Akito's Big Mistake

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“I’m worried about Tohru.” Said Kyo, looking out the shoji doors into the dark woods beyond. “She hasn’t come home yet from work.”
“She’s probably just fine.” Said Shigure.
“But she’s an hour late.” Said Yuki, coming to stand beside Kyo, who bristled.
“So why haven’t you gone to pick her up yet, you damn rat?” he growled.
“Because she told me she was going to be a little late, stupid cat.” Said Yuki, looking over at him with narrowed eyes. “She needed a few extra hours, tuition is due.” He looked back out over the darkened yard, eyes darkening slightly. “But as much as it pains me to agree with you, you’re right. She’s far too late, even if she did say she was going to work over.”
“If you two are going to fuss like old women, go out and hunt for her.” Said Shigure, fanning himself lightly, a small grin on his face, eyes closed. He paled when he felt the heat of their auras, looming right in front of his face. “I didn’t say anything.” He whimpered. He cracked open one eye and smiled again when he saw their departing backs. “Be safe…” he caroled after them. Then he frowned. “I hope you find her.” He murmured. He looked over at the phone in surprise. “Now who could that be so late at night?”
* * *
“We should have met her by now.” Said Kyo, kicking a rock halfway down the path.
“I suppose, but as I said, she said she had to work late tonight.” Said Yuki. “And you know how seriously she takes her responsibilities.”
“Yeah, I know.” Said Kyo, shaking his head. His head shot up. “What’s that?”
“That damn howling.” Said Kyo, glaring behind them. Shigure was in dog form, running full tilt up the road behind them.
“Kyo, Yuki, it’s Tohru!” he panted. Even his dog form looked extremely worried. “Hari found her outside the Main House. She’s been hurt.”
The rat and cat looked horrified. With muffled BOOMS they transformed, then after Yuki climbed onto Shigure’s back, they took off as fast as their four legs could carry them.
* * *
Hatori sighed, tucking the needle in his bag, along with the bottle of sedative. The best thing for her right now was sleep. He turned out the lights in the guestroom and left, shutting the door behind him.
“Hatori, is she ok?” asked Momiji, tugging at his white coat as soon as he stepped out of the room. His childish face was screwed up in worry.
Hatsuharu stood, leaning against the wall. One long leg was propped up against the opposite wall, blocking Hatori’s way down the hall, forcing him to stay long enough to answer the question.
“I’ll tell you when Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki get here. You should all hear it together.” He sighed. “And I really don’t want to tell it more than I have to.” He tilted his head to the side. “And if I’m not mistaken, I think they just arrived.” He said, gesturing for the other two to follow him down the stairs and into his office, where he believed he had distinctly heard the door being crashed through.
“HATORI!” roared Kyo, sounding more like a lion than a cat. “WHERE IS SHE!?”
“Be quiet!” said Hatori, slipping silently into his office. “I gave her a sedative. She’s asleep in my guest room.”
“Is she alright?” Asked Yuki from his perch atop Shigure’s head.
“Honestly, I don’t know.” Said Hatori, sitting at his desk with a sigh. “She wasn’t badly hurt, but she was unconscious. Almost as if she were drugged. But what I can’t figure out is why she was outside the main gates. She couldn’t make it here by herself if she was unconscious, so the only thing I can guess is she was brought here. For what reason I don’t know.”
“But she was uninjured?” asked Shigure.
“For the most part. She woke up briefly and I tried to ask her what had happened, but she was very disoriented. I felt the best thing for her was sleep.”
“Will she be alright?”
“I don’t know. We’ll have to see what she says happened when she wakes up.”
* * *
Tohru woke slowly. She tried to sit up and immediately wished she hadn’t, moaning as nausea washed through her. She buried her face in her hands, trying to swallow against the bile rising in her throat. She lost the fight and looked around frantically, trying to find something, so she didn’t end up disgracing herself in the bed. Spotting a garbage can beside the writing desk under the window, she fell out of bed and crawled towards it, burying her head in it just in time. Retching helplessly, she heard the door slide open, and felt a hand rubbing her back.
