The beautiful New student!

BY : Kyubiinlove
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Amore Eliclair is young,beautiful,smart,and sucessful.
But she has since childhood longed for more
could one of the sohmas provide what she is looking for?
Anything is possible with Amore!
She comes from a bg family not unlike the sohma-not unlike them at all...

"Yuki"the dreams began to overun his life..."yuki!"
"Oh Yuki!,I love you..Why wont you answer me?"

Yuki suddenly awoke to the sound of a screaming cat.

"Oh its just you"Yuki said with Much disapointment

"whata ya mean just me?We have a fight to settle remember!"

"yes,yes I remember you stupid cat,just get out so i can get dressed" replyed a sleepy yuki

"fine,but you had better be prepared when you come downstairs!"And with that kyo left yukis room and headed down to get ready for his fight...not that he wasnt already ready.

"stupid cat" yuki said as he floped back down on his bed
"mmh..I think i will sleep a little longer,Maybe i can get back to that dream"

Kyo wont be to happy about that.

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