To Take Initiative

BY : Seras Bernadotte
Category: Hellsing > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hello all! Just a few
notes before we begin today’s… lesson. ;) My story takes place in the pre-Major
part of the manga and my story WILL follow an AU universe… I hope you all




Seras Victoria was
just knocking on the door to Integral’s office when she heard the woman’s voice
bellow, “You will submit as always, Alucard! I am the Master and you are the
Slave! You will obey!”

Seras blinked, confusion washing
over her small features. ‘Is Master getting in trouble again? We haven’t had
any missions in weeks… What could he have done this time?’
It seems they
had not noticed her knock either, though Master must know she was there. It had
been his voice in her head that had summoned her to Integra’s office in the
first place. Seras gently leant on the door handle until she heard the almost
silent click and pushed the door open as quietly as possible, poking her
head in. The sight that met her eyes made her pupils all but disappear in
surprise and any colour her vampiric skin held drained immediately. Alucard was
bent low over Integra Hellsing and his lips were pressed firmly to Integra’s in
what was a… a… Seras couldn’t even think the word as red tears pricked her
eyes. Alucard’s customary hat and glasses were nowhere to be seen. His hair was
floating in some strange, unfelt breeze. Integra hadn’t noticed her, she was
glaring forcefully at Alucard, but Seras didn’t notice this anger. She saw only
Alucard kissing Integra, and if she had a heartbeat it would have stopped when
he lazily opened his eyes and they flashed to her.

‘Police Girl…’ His voice
drawled in her head.

Seras gasped. Integra finally
discovered her presence and her eyes flew to the agent. She somehow ripped
herself from Alucard’s grip, gasping for breath, “Seras Victoria.” Her voice
was calm but held much anger.

Finally Seras felt she could move
again. They had stopped and she heard her name. Her eyes flew to Sir Hellsing.
She Stared for a moment before she mumbled an apology, “I thought I heard my
Master call me. I must have been mistaken. Excuse me.” A single blood tear
escaped her eye.

“Seras--!” but the door clicked
closed with more noise than it had opened with. Integra turned and glared
forcefully at Alucard, seething with anger. “What in all the levels of Hell was
that, Slave?” her voice was controlled but her anger in no way cooled when she

Alucard merely grinned his wide
and feral grin, “My fledgling has been having the most interesting internal
battle.” He said, going no further to elaborate on the battle. “I was merely
helping her learn she must make decisions or they will be made for her.”

Integra Hellsing sighed wearily
and stepped back, collapsing into her high-backed chair once more. “You are
surely the spawn of Lucifer himself, Vampire, there is no doubt about that.”

Alucard grinned darkly at the
compliment. “Thank-you, my Master.” Dark tendrils began to swirl faintly around
his form, “I will take my leave.”

“Yes. And please, do not repeat
this incident or you will be punished, understood?” she turned to glare
at him, meeting only the red gaze of his eyes fading into the wall.

“Yes, my Master.” And his eyes
faded away. He would not bother his Master again this night. He was much more
interested in the new show that was about to begin.

Integra turned to her paperwork,
muttering choice curses about the undead as she gazed at her unfinished
paperwork. Rubbing the bridge of her nose under her glasses she groaned. She
could feel a sudden migraine coming on and she knew exactly the cause.




Seras was close to running down the
hall, the only thing stopping her being courtesy. Her thoughts were running a
million miles a minute about what she had just seen. Her Master and her Boss
k--… She still couldn’t say the word. She winced her eyes shut and broke into a
light jog. It couldn’t hurt, right?

She didn’t feel the presence
coming around the corner. Did not catch a wiff of cigarette smoke until she was
rounding the corner and colliding with a broad, firm chest.  The collision caused Seras to cry out in
surprise as she stumbled backwards. She would have fallen if it were not for
the two strong, muscled arms that wrapped firmly around her to prevent this.

“Ah, Mignonette, eet iz wize to
not run around corners without taking a look first, yes?” the masculine voice
with the French accent broke through her haze of grief.