“Sissy? Are you ok?” asked a quiet little voice.
“K-Kisa?” Said Tohru, resting her flushed cheek on the rim of the garbage can, panting. “Where am I?”
“You’re in grandpa Hatori’s house.”
“What am I doing here?”
“Someone found you. They said you were sick outside the main gates. Hatori brought you in and kept you for the night. It’s morning.” Said Kisa. “I stayed home from school to help take care of you.”
“School!” said Tohru, jumping up in a panic. “I’m late! I’m so late! I completely forgot about school!” She tried to run to the door but stumbled and fell to her knees, clutching her head. “But I’m so dizzy.” She moaned.
“And just what do you think you’re doing?” asked Hatori, coming into the room and noticing the rice ball sitting on the floor. He looked at Kisa and gestured towards the door. She nodded and left, casting one last worried look back at her surrogate sister.
“I was trying to go to school.” Said Tohru meekly.
“I don’t think so.” He said, gesturing to the person behind him. Kagura followed him in, smiling cheerfully at Tohru. “I’ve asked Kagura to give me a hand today, since I can’t get too close.”
He gestured at the girl on the floor and Kagura put an arm around her shoulders. “Come on, Tohru, let’s get you into bed.” She said, lifting the girl with little effort. She carried the weakly protesting rice ball back to the bed and tucked her in, leaving one arm out of the blankets for the blood pressure gauge.
“Now, Tohru, tell me, what do you remember about last night?” he asked, sticking a thermometer in her ear, then looking at the readout.
“I remember walking up the path towards the house, then someone put a rag over my face. It smelled sweet, I fell asleep, then I woke up here.”
“You don’t remember anything else?” She shook her head. “Tohru, I want you to come down to my office. I want to run some tests, just to make sure you’re all right. This blackout has me worried.”
“Is something wrong?” asked Tohru, eyes going wide and hair frizzing out.
“I don’t know yet, but this is just in case, all right?” said Hatori, doing his best to smile at her reassuringly.
“Ok.” She said, smiling back at him timidly.
“Now, do you feel you can walk there yourself, or do you need help?”
“I can make it.” She said, firmly.
Hatori nodded. “Kagura, help her.” He turned to the door. “I’ll meet you two down there. I need to get a few things set up.” He retreated down the stairs.
“Are you really ok, Tohru?” asked Kagura, pulling her friend to her feet. “Everyone was really worried about you. We had to slip Kyo and Yuki something in their tea to get them to sleep.”
Tohru looked stricken. “I didn’t mean to make everyone worry like that.” She looked down out of embarrassment, but also to navigate the stairs.
“It’s not your fault, and as soon as Hari checks you over, they’ll calm down.” Said Kagura reassuringly. “They all just want to make sure you’re ok.” She opened the small clinic’s door, then eased her down on the paper covered bed/table present in every doctors office. “Don’t go anywhere, Kagura. I’m going to have to run some tests that are going to require a woman’s help.” He turned towards them, an empty syringe in his hand. “First, I need to draw some blood.”
“Hari, don’t you lay a hand on our little Tohru!” Said Shigure, coming into the little room and grabbing her hand. “Until I’m here to hold her hand while you stick her with that horrible torture device!” he said, faux tears running down his cheeks.
Kagura laughed and ‘playfully’ punched him in the arm…sending him sailing into the opposite wall. “Oh, ‘Gure, you’re so silly!” she giggled. Tohru sweat dropped.
Shigure sighed sadly. “I’m so mistreated by this family!” he wailed from his crumpled position.
Hatori idly wondered how even though Shigure had landed on his head, he still managed to have the tears run down his cheeks. He shook his head. No time to worry about that right now. He quickly found a vein and drew blood from Tohru, who was surprised at the abruptness of it.
“Umm, Hatori, is something the matter?”
“No. Kagura, help her into the bathroom and have her fill this.” He said, handing her a little vial. “Be sure to get a good sample, please.”
