An average day

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An average day

Chapter 1

This fic is set some time during my other fic Mokoto’s quest

Erika sat at the table, waiting for her mistress before she’d start eating. After just a few moments of waiting, Sabrina entered the room. Without touching it, she pulled out her seat and sat down. The two of them began to eat.

Sabrina was the first to speak. “I’ve got the day off from any official duties, so we’re going to have some fun. As soon as you’re done eating, go to the garden. I’ll take care of the dishes.”

Then Sabrina sent a small surge of pleasure to Erika, just enough to make her shiver slightly. Looking forward to what her mistress and wife had in store for her, Erika finished her meal quickly. As soon as she swallowed the last bite, she stood up. She gave a bow before going into the enclosed garden. A few minutes later, Sabrina entered. She had changed into a tight leather bra and a pair of nylons with the crotch cut out. But they also had something special about them? they’d been treated with a chemical that caused pleasure wherever they made contact with a woman's skin.

Without saying anything, Sabrina lifted Erika into the air using her powers. Then Erika’s clothes were slowly removed, all except for her panties. She was then gently lowered back to the ground directly in front of her mistress. Without needing to be told, she immediately began to lick away at Sabrina’s pussy. As she did so, she and her mistress were both slowly lifted into the air. After a few minutes, Sabrina came.

“That’s enough for right now. It’s time to get you warmed up.”

Sabrina moved herself a little bit above Erika and very softly touched her feet against Erika’s breasts, and began to gently massage them. The chemical that coated the stockings caused Erika’s nipples to become so hard that it was almost painful. Sabrina of course knew this, and enjoyed the look on Erika’s face. She loved it when Sabrina teased her like this. After a short while, Sabrina decided to really have some fun with her living toy. She slowly moved one of her feet down lower, causing a pleasant tingle all the way down Erika’s body, until she got to her pussy, which was dripping wet with anticipation. Sabrina very lightly brushed her foot along the outer lips of Erika’s pussy. It took everything she had not to scream out loud from pleasure. Sabrina decided to play around a bit more. She slid the very tip of one of her toes into Erika. There was absolutely no resistance. Erika wriggled slightly, trying to get a bit more satisfaction.

“Naughty-naughty,“ Sabrina said, withdrawing her foot. “Now you need to be punished.”

Erika was lowered to the ground first. As soon as Sabrina was also on the ground, she told Erika to get the toy chest. A few moments later, Erika returned with a large box. She sat it in front of Sabrina. Rather then bend over, Sabrina used her powers to open it. She then levitated out a candle and a pair of handcuffs, and lastly a spreader bar. She forced Erika's arms behind her with her power, then placed the handcuffs on Erika behind her back and made her lay down. She placed the bar between her ankles and locked them in place. Sabrina gave the candle a glance, and a small flame flickered to life on the tip. Sabrina looked into Erika’s eyes. To her, this wasn’t really punishment. She just loved it whenever Sabrina got rough and acted cold like she was now. She knew it was all just a sexy game they played.

After the wax got hot enough, Sabrina held the candle over Erika’s chest. A single drop of hot wax fell onto Erika’s nipple, which was still extra sensitive from the stockings' touch. Erika did her best to not to move as the burning hot feeling shot through her entire body. After waiting a few seconds to let the wax cool, Sabrina then moved over to its twin. The second that the wax hit her skin, Erika took a sharp breath. Sabrina quickly probed Erika's senses. After making sure that Erika wasn’t in too much pain, she moved the candle lower. She let a single drop fall onto her lover's clit. This time, Erika was unable to hold back a long scream from the mixture of pleasure and pain that shot through every nerve in her body. Her scream was cut short when Sabrina put her mouth over Erika’s.