Seras opened red eyes that were
leaking blood and met the blue-green gaze of Captain Pip Bernadotte clad in his
usual full Wild Geese uniform. Her heart clenched and something inside her
snapped. She dove further into his embrace, her arms wrapping tightly around
him as she buried her face into his jacket and sobbed. She had no idea why she
was so upset, why this encounter with her Master and Integra’s intimacy had
horrified her so. Somewhere deep in her she had always felt there must be
something more to those two than what was on the surface but what she had not
been expecting was to come upon visual confirmation of this theory. Not after
the last month. She felt she had been growing much closer to her Master in the
last month of lull. With little action from any monsters and not a hint of the
goings on of Iscariot Seras had spent a lot of time training her vampiric gifts
with her Master. She had all but mastered her familiar—a cute Cerberus-type
dog. Her Master had laughed at her the first time he saw it, but since she had
mastered further transforming it into a ferocious beast that had delighted
Alucard. She had even mastered phasing through matter! They had gotten so close
with her improvements… They had even begun having dinner together! She had
thought he had begun to show her great affection, something that was for more
than just their Master-Fledgling bond…

Seras was brought back to reality
by the tightening of strong arms around her. She registered Captain Bernadotte’s
presence there and sniffled, holding him tighter.

Pip grunted, “Mon cherie, as much
as I love the feeling of your arms around me I, unlike you, still feel eet
necessary to breath.” He watched as she loosed her grip and took a few steps
back, rubbing her bloodstained face to wipe away the red tears. His concern for
her grew further when he realized she was not meeting his gaze, “Ah,
Mignonette, what iz the matter? What ‘az ‘appened?”

Seras sniffed, holding back more
tears as she relived what had just happened in her head once more, “I—I… It… It
was Master.” She was silent and Pip stepped closer. He had never seen his
Mignonette so upset before and this worried him. What had Alucard done this
time? Pip’s fists clenched tightly. If Alucard had done something stupid—Pip
growled in his head. It was entirely possible.

When Seras spoke again her voice
was quieter but more stable, “I accidentally… No, Master called me and I walked
in on him and Sir Hellsing… Sir Hellsing…” the words caught on her lips as she
tried to force them out.

Now Pip was really concerned. He
took her arms gently and pulled her closer, “They what, mon cher?” he asked

Seras allowed herself back into
Pip’s embrace, laughing at her stupidity, “I don’t know why… I’m so upset about
this, Captain…” she muttered, shoulders shaking.

“Call me Pip, Mignonette.” He
corrected. She nodded.

“I should have seen it before…
Master… Master always liked toying with my human emotions.”

Pip looked down at her, despite
her sorrow she was still as beautiful as ever; and now she was seeking comfort
in him. It must have been a godsend. “What ‘appened, Mignonette?” he repeated,
his French accent more pronounced on some words more than others.

“He has always had some sort of…
romantic… bond with Sir Integra. I knew it. I shouldn’t have kept my hopes up.
When I walked into the room and saw them… Saw them…” she choked on the word
again. She suddenly blurted out “How hard is it to say the word kiss?!” and
colour returned to her face, tinting her cheeks red.

Pip sighed. So this is what
Alucard had done to her. It was cruel but expected from the No Life King. Pip
grunted angrily, Alucard had no idea what he was missing with Seras! It made
him angry to think he would do this to a young vampire who still held her emotions


She looked up, surprised at the
sudden use of her real name instead of the usual pet names he used, “Yes,

He gave her a reassuring smile,
“Please, Mignonette, call me Pip. We are not on duty right now, no?” When she
nodded, he continued his more serious tone, “Seras, Alucard iz a vampire. ‘e
‘as been so for some time. Eet iz usual for him to be cruel, yes?” He didn’t
know what else to say. He wanted to justify Alucard’s actions if only to make
her feel better but not even Pip could come up with something.

“I know.” Seras’ voice sounded so
small. Despite her ample figure and well-trained muscles she felt so small and
light in his arms.

He sighed, “I don’t know ‘ow he
could do eet, personally.”

