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Title: S.O.S

Pairing: Matt X Mello

Rating: NC- 17

Warnings: Severe Violence, Rape, but most important Unrequited Love

Summary: Now that Matt has rescued Mello, his patients are pushed to the limit when trying to deal with Mello’s new over reactive personality.

Chapter Number: #5

Author Note:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

/I shouldn’t have done it…/ Matt thought to himself. It had become a popular thought to cross through his mind over the last three weeks. /I should never have slept with him…/ It was a sad thing to regret, sleeping with your lover, especially after what had happened to him. The reason for this thought was not because he’d hurt Mello, or that Mello had gotten angry, or even the fact that Mello wasn’t even half as good as he used to be. No, it was more the fact that Mello was returning to the way he used to be about sex. Only, in a different way.

For example, instead of saying “Matt…I’m in the mood, get over here…” like he had so many times before, he now followed Matt around and whined like a beaten dog until he got what he wanted. (It was either that or cuddling obsessively. A new trait Mello seemed to have discovered. When his guns and leather were taken away he ended up quite adorable.)

/I should NOT have slept with this man…/

Mello was after it again. Matt had been sitting on the couch, playing his game and Mello had been watching what surprisingly sounded a lot like a soap opera, (but Mello insisted that Matt was only hearing the commercials), on the television in the bedroom when out of the blue Matt heard his name. An instant tip off that Mello wanted something weather it be attention, sex, food, or simply affection.

“What is it Mello?” Matt paused his game and let out a sigh.

“Come here…” Mello sounded like a child who’d broken something. Slightly embarrassed and uneasy. But why?

Matt growled softly and shut off his game at mid-level. He was about to beat the level, but it was best not to ignore Mello’s wants, no matter how selfish they tended to be lately. It could be something important.

Matt leaned on the wood of the doorway and looked at Mello who was curled up by the headboard of the bed.

“What do you need?” Mello whimpered. Matt guessed that it was because the blonde could sense the frustrated attitude in his words.

“I-I’m sorry. Go back to playing your game.” Matt sighed. This was another trait he didn’t like. He couldn’t tell if it was Mello’s way of expressing anger and disappointment after he took the guns away, or if Mello really was upset because he’d inconvenienced his lover.

“Don’t give me that crap… You wanted me, and I’m here. What’s the matter?” Mello stayed quiet and Matt let out a long sigh. He ran his fingers through his hair and walked over to the bed, sitting down on the edge.

“I-I… I saw him… that man. I saw him on the television…” Mello whined and Matt noted the way that Mello had pressed his legs together the instant he began speaking of his captor.

“On the television? Are you sure?” It was a stupid question. The TV was off and the remote was on the floor next to it, the battery cover had come off the back showing that it had been thrown. Matt was surprised that Mello hadn’t screamed.

“U-Uhhu… th-they said that he was… a w-well respected citizen. That he was a good man, a father and grandfather. Th-They talked a-about me.” Matt could’ve sworn that he saw a smirk cross Mello’s lips. “They talked about how there was a great amount of blood where his body was found, and that none of it was his. No one saw us leave the house though. But wh-what they said was that his captive fought back. They interviewed people and none of them said that anything appeared out of the ordinary except that the garage light was on at night when it had never been on before.” Mello sniffed like he was about to cry. “They’re all lying! There’s no way that they didn’t hear me scream!” Mello clung to Matt’s arm. The redhead was unsure of how to react.

“I think…it’s best that you don’t watch any channels that host news for a while. You don’t need to hear about this.” Mello was quiet for a while.

“They sent a shout out to me. Saying that if I was watching I should go to the police. But there is no point in that. The man is dead. He can’t have anymore justice than that. They want to have me arrested for assault. The want to have me executed because you saved me from that sick fuck!” That’s when Matt saw what was bothering Mello. His senses of justice and logic were both off. The police want to question the hell out of him so that they don’t have an unsolved case in their files.

“It’s okay, Mel. They don’t know it was you, they don’t know who he was keeping. You don’t have to worry about it. Alright?” Matt tried to comfort Mello for at least an hour, but no matter what he said Mello managed to pull a flip-side to whatever was said. He gave up after an hour and a half and was losing his temper badly. He was just tired of this pessimism.

