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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Monstrous

Author: akuchan

Beta: rroselavy

Rating: NC/17

Pairing: Ryuk/Light

Authorís note: This was written for the Spring Kink
community on LJ using this: Prompt: Death Note,
Ryuk/Light: monster cock rough sex Ė ďinside youĒ Iím fairly certain that there
is much that is OOC, please feel free to stone the author.

Word count: 1250

Warnings: Itís NC/17, itís
Ryuk/LightÖ youíve been warned. Spoilers for early in the series.

Disclaimer: I donít own Deathnote
or any of the characters, nor am I making any money from this.


Who knew that debauchery could feel so good? ĎAnyone whoís
ever indulgedí is the snappy retort, the deeply repressed smartass that lives
within will answer. That is most likely true, but to a seventeen-year-old
student whoís only recently discovered the wonderments of the sexual act, itís
quite the revelation. . I suppose I should feel some sort of remorse because my
only experience to date has been with a being that is invisible to just about
every other person on the planet and whose face reminds me of a clown. My
<strike>lover</strike> is also of a different species from me, a
shinigami--a god of death. Though most humans tend to think of them as the
stuff of legends, I can attest that they are real. Very real. And that their
organs are huge. Did I mention that my shinigami is a male, as am I? I try not
to think of that, or of his other less than desirable physical attributes,
because honestly with what matters, his physique from the neck on down, he
really is a walking wet dream. If youíd ever felt his muscular chest underneath
your fingers, or the rustle of his wingtips over your sensitised skin or if you
could see whatís inside his pants, youíd know what I mean.


If anyone were to
walk in on us, or if the cameras that are placed all over the house were in the
bathroom, a person watching would just think that I was overly imaginative and
zealous in my jerking off. On my knees, pants bunched at my ankles, with my ass
in the air, face pressed to the ground, I'm sure I look like I'm getting the
fucking of a lifetime, which of course I am. My shirt is still on; in fact,
my tie is still hanging loosely around my neck. He's in pretty much the same
state. His tight black leather pants are opened just enough to free his
monstrous cock. He was rather impatient today; he gets like that when he's
bored and steals a porno magazine from the headmaster's desk to pass the time.


His long claw-like fingernails cut into the flesh of my
hips, but I donít care. How can I when what is going on inside feels so fucking
amazing? I donít normally swear, even in my thoughts, but I have a cock larger
than any humanís shoved up my ass, I hope youíll excuse me if my vocabulary
isnít as it should be. Iím on the cusp of cumming, but every time I try to
touch myself he bats my hand away. For some reason, he doesnít want me to yet,
and Iíve learned the hard way that I donít dare do anything until he lets me.
heís quite easy going and does what I tell him to do,
if it amuses him, but when it comes to fucking, heís the boss and we both know
it. Iím two thrusts away from reaching my climax and he does the unthinkable,
he pulls out, leaving me hanging on the precipice of what I know was to be an
earth shattering orgasm.


ďRyuk?Ē I look over my shoulder at him. I know I'm whining,
but I just donít care. I feel empty and I ache for him to be back inside me,
fucking me. And thatís the appropriate term. Itís not lovemaking, canít even
call it sex. Itís base, itís dirty, itís just plain old fucking and I wonít
sugarcoat it. And I want it so bad, I'm willing to beg.


His only response is an evil chuckle, before he flips me
onto my back, and within seconds, he's torn the buttons from my shirt, and
has hastily discarded my tie. My own cock throbs at the action. He rasps his nails
up my side sending shivers down my spine. He teases my nipples with the
daggers; the electric pulses jolting through me almost cause me to implode. I
know I'm whimpering, and begging him to fuck me, to let
me come, and I don't care. A tormented cry is torn from my lips when he removes
his hands from me, but I have no time to lament the loss. Before I know it, he
is prodding his shaft at my mouth.My
lips part with an eagerness Iím sure Iíll be ashamed of later, but at the
moment all I want is that cock and Iíll take it anyway I can get it.


Before I know it my mouth is full, and his head hits the
back of my throat. Even though I've learned how to control my gag reflex, it is
almost too much. The only way I can blow him is to lift my head off the floor as
it puts me at a better angle. I wrap my arms around his hips, I love how soft
and supple the leather feels against my skin, itís a direct contrast to the
violence of our activities.He digs his
fingers into my hair, pulling it harshly as he guides my mouth over his cock. I
lick and suck, scrape my teeth over the rigid length, loving every minute of
it, savouring every drop of him that leaks into my mouth. Heís calling me every
dirty name in the book, his slut, his whore, and many others, and fuck if that
doesnít make me hotter than I am already. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my
brain, I wonder what the masses that worship at the altar of Kira would think
of their demigod if they could see him now. Cum spattered, for Ryuk has pulled
out of my mouth and jerked his jism all over my face and chest, some of it has
even gotten into my hair, and begging for release.


Finally it seems like Ryuk is ready to end my torture. He
bends over my near purple with need cock, and itís practically jerking in
anticipation when I feel his warm breath wash over it. I try to watch as his
long pointed tongue slides up the outside of my length, but the sensation is so
overwhelming itís impossible to keep my eyes open.I fall back onto the cold tile of the bathroom floor and shove my
fist in my mouth to muffle my shouts when he takes me completely in his
mouth.Without any preamble he deep
throats me, and now it is my turn to fuck his mouth. My ass is moving at near
sonic speeds, and I donít care that Iím moaning like a whore when I feel my
cock hit the back of his throat. My balls are tight and ready to release. Ryuk
drops my cock from his mouth, and, taking my hand in his, he slides them both
over my aching shaft. My vision goes white, and my back arches off the floor as
my warm seed hits my stomach and chest.


My whole body is shaking as my senses slowly come back to
me. As they do, Iím aware that Ryuk is smearing his finger through the cum on
my chest, until it is completely intermingled and itís no longer evident where
his starts and mine ends. After a moment it become apparent that his doodling
is not random. I look to see what heís written. ĎRyuk + Light = Kira.í
He sits back and admires the tableau. ďThe mighty Kira,Ē Ryuk licks the excess
spunk from his finger, and with mirthful laugh adds, ďneeds a bath.Ē

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