Seras looked up at the Captain of
the Wild Geese inquisitively. “Do what?”

Sometimes Seras’ naïveté
surprised even him. “Why, choose Sir Integra over you, mon cher.” He replied.
Seras’ blush was by far very worth the confession and he smiled as she began to
try and stutter something out.

“Mignonette?” he interrupted and
he gaze snapped to meet his. He was caught for a moment in her ruby gaze. He
smiled, “Would you like to join me for dinner? I ‘aven’t ‘ad supper yet. We
only just stopped training.”

Seras was silent for a long
moment before a small smile of thanks graced her beautifully pale lips. “Yes,
I’d like that.” In truth his presence had made her feel worlds better. The
insinuation that he would choose her over the beautiful and powerful Integra
Hellsing had sent warm chills of happiness coursing through her. He may have
been a French pervert, but she had come to trust him and his men undoubtedly
with her life. She had grown especially fond of the Captain since their first
meeting two years back.




They sat quietly across from each
other in Pip’s modest room in the military quarters of the Hellsing manor that
Integra had built after the attack by the Valentine brothers so long ago,
enjoying each other’s company. Pip was thrilled that she had agreed to supper
with him, even though she merely sipped from a goblet of red liquid. He knew
what it was, the coppery aroma wafted through the air as much as the smell of
his steak did. He looked up at her and smiled, “Feeling better, Mignonette?”

She smiled and nodded, watching
him carefully over her glass. They had both agreed to meet up after changing
out of uniform—both no longer on duty—and when Seras had arrived she’d been
immediately taken in by the damp look of his skin. He’d had enough time for a
quick shower and his hair was still damp from it. Not to mention that he’d left
it loose. Seras had barely caught herself staring at him over the table, his
hair looked soft enough to touch… She lifted her free hand before she realized
it and when it came into view she snapped from her daze. “Yes. Thank-you Pip. A
friend like you is just what I needed.” She smiled at him and his heart twanged
with regret.

‘Friend?’ he thought,

Seras noticed the look, wondering
what she had said wrong. Silence filled the air and she fidgeted under his
gaze. She felt like he could see right through her and that she had no idea
what he was seeing in her.

Simultaneously both of them



Nervous laughter erupted and he
gestured for her to go on first.

Seras blushed, not knowing how to
say what she had about to unconsciously blurt out but she felt she owed him
these words. “Thank-you for… for inviting me to dinner. I really enjoyed your
company tonight… It was really what I… needed” she had no idea what possessed
her to use the word need but watching the smile grow on his face—not his usual
perverted smile or his battle loving smile but something more genuine—she was
suddenly glad she had said it.

He let the silence linger for a
moment—it was no longer awkward or even content but it was filled with
something—before he spoke, “Mignonette, I would spend all evening with you eef
only to hear those words.” She had said she’d needed it. It was small,
but he was grabbing on tightly to her word use.

Seras blushed, “You would spend
all night…? But what about sleep? You’ve been up all day!”

Pip chuckled, leave it to Seras
to innocently misinterpret his words to create concern for him, “Mignonette,
eef you can sleep all day I am sure eet would be just as easy for me.”

Silence fell again and Seras
fidgeted, no longer having any idea of what she should say. She didn’t want to
leave. It was tempting to take the Captain up on his underlying offer to spend
the night awake with her. She was enjoying his company—awkward, unexplained
silences and all—and was starting to hope he would outwardly offer.

“I—It’s getting late. Perhaps I
should go… Let you sleep.” She murmured, sipping the last drops of the blood
from her cup and standing.

Pip stared at her. This was not
his desired reaction. Acting quickly after she began to move, he stood after
she did and spoke, “I meant eet—I would not mind staying up all night with you…
Eef that was what you wanted.”

She had moved almost to the door
by the time he finished. His words froze her in spot. He had almost read her
mind… No. That was what Master would do, not Pip… So did that mean he wanted
her to stay as much as she wanted to? Seras turned to face him and her eyes
travelled over his body. He was tall, well, at least in comparison to her, and
well built. He had long legs and matching long hair—she had to admit more
beautiful than her Master’s— a strong jaw covered in a light, reddish-brown
stubble, his nose had been broken more than once and he only had one eye but it
was a beautiful blue-green and was trained steadily on her.

