Ai Shiteru....

BY : Meilin
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Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Meilin: I am SO going to hell for this one.

Ed: You weren’t anyways? C’mon.

Meilin: If I wasn’t before, I am now. XP

This was a REQUEST by my fiancée. I KNOW it’s not my cup of tea, but I tried.

Ed: Your cup of tea, meaning it’s not yaoi?

Meilin: Shaddap.
Seriously though, guys, please don’t hurt me over this, okay? Please…. *winces and hides under a desk* I know I suck, have mercy!

Disclaimer: I DEFINITELY don’t own Shaman king, or the manga wouldn’t HAVE stopped. DAMN YOU HIROYUKI TAKEI!

Warnings: hentai, Minors, Sex (A lot of it), minor bondage, semi-rape?, PWP, Dirty language, crack pairing, umm…. It think that’s it.


Anna awoke, chained to a wall in what appeared to be a simple bedroom; devoid of even the smallest creature comfort. It held little besides a four-poster bed and a few personal items; most of which were books and charms. She looked around warily; though the room appeared vacant, she was distrustful of the silence.

The room was spotlessly clean; not so much as a gnat flew in the dustless air. The room had only one window, located high above the bed, that cast light directly onto the blank wall upon which she was bound. She attempted to jerk her arms down from above her head; but was rewarded only with a dull ache in her shoulders. It appeared that even though only her wrists were bound she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Anna noticed movement in the corner of the room, and turned as much as she was able; to better see the figure sitting in the shadow of the four-poster.

The long-haired set down his glass and stood up from the red-plush armchair; slowly and deliberately making his way to the tiny puddle of sunlight near his prisoner. He stood, naked to the waist, and smirked as recognition lit her face; instantaneously followed by a satisfying mix of fear and loathing.

“Hao.” She spat; as though the name tasted foul upon her tongue.

The boys’ smirk lit his face as he wagged a finger at her. “Ah, Anna, where are your manners?” he mockingly asked, “With that tone, I’d almost think you aren’t happy to see me.”

The blonde-haired prisoner growled defiantly at her captor. “You must really have a death wish, Hao. Yoh let you get away once, but after kidnapping me? He won’t let it happen twice.”

Hao laughed loudly, as though she had said something absurd. That just fueled her anger. “Dammit, Hao! When Yoh gets here...”

“He’s not coming.”

She froze. He had deadpanned the only words capable of cowing the strong-willed itako. “Liar!”

“He won’t come for you, Anna.” The brunette mocked, “Why would he? He doesn’t want you, he never did.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as the twins’ similarities mocked her; unnerving her. Hap approached her and she recoiled, pressing herself back against the wall. Hao stood close in front of her and placed a hand on her cheek. He spoke candidly as she tried to pull away. “He didn’t value you, Anna; but I do.”

She nearly choked on her words. “Liar! Yoh.... Yoh will save me... Yoh...” she tried vainly to force Hao away from her.

Hao only pressed himself closer to her, forcing his leg between hers so she could no longer struggle. He gently forced her to look him eye to eye. “He’s not coming, Anna.”

“No... Yoh...”

“He doesn’t care, Anna. He didn’t see the value of you; but I do. I value you.”

She shut her eyes. “LIAR!” she shouted.


He flipped open the lock in one quick motion and caught her wrists in one hand. “I am no liar. I will treat you better than Yoh did. He never respected you.” Hao wrapped his free arm around her waist. “He never wanted you. I do. He never cared about you. I do. He never loved you. I do.”

She froze again. “You... Do?”

He nuzzled against her face, and whispered his response in her ear. “Yes, Anna, I do.” He slowly laid his lips upon hers, slackening his grip on her wrists.

She had a fleeting thought of running, but as soon as their lips met she found her whole body freeze. He forced his tongue inside her mouth, licking at her lips and tongue and causing her to whimper; God knows Yoh never kissed her like this. Hao slowly pulled back, allowing his companion to gasp for air. “Hao...” she mumbled. Her body felt weak; she found herself slouching slightly onto Hao’s leg.

The boy smirked ferally and slightly jerked his knee upwards, rubbing between Anna’s legs. She squeaked and jerked her arms, but Hao held them fast and forced her to stay pressed against him. “You liked that, didn’t you Anna?” he whispered, his voice husky.

