall went silent as they all took in her appearance. Uo-chan and Hana-chan glanced at Tohru, already knowing how she would look in their outfit. They had chosen it for a specific reason. Both had noticed how the two Sohma males had acted around her and wanted to test a theory. Turns out that Uo-chan was right, both men had a serious case of ‘like’ for their dear Tohru. Now, which would actually act on that feeling?

Yuki was stunned at the vision that was coming down the stairs. She was beautiful. He really only liked Tohru as a really good friend, he looked to her as more of a mother figure. But he couldn’t stop the rush of pleasure that he felt when he looked at her now. He glanced at Kyo, noting his stunned expression. ‘Looks like those two chose well in her outfit.’ He knew that Tohru’s two friends had chosen her outfit tonight, he had heard them talking about it only a few days ago at school.

Kyo watched as Tohru made her way down the stairs. She was absolutely stunning. He felt his jaw drop in astonishment at her clothes, but he really liked the view. Her long legs looked even longer in the short dress and high heels. She seemed to move more gracefully it seemed, more confidently, more aware it seemed of her body. He liked the view, and the confidence. It made him want her all the more.

“Umm … is everyone OK? Do I look all right? Is this suitable for where we are going?” She started nervously, starting to twist her fingers agitatedly.

“You look wonderful Tohru.” Said Hana-chan quietly, breaking the silence that had descended on the hall. “Don’t you agree Uo-chan?”

“Hai, I agree. What about you Kyon?” she asked, smacking the stunned cat in the back of his head again, pulling him out of his stupor.

“Ow! You stupid Yankee! What did you hit me for?” yelled and indignant Kyo, put out that he was being pushed.

“She asked what you think of Honda-san’s attire, stupid.” Yuki replied as he pushed off the wall and started to walk to the bottom of the stairs. “I think that you look very pretty Honda-san.” He said as he stepped up to her. “I hope that you have a wonderful time tonight at the club. I will be leaving soon myself to go see Haru. He called earlier, saying that he wished to talk with me. He didn’t say what about, so I can only guess how long I will be gone; I may not even be here when you get back. Shigure has kindly agreed to call Hatori-san to come get me.”

“I will be going with you Yuki.” Said Shigure, as he stepped out of the kitchen. He stopped and stared at Tohru. “You look absolutely stunning Tohru!” He practically squealed, as he rushed from the room, leaving several stunned teens in his wake.

~Honk Honk~

“Ah, there is Hatori-san.” Yuki said. “Come on Shigure, don’t keep him waiting. You remember what happened the last time, right?” He yelled to the inu as he stepped away from Tohru and put on his shoes. “Have a wonderful night ladies.” And he walked out the door.


“There! Now I have a memento of this occasion!” said the happy inu as he rushed past the girls and out the door to the waiting car, taking the camera with him.

“Well, I guess that is our cue to leave our selves.” Said Hana-chan.

“Yah, let’s get this show on the road!” enthused Uo-chan.

“Oh! Alright.” Agreed Tohru. She turned to a still slightly stunned Kyo. “Will you be alright? I didn’t figure that you would be alone, I could always stay …” she started to offer, but was cut off by two voices.

“No way!” Kyo bellowed.

“Not happening!” Uo-chan said loudly. “Hana-chan and I worked hard on your outfit, so you have to go and show off. ‘Sides, Kyon can take care of himself for a few hours. He can’t be that helpless. Or are you Kyon?” She turned, taunting the neko.

“Of course I can look after myself you stupid Yankee!” Kyo said, a blush rising on his cheeks. “I’ll be going out myself tonight. I’ll be going to Shishou’s dojo, so Tohru can feel free to go out to the club and not worry about me.” He said, not looking at Tohru.

“A … alright Kyo-kun.” Tohru stuttered. “I’ll see you later than. Say hello to Shishou for me.” She said as she was unceremoniously dragged out the door. “Don’t forget to lock the door.”