Seras nodded, “I would really
love that, what do you have in mind?”

For a moment he found himself
speechless—something unusual in his mercenary life—that she had agreed. Elation
filled him and as badly as he felt about the hurt he could still see lingering
in her eyes he knew that he wanted to be the one to make her forget about all
the pain she felt. He had never before felt such attraction to a woman… But
then again he’d never met any woman quite like Seras Victoria. Strong,
beautiful, deadly… She was a vampire but acted so unlike one most of the time
that it was hard to tell. And her innocence was almost palpable. It was obvious
she had no idea exactly what was happening, what she was feeling, or the other
possible side of his offer.

He smiled his customary smile, “I
do ‘ave a tellie here, there’s got to be something good on. I also ‘ave movies…
Or we could take a walk.”

“A walk sounds… wonderful. I
haven’t been outside other than to train. I think I’ve got a touch of cabin

“Then, mon cherie, let us not
make the night wait?” he strode forward and in a moment of true Bernadotte
manners offered her his arm.




Seras stared at the
night sky above as they walked. Pip Bernadotte strode beside her, warmth
emanating from him and heating her cool, undead flesh. She sighed… It felt so
good and she couldn’t explain why.

Pip, on the other hand, knew
exactly why he was enjoying himself. The most beautiful lass he’d ever met had
her arm in his. He knew she was attracted to him by the way she’d sneak glances
and the way she’d blush at the terms of endearment he’d use. They’d been
walking the grounds chatting for nearly a half hour and he’d continuously tried
to broach the delicate subject of earlier tonight. He did not want her to have
to relive such a painful subject but he felt he needed to confess himself
tonight before he lost such a wonderful chance.

“Mignonette?” he asked, breaking
the momentary silence that had fallen.

“Yes, Pip?”

“You know you deserve much better
than to be ‘iz slave.” Seras was silent at this, memories of earlier tonight
suddenly coming back to her. “I cannot bear seeing you like zis.”

“But what in the world would I
do, Pip? Beg for my freedom? By all rights my bond with Master is… really the
only thing tying me to Hellsing. I don’t have any family, Pip. They were all
dead before I was even turned, I’d have nothing. There’s nowhere stating that
Integra would even allow me to stay on here at Hellsing if it weren’t that I am
Alucard’s fledgling.”

“I would stay with you.” He
answered softly, moving to stand in front of her. It was now or never and Pip
just couldn’t let this chance go. He always was sort of an all or nothing kind
of man anyway.

Seras almost laughed, “I think
you’re getting soft, Pip.” She teased.

He shook his head, “Not soft,
Seras, I just ‘aven’t met any women quite like you. Talented, brave, beautiful,
‘onourable, and very, ‘ow you say, unusual for a vampire.” He bent down from
towering above her, hands still tucked in his pockets, his stance almost cocky
in its own right. But Seras didn’t notice, all she could concentrate on was the
fact that he was bringing their faces scant inches apart, “I ‘ave always ‘ad a
soft spot for you, mon cher, always.”

Seras’ eyes betrayed her as he
closed the distance and they fluttered closed, “Pip…” she flustered, unsure of
what she was doing but when she said his name he realized he had never heard a
more beautiful sound as he closed the gap and pressed his lips to hers.

Seras’ mind reeled as he kissed
her. She’d never been kissed like this. He was moving his lips over hers in
such a tantalizing way that she involuntarily sighed and his tongue darted
across the brief opening, seeking entrance. She gasped and it was all he needed
as his hands left his pockets to drag her nearer, his tongue sliding smoothly
into her mouth, running briefly over her canines. The sharp tool scraped
against his flesh and the barest hint of his blood escaped into her mouth and
she moaned loudly, her tongue tentatively seeking out his.

Her response was all he needed to
close what little space was left between them, pushing the softness of her
chest against his and moaning at the feel and the arousal it created.