“Kagura looked surprised for a minute, then shrugged. “Fine. We’ll be out in a sec.” She said, pulling the horribly blushing rice ball to her feet.
Shigure waited until the two girls had vanished into the small bathroom off the clinic, then got up and turned to Hatori, a rare serious look on his face. “So, Hari, what do you think?”
“I checked her for bruises and cuts when she came in. She was clean, so I highly doubt she was seriously injured, wherever she was. What I’m most concerned with is rape. If she did catch anything obvious, it should have had time to circulate through her system by now.” Said Hatori to as he emptied half the syringe into a test tube, then added a clear fluid and swirled it. He sighed in relief when the blood stayed red. “No diseases.” He reported to the dog, who sighed just as deeply as Hatori had.
“Can’t you tell if she’s been raped?” Asked Shigure, a line appearing between his eyebrows.
“No. That was the first thing I checked for; no bleeding or tears, and she doesn’t seem to be in any pain, and wouldn’t it be painful if she had been? I assume she was still virgin?” he asked, raising his one visible eyebrow at Shigure, who nodded.
“She was. I could smell it.” Said Shigure. “One of the benefits of being the dog.”
“I suppose they could have cleaned her up, and there are things that could help with pain, but it doesn’t make sense. Why kidnap and rape her, then clean her up and dump her outside the main house doors?”
“So you don’t think she was raped?”
“I don’t know.” Hari said, rubbing his forehead. “I’m just relieved to know she’s not caught anything, nor can she be pregnant.”
“Why couldn’t she be pregnant?” asked Shigure.
“I prescribed birth control for her six months ago.”
“Why would she need that?”
“Her monthlies were very irregular. They help with that, among other things.” Said Hatori.
“Is there a possibility she could be pregnant even though she’s been on the pill?”
“So small it’s not even calculable.” Said Hatori dismissively.
“We’re back.” Said Kagura, pulling Tohru into the room. She pulled a tiny half full vial out of a towel. “Here’s the sample you needed.”
Hatori turned to take the vial from Kagura, then gestured for Tohru to sit on the table again. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave Shigure, Kagura. I need to ask Tohru some personal questions, then I’ll call you back in.” They nodded and left, closing the door behind them. Hatori turned to Tohru. “Now, Tohru, are you in any pain?”
“No, not really.”
“Did you have any problems filling this vial for me?”
Tohru flushed bright red. “N-no.”
“Tohru, this is going to seem like a very personal question. But it has to be answered. Are you a virgin?”
Tohru went so red you could feel the heat radiating from her face from across the room. “Yes.”
“Are you involved in any strenuous activity, such as sports, horse back riding, gymnastics, or swimming?”
“Well, I used to do gymnastics when I was really little, does that count?” she asked.
“Yes. Thank you Tohru. I’m sorry I had to ask all of these questions, but they were necessary.” They both turned when they heard a commotion in the hall.
“Dammit Shigure! If you don’t let me in there right now, I’ll…”
“Now, Kyo, Hari’s in there checking her over, you don’t want to walk in on her naked, do you? Or…do you?”
“AUGH! DAMMIT! You pervert!”
“I can’t believe you even said that, Shigure.”
Various sounds of violence, then a whimpering Shigure could be heard. “Kagura, why did you help them? I thought you liked me.”
“Because you were being stupid. The only one Kyo would ever want to see naked is me, of course!”
“Who says?!”
“I say! Now shut up and agree!” WHAM! Kyo came crashing through the clinic wall, landing at Tohru’s feet. Shigure, Yuki, and Kagura, who was still fuming to herself, came through the hole after him.
Kyo scrambled to his feet, dusting bits of paper and wood off himself. “Tohru! Are you ok?” he asked, checking her for any visible damage. Finding nothing, he sat down beside her on the bed. “What were you THINKING?! Making us worry like that!?”
“Stupid cat, it wasn’t her fault.” Said Yuki, sitting down on her other side.
