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A/N: This my first YNM fanfic. Only watched the anime and knew nuts bout the manga. Other info I just got randomly from fan sites and stuff. The fic is going to be an AU and Hisoka centric kind of fic (I think that is what you call it). I have Laustic to thank. She has patiently explain a while lotta things about YNM.

Disclaimer: YNM does not belong to me. I just borrow them for the time being and twist them to my sick pleasure mwahahaha.


Hisoka sat quietly as he watch the two excited girls before him move about in his living room. Yuma walked over to him with a pre-made butterfly obi belt and motioned for him to stand up. The young shinigami stood as directed and patiently remain still as the blue eyed woman secure the wonderfully crafted piece of red material behind his back. Saya is still busy rummaging her bag for hair accessories, picking out the ones that suits his attire best.

It was only less than an hour ago that he just finished baking a gorgeous piece of apple pie. He was taking it out from the oven too cool when his door bell rang. He hadn't expected any visitors on his day off so he was a bit hesitant at first.

Nevertheless, he went to open it.

The two girls were sneaky this time but Hisoka should have known better than to open doors to those who did not reveal their identity. Thus the cause of his current predicament. Luckily, he hid the pie in time.

Which cupboard was it again?

“Hisoka you are going to look fabulous I tell you! Just leave it to us and everyone will be in shock when they set eyes on you! Tsuzuki will bleed!” Saya bounced happily towards him with her accessories in hand.

Yuma stepped aside and allow her partner to take over while she sits on the couch beside them for a break. “I agree...and we'll take a nice picture for the record”

Sure, why not. Hisoka thought.

“I'm surprised you allow us to doll you up today” Saya said.

“Even if I put up a resistance as thick as a wall, I didn't think it'll stop the both of you” The boy droned.

“Exactly! So we are going to take full advantage of you today!”Yuma pipped and both the excited girls did just that.

Strange isn't it? He would have at least put up a hell of a fight before. Just a casual suggestion from them will rile him up or even when he catches that glint in their eyes. But today, he had easily gave them access to his body.

He has to admit one thing though. Okay maybe two.... or more

One, the girls are great. When they cross dress you, they do it to the max. Perfect. Flawless. Good taste (though a bit perverse at times) And he agrees that he looked beautiful in the stuff they put on him.

Two, he does kind of like it when Tsuzuki gets all flustered and awed when the brunette sees him dolled up and pretty (not that he will ever verbally admit it to anyone), He likes it when Tsuzuki whispers words of compliment with a warm smile on that kind face. He likes it when the tingling sensation seems to travel from his spine to his neck when they are close together.

He does not know why.

But doesn't matter. It is a nice feeling.

As for the actual reason, he had allowed the girls to have their fun and create fun memories of today its because he won't be here tomorrow.

He won't be here for quite sometime.

Among shelves of reference books and encyclopedias, the sound of papers flipping could be heard. A figure is currently sitting on the floor, his back leaning against the shelf as he turn the tattered page one by one. Amethyst eyes not really seeing anything. His mind focused on something else entirely. A certain boy with honey coloured hues for his hair and rich emerald jewels for his eyes.

The figure sighed.

“Hisoka” He whispered.

It had been almost 6 months after his young partner's sudden departure. He was so happy to find a box of his favourite apple pie at his apartment's doorstep. That was before he found the envelope tucked beside the delicious dessert. Then it wasn't so delicious anymore.


I won't be around for a while. There are some things I need to do. Promise I will explain everything later. Sorry I hadn't mentioned anything about it. If I did, you might insist to come along. (I'm sure you are pouting by now) But the department needs you. So please take care of yourself while I'm gone. Be good and don't give Tatsumi and Chief Konoe a headache. And don't bother to pester them about this matter. I told them to keep it private and besides they don't know where I am going.

Tell everyone else I'm sorry too.


Ps: Don't gobble up the pie.

Tsuzuki sighed. He took out his wallet and open it. Taking out a picture he kept well hidden, protected beneath the plastic lamination he made. He looked forlornly at the image of Hisoka sitting; leaning back against plush cushion, beautifully dressed up in a soft silk of pearly white Kimono. The traditional female garb fit him perfectly. The red floral prints on the sleeves and the body adds to the fact that the Kimono is made especially for Hisoka. As for the 'wig', he really gotta hand it to the crazy pair... and Watari. Yuma and Saya made the scientist come up with an instant hair growth potion (that actually works as it should) and sprayed it on the scalp. Although the boy's hair instantly grew so long it rivals Rapunzel's but they managed. Half of them are tied up in a bun, held by decorative hair sticks. Wisps of strands that escaped frames his delicate face while the untied part of his hair were let down to drape against his slender figure.