Seras could feel the hardness
growing against her and pulled away from the kiss, gasping for breath she did
not need but knew he had stolen. “Pip?” she questioned dazedly, red eyes
staring into his with something akin to confusion. Pip also saw what else was
in those depths. Arousal. She was enjoying him and he knew it. He smiled down
at her.

“Mignonette, I thought eet would
be obvious by now…” he smiled, loving the innocent confusion he saw displayed
clearly on her features. “Mignonette… Mon cher… What I am trying to say iz I
love you, Seras Victoria.” And soundly he closed the distance again.

This time Pip’s tongue was much
more dominant as he pushed into her mouth, enjoying the way that once she
tasted the wound on his tongue once more her tongue instantly took advantage
and began suckling his. He groaned, pushing her backwards. She mimicked in step
and suddenly found his left leg curled around her right and her balance
slipping as they fell to the ground. Seras let out a squeak of surprise but Pip
had yet to break the kiss and she had barely felt the landing. Pip had stopped
himself from letting his own weight drop onto her and now knelt over her, his
left leg still curled around her right as his hands moved to caress her sides.

Once again Seras broke the kiss,
but Pip seemed unfazed as he simply moved to kiss down her jaw and to her neck
and Seras panted breaths she didn’t need. She was so turned on by the simple
taste of Pip’s blood that she couldn’t even describe it… “Pip… what are you
doing to me?” she moaned as his tongue darted out over her neck as Pip’s right
hand moved to begin undoing to buttons of her shirt.

“Relax, mon cher,” he purred
against her skin, “This night I will make for you.”

“But Pip—“ she was cut off as his
mouth once again covered hers and the coppery, spicey taste of his blood
invaded her mouth. It was drugging, intoxicating. No one’s blood had ever
tasted so good—not even the scent of her Master’s had even enticed her so much
as Pip’s was now. Her tongue darted forward to wrestle with his and she began
to lose herself in him. Pip’s hands wandered the expanse of her beautiful
stomach after he succeeded in unbuttoning her shirt and them moved to cup her
well-endowed chest.

Pip was amazed. Never in a
million years did he think he’d actually get so far with Seras. Nor that Seras
would begin to respond with as much fervour as she had. Not to say he wasn’t
enjoying it. He was. Her arms had lifted to wrap around him, subconsciously
pulling him tighter to her body. He groaned as his erection pressed against the
apex of her thighs. It felt exquisite, just wonderful. She moaned at the
feeling as well and this time it was Pip who broke the kiss only to move his
head lower, intensely aware of her eyes on him the whole time.

His fingers ran along the edge of
her bra—a sporty little black cotton thing that despite the lack of frills and
lace he found absolutely hot. He trailed kisses down her right breast through
the fabric until he reached the hardened peak of her nipple. He breathed hotly
upon it and glanced up at her. Seras’ eyes were wide and she moaned loudly as
her took her clothed nipple into his mouth and suckled harshly. He grinned
around her, his hands moving to the bottom edge of the bra and sliding his
fingers under it.

Seras felt like she was losing
her mind. The faint taste of his blood in her mouth and the tantalizing feel of
his fingers tracing the bottom of her breasts under her bra was driving her to
the edge. She arched backwards, breaking the eye contact she had been so locked
in moments before, and pressing herself into him as much as possible.

This was his cue. He released her
from his mouth and pulled back, pushing the bra up and over her breasts until
they were clear for him to see. And what a sight they were! No less big than
they had been under the clothing, pale skin and cute, pert, soft pink nipples
hard and standing at attention, awaiting his eager tongue. And who was he not
to oblige? He leant back down and took the left into his mouth this time, his
hot tongue trailing fire on her skin. She arched again and he ground his hips
down, pressing her into the grass below.

She moaned, sounding for all the
world like a woman lost. Her hands tangled into his hair and she pressed his
head into her chest, “More…” escaped her lips and she flushed embarrassingly.
Where had such a request come from? She was none too experienced in this territory
and she wasn’t quite sure what “more” she was asking for.