“I know that! Damn rat! But I’ve TOLD her about acting like a space cadet!”
“Oh, so you think she could have stopped someone sneaking up and drugging her from behind?”
“Well, she didn’t seem to have any problems with me that one time!”
“That’s enough, the both of you!” said Hatori. “It couldn’t have been helped. Tohru didn’t ask for someone to do this to her. The best thing you can do now is be supportive.”
“Supportive of what?” Asked Kyo. “She wasn’t hurt, was she?”
“Not as far as we can tell.” Said Hatori.
“So they kidnapped her just to dump her by the Main house?” Said Yuki. “That doesn’t make any sense!”
“Well, it’s common knowledge she lives with the Sohmas, maybe they did it as a message to us?” Said Shigure.
“That’s possible.” Said Hatori. “I’m reluctant to bring it up to Akito, though. He might order me to stop treating her.”
“Or he might bring her here, for her own ‘protection.’” Said Kyo, darkly.
“Well, if I’m not hurt, and I’m ok now, then they’re really isn’t anything to worry about, is there?” Said Tohru, smiling brightly. “Can I go home now? I’m really feeling much better.”
“I don’t see any reason to keep you. I need to send the blood and urine off for analysis. There’s nothing more we can do here if you’re sure you’re all right.” Said Hatori, examining her face closely.
“Really! I’m just fine! And I have laundry to do! And there’s school tomorrow!” she said, lifting a fist.
Kyo and Yuki sighed. “What a time to worry about the damn laundry and school!” said Kyo in disgust. “Come on, let’s go home.” He pulled Tohru to her feet, then started leading her to the door. He froze when he felt Kagura stalk up behind him.
“KYO! I hope you weren’t going to leave without giving your love a goodbye kiss!” she snarled.
“I don’t have a love!” he yelled back.
“HOW DARE YOU KYO MY DARLING!” she screamed, pulling him to her by the hair, then knocking him through the window.
Yuki sighed and took Tohru’s hand. “Shall we get your things and start home? Kyo can join us after he gets through with his lovers spat.”
“Shut up ya damn rat! Ahhh!” Screamed Kyo as he flew past, Kagura in hot pursuit.
“We’ll meet you at home, Kyo!” trilled Shigure, waving.
“Dammit Shigure! Help me!” howled Kyo, trying to crawl away with Kagura curled like an octopus around his legs.
“I think you have it well in hand.” Shigure said, closing the door behind him.
* * *
“Are you certain you’re alright, Miss Honda?” said Yuki once again as they walked down the forest path towards the house. Shigure walked behind them, humming to himself.
“Yuki, I’m fine, I promise! I’m just worried about missing a whole day of school!” Said Tohru. “I hope I didn’t miss anything important!”
“I’m sure Miss Uotani or Miss Hanajima will fill you in on anything you missed.” Said Yuki, smiling at the distraught girl.
“Oh no! I bet they’re so worried! I never miss school, and I didn’t tell them I was going to be gone! I’ve got to tell them I’m ok!” she said, dashing for the phone, leaving Yuki to choke in her kicked up dust.
“What’s wrong with her, laundry can’t be that important.” Said Shigure, coming up to the coughing Yuki.
“She realized Miss Uotani and Miss Hanajima would be concerned about her.” Said Yuki.
“I’d forgotten about them.” Said Shigure, rubbing his chin. “I wonder what they’d do if they ever found out Tohru was kidnapped.”
“Well, I would do something like this.” Said Hana. Their hair stood out from their heads as a small bolt of electricity shot through them. Wisps of smoke drifted up from their singed hair as they both turned to see Hana and Uo standing behind them in the path.
“Then I’d kick your asses for letting her get taken in the first place.” Said Uo, sparks seeming to fly from her one visible blue green eye.
“Even if it wasn’t our fault?” Squeaked Shigure, hiding behind Yuki.
“Yes.” Said Hana, eyes glowing purple.
“Hana! Uo! I tried calling your houses, but Hana’s mom said you were on your way here!” said Tohru, running out with a smile.
