Kitten's Milk

BY : TopazKat
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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiß Kreuz, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Kitten's Milk

Author: Topaz Kat

Rating: nc-17

Disclaimer: I don't own Fujimiya Aya or Bradley Crawford, they belong to Takahito Koyasu.  But, considering how much he abuses them, I'm sure they would like to have new owners. 

A/N: Happy birthday to one of our fav. red heads.


            Omi winces in sympathy as he tried to clean the wounds.  Aya's back appeared to have been shredded by the fall he'd taken earlier.  While none of the gashes were bad enough to require stitches, there was more than enough damage to cause pain and infection.  He bit his lip as the red head hissed when he removed the last of the gravel before turning to Yoji for bandages.

            The older blonde shook his head slowly, taking his cigarette out of his mouth for a moment as he handed the gauze and medicine over.  "Well, you certainly did a number on yourself Aya.  But at least it isn't all bad, right?  I mean, if nothing else, you learned the important lesson of not jumping into a target's car, as you could get tangled in the seatbelt, right?"

            "Kudo", the red head threatened through clenched teeth, "piss off!"  At that moment, he didn't know who he wanted to kill more; Yoji for his smugness or Omi for using so much of the anti-bacterial spray that stung like hell.

            "Where did you get such a mouth anyways?  I mean, you shouldn't talk like that to people who worry about you."  Annoying Abyssinian when he was getting treated was usually the only way to take his mind off the pain, as he was unaffected by most of their painkillers in stock. 

            A hissed yelp let both blondes know that the distraction wasn't working well enough.  "Your concern is touching, can I get up yet?"

            Omi shook his head, carefully applying first the padding and then starting to wrap the gauze around his friend.  "Not yet, but we're almost done with your back.  I still want to check out your hips and such; you did bounce really hard a few times."

            "Trust me, I remember very well.  You don't need to, they're only bruised."

            "Yeah, but we promised your sister we'd give you a full check-over," Yoji explained.  "Besides, I bet your ass must be some marvelous colors."

            Aya nearly turned, stopping only with a swallowed yelp of pain and a glare, "stay away from ass Kudo or so help me I'll shove the bottle of antiseptic up yours."

            Yoji grinned shamelessly, "You could pretend I'm your boyfriend, that might help."  The blonde barely dodged the first aid kit in time.  "Do you throw things at him too?"

            Getting off the table once the final bandage was secured, the red head glared frostily at his team mate.  "Yes, but he's better at dodging them."  He turned and managed to storm toward the door, despite the obviously stiff and sore gait he'd picked up.

            "Where are you going?"  Omi hurried after him, leaving Yoji with the clean up for once.

            "Out, where's my coat?"

            "You're going out?  But you're hurt Aya."

            Aya took a deep breath, swallowing the urge to maim the teenager.  "I know I'm hurt Omi, but I'm not going to be able to sleep anytime soon like this.  Going for a walk will help me calm down."

            The younger blonde nodded, understanding.  "Some alcohol might help, just don't get drunk," he added, knowing his team mate might actually be heading out to a bar to get some mild pain relief.  "And about your coat?" he hedged quietly, "Aya-chan says she can't fix it.  It's officially served its last mission."

            Rubbing his neck to ease some of the stiffness, he sighed.  He had really liked that leather trench.


            Even though the whiskey burned his throat and eyes, the important thing was that it numbed everything else.  Not wanting to do any more damage to himself than he already had, Aya took small sips.  He'd shift from foot to foot every once in a while to test the amount of pain he was in.  He figured that he'd call a cab either when he couldn't shift safely, or when his back and rear end stopped hurting--whichever came first.  Normally, he'd never even touch whiskey, let along be working on his third shot, but this wasn't normal for him to be in this much pain.

            "The only thing drinking is going to accomplish is slowly wreck your liver," a cool voice warned him.

            Violet eyes glanced sideways, knowing the American assassin was by his side, "I'm not going to drink that much."

            "Of course you're not," Crawford chided.  "Just enough to make the pain stop, right?  You should know better than to drown your sorrows."