“I won’t!” he bellowed in response. Kyo quietly growled at himself. ‘I never said anything to her about her appearance. I’ll get the chance later.’ He thought as he got himself ready to go to Shishou’s. ‘I think I need a good workout to work off some of this stress.’ He sighed as he closed and locked the door behind him.

~ * ~

Tohru let herself into the house with her key, and waved to her friends as they drove off. She was feeling very giddy. She had so much fun at the club. Hana-chan and Uo-chan wouldn’t let her just sit on the sidelines and just watch the other dancers; they both dragged her up to the dance floor and all three danced together for most of the night.

They had several offers from other males to dance with them, but on a one-on-one basis. Neither Hana or Uo-chan would leave Tohru alone, nor would they allow for her to go off with a guy. The guy had to dance with all three, or none al all. Many agreed, some didn’t. It didn’t matter to them they had fun. Right until Uo-chan had decided she had enough, as she still had to get up early in the morning for her job, and it was already after midnight.

So the girls piled into Uo-chan’s car, cranked the music, and dropped off Tohru first, saying that they would see each other on Monday at school. They waited until they seen her safely open the door, before they pulled away, cranking the music once again.

‘I guess Kyo isn’t home from Shishou’s yet. Or he has gone to bed.’ She sighed as she bent over to take off her shoes. Her feet were aching slightly, but it was a good ache. Just as she got the first shoe off, the door opened and she let out a squeak of surprise.

“Are you alright?’ Kyo asked as he closed and re-locked the door.

“Oh! Kyo-kun, you startled me!” She said, placing one hand on her chest. “I just got in myself. Did you have a nice time at Shishou’s?” She asked as she bent over to undo her other shoe.

Kyo didn’t immediately answer, as his attention was taken by the fit of her dress about her hips. He so desperately wanted to just grab her and kiss her, but he didn’t want to act upon his feelings since he had no idea of hers towards him.

“Kyo-Kun? Are you alright?” She asked concerned, as she stood up from taking off her shoes.

“Keh! I’m fine.” The flustered neko said as he took off his own shoes. “Did you have a nice time at the club?” he questioned as they walked towards the kitchen.

“Yes!” She replied enthusiastically. “When we got there, Hana-chan, Uo-chan, and I went up to the bar and got a drink. I didn’t want anything too big, so they got me a simple coke. Than we couldn’t resist the call of the music anymore, so they dragged me to the dance floor, and all three of us danced together for the rest of the night! They played some different American music that I liked the beat of. So Uo-chan seeing my enjoyment, said that she would loan me her CD that she has of various American music. I think that I left it on the hall table,” she trailed off, noting that Kyo hadn’t made any noise as she talked and made tea for them both.

She turned and noticed that he had stopped at the doorway, and was watching her intently, while leaning against the doorframe. “But enough about my night,” she said, setting their tea on the kitchen table, motioning for him to join her there, a slight blush gracing her cheeks. “How was Shishou’s? Did you have a good time there, Kyo-kun?” she finished as she sat down.

Kyo pushed off the doorframe, and slowly walked over to sit next to her at the table. He was still watching her with intentness, noting her every shifting motion. He didn’t say anything at first, just watched her.

“I had a good work out.” He said simply, lifting his cup to drink, finally breaking his gaze.

“Um, you don’t sound very interested in what you did.” Tohru said concerned. “Did something happen while you were there? Did you and Kagura get into another fight? Or did something happen to Shishou? Is he all right? You shouldn’t have left him if he was unwell.” she said getting more concerned with each question.

She was about to get up and ship him back off to Shishou’s when Kyo reached out and grasped her twisting hands. “Shishou is fine. He sends his regards. I …” he sighed and released her hands to rake his through his hair. “It’s nothing.” He said, lifting his tea for another drink.

Tohru frowned at him worried. “No Kyo-kun. I don’t think that it is nothing. Please share with me what is bothering you.” She pleaded, placing her hand on his arm, looking at him.

