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BY : Sterling
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Oh, I'm not terribly good with these things, so bear with me here. I absolutely love the tension between L and Light; I love how Light hates L so much (even though I'm not a big fan of Light), and writing angry sex is fun. And this is sort of a PWP, except it's just lots of wanking off XD.

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note.


Light Yagami turned around, trying to avoid the detective's eyes. He half-wondered how the strange child sitting across from him could possibly stand to stay up so late. The clock on the microwave blared 2.47 in the morning. Light's eyelids drooped.

"Yagami? Yagami?"

The voice was almost pleasant, had it not belonged to his worst enemy, Light thought. Light let it pass, concentrating on the sweet feeling of sleep that was washing over him.


The slight tug on his wrist jarred him awake. Damn it all, he forgot about the handcuffs.

"What?" he snapped, keeping his voice low to avoid waking Misa. God knows what he would have had to deal with if that girl had woken up.

"Are you sure you aren't tired?"

There was a hint of amusement in his rival's voice. Fatigue and strain worked on Light's jumpy nerves.

"Of course I'm not! I was just...resting my eyes," he spat back, irritated at the smile on L's face. How dare he find Light's stress funny?


Light could hear Ryuk laughing behind him; a low, biting laugh. He wanted to snap at the shinigami, tell him to shut up. Not like he could threaten the creature.

"Whatever," Light sighed, arguments dying in his throat. He knew it was part of L's plan, it just had to be. He would break Light down; that was what he was trying to do. The tension rose in his muscles again. He stood quickly, upset. L's arm lifted in response, which garnered a puzzled look from the Detective.

"Yagami, if you're tired, you can go to sleep. I'm not, however, so there is a 84% that you will sleep while I stay awake."

"No, Ryuzaki, that's just uncomfortable, having someone watch over you while you sleep."

More raucous laughter from Ryuk. The shinigami would definitely pay when they returned home--Light would take apples away from him again. Not that the Death God would care; he'd just contort himself into uncomfortable looking positions that Light couldn't bare to look at anymore.

"Ah, true. But you do seem tired, Yagami. You should sleep."

Should sleep. Like he knew what was best for Light. It irritated him even more. Light grabbed onto the chain that linked the handcuffs together. With one forceful pull, Ryuzaki was on his feet, struggling to keep his balance. The detective bounced once, then twice on the balls of his feet. Light acted on the momentary loss of balance and took the slack chain in his hands, looping it around the detective and pinning his arms to his sides. He gripped the other boy's shoulders roughly, shoving him off-balance again.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, telling me what to do?"

"Yagami, I only thought that..."

"I don't give a FUCK what you think."

Ryuk was still laughing. Light tried to ignore it. It was difficult enough to keep his identity as Kira a secret, and this...this investigation of L was skimming the limits of his ability to keep cool. He should have known better to not sleep, but then again, he could never refuse a challenge.

"Ah," was the only response. Ryuzaki's eyes had connected with Light's without pretense; they were honest and frank and above all, calm. Which irritated Light even more.

"Why the fuck," he spun the detective to release him from the chain and pushed him against the wall, now using the chain to hold the other boy against the wall, "are you so calm?"

"Why aren't you?"

"Fuck you. You're suspicious of me; you're ridiculing my character. You even come with me while I'm out of town with my GIRLFRIEND and handcuff me to you, and I can't be mad?"

L bit his lip, and seemed to be thinking, which only served to make Light angrier. Light knew he was dangerously close to revealing himself as Kira, but right now he didn't care. The boy he pinned to the wall was so nonchalant, so collected, even in the face of another's rash outburst. It was annoying, irritated, and Light was above all...

...insanely jealous of it.

"I suppose you do have a point, Yagami. However, that is no excuse for accosting me."


"Hm, yes. But Yagami, may I ask you a question?"


Light could have let him go. He should have let him go.

"You seem very distant with Misa. She is quite the pretty girl, and it is quite obvious that she loves you. Yet you seem to be acting with her; there is no genuine feeling."

There was another statement Light could feel in that. You do not have genuine feelings. Those, Light Yagami, you are incapable of. Now why would that be?

Light lifted a hand to grasp L's shirt, and he slammed the detective's head into the wall. L seemed a little dazed, and, for the first time, Light noticed the apprehension in the other boy's body language. L didn't like being touched.

"Tell me, Yagami," L continued in his calm, unstressed voice, "Have you been with her?"

"Of course," even Light could feel a lie in his voice. Strange, considering he was telling the truth.

"I see."

That calm. That utter calm which irritated him and worked on Light's last nerve.

"You don't believe me," he hissed, "don't believe that I have. Why is it any of your damn business?"

"Because, Yagami, you don't seem capable of that. Like your mind is elsewhere."

Light hadn't heard the last sentence. He seethed.

"Not capable? I'm not capable?!"

Light struggled to keep his voice low; something L had no problem doing.

"I do believe that's the suggestion. However, Kira would have a much more collected front, from what I have learned. He would not be tricked into anger as easily as you have been, Yagami"

This, of course, only served to anger Light further. He pressed himself against his rival, and L winced. The detective wriggled to attempt to get free

"I...am not...angry. I am tired of you, Ryuuzaki."

"Are you?"

Light felt a growl low in his throat, and, to his incredible surprise, a building erection. L wriggled again, and it only grew harder. Light's eyes went wide, and he let L down. The detective resumed his stooped posture, and immediately was looking up at Light.

Light was screaming at himself in his head. Did this anger actually arouse him? Did L?

No. These were just pent up frustrations. And L had said he suspected him less because of this outburst. What would clear his name more than the angry outburst?