            Huffing softly and wincing when the deep breath jarred his injuries, Aya turned, leaning against the bar since he hadn't even been able to sit.  "I am not drowning my sorrows, I'm numbing my back."

            The normally harsh blue eyes softened ever so slightly, "how badly are you injured?"

            Knowing how much it would hurt, the red head managed not to laugh and settled for a snort, picking his glass back up.  "My back's scrapped up, and my ribs, ass, and hips are bruised.  Aren't you supposed to know this already?"

            Crawford shook his head, "I only saw you here, not what happened to bring you here.  I take it your injuries weren't severe enough to go to the hospital?"

            Nodding, Aya took another sip, making a mild face at the taste.  "Not that bad, I managed to convince Omi he could just patch me up without a doctor's care."

            "And you didn't want to go to the hospital," the older assassin commented.

            "Yeah, that too.  How did you know I was going to be here anyways?  Another vision?"

            "Pretty much.  How much longer do you plan on trying to drink that anyways?  I doubt you have much of a head for it."

            Frowning softly as he shifted, the white assassin winced again, "I was hoping that it would make my back stop hurting.  So far, not much luck there."  When he raised his glass, he blinked in confusion at the hand resting on top of it.  Turning a little, he wasn't surprised to see the black haired man chuckling softly.  For some reason, that really annoyed him.

            Crawford shook his head easily, quickly recognizing the fog filling his lover's eyes.  "You're going to be drunk before you feel better.  Come on, you can at least collapse in a comfortable place."  He gently pushed the glass back down on the table before carefully leading the red head away from the bar.  In spite of being tipsy, this kitten was well known for scratching and he really didn't want to get clawed at.

            The dark assassin watched him carefully, feeling that it was important to get the younger man back to a safe house soon.  He carefully brought his drunken lover to him, mindful of his back to avoid causing pain.  Despite the caution he'd shown however, he wound up with a more than slightly inebriated kitten in his arms when Aya tripped over something that wasn't there.  The whole action reminded the American of when a cat had gotten into too much catnip.  He wondered if this one would purr if he petted him.

            "Are you all right?" he asked calmly.

            The red head against his chest bobbed slightly, "yes, you smell good.  Like freshly cleaned linen."

            The dark assassin remained quiet, wondering exactly how he was supposed to take that.  Overall, it really just confirmed to him that more than anything else, he really did need to get the tipsy kitty to a safe place to rest.  He also felt more than a little justified at the teasing he was going to do once most of the alcohol wore off.

            Bracing his weight easily, the American gripped under each of his Japanese lover's legs with one hand and wrapped his other arm around his back.  Still trying to be mindful, he lifted the white assassin up against his chest, being sure to balance his grip around the injuries.  Violet eyes blinked at him slowly as if the owner was still trying to process everything.

            "You picked me up..."

            Crawford shook his head again, still more amused by the odd behavior than annoyed.  "You're lucky you still have your manners, or I'd have just dropped you on your skinny butt."

            Aya laughed softly, nuzzling him gently, "you would not.  I'm a good Japanese boy, remember?  Besides, you like my butt too much."

            The American laughed quietly to himself, "well, that is true.  You have a very nice ass, and I enjoy it."  He tilted his arm just enough to nibble tenderly on the red head's earlobe, pleased when it brought out a nice little mewl.  "We both do, in point of fact."

            Violet eyes closed at the tender biting, shivering a little at the wave of intensified pleasure that swept through him.  "Mm hm", he found himself agreeing, "Just not tonight, I'm too sore to be on my back."  The slightly slurred words were not completely supported as the younger man tilted his head more to allow his lover greater access to his neck and throat.

            Crawford smiled, amused by the movements.  He'd gotten them easily to the safe house they'd used before and with a little bit of maneuvering, had gotten them both up the stairs.  He about to open the door when he was caught up in a slightly misaimed kiss.  Whiskey, he noted, made the white assassin's mouth taste more sharp.  A pleasant moan accompanied the dominant action of his lover exploring his mouth and he felt suddenly glad to have the wall against his back for support.