As soon as the pain subsided, Sabrina broke the kiss. She then blew out the candle. Without saying anything, she peeled the cooled wax off of Erika’s nipples, but left the cap on her clit in place. She lifted a long double-ended dildo out of the chest using her powers. She then lifted Erika into the air, and herself a few seconds later. She positioned herself between Erika’s legs, which were still held wide open by the spreader bar. The dildo was just between them, held in place by her will. She very carefully slid it into herself. Then she placed the tip against Erika’s entrance, just barely rubbing it against the outer edge. After a few seconds, Sabrina thrust forward, pushing the toy in as far as it would go. Without giving Erika any time to get used to it, Sabrina pulled out almost all the way, before slamming back in again. Erika let out a moan of pleasure as Sabrina repeated her motions, pulling the toy out ever so slowly, so that each individual ridge could be felt, and then driving it back in hard. After a while, Sabrina finally pulled the wax off of Erika’s clit. This alone was enough to cause Erika to have a small orgasm. Without giving Erika a chance to finish her orgasm, Sabrina focused her mind onto the dildo and began to make it move back and forth independently, while she kept pumping her hips back and forth. The combination of both the dildo moving back and forth inside of her as well as the feeling of Sabrina’s clit touching against hers was causing Erika so much pleasure that she felt like she was going insane. Even Sabrina was showing signs of pleasure. She let a low moan escape her lips as she closed her eyes for just a few seconds. After a while, Erika was right on the edge of an orgasm again. Sabrina sensed it and suppressed it so that this could go for a lot longer. After a while, Sabrina finally let Erika cum. Her entire body went stiff for a few seconds. She tried to let out a scream, but it died in her throat--she was too enwrapped in pleasure to even make a sound.

As soon as the pleasure went down, Sabrina pulled herself away, but left the toy still in Erika’s pussy. She removed both the handcuffs and the spreader bar. After that, she lowered her slave and herself back to the ground. Erika stood perfectly still as Sabrina decided what to use next. She looked into the chest and took out a set of clips, all three of which were connected by a set of chains. She snapped one clip to each of Erika’s nipples, and the third went onto her clit, just above the dildo. Erika let out a small whimper when the third clip snapped closed.

“Now wait here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She then walked away. Erika did exactly as she was told. After a few minutes, Sabrina came back, wearing a new outfit. She had changed into a red leather bustier and a matching thong, and lastly she was wearing pair of high heeled shoes that could be set to vibrate. She also had in one hand the expanding dildo.

“Now it’s time for some real fun.”

She pulled out the first toy with one hand while she took hold of the chain that was connected to the clips with her other. Using her powers, she brought the expanding dildo between them. Sabrina yanked hard on the chain, pulling all of the clips free. Erika let out a cry from the sudden shock of it. At the exact same moment, Sabrina pushed forward, forcing the toy into both of them. Because of how aroused Erika already was, the toy grew quite a bit inside of her, and by the look on Sabrina’s face, she’d been very aroused as well. Like before, Sabrina lifted both of them into the air, but rather than rotate Erika so that she was on her back, they both stayed standing. After the first few thrusts, Sabrina made the toy vibrate, as well as move back and forth. At the same time, Sabrina reached both of her hands around and gave Erika’s ass a hard squeeze, while she kissed Erika hard. She pushed her tongue past her lips and began to forcefully massage it. Erika was unable to do anything except moan into the kiss, which encouraged Sabrina. She took a firmer hold of Erika’s ass. She then pulled Erika in harder, so that they were slamming together with more force than before. After a few minutes, Erika felt something familiar. Sabrina had linked their minds. Just then, she was hit by all of the pleasure that Sabrina was feeling as well as her own. It was almost more than she could bear. Sabrina broke the kiss and took one of Erika’s nipples into her mouth. She gently scraped it with her teeth. The link caused Sabrina to feel it as well, and it was just enough to push her over the edge. Erika was hit by the full power of Sabrina’s orgasm, and it set her off as well it.

Erika blacked out for a few seconds. When she woke up, she was lying on the ground with Sabrina standing over her. In her hand she held a small vial full of a pink liquid.

“Don’t think for a second that we’re done.”

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