Kyo looked at her hand on his arm, than up into her earnest face. “Only if you won’t worry or feel bad about what I am about to say. Do you promise not to get upset?” he asked.

“Alright. I promise.” Tohru said bravely.

He sighed deeply, and averted his eyes. “I was feeling a little jealous that you had gone out to a club tonight.” He said quietly.

She tried not to appear shocked or worried about what he had just said. ‘I did ask him after all.’ Tears started to come to her eyes, so she got up quick. “I think that we need more hot water.” She said brightly, hoping to cover her abrupt departure from the table.

“Tohru,” Kyo said quietly. “I didn’t tell you to make you feel bad. I told you because I want to be honest with you, as I am sure that you want to be honest with me.” He paused. “Tell me what you are feeling right now.” He coaxed her gently.

Tohru sighed and leaned against the sink, her back to him. “I feel bad that I went on and on about my night, and you really wanted to go too. But you couldn’t because of the curse. Oh Kyo-kun!” she wailed, turning to face him, tears still running down her cheeks. “I wouldn’t have gone on like that if I had of known your feelings!” she sniffled. Using a dishcloth to wipe her eyes, she didn’t notice as Kyo got up and came towards her.

He gently placed one of his hands on her shoulder, the other he used to tilt her head up so he could face her. “Tohru, as I said, I didn’t tell you to make you feel bad. I liked hearing that you had a good time tonight.” He said, gently wiping her tears away.

Tohru looked up through watery eyes at Kyo. An idea started to take root in her mind, and a small smile slowly spread across her face, making him a little nervous at the sight of it.

She grasped his hands. “Kyo-kun! I have a wonderful idea! Since you couldn’t go to the club, why don’t I bring the club to you?” She started to get really enthusiastic about her idea. “Yes! You go upstairs,” she said tuning and gently pushing him in the direction of the door. “I’ll get everything ready. This is going to be so cool!” she enthused, turning from him and surveying the kitchen.

“Um, Tohru?” Kyo said uncertainly, pausing in the doorway. “When should I come down?” He really didn’t want to bust her bubble when she got this excited. It didn’t really matter to him one way or the other about going to the club. He just said that so she wouldn’t guess the real reason for his unrest, her clothes and the way that she was wearing them.

“Oh! I’ll come get you.” She said turning and smiling brightly at him. “Will you be in your room, or on the roof?” she asked him.

“Um … I’ll be in my room.” He said as he turned away, and went to the stairs. As he walked into his room he shut the door, he glanced down at his clothes. He thought about what she was wearing, and what the guys at the club were probably wearing. ‘Well, I guess that I can get changed at least.’ He thought as he walked over to his closet.

~ * ~

Tohru hummed softly as she out the finishing touches on the living room. She stepped back to the door and surveyed her work. ‘Not to bad for just putting it together. I hope that Kyo-kun likes it. Now, where did I set that CD?’ she thought as she looked on the hall table. “There you are.” She said as she grabbed the CD and took it to the player. She set it in and turned to go get Kyo from upstairs.

*Knock Knock *

“Kyo-kun? Would you like to come down now?” She spoke through the door. “Kyo-kun?” she repeated when there was no answer. She raised her hand to knock again when his door was quickly opened.

All Tohru could do at first was stare. Kyo had changed his t-shirt for a loose black silk shirt. Her eyes traveled down to check out the rest of his clothes. He had changed his blue jeans for a pair of black dress pants, and he was wearing a pair of dress shoes. She quickly brought her eyes back up to his face and noticed that he had also done his hair. Or had run his fingers through it often.

“Is something wrong Tohru?” Kyo asked, noting that she had given him a quick pursuit of his change of clothes.

“N … no, nothing is wrong, Kyo-kun.” She stammered. “Um, I’ve come to get you to bring you to, um,” she smiled uncertainly. “Club Kyo-kun.” She whispered.