            When the red head pulled back, it was very clear to the black haired man that he'd settled into the pleasantly contented range of being slightly drunk.  Shifting his arms so that he could open the door to the small apartment made the kitten giggle softly.  It was that quiet giggle that caught the older man's attention, making him look up as he finally turned the knob.  As he was kissed again, he was surprised by the white assassin so thoroughly exploring his mouth with his tongue.

            Getting them inside and to the bed, he finally broke the kiss, watching his teasing kitten carefully.  "You seem to like kissing me suddenly," he commented.

            Giving him a sexy look as he started unbuttoning the dark haired man's annoying white shirt, Aya answered "your mouth tastes good.  Do you taste good everywhere?"  The odd question was accompanied by questing licks at the American's throat.  He continued to make quick work of the shirt, licking and nipping down the older man's body and drawing more than a few pleasured moans.

            When he got down to Crawford's belly, he rubbed his cheek against him, enjoying the feeling of his heated flesh.  As he nibbled gently along the navel, he was rewarded with a low groan.  Leaning on the semi-naked older man, he could feel exactly how much his effort was being enjoyed.  He also couldn't help but lightly paw at the very respectable bulge in his lover's pants while he continued to nip, pleased with sharp gasps and ongoing pants.

            The black haired man reached down, carefully running his fingers in his hair and drawing his head up to meet his eyes.  "You seem to really like my taste... Kitty want some milk?"

            Alcohol-brightened eyes practically light up a little more as the younger man gently pulled his lover's hardened flesh from his pants.  When the hand in his hair gripped tighter in warning, he looked up, concerned.

            "Bite me, and I'll make your backside red as well as black and blue."

            The warning given, the American leaned back a bit, his eyes closed in pleasure at the feeling of the wet tongue finally wrapped around the head of his cock.  Unlike a real cats, his kitten's tongue as warm and wet, without a trace of roughness or sandpaper.  The damp heat clung to the sides of his cock as his lover's agile tongue swirled around the head.

            The red head drew more into his mouth, sucking and teasing the length with some ease.  While not fully inside his kitten's mouth or throat, the older assassin didn't mind at all.  He never particularly enjoyed being deep-throated; if he wanted the sensation of a hot slick tunnel around his cock, that's what other kinds of sex were for.  What made oral so appealing was the way his partner's tongue would treat him.

            He let out a soft hiss at the barest grazing of teeth.  What his kitten seemed to lack in skillful technique, he seemed to be able to make up for not only in energy, but also quickly adapting if he was doing something unpleasant.  Another gentle suck in apology for the accidental graze was just an example. 

            Crawford gasped nicely in surprise when Aya's tongue quickly wrapped around the tip, tasting his pre-cum, and held his cock gently while he began to... the American could only call it "purring".  The vibrations rocked his senses as the sensations rolled over his body, coupled with the red head's agile tongue doing its work and he couldn't help but call out in surprised pleasure.  His fingers tightened again in his lover's hair, this time not in warning, but in pleasure.

            Aya continued sucking and moaning quietly in his throat.  He'd learned this trick with his last partner and it never failed to satisfy.  The vibrations he'd create would help pull his partner closer to the edge.  He was also pleased to discover that the older man as tasty as he'd hoped; a mild tanginess mixed with a heady musk and a hint of sweetness.

            Rubbing his tongue against the underside of the cock in his mouth brought out a new sound that made him smile.  He recognized it only too well as the sound Crawford made when he was getting close to release.  He reached up and carefully took his lover's balls into hand, neither squeezing nor rolling; simply holding and caressing.  As he sucked harder he gently stroked them with his fingers and palm.  He was a little surprised although not caught fully off-guard to taste the first light spurt to hit his tongue.  He continued sucking on his treating working all of the yummy milk out with care.

            The black haired man smiled pleasantly, reaching down to stroke fingers in the red locks.  "Did I taste good?" he asked, slightly amused.