Ryuk was laughing again. The shinigami was incredibly amused; what a wonderful twist of events! Light was getting a hard-on for the detective who was tracking him. Oh, it was far too delicious.

"What, do you want to jump his bones, Light? Because it'll clear your name?"

Light grinned inwardly, allowing only a small smirk to grace his lips. It certainly wouldn't hurt. He could have gone and woken Misa, and relieved himself that way, but the thought of Rem watching dampened that enthusiasm immediately.

"Ah, Yagami?"

Fingers prodded at his shoulders.

"Yagami? Are you alright?"

Light's head snapped up, and he once more threw the detective into the wall. Before L could recover, Light slammed his lips into the detective's with bruising force. The detective, stunned, could hardly react. Light pressed his hips against his rival's, not waiting for a reaction.

Surprisingly, the detective got his bearings about him and recpirocated weakly. Light pulled back and grinned. L only stared at him, weakly.

"Yagami, are you...sure?"

"Ryuzaki, I really don't care.."

Ryuk laughed again.


Light crushed his lips against L's again, and savored his peer's kiss.

L tasted like strawberries.

Light pressed harder against L, his erection growing. The anger must have aroused him, that was all. Light's hands traced up and down L's shirt, slipping beneath now and again to stroke the other boy's stomach. L gasped at each touch, which made Light grin. He had the upper hand here, and it delighted him.

Light moved away from the wall, and away from Ryuzaki. The other boy seemed saddened, until Light grabbed his arm and threw him to the sofa. Light stole another kiss and then, quite unexpectedly, ghosted a hand over the crotch of L's pants, which strained to contain a quite evident bulge. Light broke a hot kiss to nip his way along his rival's neck. Hands went elsewhere; one of L's was buried in his hair, the other gripping at the sofa.

"Yagami...," his voice was strained, almost whimpering. L suddenly sat up and tugged his shirt over his head. The strange boy looked up at Light, eyes pleading.

He wanted this. And Light was certainly not going to disappoint. Light stepped closer and allowed L's nimble fingers to make quick work of his shirt. Soft fingers stroked Light's skin, and he shuddered. This felt far better than it should have. This should have felt like the times he had been with Misa.

Light grabbed L's fingers, and guided them elsewhere. L pulled himself to his feet, and gave Light's pulsing manhood a squeeze, sending another jolt through his body. Soft fingers stroked his face, and there was the taste of strawberry again. Light shoved L roughly again, back onto the sofa. The scholar traced lazy circles across L's chest as he kissed down the other boy's torso. Soft moans escaped L's lips as Light's fingernails grazed his skin.


Light grinned, continuing his ministrations. He teased, scooting L's sleep pants down his hips. The other feebly whimpered as Light's fingers ghosted against the erection there. Light kissed his way back up the torso, and left another searing kiss against L's bruised lips. Light reached for L's wrists.

And then, he was on the floor, suddenly. L was in control, and anger surged back to him again. Light struggled against the hands pinning him to floor.


"Ah, you did say, what was it? Oh yes," the caffine-addled detective smirked dangerously. He leaned in and whispered into Light's ear.

"Oh yes. Fuck you."


L only grinned, and pinned Light to the ground, allowing one hand to trace down the other's torso. Light gasped, and hated himself for every moan that escaped his lips.

"Fu--fuck, Ryuuzaki."

Why did it have to feel so good?

Warm hands slipped beneath Light's waistband, and stroked the length of his member. Light shuddered beneath the touch, cursing himself for enjoying it so much. Soon, Light's pants were thrown aside, and he found his hips grinding against L's ministrations.

"F-f-fuck you," Light growled, angry at both L and himself. Why was this so enjoyable?

He felt himself on the verge of release when L moved away. Light was confused, until L guided his hands upwards. Light began to protest, but L only yanked the chain connecting them, and insisted.

Light made quick work of L's pants, and clumsily imitated what he'd felt Misa do to him before.

Except it was different now. It felt...good. Light reached down and brushed a thumb against the top of his member, which throbbed beneath his touch. L's lanky fingers rested in Light's hair, obviously enjoying this. Heavy lidded eyes noticed Light's own ministrations, and the detective was not pleased.

"No, Yagami."

"Shut the fuck up and call me Light."

"Of course...Light," the detective responded, and Light felt another shudder pass through him. Why the fuck was he enjoying this?

Light tried not to notice the sensation that rooted itself deep when L nibbled his earlobe, tried not to remember how the fingers brought him almost to climax again. Tried not enjoy the pressure against his entrance.

But he could not forget the brilliant shock of pleasure when L ever so gently lowered himself and darted his tongue across the tip of his member. His senses were on fire, and suddenly he was the one begging.

"More. Ryuuzaki.."

He hated himself for loving the sensation. He could faintly smell L's sugar-sweetened breath as it drifted up his torso.

"Ah, Light...I do believe your girlfriend is awake," L's tone was soft, almost dissapointed. Light squirmed beneath the fingers still resting on his skin, uncaring.

"Let me...please..."

L shook his head.

"If you want," he smiled softly, and traced his fingers along Light's lips. Light almost instinctively reached out to suck on them, "Light"

Something about the way he said that name drove Light crazy with anger and lust. L didn't have to do anything else. His presence; even the thought of the boy was enough. It made him so angry and yet...he couldn't live without it. And the crowning glory was when L leaned in and whispered, "My suspicions of you being Kira have gone down 5%"

By morning, they would ignore that this had happened, the way Light always did. And Ryuk would still be laughing. He would gush to Rem like a school girl, and the other shinigami would just shake her head.

Rem couldn't help but be amused. Lysander Lawliet may have looked weak, but when the moment called for it, his frame belied his strength.

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