Pip chuckled against her skin,
grinning like a cat as he toy with her breasts. More? He would give her so much
more… he would give her everything she so desired of him. His hands moved to
the black casual training pants she wore—a stretchy cotton blend—and he began
trailing teasing fingers along the insides of her thighs, imagining how soft
they would be without the fabric in the way.

Seras’ hips bucked without
warning, begging for something—anything—more than his current teasing.

“Slow down, mon cher, I will not
allow zis moment to speed by so fast.” He murmured against her breasts, moving
to lavish the right one with the same attention as the left. His fingers
simultaneously moved to the waistband of her pants as he began to slowly drag
them down.

The sensations were nearly
assaulting Seras’ vampiric senses. She was so solely focused on what he was
doing that she did not register the second vampiric presence that entered the
area. Alucard grinned. It worked just as he thought it would. It was a strange
sense of triumph he felt as he watched the soon-to-be lovers move together on
the grass.

With her pants taken care of, Pip
brushed his fingers against her soft center. She cried out his name and his erection
throbbed heatedly against his pants… But first he had to make sure that her
first time was incredible. Think of him as selfish, but he didn’t want her to
ever think that there may be a more attentive and talented lover than he. He
wanted her to shiver at the mere thought of him, and he would see that his
attentions tonight would make that so. He kissed his way down her stomach and
Victoria propped herself up on her elbows to watch him dazedly, her hands
slipping from his hair in the process. She missed the soft feeling instantly
but held back complaint as he made it below her naval and began working her
black cotton panties down her hips. She nearly groaned as he buried his nose in
her rough, blond curls and inhaled, her cheeks pink with desire and a touch of
nervousness at the new sensations of the situation.

Her eyes met his as they opened
and her mouth spoke without consent from her brain, “Pip…” she murmured, eyes
closing until she was staring at him from under her lashes, “Pip… Please…”

“Please what, Mignonette?” he
replied, arousal coating his voice as he waited her reply.

“P-Pip… I-I…” she stuttered. All
thoughts of her Master had finally left her head and all she could think of was
the man before her, the man who had spent his days teasing her, flirting with
her and tonight… being there for her. The man loved her… “I love you too, Pip.
Don’t stop, it feels so good…” she had said it and his grin had spread so far
across his face that she was sure it would never wipe off. That is, until he
pushed her legs further apart and dipped his head down, his tongue running
along the center of all the heat she was producing.

Pip nearly groaned; Seras tasted
so good! So much better than any woman he’d had before. Maybe it was a vampiric
trait? He didn’t care. He dipped his tongue between her folds to taste more and
she collapsed once again onto her back, revelling in the sensations he was
creating. His tongue teased her relentlessly and swept over every inch he could
reach inside her until she was squirming and moaning uncontrollably beneath
him. Then he swept his tongue upwards over her clit and she nearly screamed in
pleasure. Oh, Pip loved the sounds of his name on her lips and he attacked the
bundle of nerves insistently, sliding two fingers inside her simultaneously.
She shouted wordlessly and he could feel her muscles beginning to spasm around
his fingers. This just urged him on and he suckled her clit forcefully until
her back arched and her orgasm hit hard, his name tearing from her lips
repeatedly as she thrust onto his mouth.

Pip licked at the juices leaking
from her and groaned, climbing up her body as her orgasm began to cool. “So,
Mignonette,” his hand rested on her hip and she looked up at him contentedly,
“You liked, no?”

“I liked, yes.” She smiled and
something hard pressed into her hip. She looked down and upon seeing his still
highly aroused, clothed member blushed and looked up at him.

He merely smirked at her, “You do
not think I would be done yet, no?”

She gathered her courage and
spoke, “May I touch… it?” she asked, motioning downwards with her hand.

Pip’s smirk widened, “Why, yes,
Mignonette, you may touch my erection.” He purposely goaded her only to see her
blush even more. Delighted in her reaction he rolled onto his back in the grass
and waited.

Knowing she couldn’t get out of
her hole now, and blushing incredibly, she spoke, “You’re not going to… undress

He laughed at that, “Oh, mon
cher, but I just undressed you. It is time to return the favour, no?”

