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"Dammit!" Hands slammed onto the dinner table, crimson hues concealed by lids. The peach-like skin had seemed to flush scarlet as the orange haired male shouted. "Where is she?! I'm hungry!" Eyes kept closed, his hands retreated to him, folding his arms as he sat onto the cushion set on the floor. He grimaced, groaning as he could just smell the delicious cooking the female cooked up at dinner time. The scent that flew around him seemed like they were a reality...

"I'm so sorry! I was out, but I came in just a few hours ago. I'm sorry for not saying anything sooner!" Squeals could be heard by the sliding door that kept the dining room seperated from the kitchen. The door slid open, revealing a young woman with emerald eyes and hair the color of brown.

"Oh, no need to apologize, Miss Honda." A soft voice soothed the woman, hoping she'd calm down. "The stupid cat just doesn't know when to be quiet." The voice added, receiving a glare from the orange haired man.

"Oh yeah? Look who's talking, ya damn rat!" Shooting a death glare, the other male just shot one back, his violet orbs shook with threat.

As he closed his threatening eyes, he flipped his gray-like colored hair, showing that he wasn't in the mood to fight. "Stupid cat."

"Damn rat!"

"Uhm.!" The female inturrupted, hoping they wouldn't fight. "Breakfast should be ready soon!" She flashed a bright smile before returning into the kitchen to retrieve the pot filled with the stew.

"You know, Yuki, Kyo... If you guys just... work together for once.. Maybe something good would happen to you guys one day.." An older man said with a sigh, his face hidden behind a newspaper, pretending to be interested in the old news he's read over and over in the past.

The two men, Kyo and Yuki, glanced at one another after their cousin spoke. "You know that will never happen, Shigure." Yuki scoffed, turning his glance away. "If that ever did happen, the only thing we'll get out of that will only be someone else getting hurt."

Shigure smiled, knowing that they'd soon put away their differences at some point.

"Here!" The female squealed, placing a pot in the middle of the table as she placed out four plates, three in front of the men and another in an empty spot, for her.

"Oh, Tohru. Everyday you bring joy into this dull home of mine! What will we ever do without our precious flower? Without her wonderful cooking to fill up our empty stomachs!" Shigure dramatically shouted as he took a wiff of the plate filled with soup. He couldn't wait to just dig in and compliment Tohru on her cooking.

Tohru smiled as thanks, then looked over at Kyo, causing her to bite down onto her lower lip.

"Leek soup, again?! Are you trying to poison me all the time?! Do you guys only grow leeks in that damn garden of yours?!" Kyo bellowed, obviously pissed at the idea of having leek for breakfast.

"Shut your mouth and just eat." Yuki huffed, taking a sip of the soup. "Just be glad that you're being fed."

Kyo groaned in protest, but started to pick at the soup, trying to avoid the leeks.


Kyo glared before him, hands placed onto his waist in annoyance. "Well, what do you want?" He sneered, a bit irritated since he didn't want to fight right after having a meal.

Smirking, Yuki folded his arms across his chest. "We both want one thing.. And since I can't do such a thing.. I'm asking you a favor.. No.. I want to make a deal with you."

I don't think I should trust this guy.... Kyo thought, but quickly shook it off as he grinned back. "Oh yeah? What is it, you damn rat?"

Yuki turned around, facing a window. He stared outside, seeing Tohru outside on the first floor, hanging up some clothes that were in the laundry. "It's about Miss Honda..."

Eh, sorry if the first chapter is so short. In the next chapter, it's going to be longer and I'm gonna put in some parts where Yuki and Kyo.. like.. get Tohru. >.>;; I'm getting cramps for no reason so it was hard to concentrate. So be sure to keep checking here to read the next chapter. -Yawns.- I'm gonna go sleep for now, so after my nap, I'll start on it right away.. once I get on my laptop, of course.

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