Tzuzuki remembered that day clearly.

He was standing on the side as he watched Yuma snap pictures of the boy like an obsessed photographer while Saya sprout directions as to how Hisoka should pose. He was surprised that his usually reluctant partner was actually doing it. Amethyst eyes focused on the picture once again, gazing intently on the shy smile and dreamy eyes that was captured in this piece of paper.

“When are you coming back?”

At that moment the library door opened abruptly and knocked against the wall with a loud bang, startling Tsuzuki. He peek his head from behind the shelf to see who the noisy intruder is when a blur brushed past him. Long wavy hair swung side to side as the figure ran about as if searching for something... or someone.


The figure stop immediately and turn around. Mismatched coloured eyes of orange and warm brown spotted him. A relief sigh escaped her lips as the gatekeeper ran back to Tsuzuki.

“Hurry to Watari's” she said between pants. “Hisoka is back-”

Before the girl could finish, Tsuzuki dashed out of the library. Then she continue explaining on the way. “Terazuma found him unconscious outside at the steps”

“Unconscious? When?”

“Just a moment ago. I went to your office and they told me you were here”

“Is he terribly injured?

“Doesn't look like it. I hope not” The girl frown.

Well Tsuzuki hopes for the same.

As they reached Watari's infirmary, Terazuma is seen standing outside with a cigarette in his mouth. The guy jerk his head towards the door beside him “He's inside. Watari is giving him a check”


Impatient, Tsuzuki entered without knocking. Another two man standing in the middle of the room turn to him.

Chief Konoe and Tatsumi are here.

But where is the person that he wanted to see most?

Tsuzuki stepped forward until he reach the curtain that is surrounding the examination bed. He reached for the curtain and pull it to the side. He could see Watari's back. Then his eye caught a smaller figure on the bed.


He looked a bit different but definitely Hisoka.

It felt like a tone of brick just got lifted from his shoulders.

“He is fine. Most probably exhausted” Watari explain as he place the stethoscope's chestpiece on the young shinigami's bare chest. “Don't worry I'll do more check ups on him to be sure... will you help me get him off these clothes? I will go and get him some fresh new ones”

The brunette nodded and sat on the edge of the bed before lifting the young boy up carefully into a sitting position. Watari seems to be talking to Chief Konoe and Tatsumi but had not really bothered to listen. What's most important now is here in his arms.

After successfully removing the coat he proceeded to take off the unbuttoned shirt but paused when his hand brushed against the slim shoulders. Tsuzuki can't help but look and contemplate the feel of this creamy skin beneath his touch.

Hisoka had always dressed conservatively. To see so much patch of skin on the boy is a bit..... unusual.

And this scent, he just realised, is one of the things he had missed about the boy. The sweet scent of ripe peach.

Unfortunately he couldn't indulge more on this 'foreign-yet-nice' feeling as the curtain drew open again. Watari set the clothes, a basin of water and wash cloth on the table beside the bed.

“Here. These are some of my old clothes” The blond pick up a pair of pants and unfold it “I got him the ones with drawstrings so its adjustable. Should be fine..... come, let us get him out of that oversized shirt and clean him up a bit”

Watari sat in front of Hisoka and held him while Tsuzuki take the shirt off. The brunette gently maneuver Hisoka's arm out of the sleeves, noticing that the boy had his hands wound in pieces of ragged cloth. He lent the boy against him again as he let Watari unwrap the material.

“What... is that?” Amethyst eyes widened just as much as Amber ones.

There was a momentarily pause before the scientist quickly unwrap the other hand. There is nothing on it.

But Hisoka's right palm are tattooed with the ancient words of Sanskrit, surrounding a pentagram in a circle. At each five points of the star contains a symbol of some kind and in the middle of the star is another Sanskrit word that both shinigami-es are familiar with.


It means 'seal'.

Tsuzuki and Watari looked at each other, both minds thinking alike.

What had Hisoka been doing?

End of Prologue.

A/N: You guys have no idea how much it took for me to get this one up. I had trouble deciding on a lot of things. And I mean a lot LOL..... Man thats what you get when you don't know much about an anime but insist to write a fanfic on it anyway. Well I hope this chapt captures your attention. Read and review yeah? But no flames please.


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