The Sweetness of Love

BY : Moonchild
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Hello everyone here is my third story. This is the first one I’ve done for Fruit Baskets so I hope you like it. I’ve been writing for YYH so if you like this story you may want to check out those ones. I got great ratings for them. There will be more chapters to come and I plan great things for Tyven that you may like. (Evil laughter). Well thankyou for your time and I hope you enjoy the story and if you do please review and rate I enjoy those greatly.

The Sweetness of Love

As Tyven was walking home from a hard evenings work he noticed something moving in the bushes by the sidewalk he was walking on. It had started raining shortly after he arrived at work and continued to rain all during work. He had hoped that it would stop before he got off but as luck would have it, it didn’t. If anything it started to rain even harder. So when he noticed something in the bushes he grew concerned. He worked in a veterinarian hospital so the thought of any animal suffering ached his heart. He walked over to the bush and moved the leaves aside to see what poor animal was drenched and freezing. When he looked down he saw a cute little white rat. The poor thing was shivering violently. He reached down picked the little thing up and wrapped it in his handkerchief then placed it snuggly in his warm long coat.

When he got home he started a nice warm fire going in the fireplace. He wrapped the little rat up snuggly in some warm cloth then bundled some more by the fireplace and nestled it there so that it could dry off and get warm. As the rat lay there slowly getting some feeling back in its frozen body Tyven stripped down and went to get in the shower. The rat looked up from it’s resting spot in time to see this and looked away blushing deeply. Just then he changed back into a boy about fifteen years of age. He looked towards the bathroom again to see if the young man had heard the change, he didn’t. So the boy got up from his warm spot by the fireplace and walked over to the bathroom. The door was open enough that he had a great view of the young man. The shower door was even clear so that he could see every inch of the young man as he showered.

The boy inhaled deeply at the sight. The young man was breathtakingly beautiful. He had short-cropped pale gold hair with a braided tail that went halfway down the length of his back ending just below his waist. It had several white gold streaks through it making a remarkable sight. He also had a great body, long and lean. It was not too muscular nor too thin, but just right. He wasn’t overly tall either; he was just a little bit taller than the boy. As the boy watched he noticed that the young man was finishing with his shower and preparing to get out. He knew he should move but his body didn’t want to move, it was like it wanted to get caught. So he just stood there, praying that the young man wouldn’t get mad.

As Tyven was getting out of the shower he noticed that he had an admirer. He smiled to himself and continued to dry off. When he was done he walked over to the boy and smiled. The boy was still blissfully naked and he could tell that he liked what he saw. Seeing this made his smile deepen. He leaned down his head and breathed sensually on the boy’s neck. The boy moaned delightfully. Having one hand on the boy’s farthest leg he trailed the other down the length of his beautiful body until he came to his aroused member. He took it in his hands and began stroking and playing with it rubbing his thumb around the tip until the boy was breathing heavily and moaning so hard Tyven thought that he would either come right there or pass out.

He brought his mouth over to the boy’s ear and asked him seductively, “What do you want?”

The boy’s eyes were filled with pure elation and he said in a breathy voice, “You.” Tyven smiled. “But you have me.” The boy’s eyes closed as a wave of pure pleasure hit his body at the touching and stroking of Tyven’s talented hand. “I want you,” the boy started when another wave of pleasure took his voice. He tried again, “I want you…to take me.” He said in a quiet breathy voice. Tyven smiled mischievously, “Take you where?” He asked in his most seductive voice.

The boy’s eyes flew open, “Take Me!! Fuck Me!! Please!” He cried almost coming right there in Tyven’s hand.

Tyven chuckled, “With pleasure,” He said and picked the boy up taking him to his room. He laid the boy down on his futon and kissed him full on the mouth. As he kissed him deeply he lifted the boy’s hands above his head. Holding them with his one hand he trailed the other down the length of the boy’s supple body rubbing and caressing wherever it went. The boy was breathing heavily with overwhelming desire his body flushed deeply. Tyven left his mouth for the boy’s succulent neck biting and sucking it all the while caressing and rubbing the boy’s feverish body.

Tyven continued his way down moving from the boy’s neck to his chest nibbling and sucking each nipple. The boy’s moaning deepened and his panting was growing harder and louder the further down he went. When Tyven got to his lower belly he was nearly screaming with ebullient pleasure. He moved down further kissing and nibbling the boy’s inner thighs. Tyven glanced up when he felt the boy move into his kisses and caresses and when he did he saw that he was so far gone into ecstasy that his face glowed. Tyven smiled and leaned his head down taking the boy’s full length into his mouth. When he did the boy screamed and his lower body rose off the futon putting his erected member further into his mouth. Tyven took it gladly and continued to suck and caress it with his mouth and tongue moving it in and out sucking on the tip then taking it all the way in again caressing and sucking it. He continued working the boy’s erection making him writhe with erotic elation.

