The Horse

BY : lizsnape
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"Come on. We hafta have two."

"No! You can have one for both of you!"

Tasuki feigned a lip tremble and gave his best puppy-dog eyes. He was not very famous for them, but they usually worked when he did it.

The emporess sighed. "No! Who will bring the other back when he dropps you off?" Tasuki hung his head. "Exactly! You will get one horse for the two of you, or you will walk. What would Chichiri think?" Then sheanswered her own question with, "I don't think he'd mind walking. He's quite used to it. But you, on the other hand, are lazy. Which is another reason you only need one horse."

"And if we run into danger...?" Tasuki asked, dreading the answer.

The emporess smiled slightly. "You will have to share the horse, ride together." Tasukiwhimpered. "I know." She patted his back as she led him out of the thrown room. "Be patient with him; he may surprise you." She closed the door behind him.

Tasuki was on his way to the stables with his head down. "One horse," he said saddly, his heart racing faster with each step he took.. "Danger. Share. Surprise. Oh, suzaku, I can't do this!" He put his face in his hands, spun around, and ran into someone.

"Da!" said that someone. "What is wrong, Tasuki, no da?" Tasuki shook his head. Chichiri grabbed a shoulder. "Tasuki, were you able to get us two horses?" Another head shake. Chichiri backed away. "We'll be walking, no da."

Tasuki growled, but it was barely heard, and shoved past Chichiri.

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