Kyo raised one eyebrow. “We can’t go. You’re missing your shoes, and you can’t dance without your shoes.” He just really wanted to see her legs once again emphasized by her shoes.

Tohru blushed. “I … I’ll put them on when we go downstairs.” She said, as she stepped back to make room for him to step out into the hall. He stepped out, and grasped her elbow, gently leading her down the hall to the stairs.

They stopped at the front door where she had taken off her shoes. She slipped her feet in, but when she went to kneel to tie them, Kyo was there. He knelt down in front of her, and grasped the ribbons on the left shoe. “Tell me if I am doing this wrong.” He said quietly, as he started to gently wind the ribbon around her ankle and tie it in a small bow.

Tohru could only watch speechless, as he moved on to her right foot. She suppressed the small moan that wanted to escape when his fingers gently brushed her ankle as he wound the ribbon and tied it like the other one.

He looked up at her from where he was kneeling. Her face was flushed, and she had a dreamy look in her eyes. “Are you certain that you are up for this? If you are too tired we can forget about this.” He said, not moving from his place.

She looked down at him, her eyes clearing. “No Kyo-kun. I want to do this. Come on.” She said as she reached for his hand, a smile blooming on her face. She grasped his hand and helped him to his feet. She kept a hold of his hand as she pulled him into the living room.

Kyo paused in the doorway. The living room was transformed. He noticed that she had moved the furniture out of the way and had created a small “dance floor” in the middle. There were some candles lit all about the room, giving it a soft glow. There was a CD ready to be pushed into the player, and some drinks chilling on one of the end tables.

He turned to her. “You did this? Because I couldn’t go out to the club with you?” he asked astonished. ‘She is amazing.’ He thought.

Tohru blushed at his words. “Hai, I didn’t like that you missed out. It isn’t the real thing, and it is only us, but I did try. You don’t like it? I can take it all down, and” she started but he interrupted her.

“Tohru, I am deeply touched that you have gone to all this trouble for me.” He said quietly. “So, how about we get this party started?” and he smiled at her.

Tohru glanced at him, noticing his smile. ‘He really does have a wonderful smile, when he remembers to use it.’ She thought. “Alright.” She said and walked over to the player and pushed in the CD.

A strong beat came on. Kyo had heard this song before; it was “Everytime Tha Beat Drop” by Monica featuring Dem Franchize Boyz. Tohru started to slowly swing her hips from side to side, bobbing her head to the beat. She was starting to get into the song, letting the beat take her away like earlier.

Kyo watched as Tohru started to move. She was poetry in motion. The seductive movements of her hips, he started to unconsciously sway and move his body like her. He moved closer to her swaying body, starting to get lost in the music himself.

Tohru watched as Kyo moved closer to her from through her lashes. She was looking forward to this. She reached out to twine her fingers with his, bringing them closer together, both still swaying to the music. She shifted slowly so they were very close, but not so close that he would transform. She continued to sway, looking up into his startled eyes as they continued to move to the beat. A slight blush bloomed on both of their cheeks at their close proximity, but neither moved to create more space.

The song stopped and moved into the next one. The song was Man Eater by Nelly Furtado. Tohru started to move more enthusiastically to the beat. She shifted farther from Kyo, and released his hand. She shook her head about more, still shifting her hips to the beat, as well as shimmed her shoulders. Kyo just seemed to shift his feet about some, and sway his shoulders. She didn’t mind his lack of movement, he just had to get into the music some more, she just hoped that the rest of the songs helped him to relax.

The rest of the CD continued in much the same manner. There was only one change, the last song on the CD, Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls; this seemed to catch her attention. The Hindu type music beginning appeared to have inspired Tohru to start swaying in a similar fashion to Hindi dancers, rotating her hips and weaving her arms. Her arms began to smoothly undulate in snake like movements, twining about her head, only to have one drop to seemingly beckon Kyo closer, her hips twisting to the beat. He ceased his movements, entranced by hers, and took a step closer to his bewitching housemate.

