Eyes of Jade

BY : Michael_Barnette
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I hadn't wanted it that first time. But he didn't give me much choice.

Omi, Ken and I had come back from a rough mission, made all the more difficult by the lack of participation by the blond.

Irresponsible asshole that Yoji is, he didn't bother to go with us because there hadn't been any girls involved.

Actually there had been, if you could count the half dozen Uzi toting girls that had done their best to kill Ken and I.

So now, here I was, sitting on a kitchen chair while Omi tried to pull a bullet out of my arm with a pair of tweezers.

Tired. God yes.

In pain. Hell yes.

And cold. Not that it was freezing in the kitchen. But bloodloss does make you feel like you're freezing from the inside out.

"I think I've got..."

I felt the tweezers slip and grunted softly, unable to stop myself from that tiny show of being able to feel. Gritting my teeth hadn't been enough just then.

Was the room moving?

"Kuso," Yoji's voice, then his warmth in front of me, a hand steadying me. "Omi he's ready to pass out. Get the damn bullet out of him so we can stop the bleeding."

"Mou.. Yoji-kun what do you think I'm trying to do," the boy replied.

Being on the verge of unconsciousness at that point was probably better for me in the long run. The pain was even less immediate, and I didn't really care that Yoji was touching me.

It actually felt almost pleasant. The blond was so warm.

And then it was too dark for me to really care about any of it.

When I woke up later I was warm again, wrapped up in my own blankets, the room dark.

I sat up and pain jolted through me, making my breath catch. Even in the dim light I could see my arm was bandaged from just below my shoulder almost too my elbow. My right arm.

'Fuck.' Out of commission for missions until the arm regained it's strength and mobility.

A glance at the clock showed me the time was just short of 5am. We'd gotten back at just after 2. Three hours sleep.

I started to slip out of bed but one of the shadows in my room that I'd taken to be my mission gear slung over a chair resolved itself into Yoji.

"Just stay where you are," he ordered, his tone sharp.

"Iie," I snapped back and rose to my feet.

I made two discoveries.

First I was totally naked.

Second I didn't have the strength to actually stand up.

He caught me, easing my body back into the bed with a gentleness I'd never see in him before. Well, maybe with the girls he dated. Not with us.

"You lost too much blood, Aya," he explained. "We tried calling for Manx and she didn't answer the page. Even tried that bitch Birman, but she didn't call back either."

The scent of soap and cigarettes told me Yoji'd taken a shower since he'd come in from his date. And that his last smoke had been a bit ago because the smell was very faded.

"Fine. You called them."

"We called them for you because you almost bled to death. At least, it sure looked like it all over the kitchen floor." He turned on the bedside light and studied me, jade eyes appraising my condition, obviously.

"Maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed. You aren't as death white as you were a few hours ago."

He reached out and touched my face, and I automatically pulled away from his touch. "Fine. Then go away."

I looked up at him when he didn't move. Those jade green eyes were staring down at me, something odd in their depths.

Before I could react he had pushed me back onto the bed, pinning me underneath him, his mouth over mine in a kiss so heated it could have melted my katana. His thigh was between my legs, the soft fabric of his trousers touching my limp penis, his own less flaccid one was pressed to my thigh.

One-armed... my right one didn't want to move much at all.. I didn't have much success pushing him off of me.

After a few minutes of his impassioned kisses and the slow caressing he was giving my ribs and hip I no longer had the ambition to fight him off. It felt... good. And feeling of any sort, other than pain, wasn't something in my usual perview of emotion.

He had me, and he knew it. Bastard.

Even I couldn't control the soft gasp of pleasure he elicited from me as his teasing mouth closed over my semi-erect penis an eternity later.

I wasn't exactly a virgin, but my experiences had been limited to what had been needful on past missions.

Nothing had prepared me for a concerted assault from a master of the game.

He had me moaning, lost in the ecstasy of what he could make me _feel_ in under fifteen minutes. After an hour of slow torture, of feeling like my body was filled with liquid flame, my skin becoming an instrument he played like the virtuoso he is, I was actually begging for more.

And he gave it too me, his cock slipping inside my well lubed orifice.

It hurt. Yoji's got one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen. But after he was really moving inside me I stopped caring about the pain because he was doing something that made all the previous sensation I'd felt under his masterful touch seem like nothing.

Jolt after white heat jolt surged through my lower body, turning the liquid flame to an incandescence that wiped everything in my mind away. Takatori. Aya-chan. It was all gone. There was only Yoji and what he could do to me.

There was only the roaring of my own blood, and the tiny cries of ecstasy. Cries that I was not even aware were coming from me.

And his voice. Always his voice speaking softly to me, encouraging me, commanding me.

Amethyst and jade staring at each other because he wouldn't let me close my eyes.

What was he seeing as he conquered my body with his skill?

Because that was what he had done. Defeated me. Torn down the walls around my soul with his infernally pleasurable touches.

Sin. He wears it like a badge.

That first time, he used it like a well honed weapon when my defenses were already weakened.

Once you've been under the master, there's no going back.

I can put up the walls of ice for everyone else.

But even a look from him and they melt now.

And there are no regrets.

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