Soft Steel

BY : Imasuky
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Soft Steel

Jasmine stood, wearing nothing but a pair of white silk panties.

“Have you been good while I was in Sinnoh?” she asked in a soft tone, looking down at Clair, who was on her knees and wearing a leather single piece that was about half a size too small so that the very tops of her nipples were showing.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said. Jasmine patted her on the head.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Jasmine said, a small smile on her face. “Stand up.”

Clair rose to her feet. She stood slightly above her mistress, so she tilted her head down, while at the same time Jasmine reached up, kissing her slave passionately. Jasmine’s tongue brushed against Clair’s lips, and she was immediately granted entrance. Slipping it in, she began to rub her tongue against the inside of Clair’s mouth. As her hands moved to her back, she ran her hand along it until she found the zipper, which she quickly pulled down. She broke the kiss and stepped back, letting the outfit fall to the ground. Jasmine looked her over for a few seconds before placing one of her small hands over Clair’s large chest. She began to knead the fleshy mound, while her other hand went to its twin. Jasmine pinched her nipple, causing Clair to moan and shudder. Jasmine rose up on tiptoes, letting her get at the tender flesh of Clair’s neck, which she began to gently nibble at. Jasmine let one of her hands slowly drift downward, just barely grazing along Clair’s stomach, until she reached the small patch of silvery blue, which was already soaking wet.

Jasmine pulled away, causing Clair to let out a small whimper of displeasure. Jasmine could tell that Clair was desperately horny, which was natural...after all, she’d been in Sinnoh for the last week, competing in a contest, and during all that time, Clair had not been allowed to have sex or even masturbate, so she needed some release, and soon.

“If you want me to do anything more, you're going to have to eat me out,” she said softly.

Clair dropped to her knees. She began to lick at Jasmine’s slit through the thin material, running her finger along near the top until she found the small nub of her mistress’s clit, which she began to rub between her thumb and forefinger. Jasmine stood with her eyes closed, moaning as her lovely slave played with her cunny through her underwear. After a few minutes, Clair stopped , and pulled down the silky garment. She stared at Jasmine’s hairless pussy for a few seconds before she placed a gently kiss right at the top of it, causing Jasmine to shake a bit as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Then, placing a hand on each side, Clair spread her lower lips, gently sliding her tongue just along the insides, then plunging it in as deeply as she could. She licked every inch of her mistress’s inner walls, drinking up every last drop of juice that she could, letting what got away fall on her breasts. After a while, Jasmine came. A large amount of cum gushed out, and Clair drank down nearly all of it happily. Jasmine's knees gave out and she began to drop, but Clair gave her support until she steadied herself.

“Thank you,” she said breathlessly, slightly winded.

After resting for a short while, Jasmine went over to her closet. She opened it and pulled out a small box. After opening it, she removed a strap-on dildo it had been custom made specifically for her. It was about ten inches long and made of metal. After all, Jasmine did run a Steel-type gym.

“Now than get ready,” Jasmine said after putting it on and walking toward Clair, who got onto all fours. Jasmine got on her knees and placed the tip of the toy at the opening of Clair’s pussy. She moved it along the length a few times to make sure that it was well lubed in Clair's juices. Then she slowly began to push forward. Clair moaned as she felt the cold metal entering her. After nearly a minute, it was all the way in. She could feel not only the smooth coldness of the strap-on, but the soft warmth of her mistress’s body. Jasmine reached out and cupped Clair’s cum-slicked breasts, squeezing them together and playing with her rock hard nipples as she began to pump in and out. As she pulled farther back, her hands would slide along Clair’s tummy. Clair was lost in bliss as the long, thick metallic toy moved along the inside of her body, getting hotter due to her own body heat. But just before she was about to cum, Jasmine stopped completely, removing the toy from Clair’s cunny.

“While I was in Sunyshore City, I got another custom made toy. Stay right here and I’ll get it.”

Jasmine left the room and came back a few moments later, carrying a small case. She opened it and pulled out a large glass object that somewhat resembled a back massager with a cord hanging out of the bottom. The cord was attached to a battery that had been set inside of the case.

“This is called a Violet Wand,” she said, flicking a small switch. The bulb on the end began to glow florescent purple. She picked up the case and walked back over to Clair.

She held the violet wand just below her. Small sparks shot up, dancing through the air. Clair could feel an odd tickle just below her skin everywhere the sparks touched. Jasmine moved it all along Clair’s body, making sure not to leave it on any one spot for more than a few seconds. The feeling of the electric current moving all over her body, stimulating her nerves in a new way, was an odd but exciting one. But before she could really enjoy it to its fullest, Jasmine stopped again, setting the wand aside.

“Remember, I said this was custom made.”

Jasmine pulled the cord out of the base of the wand and attached a small ring to it, instead. After that, she turned the machine to its lowest setting and slid the ring around the strap-on. Jasmine then shoved the tip into Clair. The second it entered her, she could feel a surge of pleasure like nothing she’d ever experienced in her life. As the weak electric energy passed into the most sensitive nerves in her body, Jasmine began to pump her hips. The more the toy was in her, the greater the charge was, so after only a few thrusts, Clair was pushed over the edge, and she came. Her juices acted as a conductor and gave her one last intense shock that gave her another orgasm, just a few seconds before Jasmine pulled out all the way.

After turning off the generator and removing the ring, Jasmine took off the strap-on and gave it to Clair, who put it on herself, then laid back on the ground. Jasmine lowered herself onto it, moaning as the large toy filled her tiny young body almost to its breaking point. After sinking all the down its length, she began to bob up and down. Clair reached around behind her and began to stroke her back, and squeeze her small, firm ass, causing her to let out a small squeak mixed in with the moan of pleasure. Clair couldn’t help but chuckle at how adorable her mistress could be sometimes.

After a few minutes of riding Clair, Jasmine came. Falling forward, she lay on top of Clair, using her breasts as a pillow. She dozed off with the dildo still lodged in her tight little pussy. Clair let out a satisfied sigh, wrapping her arms around Jasmine in a hug. She fell asleep a few moments later, knowing that after a whole week of being away, Jasmine would continue to be very horny for the next few days.

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