Seras stuttered, staring at him
incredulity, of all the nerve! She ought to…!

“But I see you are still shy, so
I shall ‘elp, yes?” and he sat up, tugging his shirt from his belt and pulling
it off, exposing a gorgeous, well-muscled chest with the slightest hint of hair
beginning to trail just under his naval.

Seras’ breath caught and she
reached out to tentatively run her hand over his chest, her cool fingers
causing him to his in pleasure. She grew bolder, flicking her fingers over his
nipples, causing him to moan in a low, masculine baritone before returning to
his position of lying in the grass. She followed him, leaning over his body and
tracing the contours of his muscles down to the waistband of his pants and
coming to rest on the little hairs peaking out. She cautiously looked up at him
and was met by a reassuring and contented smile. She continued, undoing the
buttons and unzipping the pants, pulling them down his hips to his ankles,
leaving them there and returned to his now only boxer-clad erection. She paused
only once more before pulling down the last barrier that separated her and his
dick. She stared for moment, wondering at its size and the dark colour of the
skin—so much darker than the rest of him. She touched the head and he moaned
her name. Growing bolder she wrapped her hand entirely around it and pumped
slowly one, twice, three—

“Ooooohhhhhh Seras, my love, if
you continue torturing me like that you will have to face the consequences.”
His tone was serious but there was a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Seras mimicked his expression,
“But what if I want the consequences?” she murmured, dipping her head low and
without giving it a second thought took him into her mouth.

Pip groaned, her tongue was
exquisite… everywhere! He squirmed beneath her as she worked, her inexperienced
mouth learning quickly exactly what he liked. If he didn’t stop her soon he was
going to… “Seras, stop, please.”

She pulled back, looking slightly
hurt, “Did I do something wrong?” she asked, suddenly very nervous.

He smiled, leaning over and kissing
her as passionately as he could. “No, mon amour, no. I just want to show you
something better.”

“Better? Better than this?” she
asked, allowing him to push her back on the grass once more, his naked body
pressing into hers and making her gasp. She thought it had felt wonderful
before, but now?

“Yes. Better… Though it might
hurt a little at first.” He pushed her legs up so her knees straddled his
shoulders and Pip leaned forward over her, positioning himself at her entrance,
“You are okay with zis?” he asked, smiling down at her. Seras nodded and Pip
pushed forward slowly, drawing the moment out as much as possible as he entered

Her eyes widened and she winced
in pain. But it didn’t hurt nearly as much as she thought… In fact it was
almost—“Oh Pip!” she moaned suddenly. He grinned and without warning thrust the
rest of his length into her. They stayed motionless for a minute together, just
enjoying the sensations. Then he started to move and Seras was again lost,
unable to voice the pleasure he was creating. So she moaned and cried out
wordlessly, trying to articulate it as he continuously thrust into her
tightness. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he held back… until she managed to
string together a few coherent words. “Pip, oh, yes, Pip, please harder! I want
it harder please!” her voice begged him and who was he to deny? Not when he
wanted it as badly as she.

“Okay, mon amour,
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.” He groaned, pounding into her body as hard as he could. It
was just what she wanted. Her stomach tightened and her muscles flexed around
him and he barely held back. It took only a few more thrusts before she was
spiralling over the edge, screaming his name over and over again until Pip,
too, came violently inside her.

Collapsing on top of her he
panted wildly as they came down from their high. Seras pressed herself to him
as he rolled over, wrapping her arms around him and snuggling into his chest.
“Alucard be damned, they could never have done better.” She muttered.

“We should get inside,
Mignonette. I’m sure the whole house will be out her soon to see who was making
those howls.” He grinned cheekily as she blushed and rushed to dress. He
followed slowly, in no rush to take his eyes of her slowly disappearing nudity
before he, too, dressed and they headed back together to the manor.

The pair was so wrapped up in
their newfound bond that they failed to noticed the bright red gaze following
their every movement… He would have to free her soon. But that meant…




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