Tohru felt powerful. She felt very aware of her body with her movements. She could feel the flush spreading across her face, the heat she knew that was visible in her eyes. She moved seductively closer to him, touching his shoulders with her left hand as her right settled on her hip as she gyrated her hips in front of him. She slowly shifted around him moving in the same manner, slowing every few beats to gyrate her hips in a circular motion, not touching him in any way that would have him transform, just gently brushing against him.

She had been waiting for this song. When she had heard it at the club, she watched a girl with her boyfriend do this dance for him. All she could picture in her mind as she watched them dance was her dancing like that for Kyo-kun. Now she had her chance.

When she was behind him, she turned herself so her back was to his and slowly shimmied down, running her hands down his legs as she went, than dragging them back up as she came up, her hands on the outside of his thighs. She turned and placed her right hand on his shoulder as she slowly danced to his front, looking up into his half-shut eyes. He was silent the whole time, just watching her bewitching movements.

When Tohru got to his front, she turned so her back was to him and watched his expression over her shoulder as she slid down his front in the same manner as she had his back. His hands came out to cup her hips as she slid back up and turned to face him. She reached out and touched his shoulder again while gyrating her hips. The feel of his hands on her as she moved made her feel even sexier. She removed her hands from his shoulders and started to twine them above her head again, her eyes not leaving his darkened orange ones.

She smiled seductively before she slowly slid her body down the front of him in the same manner as before, only this time she was facing him. His hands slid up her body, as she slid down. She raised her hands to his biceps, and gripped then slightly as she shimmied back up.

She twisted her hips and turned back around and started to sway her hips, brushing against him just slightly. His hands slid back to her hips, his eyes following the motions they were making, but not moving himself. Tohru twisted her hips again to turn back to face Kyo, her hands once more going to his biceps. She continued her hip shimmies, a slight blush on her cheeks.

The song stopped, as did the CD. The only sound in the room was Tohru’s slightly elevated breathing, and a quietly growling Kyo. Tohru frowned slightly at him. “Did you enjoy the dancing Kyo-kun?” she asked uncertainly, wary of his growling.

He didn’t answer her immediately. He just looked into her eyes. “Yes. I did.” He said as he stepped back from her. ‘What am I thinking? I was about to kiss her! Hell, I want to ravage her!’ he thought as he turned to get them both a drink. ‘I just need to take a few breaths and calm my raging hormones. I can’t take advantage of her. She obviously doesn’t figure that her dance has turned me on to distraction!’ He thought as he grabbed a drink from the small cooler on the end table.

He popped the top of the can of coke, and quickly gulped down half the container. He then turned to look at her. She hadn’t moved from where he had left her, and she had a bewildered look on her face. He grabbed a coke for her and walked back. “Would you like a drink?” he asked, holding the can out to her. She reached out and grasped the can, and slowly opened it and took a mouthful. She seemed to be in thought.

She turned and walked to the couch and sat down. She suddenly turned a bright smile on him, as she set her drink down. “Well Kyo-kun, I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed this. That was the whole idea. Now,” she yawned widely. “Why don’t you go to bed and I will clean up in here.” She said as she got up and started to blow out the candles that hadn’t burnt out.

Kyo frowned. Something wasn’t right. “Tohru, are you all right?” he asked.

She turned to face him again, avoiding looking directly in his eyes. “I’m fine Kyo-kun. I just figure that you must be tired after school today, followed by Shishou’s, than me keeping you up. So why don’t you go on to bed, and I will clean this up.” She reiterated, as she moved to start putting away the candles.

Kyo growled low, set his drink down and stalked over to her, turning her to face him. “Alright, what is the big idea? Why do you seem sad all of a sudden? I really did enjoy everything that you did for me here, so why the long face?” he said roughly.