“Maybe…” she moaned, trying to keep her legs from giving out and rubbing her even harder on Hao’s leg.

Hao jerked his leg again, harder this time, causing Anna to jump and moan loudly. “What is it, Anna?” he asked seductively, receiving only a whimper in reply. “are you wet? Do you want me to fuck you, to make you cum?”

Just his words were turning her on to the point where she could barely stand it, but she was determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing it. Unfortunately, said determination was fading fast. “No, I am not wet.” She asserted, though her voice noticeable cracked.

Hao quickly moved his hand from her waist to between her legs, stroking along the underside of the panties. “Is that so? You seem pretty wet right here….” He said suavely, rubbing her clit with a forefinger.

Anna moaned loudly. “Hao…” she said before she could stop herself. Hao’s caresses were driving her body mad; it was craving more forceful touches from the shamans’ skilled fingers.

Hao chuckled lightly. “Oh, Anna, you said my name so nicely that time….” He murmured. Anna muttered something incoherent in response. “Speak up, little miss itako…”

“The bed.” She repeated, her voice shaky, “The wall’s hard.”

There was a glint in Hao’s eye as he swiftly picked her up bridal-style and dumped her on the four-poster. He quickly climbed up after her and forcefully pinned her to the pillows. “So you finally see things my way, Anna?” he teased, laying his body atop hers; effectively pinning her down.

She didn’t answer, instead preferring simply to raise her hips in a vain attempt to find some friction. Hao obliged by thrusting his half-hard cock down at her. She screamed in blinding pleasure, thrashing slightly but restrained by Hao’s weight.

He licked at the curve of her ear, causing her to shiver. “What do you want, Anna?” he asked again, “Do you want me to touch you? Do you want to fell me inside of you? Do you want me to make you mine?”

“Yes!” she yelled, unable to stand it any longer, “Gods Hao, fuck me, please! Do something!”

Hao smirked in a self-satisfied way before nibbling at her earlobe. “All you had to do was ask, dear. All you had to do was ask….” He let go of her right arm and trailed his hand down her body to her breast. He gently massaged it with his hand, smirking as he felt her nipples harden in response as she moaned appreciatively. “You like that, babe?” he asked suavely, bringing his left hand to her other breast and playing with it as well. He began to yank up the material of her dress, finally tugging it over her head and throwing it to the floor. Anna wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held herself still as Hao unhooked and removed her bra. He kissed her again, passionately rubbing his tongue on hers, asserting his dominance over her. His hands tweaked her hardened tits, causing her to squirm and moan into his kisses. Her back arched, pushing her chest further into his pleasurable caresses. Hao left her lips only to bite onto her neck, sucking and nipping at sensitive nerves. Anna couldn’t help but scream under the ministrations. “Hao, more!”

He thrust his hips in response and moved his lips lower, sucking on her breast. Hearing her passionate, guttural noises had turned him on more than he’d ever thought possible, and her delicious skin didn’t hurt any. He switched to her other breast, moving one hand to caress her inner thigh. He trailed his fingers all over her legs, everywhere except the place she yearned to be touched. The teasing touches set her nerves on overload. She tangled her hands in his hair and squirmed, trying vainly to get him to touch her most sensitive places. He smirked at her. “What is it, Anna?” he teased, running a forefinger down the crease of her thigh.

“Sadistic bastard.” She panted, “Stop teasing!” she tried to wriggle downwards, but he still refused to touch her.

“You’ll have to ask nicer than that, baby…” he teased, continuing the sweet torture. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer until she broke.

“Please, Hao! It’s too good…. Please!” she begged, nearly crying with need. Hao smirked and pulled her panties off in one swift movement. He grabbed her clit and rubbed it carefully with a thumb, causing her to scream loudly. No longer capable of rational thought, she said anything that came to mind. “Hao! Gods, finger me Hao! Please!” With a smirk the boy obliged, sliding one finger inside her pussy and hooking it into her; making her writhe with the pleasurable sensations. He suddenly pulled his hands away, and she opened her eyes to see Hao’s head dipping downwards. She moaned as she felt his mouth sweep over her, licking up her juices and sucking deliciously on her clit.

When she could finally take no more, she grabbed Hao from his position at the foot of the bed and dragged him up to the pillows. She forced him down so she could feel his body as well. She ran her hands over his chest, loving the feeling of his soft skin under her hands. Hao’s frame was slight but strong, and he could have easily pinned the girl again had he half a mind to, but Hao was too turned on by the girl’s show of control to bother or care. He held his tongue and quietly took the pleasure she offered as she nipped at his neck and ran her fingers over his chest.