Within a minute the boy climaxed with a cry into Tyven’s awaiting mouth. Breathing heavily the boy collapsed to the futon. Tyven released the spent member and made his way back up. He smiled and looked the boy in the eyes. Reaching his hand up he caressed the boy’s flushed cheek. “That was only the beginning, beautiful. Do you think you could take any more?” The boy opened his eyes and looked at Tyven and smiled, “Yes,” He said a little out of breath. Tyven smiled seductively, “Good,” He said and reached up to his nightstand at the head of the futon getting the bottle of cream he had in there. As he did this his full throbbing erection came close to the boy’s face. The boy saw it and remembered the extreme pleasure he felt when the young man took his into his mouth. Opening his mouth he took the young man’s erection into his mouth and began to suck hungrily.

Tyven hissed with pleasure when he felt a hot mouth clasp itself on to his erection. He closed his eyes and moaned deeply, the boy may not have experience but man…it felt good. Tyven half opened his eyes and watched as the boy worked his swollen member. He was amazed; he was doing an excellent job taking it. Clutching the bottle of cream in his hand he regretfully withdrew his erection from the boy’s mouth with a moan and moved down so that he was face to face with him.

Straddling the boy’s left leg Tyven dipped his fingers into the bottle of cream coating three of them. He then moved the hand down the length of the boy’s still flushed body. He paused when he came to the boy’s slightly erect member. He moved a little past it caressing it as he went till he came to the boy’s tight opening. Gently he inserted a creamed finger making the boy hissed squirming a little. Tyven kissed him gently on the cheek telling him that it was all right and to relax. As he spoke he inserted a second finger opening them when he was all the way in. He repeated this until the boy was moaning deeply telling him with his body as well as his voice that he wanted him inside of him…NOW. Tyven smiled and did as he was told. Withdrawing his fingers he opened the boy’s legs wide coating his full throbbing erection with some cream he placed himself at his entrance.

With a hand on each hip he slowly entered, the boy squirmed and moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Tyven moved further in and the boy arched his back thrusting himself all the way onto Tyven’s erection. This erupted an erotic cry from the boy and a deep-throated moan from Tyven. He reined in his desire to pound into the boy and waited for him to adjust to his size. Slowly he began to thrust in and out but at the insistent thrusts from the boy he quickened his pace. Within minutes and began to thrust deep into the boy who was crying for more. The boy’s hands were on Tyven’s backside trying to make him go deeper with a look of pure ecstasy on his beautiful face.

Hours went by and after having explored several different moves and positions they both collapsed to the futon breathing heavily. They laid there for a minute trying to catch their breath with the boy cradled in Tyven’s arms his head lying on his chest listening to his heart beat. Tyven lifted his head by the chin and kissed him deeply and passionately. When he released the boy’s lips he could feel the euphoric cloud settle over him that always came after several rounds of intense sex. He could hear the boy’s breathing even out and knew the cloud had already claimed him. As Tyven lay there he wondered what he was going to do with the boy. He wanted him as his lover hands down. The boy was great! He showed him moves that he never would have thought of and he had had many lovers. He even invented a few moves. But what did the boy want? It was a question that was on his mind when the cloud finally claimed him.

The next morning the boy awoke. His wakening was slow at first but when he realized he was not in his bed or at his house he came fully awake and sat bolt upright. The sudden movement caught Tyven’s attention and he turned around with his shirt in hand he was in the process of putting on. “Good morning sleepy head. I thought you were going to sleep the morning away.” He said with a smile. Having finished putting his shirt on he walked over and sat down next to the boy and placed a hand gently on the boy’s knee. “I never caught your name last night, mine is Tyven.” He told him leaning in slowly and placed a light kiss on his lips.
The boy’s eyes widened but he did not pull away. Gently he returned the kiss placing his hand on Tyven’s that was on his knee. When they pulled away the boy spoke, “My name is Yuki.” He said a little out of breath his heart beat racing. Tyven smiled, “Yuki hunh. I have heard that name before.” Tyven thought for a moment, then remembered. “Yes, of course. You go to my school. You’re in classroom 2D.” He leaned forward again and said seductively, “You are very popular with the girls, ‘Prince’ Yuki,” He leaned even closer just barely touching his lips to Yuki’s ear. “And even with some of the guys.” Tyven said with a slight chuckle. Yuki’s temperature began to rise exponentially and his heartbeat began to quicken with the closeness of Tyven’s body to his and then with the comment.

