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Cerberuskin: For as long as death note has been out I have been trying to figure out a fan fiction for it and I finally have. Chapter two and three have already been down and all I have to do is to type them up. That sucks. So this is my first Death note fiction. Yes, I have read the manga and watched the anime and I decided to make my own plot so if you do not like it them don't comment. If you do like it then review. That would make me a happy panda!

Chapter I The Case

Light Yagami was bored out of his mind. He had been looking out the window but got bored of doing that so he looked to the front of the classroom. He missed the black notebook that seemed to have fallen, literally, from the sky. In another classroom, someone did notice the notebook. He looked at it on the ground underneath the sakura tree and made a mental note to pick it up before someone else did. The bell rang dismissing the students for the day. Aiko Ayame made his way to the strange notebook he saw falling not too long ago. It still lay untouched on the grass. Aiko bent over and picked it up and placed it in his backpack before heading home. He walked past light on his way past the school's gate and gave him a cold glare. 'Why can't you notice me?! Why?!'

Once Aiko past him, Light felt a chill run down his spine. He turned and looked at the retreating back of Aiko. Light did not know why but he felt something evil pass him and the only thing or person that passed him was Aiko. Light shook off the feeling and kept walking home. That was when he saw it. A creature with black clothes, an absurd grin framing sharp teeth, wide red eyes, and a pair of black wings sprouted from its back. Light looked around him and saw that no one was around. He turned back to the creature and decided to take the chance and talk to the creature.

“If you are wondering, yes I can see you.” The creature jerked back a little out of surprise before regaining its composure.

“So you touched the Death Note”

“Death Note? What are you talking about? Who are you anyway?” The creature floated over to Light and circled him slightly. He did not sense any contact from the note on the human.

“My name's Ryuk”

“You're a shinigami. Impressive. I take it you are here to claim back your notebook?” Ryuk chuckled then laughed before calming.

“Your pretty sharp aren't you? I know where my notebook has gone. That human that passed you has it. One question though, how can you see me?” Light tilted his head before answering.

“I have been like this for years. Ever since I was a child. I have always seen people and things that are invisible to everyone else." Ryuk laughed again. He could see Light's life span. The clock was at a stand still. It seemed to have been like that for years. Ryuk had never seen anything like it.

“Well, I don't have to go to the kid until the thirty nine days are up. You're pretty interesting enough so I'll hang with you for the time being.” Light tilted his head again. He let the comment about the thirty nine days pass.

“Sure” Light walked passed Ryuk before the shinigami began following him. 'It has gone from a boring day to very interesting.' Light thought as he made his way home.

39 days later...

“Breaking news on Sakura TV! The criminal death rate has risen! The total number is now eighty-six! is now confirmed that it is eighty-seven! All deaths have the same cause of death, so police have concluded that these killings are done by the same person! Since our last report, there have been websites popping up about this vigilante. He has been named Kira. Until we get additional information we will move onto the weather with...” Light turned the TV off but continued to stare at the blank screen. Eighty-seven deaths, even though they were all criminals, it was still murder. Light heard Ryuk laughing. He turned to the shinigami.

“Ryuk, what is so funny?”

“It's time for me to go” Light stood up quickly and walked over to the god of death. From past experience, Light knew he would be able to hurt the demon. So, without warning, he slapped Ryuk.

“Hey! That hurt! Wait...”

“Just consider it part of my ability in seeing you. Besides, you know what's going on.” Ryuk laughed.

“you keep getting more interesting the more I stay, but unfortunately I have to go and I can't tell you the reason for all those people's death's” Ryuk phased through Light's wall leaving Light alone to think.





L was currently meditating before he went to the police station with all the evidence he had against the suspected rapist. It was more like Watari going than L since he still wanted to remain unknown. Watari should have left three minutes ago so that left L plenty of time to meditate. The entire room was quiet of any noise, his computer was even off to get the room completely quiet. He was actually getting into a calm state of mind when his cell phone rang. L gave an annoyed sigh before taking the black phone out, holding it with the usual strange delicateness, and held it a few centimeters from his ear.

“What?” Watari knew L long enough to know that he got into a sour mood when his meditation was interrupted.

“Sir, they apprehended the suspect and they got a confession”

“I take it that is not the reason for you calling”

“There seems to be a meeting of different NPO murder task forces being held in Japan.”

“Is it concerning the current murder rate of Japan's criminals? If so, why should the other task forces be involved?” L was mildly interested.

“Because it effects the surrounding countries as well. Some of their most hardened criminals that have been on the run and posted on world wide news have been found dead with heart attacks. Not only that, the criminal death rate in japan is now over a hundred and fifty. From the information I have gathered, the suspected murderer is called Kira but there has yet to be a face to match the name.” Now L was paying attention.

“In what period of time?”

“Two months” L's heart skipped a beat. 'A hundred and fifty in two months...that's a little too much. In a thirty day period that would be approximately five deaths a day but in a thirty-one day period that is approximately 4.8 deaths a day. That's still a little much.'

“Is the meeting being held now?”

“No, it will be held in four days time in japan.”

“Good. Watari, when your done we're heading to japan. The case had caught my interest.” He heard Watari chuckle before giving an affirmative.





Light could not believe what was going on. Over a hundred and fifty deaths in two months. He did not understand. Did this Kira not know how much trouble he was causing Light? The again, he guessed Kira would not expect someone like Light to be able to see the victims of Kira. Light heard his father talking to his mother about a meeting of task forces around japan and a few from other countries. A knock on his door brought Light out of his thoughts.

“Yes?” he door opened to reveal his father. “Dad? Is everything alright?”

“The meeting is tomorrow. It will last for about three hours. I should be getting out around two or three, so I want you over at headquarters around two thirty.”

“Okay dad”

“Knowing you, you're probably already trying to figure it out”

“Yup, sure am. Only problem is that the more Kira kills, the more angered spirits I see. Unfortunately, he does not know the damage he is causing me.” His father sighed.

“Let's just hope we solve this soon. Good night”

“Good night” The door clicked shut as Light turned of his desk lamp. There has to be some sort of evidence that would give them a hint.





“Now gentlemen, L is already working on the case and..” Watari's phone rang and he picked it up. The next thing the officer's knew, Watari, who was disguised in all black and his face was hidden, flipped his computer around for the entire room to see the screen that held a single letter “L” in the middle of the white screen. L spoke, requesting the help of the NPO's investigation task force in which Chief Yagami replied. Soon, the meeting was over and Chief Yagami was walking down the hall with Matsuda by his side. His only thought being was how he was going to introduce L and Light to each other.

“This is going to be interesting”

The next few days were indeed interesting. L had met Light and had requested that Light meet him face to face. Light hesitated for ten minutes. Debating on whether or not to take the offer. When his rested a hand on his shoulder Light felt a little courage grow inside of him. He would take the risk of getting hurt by L's past to help the investigation. Light ten accepted the offer to meet L and began getting the current evidence together. After spending six hours at headquarters, Light was taken to where L was staying. Unfortunately, Light would have to stay there until L knew he could trust him enough to allow him to walk the streets with such secrets resting on his mind. The car stopped, dragging Light out of his thoughts. He was here.

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