Lullabies in the Night

BY : Undine Sorena
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HI AGAIN! It's been over a year since I've written!! lol! OMG! Anyway. If you read the last chapter of first steps

it'll explain a bit more about why I've not been around. This may be the smallest insallment in the little feet arc but I

hope to make it good, regardless of length. Hope I still have some readers out there after such a long hiatus!! SO SORRY ALL!


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The child in his arms flailed a bit. Since he'd leaned to drag himself across the floor there was no keeping the child still. He was always so fidgety now a days. He chalked that one up to Tsuzuki. The man never could sit still and focus on one subject for too long before having to pace around the room or allow his mind to wander. After a few excrutiating moments the child calmed, even if it was just Hisoka pushing the calmness and soothing words through the bond he had found linking him and his son. He still prayed each night that the childs empathic abilities would disipate over time but down in his heart he didn't really expect it. He knew the weaknesses and disadvantages to having to feel the emotions of everyone around you and he certainly didn't wish it upon his own child but he must admit it had its advantages. It seemed, while the child didn't understand what he would say, the baby would always understand his parents feeling. And it comforted him too. Keitaro would never bee alone.
Looking around The house almost felt like it wasn't his at all. Once Keitaro had began moving on his own the house had to be completely "baby-proofed" All the plugs were covered, the edges of all tables and furniture were padded someway or another, the fridge and cabinets were child-locked (which connveniently enough, Tsuzuki still wasn't able to open. Proving once and for al how advanced the mans mind truely was...) Nothing was left on the floor. Hisoka had to kill himself each day to keep the house clean of all but child-safe toys, age appropriate of course, but he couldn't have it any other way. He'd already losty Keitaro once at birth and nearly lost him again to Muraki. He would take no chances, no matter how much Tsuzuki bitched about having to clean up after himself and not being able to leave his clothes thrown all over the house after work.(or how he couldn't open the cubbords to get his snacks due to the child locks)
The doorbell rang and Hisoka looked up from where he'd been soothing his son. It was too early for Tsuzuki to be home and he hadn't been expecting anyone today. Placing the child into the play pen in the living room he headed for the door. Since all the events that had passed, Hisoka had installed reinforced locks, and he would never open the door without lookng to see who it was first. Since he'd become a parent, he had to admit that he'd become paranoid. But considering his and Tsuzuki's line of work and everything that had already happen to Keitaro, hell, even his very reason for being here, only proved that he had to be paranoid.
Peeping through the hole in the door he saw blonde. Blonde and a flash of a glare off a pair of glases. Falling back against the he heaved out a breath. 'Why him? Why now?' He pleaded with some invisible force. After only a few seconds the bell rang, again and again, insistantly ringing in his ears. He could feel Keitaro becoming irritated by it as he was, and felt his frustration as the baby began to fidget in his pen and whimpered in agrivation. Knowing it would not stop be opened the locks loudly, allowing the occupant of the hall on the other side of the door to hear it before he bagan to move away from the door, back to his son. After waiting several moments after hearing the locks click open and the door not opening to welcome him he gently pushed the door open himself. Poking his head in he looked left and right before spotting the back that was retreating from him.
"oi! Bon!" Watari called out happily as he burst through the door, kicking it shut before prancing in around the teenaged bodied parents. He bounched about, a small carrying box in his hand. Hisoka tried to his best to ignore him and the growing headache pounding between his temples But his over energized cheerfulness just wouldn't go away. Hisoka was headed to pick up his child again but Watar, having already pranced around him several times, reached the pen first, scooping the young baby boy up in his arms with an energetic twirl. The child let out a sound of enjoyment, a laugh of his age, though Hisoka wondered if it was just Wataris own emotions over riding the childs. "You had me worried! When you didn't answer the door I though that something had happened to you!! You shouldnt worry me like that!" Watari played mock hurt, placing his hand to his chest for emphasize. Keitaro seemed to emmit a grunt as if to support Watari.
Hisoka Glared at the blonde. "As if you ever have a care in the world until one of those potions gets your ass kicked again." Hisoka said, taking the opportunity of having the scientist helping with Keitaro to pick up a few of the scattered toys and arrange them more neatly out of the way so no one would fall on them. He still remembered when Tsuzuki had fallen on one of the babys rattles coming in from work one day. He didn't know who cried more, the baby from being so startled by the crash Tsuzuki emmited or Tsuzuki with the large bump on his head. "Why are you here anyway, you quack of a scientist." Hisoka asked sternly.
"You really shouldn't talk to me like that, especially in front of Keitaro!" Watari scolded Hisoka turneding the the child, rubbing his nose agaiinst the babys in an eskimo kiss. "Isn't that right Keitaro! Tell Daddy that he shouldn't talk to uncle Watari like that!" Watching the display Hisoka groaned, rolling his eyes. "I actually brought a present for KEitaro here!" Placing the baby down in a sitting position on the floor in front of him Watari reached into the box. Curiosity getting the better of him Hisoka turned to watch.
When Watari pulled his hand out, out poped a fuzzy, plump looking owl, appearing to be stuffed. It actually looked alot like 003 which was presently absent from Wataris shoulder. After the first time Watari had come over with the poor little bird, Keitaro had grabbed hold of her, not intending harm, but thinking it was one of his toys. Poor thing, Watari never brought the owl again. He said when Keitaro was old enough to understand he could feel it safe to bring her. 003 certainly had no objection at being left behind when Watari visisted. It was perhaps the most normal thing that Watari had done to bring a stuffed animal, but as he presented it to Keitaro, placing it on the ground, it began to move! Walking about the floor with the child swatting and attempting to crawl after it.
"A living drawing! It had all the mobility and interation as a pet without the mess! It doesn't create waste, needs no food and is completely child safe!" Picking it up from the floor just before Keitaro landed a blow to it he held it out, poking and squeezing. "It's body is like that of a stuffed animal and there's nothing to break! and unlike all those new interactive toys out on the market, it has actual inteligence, far better than A.I.!!" Watari had the same smug smile on his face as he held out his newest invention but he felt bear without 003 there to clap for him. Hisoka just slapped his forehead, dragging his palm down his face in mental exhaustion. Atleast it wasn't as bad as when Watari had brought such unsafe products into his house such as 'Bob' the living toaster.
"If you have time to waste on such stupid matters then why don't you do something useful for once!" Hisoka scolded viciously. Hisoka watched as the scientists face became serious. Placing his creating into the pen so it wouldn't go running off on its own he scooped up Keitaro, placing him on his hip as he reached into his labcoat, producing a small vile. Hisoka stared at it numbly. "Is that.." Watari nodded his answer.
"I don't know if it was a mixture of potions, conditions or just a plain simple concoction that allow you to give birth to Keitaro, but I'm not so sure I can recreate it succesfully even if you wanted me to. But this is the antidote. It will revert you back to the way you were born."
Hisoka had specifically asked for this from Watari since he had given birth to Keitaro. Right now his body was still capable of bearing children. Whatever effects that had allowed him to give birth the first time didn't disappear when Keitaro was born. He'd asked Watari to find a solution for him. It appears, after so long, that the quak had actually done it. He took the vile in his hands, holding it numbly as a thougsand thoughts ran through his head.

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That cht. 1!! Short but a start. PLease if I still have any fans of this story left out there, reveiw!! Onegai!!!!

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