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‘There is a monster inside of me. I feel it growing. It longs to become free. It rattles again in its rusty cage. How long will the cage hold? I fear this monster. I fear that one day she will break the fragile lock holding the cage shut. She must not get out! She hungers for blood, death and destruction of humanity. She cries, she begs, I must not listen; I must not let her out. My Master must never know of this monster. As much as I disappoint him, as much as I displease him, he must never know. She would please him, the monster says, in anyway he wishes. I must never let him know of her, he must never, never know…. I must stop writing and go for now I can hear my master calling for me…. Seres’

Alucard could not believe that he had happened on this nice little find. Seemed as though his little Police Girl was very good at keeping secrets, but not very good at hiding them, Alucard chuckled. The No Life King could tell this was a new book. The book had the look of an old fashioned grimoire, which is why it had caught his eye. Very interesting he thought. He and his Police Girl had made a promise to one another and Alucard did not make and then break promises. He had promised the little blond that if she drank her blood then he would not read her thoughts; her mind would be her own. The elder vampire grinned madly he had just found a loop hole. He could keep his promise to the blond and still know what was going on in her mind. Alucard chuckled darkly ‘What Seres does not know will not hurt her.’
Alucard heard the door open to the front of the Hellsing mansion and felt Seress presence enter. He smiled. He had just started this game no reason to get caught now. Alucard carefully closed the book and snapped the little lock into place. He then carefully placed the secret book under the mattress of the large coffin bed just the way he had found it. He then removed his classic long red coat to throw it over the back of the only chair in the dungeon style room. Alucard proceeded to remove his classic red hat and place it carefully on the clean plain wooden table followed by his old fashioned orange glasses. He calmly sat down in the chair and wait for his Kitten to wearily drag herself into her room. Alucard looked around the plain boring room and thought to himself ‘This does not fit my future No Life Queen, I must talk to Integra about coming to some arrangement so Seres can make this her private sanctuary’. Alucard listened as her steps got closer then grinned. Alucard’s madness-induced grin greeted Seres as she opened the door to her room. She jumped like a startled cat making Alucard chuckle darkly.

“Master, what are you doing in my room?” Seres asked a little crossly.

“Police Girl, What took you so long?” countered Alucard.

“I had to walk back here on foot after you left me in that village, Master.” Seres replied a little bit of temper showing through.

Alucard sneered “Why, Police Girl, I did not realize you had claws. I am here to make sure that you keep your side of our bargain and drink your blood; no wasting it.”

Seres wearily replied “Yes Master, Sorry Master.”

Seres walked to the table and picked up the blood packet out of the ice bucket, tore the top off and carefully poured it into the waiting bowl. She then picked up the spoon, noticing that Alucard was not going to abandon the chair for her to be able to sit down calmly walked to the bed and sat down. Alucard’s eyes lit up every time the spoon went from the bowl to her mouth. ‘Finally’ he thought ‘Finally’. When Seres had finally finished the bowl she tipped it down so he could see that she had finished all the blood. Getting up off the bed she headed to the bathroom and washed the bowl and spoon out in the sink. ‘Walter should appreciate this’ she thought. After she was done she emerged from the bathroom to find Alucard smiling at her.

“Very good, Police Girl, very good, you have pleased me.” Alucard stated.

“Thank you, Master.” Seres replied, cheeks heating up with a pinkish blush.

Alucard grinned, “My Master is calling me, I must go” stated Alucard “but know this: you did very well tonight, Seres”

Chuckling over the blush on Seres face as he stepped though his portal he left to find out what his master Sir Integra Hellsing wanted of him.

“Shit! Shit!! SSHHIITTTT!!!!!” Seres screamed, punching a small helpless pillow that was on her bed. ‘Damn him for making her feel this way, damn his smile and damn him for even hinting that she would break her promise to him’. She would drink the horrible cold blood just so he would not crawl inside her head. It was the only way to keep the monster inside her hidden from him. ‘Damn him all to hell!’ that stopped Seres’s attack on the poor pillow. Seres could not help it she started to laugh ‘Hell would not take him, Satan himself was probably afraid of her Master’. Seres was willing to place money on that bet. Almost as soon as she started laughing she stopped. The monster inside had just reminded her that she sounded like her Master when she laughed like that, like she was going or was already insane. ‘Stay around Alucard enough and he could drive a nun to insanity.’ She thought. Seres looked down at her drab brown uniform and wrinkled her nose at the sight and smell ‘First a bath.’ she thought. Seres stripped off her torn and messy uniform and went into the bathroom to start a tub of hot water. She added some bath salts and a little bit of her County Apple bubble bath from Bath and Body Works. Seres sank down into the old fashioned claw foot tub and turned off the water when it was deep enough. ‘Time for a nice long soak’ she thought. “At least I don’t have to shave my legs anymore.” Seres whispered.

‘Police Girl’ Alucard called

“What now?” Seres groaned. ‘Yes Master’ she answered.

‘My Master states that she has set you up a spending account for all of your work done for Hellsing’ Alucard told her.

‘What? What would I need to buy Master?’ Seres asked shocked. Integra did not seem like the kind of person that paid a vampire for their services.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Decorate your room to your taste and maybe some nice clothes (Alucard sent her a mental image of her in a blood red and black corset with a short red and plaid skirt).

“Master!!!” Seres screamed.

‘Calm yourself Police Girl. Even a monster can have dreams.’ Alucard chuckled.

‘When did Sir Hellsing say that I could do this?’ Seres was careful to ask.

‘When ever you are ready’ Alucard answered.

‘I’ll be ready to go in about 45 minutes’ Seres replied happily.

Alucard chuckled. It had been years sense he had heard that kind of joy in his Kitten’s voice. Integra was behind him sitting at her desk.
She grinned up at Alucard and said “She does not realize that she is apart of my family and that half that money is yours does she?”
“No, my Master, she does not.” Alucard answered still smiling.

“Then go inform Walter to be ready to take Seres to town in about 45 minutes, my servant.” Integra stated.

“Yes my Master.” Alucard stated as he bowed to Integra.
Making sure to close the door gently he looked at the aging butler.

“Walter, Sir Integra wished me to inform you that you will be taking Seres to town to do a little shopping in about 40 minutes.” Alucard stated grinning from ear to ear.

“Why, Alucard, you seem pleased about something.” Walter observed.

“This is becoming interesting, Walter. Very interesting indeed.” Alucard laughed as he passed through his void into his own room. Making everyone who heard it wonder what the No Life King was up to and hoping they were not on his list of targets.

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