            The red head offered that same playful smile form earlier, and nodded, "yes, you were very tasty."  His violet eyes were still a little more on the inebriated side than the American was used to, but it was also pretty obvious that he was a little more sober than earlier.

            Crawford cupped his cheek lightly as he brought him up into a kiss, brushing his tongue against those tender lips in silent request.  Upon receiving permission, he quickly slid his tongue inside his kitten's sweet mouth.  His own unique taste blended well with the whiskey and Aya's only special flavor.

            Never one to only take pleasure, the black-haired man brought the white assassin into his lap, ever mindful of his back and rear.  He deepened the kiss as far as the younger man would allow, his tongue playing easily with the other, offering a nice distraction while making the red head move.  He trailed questing fingers down the sore body, only to feel a hand on his own when he started to unbutton a shirt.

            Pulling back, Aya shook his head, "believe me, I'm really not that pretty right now.  Besides, with all the bandages, there's not that much you can kiss."

            The American watched him silently for a moment.  He'd never been accused of being a poor lover, and he wasn't going to become one simply because his partner was too sore.  "Lay on whatever side hurts less," he urged.

            As his request was followed, he stood, zipping his own pants back up and losing his shirt.  He returned to the bed a moment later, spooning behind his hurt kitten and gently wrapped his arms around him.  One was over the young man's waist, the other under his head and neck, supporting it.  Reaching down, he unzipped the white assassin's pants and deftly brought out his aroused cock.  A slight hiss of pleasure mixed with pain let him know he's surprised his lover.

            He leaned down, licking nicely along the shell of the red-head's ear, drawing out a wonderfully sweet whimper.  "Shh..." he soothed, still licking and now starting to carefully nibble and suck; "it's all right, just enjoy."

            While he busied his mouth with the younger man's ear, lightly licking and sucking at his throat as well, his other hand started to caress his cock.  Calloused fingers wrapped around the shaft tenderly, yet the underlying strength in that grip was clearly felt when he began stroking up and down, his whole hand feeling it.

            At Aya's strangled moan, the American grinned wickedly, sucking more at his ear lobe until he moved down a bit, nibbling now at his throat just below his kitten's ear.  He feasted for several moments, amused as his lover was torn between the need to trust into that strong hand and wanting to simply lay back and enjoy his ear and neck being molested.  He had once threatened the younger man with making him cum by tormenting his ears alone, as they were so very sensitive, and it appeared that this was going to be that time.  While his mouth was worrying at the gentle lobe and his other hand was occupied with his cock, his free hand began to lightly caress the other ear, simply tugging and stroking it around the dangling earring.

            Crawford could feel the tension building up in the red head's body.  Sweet pants and mews left the barely open mouth, making the slightly parted, passion-kissed lips even more alluring.  However, kisses were not part of the game plan right now as the older man sucked and nibbled harder along the tender spot of flesh in his mouth.  He knew he'd be leaving a mark, but it was his lover's own fault for getting too drunk to stop him.

            The kitten's body tightened; a sharply quiet cry of pleasure the only warning before he came hard against the black-haired man's hand.  He seemed to sink into the bed a little, panting softly as the after-pleasure waves coursed through his body.  He turned easily into the tender kiss the older man gave him while he was gently cleaned of his own passion.  As the American broke the kiss, he pointed out, "you had me drink your milk, or don't you want mine?"

            Crawford chuckled softly, tucking Aya back into his pants and then pulling the blanket over them.  "I've had my fill of your flavor, for today at least.  Besides, if I had given you a blowjob instead of a hand job, I wouldn't have been able to torment your ears."

            Aya nodded sleepily, he was pleased that between the sex and the whiskey, his back, hips and butt were finally completely numb.  "I don't hurt anymore," was the quiet statement as he snuggled into the bigger man, enjoying his warmth.

            The black haired man reached over and turned off the cow alarm clock.  He knew already that he would be waking to the sounds of painful groaning; he wasn't going to put up with mooing on top of it. "I'll make sure to grab some Motrin for you in the morning; you're going to need it."

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