Anna, determined to make Hao moan at least as loudly as she had, licked a trail from his neck, down his collarbone and across his chest. Hao’s hips thrust madly as she licked at a dusky nipple, but he remained resolutely silent all the same. Now taking this as a challenge, Anna moved lower, kissing his flat abs and trailing a tongue along the edge of his ribcage.

Hao shivered and moaned as she licked at his sides. “Anna…. Don’t!” he gasped. Anna, encouraged by his slip, nipped at his sides, eliciting screams and moans from the normally stoic shaman. Anna lowered a hand to Hao’s crotch, kneading his hardened cock through his pants. Hao groaned as she undid his belt and relieved him of the only fabrics still restraining him. Free of its restraints, Hao’s cock sprang to immediate attention. He grabbed Anna and kissed her again, more forcefully this time, holding their naked bodies close together. As he forced his tongue insider her mouth, his hand snaked behind her and kneaded her ass. Anna moaned loudly as Hao pulled away from their kiss. He smirked. “What do you want me to do, Anna?: he teased, winking. “I’m afraid I won’t go any farther unless you tell me exactly what you want…”

Anna growled and pulled Hao down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around the backs of his thighs. “Fuck me. Now.”

“Ah, ah, ah… you should be nicer when asking a favor of someone, Anna….” He said, reaching one hand down to stroke her clit. “Care to try again?”

She moaned softly. “Hao… Please… Please do it, I can’t take this anymore! You’re too good….” While she wouldn’t normally have been reduced to begging, desperate times called for desperate measures; and she was as desperate as it got.

Hao smirked as he removed his hand. “Aww, you beg so nicely, Anna…. Who could say no to that?” He grabbed his cock and slowly guided himself onto her. She whimpered as he moved deeper and finally stifled a yelp when he pushed past her barrier and into her virgin passage. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her softly, wiping away her tears. “I’m sorry that hurt, babe….” He consoled her as he moved as deeply into her as he could and stopped to let her adjust. “It’ll feel better soon, I promise.” He said in a sultry voice. He reached down to where their bodies so sweetly joined and stroked her sensitive skin lightly. She moaned; the conflicting sensations of stretching pain and tingling pleasure were unbearable. “Hao…” she moaned, hands tangling in his long hair, “Please, keep going… Please…’

Hao braced himself by holding onto her hips, and nuzzled her cheeks. “Of course, baby, but I’m not going to stop until you scream my name in release… You got it?” he asked with a sexy voice and a wink. She nodded and held her breath as he eased his way out of her.

He shoved himself within her rapidly, causing her to tense up and scream. “Hao! More!” He growled as he slammed into her again; basking in her warmth and how her muscles grasped him as he pulled away. “Mmn…. Gods Anna, you’re so tight…” he groaned as he continued to pound into her smaller frame.

She wrapped her hands around his neck for support and groaned. Once the pain dulled she’d begun to crave the feeling of his cock filling her, every thrust felt better than anything he’d done yet. “Hao….More… Faster…” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist. As Soon as she did, he penetrated even deeper.

“Hao!” she screamed as he brushed her inner walls, pushing her over the edge into nirvana. Blinding pleasure seared her body as her orgasm swept over her. The clenching of her inner walls brought Hao to the edge as well. He held her tightly, and with one last thrust coated her insides in cum. He collapsed on top of her; and they lay panting on the sheets, waiting for normal feeling to return.

Hao recovered first. He pulled the covers from underneath them and covered them both. Then, he reached over and cradled Anna to him, stroking her hair softly. Anna pressed herself close against him and slipped her arms around his waist. She laid her head on his chest and purred as Hao ran his fingers through her hair. She was exhausted; she didn’t think she’d be able to move for a while. “Hao…” she mumbled as her eyes began to droop.

Hao held her closely, burying his face in soft blond locks. “Rest now, Anna dearest… I’ll take care of you.” He said, tucking the blankets tighter around her.

“You’re so warm…” she mumbled, She heard his heartbeat and smiled softly. “Ai shiteru….” She whispered as she drifted to sleep.

He smiled. “I love you, too, Anna….”

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