Just then Tyven got up from his position next to Yuki and took a looked to his clock to see what time it was and nearly choked. My goodness! They were going to be late! He looked down at Yuki and held out his hand to him. “You had better hurry and get dresses. I will go and make us breakfast,” He said helping Yuki get to his feet. Yuki had an unusual look on his handsome face, one that made Tyven ask, “What is it?” Yuki looked up and said, “I don’t have my school uniform with me. And it will take too much time for me to go home to get one.” Tyven just smiled. Yuki looked just too cute when he was perplexed. He took Yuki into his arms and said, “It’s alright, you can use one of my old ones. I believe I have some unused underclothing that you can have.” His smile deepened. “Although, I do prefer you like this.” He said looking at Yuki’s beautifully naked body. Yuki’s breath caught in his throat and his heart began to race. Tyven leaned down slowly placing his hand on the small of Yuki’s back and took his lips in a deep passionate kiss. When they broke away Tyven smiled and went out to the kitchen to make their breakfast. Yuki just watched him go, breathless.

In a couple of minutes Tyven had breakfast ready, breakfast being his favorite, rice porridge. He was serving it into two bowls when Yuki came out wearing one of Tyven’s old uniform and looking superb in it. He came up behind Tyven wrapping his arms around his waist sliding one of his hands down Tyven’s pants and began stroking and caressing his slowly awakening member. Tyven closed his eyes and moaned deeply. Putting the bowls down on the counter he rested his arms there his breathing quickening. Yuki took out Tyven’s now fully awake erection and came around to his front, kneeling down he took Tyven’s erection into his mouth and began sucking and caressing his thick erection with his tongue and mouth. Yuki wrapped his arms around Tyven’s waist taking his throbbing erection deeper into his mouth. Tyven breathing deepened and he started moaning moving his hips with Yuki’s sucks and caresses. He leaned his head back and nearly cried when a wave of pleasure hit his body.

Just then he heard a knock on the door. He got control of his voice and said that he would be there in a minute. He let all self-control go and let Yuki take him completely and when he did he climaxed within a minute nearly collapsing to the ground. He only remembered the visitor when a second knock sounded. He got up from his position of a near crouch and with Yuki’s help he got everything back into place. Walking over to the door he opened it. He talked to the person, who was a friend from school and told him that he would be there shortly. After saying good-bie he walked back to the table where Yuki was sitting. Bending over he kissed him passionately on the mouth. When he let Yuki’s succulent lips go he asked him if he wanted something to drink, Yuki said yes. He went got them both something to drink and sat down next to Yuki to eat.

They ate mutual silence. When both were done Tyven washed everything while Yuki rinsed and dried. Standing next to Tyven Yuki watched as he put away the dishes Yuki asked, “So how are we going to get there? We can’t possibly walk there.” Having put away the last dish Tyven walked over to him and placed his hands on Yuki’s hips. He leaned forward and put his mouth to Yuki’s ear, “Simple love, we are going to ride my motorcycle.” He said and licked and kissed him on the neck. Yuki shivered with desire.

Tyven and Yuki walked out to the motorcycle. Tyven got on and handed Yuki a helmet. Yuki put it on and got on behind Tyven. Putting his arms around Tyven’s waist he leaned in close taking in Tyven’s scent. He closed his eyes enjoying the smell his hands tightening around Tyven’s waist. Tyven, feeling Yuki’s arms tighten smiled. He knew he would see him again.

They arrived at school nearly an hour late. Yuki and Tyven were walking up the sidewalk when a couple of Tyven’s classmates came up to them. “Yo Tyven, your late.” They said, “What happened, late night.” One of them asked chuckling. They both knew Tyven’s reputation. Tyven just smiled thinking to himself, *You could say that. *

Yuki cleared his throat and said, “Thank you for the ride.” He was starting to walk away when something Tyven said made his breath catch in his throat. “See you later Yuki.” Yuki stopped and turned around. Tyven had a smile on his gorgeous face. “Yes, of course.” He said a little breathless. As Yuki was walking to his class his head spun. Was that an invitation? Does he actually want to see him again? Yuki put his hands in his pocket. What? He pulled out a piece of paper. He opened it up and read it. His eyes widened in shock. He could not believe his eyes, for on the piece of paper was written: I would really like to see you again. If this is your wish as well then meet me in front at the end of school.

Yuki was so happy; he could not believe what he had just read. He reread the paper several times during class. When he got to class Miss. Honda and Kyo asked him where he was last night. He just told him that he was out and could not make it back. Any other questions he refused to answer. At the end of class he, Miss. Honda, Kyo and two of Miss. Honda’s friends walked out of class and met up with Haru and Momiji by the trees. As they talked Yuki saw Tyven talking with two of his friends by his motorcycle. As he watched his heart began to race and his breathing began to quicken.

He excused himself from his friends telling them that he was going out and would not be back until morning. That raised a couple eyebrows but nobody said anything. Yuki, with his heart racing walked up to Tyven who was waiting on his motorcycle for him. He handed him the helmet and after Yuki was on and holding tightly started the motorcycle and headed for home having a great feeling of this relationship that was now blossoming. I suppose that is the sweetness of love.

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