Tohru looked up at him in surprise when he turned her around. She could see that he was annoyed, but she didn’t know if she could tell him the real reason why she was feeling upset. ‘You didn’t like my dance, or my outfit.’ She whispered in her head, but out loud she said, “Why do you think that I am upset? As I said, I am glad that you enjoyed Club Kyo-kun,” she smiled at the name. “I just figured you were tired that’s all.” Pause. “I don’t know what else to say Kyo-kun.” She said quietly as she lowered her head.

Kyo narrowed his eyes at the beauty in his hands. He sighed inwardly. ‘I’ll have to take that, as it seems she doesn’t want to tell me the real reason. For now.’ He released her arms and stepped back. “Well, I can’t let you clean this up on your own, so I will move the furniture back after you clear everything else. How did such a little thing like you move this heavy furniture?” he asked her teasingly, trying to lighten the atmosphere in the room.

Tohru smiled genuinely at him, and raised one of her arms and squeezed her upper arm. “I am stronger than I look. I lift two trash bags at once when I am at my job, so I guess that was my training for here.” She replied, and she started to gather the pop cans and cooler and take them to the kitchen.

Kyo watched her as she left the room. She really was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on. He quickly moved all the furniture back into place. An idea was forming in his head. He quickly set up what he needed than strode to the kitchen where he could hear her humming quietly.

“Tohru,” he spoke, but paused when she jumped and spun to face him.

“My goodness Kyo-kun! You startled me! Is there something you need?” she asked, her hand on her chest, trying to slow her rapidly beating heart.

“Yes, I would like for you to go into the living room and sit down. I will make us a pot of tea … ah, I see you made one.” He walked over to grab the tray. “Come on now, into the living room.” He gestured with the tray, motioning her to go ahead of him. She looked at him questioningly, but moved to the room she had vacated.

When she stepped back into the room, the first thing she noticed was that the candles had been relit; the second was that there seemed to be another CD ready to go in the player. She turned to look at Kyo, but he just motioned her to go sit down. She sat at the far side of the couch, not really knowing what to expect.

Kyo set the tray down on the coffee table, than turned to push the CD in. A slow mellow jazz song came on. It soothed her, and him it seemed, as he slowly walked over to where she was sitting, shaking his head slightly. “Nope. Bad place. Could you move to the center of the couch for me?” he asked her quietly, as he came to a stop in front of the couch.

Tohru got up and moved to where he wanted her to sit. She didn’t see the reasoning, but she wasn’t going to say no. Kyo stepped out of his shoes and sat right down at her feet. “Would you like your tea?” he asked pleasantly, reaching for a cup. She shrugged and held out her hand for the cup he handed her. She took a sip, still looking at him over the rim, a little wary.

Kyo noted her wariness, but decided to ignore it. He reached out to her right foot, cupping her heel with one hand, he slowly undid the bow and unwrapped the ribbon and took off her shoe, setting it beside his own. He gently rubbed her foot and calf muscle, making small circular movements with his thumbs. He heard her gasp quietly when he first started to massage her foot. He thought he heard her moan, but chalked that up to his own imagination.

He gently set that foot down and moved to her left, repeating the motions of cupping her heel, and taking off the shoe, setting it beside its mate. He than repeated the massaging motions on her foot and calf. This time he was almost certain he had heard her moan. He raised his eyes from her feet to look at her face.

Her eyes were shut, and she had her lower lip between her teeth. He wanted to jump up and claim her mouth, but knew it wasn’t the time. He continued to gently rub both feet now. Soon he stopped. ‘Was she asleep? Was I able to relax her that much?’ he thought wondrously.

Her eyes opened and looked at him, still seated at her feet. She blushed. She had been enjoying the feel of his hands on her feet, as they still ached from wearing her new shoes for so long. “Thank you Kyo-kun. That felt wonderful.” She spoke quietly.

