Sugar High

BY : Etimesf
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Chapter 1

Light looked down at the man sleeping next to him. He was annoyed. L just had to keep an eye on him 24/7. Handcuffs. What a freak. And now he was asleep. L ususally woke up way before him, thanks to all the sugar he ate. But today was tiring for him. Light shot a glance at him again. Those dark circles under his eyes, from lack of sleep and the weir baggy clothes he always wore. They made him look even skinnier. L shifted and mumbled something in his sleep. A sudden thought struck Light. Was L a virgin? He could be. He spent all his days playing chess and tennis. Didn't really seem interested in girls. But what if the girls weren't interested in him? Light wondered what was under the baggy clothes that L didn't want to reveal. He felt like a bit of adventure. L was curled up into a ball on the other side of the bed, with his thumb in his mouth. Such a small habit, yet he was doing it all the time. Light started to gently trace the contours of his face, enjoying the luxurious feel of his pale skin. L mumbled again and turned over, giving Light easier access to do as he wished. Light smiled devilishly. What a fun night this would be...


More to come soon! =)

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