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Author Notes: Thank you for the wonderful reviews. You’re really kind ^_^ I’m glad someone found this entertaining enough to review, and I’ll do my best to keep it up. This one should be the final chapter, but I’ll write more as soon as I get more inspiration. Actually, I’m usually more into yaoi than het, but I think Light/Misa deserves more love ;)


Carrying her in bed wasn’t that much of a bother. Her frail figure was just as light as it looked, a pleasant heave against his body, warm and… trembling. Yes, she did tremble, every time, as if it was the first time they got intimate. He could understand that; she loved him, after all, and he made sure her affection remained as strong as it was when they started. She knew how to be useful, after all, and, although he could imagine living without her, her presence was relieving… a pretty little pet wouldn’t have played her role in a better way.

There on the mattress, she limply stared at him, her new position making the movement in his chest more visible; she was inhaling slowly, and waited. A smile, kind and reassuring, tensed Light’s lips for a moment, as he knelt down on her, brushing his lips against her skin. He knew she liked it that way; that spot, where her skin felt softer, on her neck, was so sensitive he swore he could feel her wince and sigh in utter delight. “There, there. I think we could spent some time together today… don’t you think so too?” He whispered to her, and when she smiled widely, joy brightening her childish features.

He didn’t wait for a proper answer, and stole that smile away from her face with another passionate kiss. Something inside of him screamed in pain whenever she smiled that way. A part of him couldn’t bear looking at her while she allowed him to use her… a part of him that he tried his best to suppress, whose voice was now no more than an echo, screaming at him, telling him that he would’ve never done such a thing before finding that notebook, that something was wrong, that it was unfair… blaming those smiles as the source of this uncertainties, he kissed them away with what she probably mistook for passion and need. Yes, there was some kind of need in them, in fact. But it wasn’t at all what she imagined it to be.

His hands sneaked down to explore her clothing. She had that kind of corset on that would fool an inexperienced lover into thinking it should’ve been opened from the front, but his hands immediately sneaked behind her back, lips still against each other’s, and unzipped it, to freely caress her skin. By now he knew perfectly every single inch of her body, and had learnt to appreciate the was he could sense her bones under the skin. She was slender, small. He could manipulate her like a puppeteer, even when they were in bed.

“Light…” She muttered, her voice as weak as a bird’s, as her hands finally found the courage to sneak to his chest and start unbuttoning his shirt. “Light, I… I love you… I really love you…” Senseless whispers. He took them too away, placing another soft kiss on her lips, one of his hands starting to caress softly his breasts. They were small, but felt warm under his skin; he couldn’t ask for more. He allowed her to pull the shirt off his shoulder, in a clumsy manner, and her eyes now were fixed on his chest, on her face a look both of delight and uncertainness.

“I love you too.” He nodded, as he brought their bodies closer, so much that he could easily bring her to arousal without moving anything more than his hips. Well of course, if she wasn’t already so: her eyes, almost watery with anticipation, told a completely different story. But that wasn’t the kind of seduction he was looking for; he lifted her slightly to remove her skirt, without much effort, and did the same with her underwear. Black lace, plain and simple but absolutely stunning. He had to admit that she had grown quite some style over the years… or maybe she had only tried to grow accustomed to his taste. Well, it wasn’t like he cared much about it. They were going to be removed soon anyways.


Why did she feel that way every time he touched her? It felt like fear, and made her shiver. Something wasn’t completely right, but her mind screamed the opposite. He loved her, he went on repeating that! Why would he allow her to stay so close to him, if he didn’t? Why would he promise her a perfect world? No one but the filthiest, most brilliant actor in the world could’ve pulled that off. Death couldn’t stain their love; they were nothing more than martyrs, sacrificing themselves for a greater good. But love was so clean not even murder could make it dirty. She knew that. The voice that screamed was nothing more than a demon of some kind, wanting to keep her from their pure, glorious goals.

She didn’t even try to complain when impatience took over him, and she could feel her panties being pulled off her legs. He had taken too much time to let her feel ready. And she would’ve probably needed less; there were periods of time in which they got in bed together quite often, but it had been quite a while since their last ‘encounter’, and after all Light looked more troubled than usual in those days. No wonder why. It was all getting difficult, so much she couldn’t follow him anymore. It was frustrating to have to stick to the easiest, most boring activities, but he needed her help. She couldn’t refuse to do that, both for their love and for their hopes.

And so, she only smiled when he did so, soon pulling him closer and savouring the feeling of his skin – how beautiful he was! That was the body of a divine being, there was no mistaking. It looked gorgeous, but had the kind of virility that could make any girl blush to his words. Of all the women of that world, he had chosen her; she thought of that while she quietly opened her legs for him, forcing her body to stop trembling and relax. He was there. He was there, he could feel it… in all the glorious nudity of the ancient gods, pressing against her, ready to show her how truly pleasing could the land of a deity be.

She let out a soft sigh, as he finally entered her, his lips placing kisses all over her neck, in a tender manner, and she could do nothing more that whisper senselessly her love for him. Again and again. He probably couldn’t even understand what she was saying, but it sounded like some kind of prayer, the prayer of a lost soul finding its completeness…



She was cuddling to him, obviously satisfied with it. It felt as if emptiness was filling the room, if that was even possible. Was it? Light sunk in her embrace, allowing her to inhale his scent. Stuck to him, as if he was going to disappear forever after their little exchange of pleasures. He thought for a second before letting his arms lace around her waist, and he pulled her closer, resting his head on her shoulder. He had lots of tricks. Most of them were meant to outshine his enemies. Some of them, the most subtle ones, were meant to keep his allies in place. A god had to know well how to move every pawn, but the most important thing was not letting them understand they were tools. They couldn’t see the strings he pulled to make them move in the proper way… they would rebel.

He was doing it out of love for the world. Then why did it feel so wrong, sometimes? Their lips met, and he gave in to her gentle kiss, letting go of the strings for once. Maybe… just for once… he could stop being god and stay human.

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