He gave a slight cock-eyed grin. “No problem. Just tell me if your feet are bothering you again, and I will do this for you.” He blushed and turned so his back was against the couch, beside her legs. “How is your tea? Would you like another cup?” he asked.

Tohru looked at her empty cup beside her. She didn’t remember drinking it, or setting it beside her. She grasped the cup and was about to slide forward to refill it, when Kyo set his hand on her knee to keep her in place. “I’ll get it for you.” He said as he turned to look at her and reach for the cup.

She just meekly handed it over. He refilled it and handed it back to her, once more settling beside her legs, this time he had his side against the couch, and picked up her feet to rest on his lap. He started to gently rub them again. But he had something on his mind, and he wanted it cleared up.

“Why were you upset earlier? You know before we started to clean up? Did I say something that bothered you? You know you can tell me. I want for us to be honest with each other; it bothers me that you’re not telling me what is wrong. Please tell me what it is?” he entreated to her quietly, not looking at her for fear of showing his emotions.

“I don’t know if I can Kyo-kun. Not without sounding childish.” She whispered quietly after a moment.

Kyo still didn’t look up at her. “What? I won’t think that you are being childish.” He answered just as quiet, waiting to hear her response.

Tohru looked away from the handsome boy at her feet, and bit her lip again. ‘Should I just tell him? Might as well.’ She sighed. “Alright, I was feeling a little hurt that you don’t like my outfit. You didn’t comment on it when I came down the stairs. I like how this dress makes me feel. I feel more feminine and such. But you haven’t said anything, whether you like it or not.” She trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

Kyo gently squeezed her feet to get her to look at him. “Tohru, I like how you look in that dress. I just didn’t know how to react or what to say. Also Yuki was there and he beat be to the punch by speaking first. I like how you look in that dress, I like it a lot.” He said, deepening his voice to get his point across.

She blushed as she got his meaning. ‘He really does like my outfit!’ she cheered in her head, and smiled a little. “Thank you Kyo-kun for the compliment.”

He nodded his head in acknowledgement. “But that isn’t all, is it? You got sad after we had finished dancing. What else is it that is bothering you Tohru?” he asked quietly, resuming his rubbing on her feet.

She blushed even brighter, avoiding his eyes again. “I … um … you didn’t like my dance did you?” she came out with. “You see, I had seen a couple dance like that at the club, and I wanted to … um … you know … I wanted to dance like that with you.” She said quickly.

Kyo was shocked. ‘She did that dance for me? And all I did to repay her efforts was to growl and turn away from her. No wonder she was upset! I am such an idiot!’ he thought, yelling at himself.

He sighed and rested his head on her knees, collecting his thoughts. ‘What should I tell her? That she had turned me on so damn much that I had to step away from her to control myself? Ugh! I am such a baka!’ he thought furiously. Then he froze. He could feel one of her hands gently stroking through his hair, soothing him.

“I didn’t tell you that to make you crazy. You wanted to know, so I told you.” She said quietly, still stroking his head, she felt him starting to relax against her legs. She could feel his breath against her legs, and it caused a slight tingling sensation. “Now, just as I have been honest with you, please be honest with me. Did I do something wrong when I danced for you?” she asked, deciding to be bold. “Was what I did disgusting to you? I won’t do it again …” she started but was cut off.

Kyo’s head came up fast, and he glared at her. “What you did wasn’t disgusting at all!” he said hardly. “It didn’t disgust me either!” his gaze softened. “I would be honored if you would dance like that for me again, maybe next time I might join in instead of just standing there.” He said with a cocky grin.

Tohru smiled happily to know that he liked her dancing, but the smile quickly died. “But why were you growling at me when we stopped? That is why I thought you didn’t like it.” She asked puzzled.

Kyo frowned himself, thinking back to then. His frown lifted as understanding dawned, and he started to blush. “I wasn’t growling at you, Tohru.” He said gently, his blush getting brighter, and he looked away from her embarrassed. “I was … purring in pleasure.”