Instantly, Hana’s eyes faded, and she smiled back. “Hello Tohru. We were concerned.”
“Yeah Tohru, where were you today?” said Uo. “You never miss school.”
“Well, I wasn’t feeling very well today, so…Hatori made me stay home.” said Tohru, blushing lightly. There was no WAY she was going to tell them about…
“So what’s this about you being kidnapped?” Asked Uo flatly.
Tohru froze, hair frizzing. “K-kidnapped?” she stuttered. “Who-what-where did you hear that?”
“From the master novelist over here.” Said Uo, jerking her thumb towards the cringing Shigure.
“Oh.” Said Tohru, flushing.
“So it’s true, then?” Said Hana, hair moving as if in a wind.
“Well, I…” She couldn’t say any more as both of them turned to face the cousins, whose lives flashed before their eyes. “Please, it’s not their fault!”
“Please, tell us what happened.” Said Hana, purple sparks shimmering off her body in various places.
“Well, I…was walking home from work, and I woke up at Sohma house.” Said Tohru, with her trademark grin.
Uo’s hair frizzed. “How can you be so relaxed about it?!” she asked.
“Well, I’m ok, aren’t I?” Tohru said, voice cracking with nerves.
“How do you know?” asked Hana. “Have you been checked?”
“Hatori gave me a checkup, and I passed with flying colors. I’m fine! I promise!” Ayame couldn’t have sparkled more. “You know what I think? I think someone found me, and knew I was connected to the Sohmas, and they brought me to their house, after I fainted!”
“Did you have any reason to faint?” asked Hana.
“Umm, no, but I’m sure that’s what happened!”
Everyone present sighed. “Come inside, all of you, we’ll catch our death standing out here.” Shigure said finally.
“Oh, I’ll make some tea, and we have fresh jelly buns.” Said Tohru, dashing inside to put the kettle on the stove.
“Level with us.” Said Uo, running a hand through her hair. “Is she ok?”
“She’s as well as could be expected. We think they may have taken her to prove a point to the Sohmas. We are a powerful family, after all.”
“Is she safe, after this?”
“We don’t know. We have yet to call it to our clan head’s attention. He might take action, he might not. At any rate, we are going to work to guarantee Tohru’s safety in the future, whatever Akito decides.”
“I wouldn’t do anything hasty. Her electric signals have changed. I’ve seen something like it before, but I don’t remember where.”
“Is she ok, Hana?”
“It’s not a bad change, but it will affect her life, deeply.”
“Guys! Come on, the tea’s ready!” Said Tohru, waving a china pot around, splashing tea on the ground. “Oops.” She muttered, blushing. She disappeared back into the house.
“If she’s that clumsy, she’s fine.” Said Kyo, limping up the path.
“Finally got away from Kagura, did you Kyo?” asked Shigure.
“Shut up! Why didn’t you help me back there?” Yelled Kyo, tossing aside the stick he’d been using as a crutch.
“But you lovebirds looked so cozy…” Said Yuki, smiling.
“And you can just roll over and DIE, you damn rat!”
“Kyo! You’re home! I’ve got snacks and tea on the table if you’re hungry; come on everyone, tea is served!” Tohru had come outside just in time to stall another fight. She waved everyone into the dining room happily, this time forgoing the teapot. Electricity sizzled between Kyo and Yuki as they walked towards the house, following behind Uo and Hana. Shigure had run on ahead, presumably for the tea, but really to get as quickly as he could into Tohru’s safe zone, since Hana was still sparking. She wouldn’t shock them while Tohru was there, though. It would upset her, and Hana would do anything to keep from upsetting Tohru. They all would.
“Damn rat.”
“stupid cat.”
“Kyo! Yuki! Shigure’s going to eat all the jelly buns!”
* * *
“Did you drop her by the front gate?”
“Yes, Akito.”
“Did they find her?”
“Good. Now, we wait and see if our venture…bears fruit.”
* * *

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