“He’s not dead…” Mello whispered under his breath. “I swear he’s not.” Mello let out a sob and Matt sighed annoyed.

“I can guarantee that he is. I felt his skull crack.” Mello whimpered and Matt looked away to hide the glare that he could no longer suppress.

“But he’s not! I know he isn’t! He talks to me! He—” He’d had enough.

Matt’s hand connected with Mello’s cheek in one quick blow leaving both of them completely bewildered. Matt was lost in his thoughts cursing himself for causing the look on Mello’s face. It was the same pitiful look that he’d seen when he first found Mello, and the same as when he found him in the park. Hurt and completely lost. But God it felt good to get rid of that tension, even if the red mark on Mello’s cheek was getting darker by the second. He didn’t think that he’d hit that hard. Within thirty second of silence the red mark that was covering the left cheek of the blonde, whose face showed shattered trust, turned into a bruise. How did he hit that hard? It looked more like he’d punched him.

“M-Mello I—” Mello didn’t listen. He closed his eyes tight and got up off the bed as quickly as he could. He fled to the living room and Matt was sure he was heading towards the door until he heard his injured lover drop onto the couch. Curled up in his spot. A place he hadn’t been in over five weeks.

Matt sighed and walked slowly into the living room. He realized that he’d made a mistake.

“Mello, I’m sorry.” Matt sat on the floor next to the couch. Mello had his back to him, curled up in the corner of the couch.

“I’m sorry my problems bother you so much,” Mello said, his voice was chilly.

“No, Mello, I shouldn’t have hit you at all. I don’t know why I got mad. I-I’m just stressed that’s all. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I think you did. Otherwise you wouldn’t have hit me.” Mello was almost crying. Matt could tell by his voice.

“No, Mello. Please! I-I did mean to hit you, but not as hard as I did! I’m sorry! I-I’m just confused right now, okay! This is hard on me too! I can’t deal with your mood swings and your delusions! The man is dead! He’s gone! I killed him! You’re scaring yourself!” Mello didn’t reply and Matt heard him trying to choke back sobs. “I’m sorry, Mello. But please, try to understand this. It’s hard on you now, but it’s difficult for me too. Maybe not as much as it is for you, but it’s still the most difficult thing I’ve dealt with.” /Don’t say it…/ Matt thought, fearing the words he assumed Mello would say.

“Sorry for being an inconvenience for you.” Matt let out a broken sigh. That was exactly what he’d expected Mello to say.

“But…you’re not.” Was there anyway to back that up? He loved Mello and having him around even if he was being completely inconsiderate and sensitive and making life harder than it had ever been before? The truth was…Mello was an inconvenience in his current state. He was like a small child in desperate need of affection.

“…You mean that?” Mello didn’t move a muscle and his voice was completely neutral. He was somewhere in between breaking down and building himself back up.

“Of course I do. I love you…” Matt smiled, and then it faded away. He’d said the wrong words.

“Is that the only reason?” Mello sighed, and Matt ran his fingers through his hair trying not to get angry.

“Mello… What do you want from me!? What do you want me to say? I love you, and I feel sorry for you and I don’t ever want to see you hurt like that again! You’re not an inconvenience, and if you were I’d tell you! I didn’t lie to you about what I think before and I’m not about to change now!” Matt refused to let himself say anymore in fear of saying something he didn’t mean.

Mello was silent. Silent as the grave.

“Mello… Do you love me?” There was a period of silence… and then Mello answered.

“Uhhu…” Mello sat up but he focuses his eyes on the floor.

“Do you mean that, Mello?”

“Uhhu…” Matt stood up from the floor and sat next to Mello on the couch. Mello leaned on him and wrapped his arms around Matt’s arm, clinging desperately. “Don’t leave…”

“Mello… why would I…” Mello wasn’t listening. He was cuddling, cuddling for affection, nothing more than that.

“Don’t leave me…” Mello repeated nuzzling Matt’s shoulder.

“I’m not going to,” Matt said, running his fingers through Mello’s soft hair. “I promise,” he said.

~Alice von Wonderland

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