She looked at him amazed. ‘I pleased him. That was a purring sound he was making?’ she thought with a giggle.

Kyo heard her giggle, and thought that she was laughing at him. He made a movement to get up, but she placed her hand on his shoulder to stop him. He wouldn’t look at her. He was embarrassed. She gently nudged his shoulder to get him to look at her. When he refused, she just sighed.

“I wasn’t laughing at you Kyo-kun. I giggled because I think that it is cute that I could make you purr. I didn’t know the difference, and I am sorry that I laughed. Will you forgive me?” she said quietly.

Kyo snorted, and turned to look at her. “Of course I forgive you. We just had a miscommunication, that’s all. Now, would you like to go to bed now? It is getting rather late.” He stated.

Tohru looked at him. He still seemed agitated about something, but she decided not to press. “Kyo-kun? Would it be too much to ask if we could just sit here a bit longer listening to that jazz CD again? I … I would like to spend some more time with you, if you don’t mind?” she asked shyly.

He looked at her in surprise. ‘She wants to spend time with me?’ he thought. “Sure.” He answered her, as he got up to reset the CD. He folded himself back down onto the floor at her feet as the first song started to play once more.

“Kyo-kun?” she said.

“Yah.” He answered.

“If you would like, you can lean on me. That is, if it will make you more comfortable.” She said quietly.

He just shifted to rest his head against her knees once again. She sighed quietly, and reached out to stroke his hair, hoping to relax him once more.

Tohru jumped slightly at the sound that he started to emit. “K … Kyo-kun?” she said uncertainly.

She could feel his smile against her legs. “Don’t worry. I’m not growling at you.” He said without being questioned fully. She smiled, now knowing that he was purring. ‘It may take me some time to figure out when he is growling or purring at me.’ She thought to her self.

They sat like that until the CD ended again. Kyo sighed and raised his head from its pillow. “I think that it is time we headed to bed. Look, even the candles have gone out.” He motioned, as he stood up.

She looked at the once glowing candles. Sure enough, they had all gone out. She gave a quick laugh. “I never noticed.” She replied as she shifted to get off the couch herself.

Kyo held out his hand to her. She looked up at him, and accepted his hand up. He reached down to grab both their shoes before she could and started to pull her towards the kitchen. “I’ll just shut off this light,” he said as he flicked the switch. “Now, off to bed.” And he led the way up the stairs.

He walked Tohru to her door. She smiled shyly at him. “I had fun tonight Kyo-kun. Maybe we can do it again.” She said softly.

“Maybe” He agreed, and reached out to tuck some of her hair behind her ear. He looked into her eyes, and slowly leaned into her. She started to blush, and put her hands on his shoulders, not certain if it was to push him away, or bring him closer.

Kyo gently brushed his lips over her cheek as he bent to nuzzle at her ear, being careful to keep the required distance between them. He swept his lips over the shell of her ear, tickling her. He then buried his face in the crook of her neck, just breathing deeply. He started to purr in pleasure that she allowed him to do this.

Tohru smiled when she heard him starting to purr, and rubbed her jaw against his head, offering him some comfort. Kyo sighed against her neck and pulled away. ‘It still wasn’t time yet, but now she may have some idea of my feelings.’ He thought as he backed away from the very enticing girl.

She was looking at him, but decided not to ask any questions. She decided to be brave, just this once, and got up on her toes and brushed her lips against his. “Goodnight Kyo-kun.” She said as she pulled back from the startled boy. She took her shoes from him, opened her door and backed in. She gently shut the door behind her, leaning against it. Her heart was racing. She just expressed some of her feelings for him in that one kiss.

A small smile crept across her face as she moved away from the door. She had a feeling her feelings just might be returned. The smile never left her face as she got ready for bed, it even stayed with her until she fell asleep into a dream of Kyo and a room filled with music and candle light……………

~ Fin ~

Special thanks go to my beta Inu~Lover! She is a rare gem!

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